21+ Best Weight Loss MLM Companies (Huge Payouts!)

Well, I’m not sure if you know this…but the weight loss industry is already worth tens of billions of dollars (of course) and by the year 2026, the numbers will surpass $377.3 billion.

That’s freaking crazy, isn’t it?

People recognize the concern of obesity and lack of health awareness, making fitness a significant entrepreneurial opportunity where you can get a chance to help someone lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Every weight loss company has its way of connecting with customers, such as offering pills, powders, fad diets, and other related products. 

Some companies opt for multi-level marketing (MLM) programs, including ones like Amway, Mary Kay, and Tupperware.

If you’re new, you should know this – MLM programs offer downline commissions to the registered user depending on the product value in the market. Customers who purchase from their referral link or code will gain commissions based on the company’s policy. 

With this said, let me walk you through the top weight loss MLM companies ruling the market. This list that I’ve curated, aims to educate readers to pick the best company for the better.

Weight Loss MLM Companies

  1. Youngevity
  2. Plexus Worldwide
  3. Herbalife Nutrition
  4. AdvoCare
  5. Medifast
  6. Wakaya Perfection
  7. Amway
  8. Isagenix
  9. First Fitness Nutrition 
  10. ItWorks!
  11. Reliv International
  12. Prüvit Ketones
  13. Shaklee US
  14. Arbonne International
  15. Forever Living
  16. Vifinity
  17. Modere
  18. SPX Nutrition
  19. Vida Divina
  20. Vestige
  21. Zurvita

1. Youngevity


If you aim to make your life better and healthier, Youngevity is an excellent way to start. The Nutrition-based MLM company offers a wide range of products that help consumers to lead better and healthier life.

From ElectroFuel natural energy supplements to plant-derived minerals, you can find them at Youngevity. The company is formed using two words, Youth and Longevity, the main focus of its products. 

The company offers products from several domains, such as:

  • Essential Oils like diffusers, singles, blend
  • Health and nutrition provides a wide range of supplements
  • Fashion offers handbags, apparel, etc. 
  • Spa and beauty includes all personal care and makeup products
  • Food and Beverage comes with sports drinks, nutritional beverages, wholesome foods, spices, and shakes
  • Home and family offers all the major household equipment for gardening, kitchen, cleaning, and pets

Consumers can stay energized with gummies and other supplements to help lead a safe and healthy life. On top of that, consumers can access the products available in their country.

It is available in Australia, Canada, Colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States. 

The best thing is that consumers can help others maintain a healthy lifestyle and earn a commission. There is an enrollment fee of $25.

Then consumers can earn points on every dollar spent on purchasing the products and sharing them with others.

These points are easily redeemed as discounts on products for their next purchase. Consumers can log into Youngevity Rewards to start earning and redeeming points. 

It offers several actions depending on membership level. One can redeem a maximum of 600 points in a year and 1000 points per order of value between $100-$200. However, due to limited validity, consumers must use the points within six months. 

Pros of joining Youngevity Rewards

  • Publicly traded company
  • High-quality products
  • No need to carry inventories
  • Chance to earn money from home for everyday people

Cons of joining Youngevity Rewards

  • Expensive Products
  • Hidden additional costs

Official Website: https://youngevity.com

Membership costs: Free to join/$25 depending on the guidelines

Base commission: Depends on the products purchased

Downline commission: Commissions are obtained on the purchase of each product in the form of points 

Pay Period: The commission is earned instantly in the form of issues that users have to use within six months. 

2. Plexus Worldwide

Plexus Worldwide

Set your goals and reach within the most efficient manner with Plexus Worldwide products. From gut health to weight management, skincare to family health, it covers every necessity to help consumers maintain an active lifestyle.

They aim to help consumers attain a happy and healthy life while being committed to their dreams. 

The products combined with consumers’ dreams are focused on driving them toward something better and achieving their goals.

These products aim at overall consumers’ health to boost happiness, benefit the body and mind, gain better digestive health, and get rid of toxins.

They make 100% vegetarian, non-GMO, high-quality, and gluten-free products to maintain consumers’ health. 

The products are divided into categories or toolkits such as Bio Cleanse, Active Lifestyle, General Nutrition, Family Nutrition, Kids Essential, ProBio 5, Plexus Slim, Joyome Skincare, Weight Lass, and Triplex. The major products are:

  • Intensive Overnight Repair
  • Illuminating Day Serum
  • MegaKids Microbiome
  • XFactor Kids
  • Gut Health Advanced Combo
  • TriPlex Combo
  • Weight Loss Advanced – Lean Vegan Combo
  • Weight Loss Plus – Lean Vegan Combo

It offers several opportunities for happiness, health, and confidence to everyone. Along with this, the VIP customer of Plexus Worldwide can save up to 25%, whereas Plexus Brand Ambassadors can reward themselves with income opportunities. T

he brand offers a chance for the consumers not just to stay healthy but earn incredible rewards and income.

It offers a chance to consumers that want to live their ambitions and build their business using clean formula.

The brand ambassador can earn commissions and business tools via Plexus World and leverage amazing discounts of up to 25% on products.

Consumers can share Plexus products to discover their passion with this business opportunity to earn benefits and savings. 

Via Plexus Perks Rewards Programs, consumers can enjoy free products as well. Earn perks credit each month, choose products, set monthly subscriptions, and redeem your credits for free products.

Plexus perks include a consistent way to earn credit to get free products and monthly subscription orders for wholesale prices. 

Consumers are eligible for compensation by earning commissions or bonuses monthly or weekly.

However, to qualify for this, consumers need to start VIP Customer, share a link (or promote it), convert to Brand Ambassador, and earn money. 

Pros of joining Plexus Worldwide

  • Increase your monthly revenue
  • Transparent about compensation plans
  • 60-day money-back guarantee for ambassadors and customers

Cons of joining Plexus Worldwide

  • A bit complicated compensation plan
  • Competitive market
  • Lack of automation for boosting business growth

Official Website: https://plexusworldwide.com

Membership costs: VIP Customers $9.95; Brand Ambassador None

Base commission: VIP Customers and Brand Ambassador – up to 25% discounts, welcome saving packs, perk rewards

Downline commission: 100 to 149 PV for 100 credits, 150 to 199 PV for 200 credits, and 200+ PV for 250 credits

Pay Period: Instant compensation for credits

3. Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition

If you aim to improve your health choice, Herbalife Nutrition can be the best step. The organization offers high-quality nutrition products taking responsibility for manufacturing and scouring.

These products are available through part-time and full-time distributors committing to helping individuals lead happy and healthy lives. 

Herbalife Nutrition claims to offer a proven business opportunity and personalized approach to individuals to learn a healthier and happy life.

Their customized approach focus on prebiotics, probiotics, gut health, and top protein or vitamin-packed food that one can try. 

Herbalife Nutrition offers a wide range of products supporting consumers’ physical and mental wellness.

From regular gym-goer to people looking for a healthy diet, the company provides all the products that address the requirements.

The products aim to offer better life with the help of nutritional supplements, weight-management programs, protein shakes, personal care products, and sports nutrition solutions. 

Some of the significant products of Herbalife Nutrition are:

  • Instant Soup – Chicken and Vegetable Flavor
  • Protein Bites – Crunchy Salted Caramel
  • Herbalife SKIN LycoGlow
  • N-R-G Nature’s Raw Guarana Tea
  • Liftoff – Topical Fruit Force 
  • Herbal Tea Concentrate 
  • Ultimate Program French Vanilla

Over the past few years, Herbalife Nutrition has gained much momentum in the market with its MLM  program.

The MLM programs allow consumers to share the product link with friends and family. 

When others click the link and make the purchase, the consumers will be rewarded with 2% of the commission rate as recognition.

Consumers can quickly earn commissions by selling products and recruiting new people starting at $1 per qualified sale. 

All a new person has to do is sign up for the Herbalife Nutrition program using their Name, Email address, and password.

Then start sharing and earning commissions. It is divided into three plans retail profits (making 25%-50%), daily wholesale products (selling discounted products at wholesale to your downline), and monthly royalty override (uni-level compensation layout earning 5% on your supervisor’s sale).

Pros of joining Herbalife Nutrition

  • One of the highest commissions for sharing product links with others
  • High-quality products make it a steady mode of income

Cons of joining Herbalife Nutrition

  • Costly products make people have second thoughts about purchasing them 

Official Website: https://www.herbalife.com

Membership costs: Free of cost

Base commission: Standard commission rate is 2%

Downline commission: 2% on each product

Pay Period: Monthly

4. AdvoCare

AdvoCare Weight Loss MLM

AdvoCare has been in the market for almost three decades and has established a good image among consumers.

The company follows principles to maintain dignity in the market and among distributors. 

The organization develops products formulated, keeping the knowledge in science, nutrition, and medicine in mind using top ingredients.

AdvoCare’s aim in refining the products is to maintain consumers’ health and safety, including athletic trainers and conditioning coaches. 

With the promise of a healthy lifestyle, AdvoCare is offering some top-class products, including:

  • Go Mes Gummies Bundle
  • Spark Energy 
  • Rehydrate electrolyte drink
  • Meal replacement shake
  • AdvoCare Catalyst
  • Meal Replacement Shake
  • GO MEs Elderberry Gummies
  • AdvoCare Glow Hair & Nails

AdvoCare offers a chance to the distributor to connect and earn some extra cash. Distributors can get in touch with customer care to enroll in the program, save up to 40% on the AdvoCare products, and build their customer base by sharing the product referral link. 

Pros of joining AdvoCare 

  • Ideal for consumers with a big social circle
  • Good compensation plan for the second income
  • New income opportunities

Cons of joining AdvoCare 

  • Not ideal for a small social circle
  • A business opportunity can be saturated

Official Website: https://www.advocare.com

Membership costs: Distributor – $59

Base commission: Save 40% on the AdvoCare products

Downline commission: 20-40% of omission on the sales 

Pay Period: Monthly

5. Medifast


Medifast is a lifelong transformation company offering a reinvented model to help consumers lead optimal well-being and health.

The OPTAVIA is clinically proven by scientists, dietitians, and physicians to ensure its quality for the consumers. The aim is to help people achieve their lifelong transformation. 

The organization helps create health programs for the consumers combined with a scientifically proven plan enabling them to start a better and healthy life.

OPTAVIA offers a chance for consumers to realize their long-lost dream of staying active without failing the diet. 

OPTAVIA is a way to address significant issues and challenges faced by people helping them to learn the habits of health.

The aim is to support the clients in every possible way to empower them and transform their lives.

The program Medifast comes with 30 days referral period. The weight loss plan offers a meal kit membership for the consumers providing 65-portion controlled, highly nutritious, and low-calorie options.

The program includes support, creative asset, and tracking software offering endless opportunities. Consumers can gain 20% to 24% commission for all the products sold. 

Pros of joining the company (50-70 words)

  • Good commission amount
  • Weight loss plan works with online sales avenue and meal kit

Cons of joining the company (50-70 words)

  • Smaller social community
  • Higher price-per-serving

Official Website: https://medifastinc.com

Membership costs: Not stated

Base commission: 20%-24%

Downline commission: 20%

Pay Period: Monthly

6. Wakaya Perfection

Wakaya Perfection

Wakaya Perfection hosts several products, including turmeric and ginger, essentially known for wellness benefits.

The top products are combined perfectly to offer cultivated with no other ingredients but only organic wellness.

The single-origin wellness product’s ingredients are grown at various dynamic locations such as Peru, Nicaragua, and Tonga. 

You might also like the recipes listed by Wakaya Perfection, from beverages to desserts keeping fitness in mind.

From vibrant turmeric to pink ginger, the recipes are made up of all organic ingredients with plenty of health benefits. 

With this said, some of the potent organic wellness products of Wakaya Perfection support digestive health and boost the immune system. Some of the significant products listed are:

  • Wakaya Perfection Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Capsules
  • Wakaya Perfection Organic Fijian Ginger & Turmeric Tea
  • Wakaya Perfection Organic Fijian Turmeric Powder
  • Wakaya Perfection Fijian Kava Capsules
  • Wakaya Perfection Fijian Kosher Sea Salt
  • Nicaraguan Turmeric
  • Organic Omega-3 Capsules
  • Wakaya Perfection Organic Pink Fijian Ginger & Black Tea
  • Organic Omega-3 Capsules
  • Organic Fijian Turmeric Capsules & Pink Fijian Ginger Powder

If you want to earn, Wakaya Perfection offers a perfect MLM program for the consumers allowing them to earn a percentage of every sale with a commission of 10% on total referral sales.

The consumers will get the coupons to promote, and when someone makes a purchase using the coupon code, a percent of the commission will be noted under the consumer’s name. 

Pros of joining Wakaya Perfection

  • Good bonus amount to the consumers and retailers
  • Ideal for a big social circle that can increase the 

Cons of joining Wakaya Perfection

  • A bit expensive products that can make it challenging to get users to purchase them
  • It is essential to maintain the streak for two months consequently to earn the commission

Official Website: https://thewakayagroup.com

Membership costs: Free to join

Base commission: 1% on every sale

Downline commission: 10% on total referral sales

Pay Period: 30 days

7. Amway

Amway - weight loss network marketing company

If you want to know about one of the best multi-level marketing companies, Amway may be at the top of the list.

The organization is famous for beauty, health, and home care products. Amway has over 4 million registered distributors worldwide. They aim to encourage healthy living among consumers with the top products. 

Amway is helping consumers to fill nutrition gaps with the help of mineral, vitamin, and dietary supplements.

Also, they offer personalized solutions with color, skincare, and makeup as a go-to solution for the unique mashup of beauty.

Amway is not limited to energy drinks and sports nutrition but also offers high-performing products making the home safer and cleaner. 

Some of the top products listed on Amway are:

  • Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 Softgels
  • Amway Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin and Multimineral
  • Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder
  • Amway Nutrilite Natural C
  • Amway Nutrilite Cherry Iron Tablets
  • Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder
  • Amway Nutrilite Biotin Cherry Plus

Apart from this, Amway also offers business opportunities to interested consumers to earn extra income and start their entrepreneurial journey.

Consumers can earn extra cash with bonuses by becoming a seller at Amway. They will obtain a fixed commission on the products that they are selling. 

There are mainly two ways to earn through Amway. First, they can promote the products and obtain commissions out of the products sold by them.

Second, they can get people to register as sellers under them and earn commissions whenever they make a sale. 

Pros of joining Amway

  • List of outstanding product that is easy to sell due to their health benefits
  • Don’t have to worry about the company’s stability as it has been in the market for more than 60 years
  • High-rating products make consumers make the purchase

Cons of joining Amway

  • The sellers do not much like a pyramid scheme 
  • A few FTC investigation
  • Commissions can be a bit low if you make a lesser scale

Official Website: https://www.amwayglobal.com

Membership costs: Free to join

Base commission: depends on the product price

Downline commission: depends on the product price

8. Isagenix

Isagenix weight loss mlm

Follow the wellness program to start self-caring and reach an ultimate masterpiece. Isagenix focuses on a one-stop-shop for several product domains such as fitness, nutrition, recipes, and lifestyle.

It includes groundbreaking ingredients, products, working, mindfulness, workout ideas, and other significant activities. 

The products are clinically validated to optimize brain health and help in hair growth and skincare routine.

It offers daily nutrition, natural beauty, weight management, and other products to help consumers maintain their mental and physical health.

It categorizes different supplements, dietary supplements, vitamins, and health products. 

The top products of Isagenix include:

  • Nootropic Elixir that helps with cognitive performance with a botanically smooth taste
  • IsaDelight, IsaLean Shake, Cleanse for Life, Birthday Cake, Whole Blend Plant-Based Canister, and IsaLean Bars for weight management 
  • Maintain natural beauty with the products like Collagen Elixir, Hair Revival, Firming Cream, Cleanser, and many more.
  • Gain daily nutrition with IsaDelight, Snack Bites, Collagen Bone Broth, IsaLean Bars, and Natural Accelerator.
  • Focus on the targeted health with Collagen Bone Broth, Ionix Supreme, e+ Natural Balanced Energizer, SuperMix, Isaflush, XM+ Energy Mix, and Triotic. 
  • Maintain your fitness with AMPED Hydrate, AMPED Nitro, AMPED Tri-Release Protein, AMPED BCAA Plus, Join Support, and Ageless Joint Support.

Isagenix offers a customer referral program every month based on the benefit period. On top of that, there is no limitation on the participation of the consumers.

It is easy to qualify for the program, maintain active status, enroll customers with 100BV and more, and get paid daily for qualification months. The commissions will be paid after a month or two during the corresponding benefit period. 

Pros of joining Isagenix 

  • Offer several weight loss programs that make it popular in the market. 
  • Money-back guarantee to the consumers 
  • Easy payment process 

Cons of joining Isagenix 

  • Have to hit a 100 BV sales quota to ensure that your status is active, meaning that consumers have to spend a bit of money. 
  • Have to purchase the started package of Isagenix, including team bonuses, retail profits on the sale of products, auto-ship rewards, matching check bonuses, product introduction bonuses, etc. 
  • Expensive products that can be difficult to sell. 

Official Website: https://www.isagenix.com

Membership costs: $29

Base commission: 100 BV or more

Downline commission: Depends on the products

Pay Period: Every day as an executive for the qualification month

9. FirstFitness Nutrition

First Fitness Nutrition

Suppose you want to make a difference in your life. In that case, FirstFitness Nutrition provides nutritional supplements to the consumers to help them achieve their specific wellness goals, lose weight and improve their health.

The company is providing health supplements based on the requirements to define the daily commitments of the consumers. 

The company has promoted the importance of a healthy lifestyle among consumers since 1989 by offering proper nutrition supplements.

They also enable consumers to kickstart their business in the right direction with the optimal health supplements.

The consumers can opt for social marketing business model that allows them to promote FirstFitness Nutrition by sharing it among others and referring the products to gain exciting rewards and passive income.

Under social marketing, the consumers can make direct sales by promoting the FirstFitness Nutrition brand, among others.

It is a low startup plan for the consumers while maximizing retail sales to build a business. 

Create an account to earn income, place your order, personalize your website, and start selling the products.

The retail bonus is approx 20% to 40% on sold products, VIP brilliant ship bonus is 10% to 3-%, new power bonus is $2800, fast start bonuses is $30 to $125, wholesale profit is 20%, royalty bonuses is 6%, leadership bonuses is 1% to 2.25%, and many more. 

Pros of joining FirstFitness Nutrition 

  • High commission rate
  • Different compensation plans to watch out for

Cons of joining FirstFitness Nutrition 

  • Initial investment costs can be high
  • Have to maintain the website to start earning actively 
  • Required $100 monthly sales

Official Website: https://firstfitness.com

Membership costs: Investment cost in purchasing products (based on product packages)

Base commission: 120%-40%

Downline commission: Depends on the compensation plan the consumer opts for

Pay Period: Weekly or monthly 

10. ItWorks!


ItWorks! is built on the foundation of helping consumers achieve their dreams.

The organization offers an opportunity to consumers to make an impact with convenient workouts daily, delivering the best results based on lifestyle and health goals and leveraging unique benefits for general wellbeing, body, and skin. 

The company believes that with a small and simple adjustment in lifestyle, it is possible to reach the goals.

Along with minor adjustments, ItWorks! offers easy-to-use and result-driven products to achieve body and beauty confidence.

They offer science-backed products that can deliver meaningful benefits and bring better results. 

ItWorks! offers products in several domains such as skincare, active lifestyle, nutrition, apparel & accessories, and weight loss & management. Some of the products are:

  • Superfood Smoothie+
  • Skinny cold brew
  • Keto coffee
  • Skinny tea
  • Keto tea
  • Slimming gummies
  • Thermofight X
  • Carb Control
  • Cleanse
  • Super Reds
  • Sleepy tea
  • Hydrate+
  • Confianza
  • Immunity
  • Collagen works
  • Hydrating facial mask
  • Skinny wrap

ItWorks! offers an opportunity for consumers to kickstart their business from anywhere (including mobile phones).

Consumers can register themself as ItWorks! distributor and start sharing links with others.

They will get money when the consumers make a purchase using their link and purchase sample credits. 

Along with this, consumers will also get training and tools to become successful entrepreneurs and ensure they stay at the top of the market trends.

On registering, consumers will be eligible for a welcome box that will include an electric drink, a metal straw, and branded tumbler. 

Pros of joining ItWorks!

  • Wide product range
  • Reasonable offers, discounts, and rewards for registered consumers

Cons of joining ItWorks!

  • Expensive products
  • We need to run for three consecutive months

Official Website: https://itworks.com/

Membership costs: $50

Base commission: 40% off on product purchase

Pay Period: Daily, weekly, and monthly (with bonuses)

11. Reliv International

Reliv International - weight loss mlm company

Follow a healthy lifestyle with the Fit3 program and Reliv products improving overall wellbeing.

Reliv International offers a wide range of nutritional supplements promoting optimal health for consumers.

The best thing about the Reliv products is that consumers can personalize them based on their health requirements. 

It offers science-backed nutritional supplements to lose weight, improve overall wellness, and manage specific health goals.

The products are for everyone from kids to adults to grow personally and live a good life.

They offer products for targeted solutions, core nutrition, science, immune support, ELV Hemp extracts, and Fit3 programs. 

  • Reliv Now and LunaRich X
  • CardioSentials
  • GlucAffect
  • Reliv Now and FlibRestore
  • Reliv Classic and Innergize 
  • Soy supplements for weight loss, cholesterol management, heart health, etc.
  • RLV Protect Hemp + LunaRich X
  • RLV Hemp Balm
  • RLV Hemp Full Spectrum 750
  • RLV Hemp + Melatonin
  • Immunity Support Stack
  • Reliv Defense
  • Innergize Go
  • Innergize Lower Sugar
  • Innergize
  • FibRestore
  • LunaRich X
  • ReversAge
  • 24K
  • ProVantage
  • SoySentials

On top of that, the consumers can earn from home, create better health, and grow their small businesses while promoting optimal nutrition.

Consumers can become distributors to get a 20% to 40% discount or profit on the products sold. Along with this, 40% of retail profit, 5% to 20% of wholesale profit, bonuses, and overrides. 

Pros of joining Reliv International

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Established company
  • BB accredited & A+ rating

Cons of joining Reliv International

  • Follow a pyramid scheme that is not much beneficial
  • Low-income potential
  • Expensive products

Official Website: https://reliv.com

Membership costs: $20 for the enrollment kit, $40 annual renewal fees, and $150 worth of products to qualify for commissions

Base commission: 20-40% commission

Downline commission: Based on the products (minimum can start from 5%)

12. Prüvit Ketones

Plexus Worldwide

As the name suggests, Prüvit Ketones offers keto supplements to consumers as a part of a modern health revolution.

Prüvit Ketones’ aim is to provide evidence-based products of ketone technology to optimize human potential.

They aim to encourage consumers to invest in the product and change their lives while participating in the community. 

The company is focused on making the life of consumers better and healthier. Prüvit Ketones is disturbing the status quo to build a lifestyle brand using the right technology and community.

They offer several products ad nutrition supplements to help consumers grow and reach their goals. 

The top Prüvit Ketones products include:

  • Better Bundle includes products such as Mito Plex, Drink Ketones Challenge, etc. 
  • KETO//OS Black Label Blue Ocean
  • KETO//OS NAT – Berry Enchanted
  • KETO//OS NAT – Magic Apple
  • KETO//OS NAT – Maui Punch
  • KETO//OS NAT – Heart Tart
  • KETO//OS Pro Banana Cream
  • KETO//OS NAT – Berry Blue
  • Keto Reboot System
  • BETTER//BROTH French Onion
  • KETO//OS Nat Lite
  • MCT//143
  • 24Fast

Become a promoter and earn good bonuses with Go MVP and Go Pro in 14-30 days. The organization follows three significant programs for promoters: Go Pro, Go MVP, and Go All-Star, based on commission plans and products.

Consumers can become promoters, make strategies, and start selling products to earn weekly bonuses and rewards. 

Along with this, the promoters will get free Prüvit Bucks based on the average of two customer orders (endorsement bonuses).

If the promoters get more people to join as promoters, they will get a retailer bonus of 40% based on the level of their underlings. 

Pros of joining Prüvit Ketones

  • Monthly residual commission from level 1 to 11 based on BV
  • Residual commissions to the promoters engaging in team volume
  • Gain bonus achievements and reach from level 1 to 8
  • Unlimited levels of promoters based on % of BV to gain champion bonus

Cons of joining Prüvit Ketones

  • Expensive products
  • Downward trends
  • Less chance of making good money
  • Hidden monthly expenses

Official Website: https://www.pruvitnow.com

Membership costs: Starter kit – $550 to $2,075

Base commission: 20% on the BV commissionable orders

Downline commission: weekly bonuses

Pay Period: Weekly

13. Shaklee US

Shaklee US

With the healthy aging solution in body products, triple your well-being. Shaklee US offers several homes, vitamins, and body products for kids, men, and women.

Shaklee US covers all the significant domains from personalized nutritional supplements to green home cleaners, clean beauty products, and health supplements. 

The chemical-free products are developed using organic ingredients, guaranteeing maximum health.

Shaklee US aims to build healthier communities and supplements with long-term health impacts. It helps with higher blood nutrient levels and makes the healthier biomarkers.

The products can lower Triglycerides, homocysteine, C-reactive protein levels, and HDL.

The significant products come with sports, beauty, healthy weight, nutrition, gree home, and more categories. Some of them are listed below:

  • Meology
  • Life Plan including Shake and tablets
  • Rx for a healthier life
  • Foundations regimen
  • Vivix Vitalizer
  • CitriBoost
  • Liqui-Lea
  • Life Strip
  • Vita-Lea Gold
  • Life Shake Plant Protein
  • Life Shake Soy Protein
  • Energizing Soy Protein
  • Iron Plus C Complex
  • Sustained Release VitalMag
  • Life Shake Soy Protein
  • Shaklee 180 Whey Smoothee

Shaklee US has its ambassador plans that one can start with $49 only and get a product credit of $100.

The promoter or ambassador will get a unique link they can share with others, and when people purchase the link, the promoter will get 20% to 40% of the commission on each product. 

Pros of joining Shaklee US

  • 15% off on all future purchases as an ambassador
  • Product credit $100 instantly when you start with $49
  • Earn 20% to 40% commission on each product
  • Be a part of a big community and access business tools and dashboard

Cons of joining Shaklee US

  • Expensive products
  • No income statement disclosed
  • Low success rate

Official Website: https://us.shaklee.com

Membership costs: $40

Base commission: 20% to 40% of commission on the products

Downline commission: $100

14. Arbonne International

Arbonne International

Arbonne International aims to help everyone lead a flourishing lifestyle and maintain healthy habits.

Organic products help to improve the skin, body, and mind of the consumers. Top products focus on the whole person and a holistic approach to health, beauty, and wellbeing. 

Arbonne International formulates gluten-free products that are cruelty-free and vegan to help people thrive in the market.

The company ensures that one can quickly get the packaging. Collect the package, fill the box that meets the criteria of ArbonneCycle, and get the box at the UPS drop-off site. 

Arbonne independent consultant can start their business by sharing and selling the products.

When the promoter makes the sale, they are benefited from product discounts and commissions. Owners can only get started with the $49 to transform their business, life, and lifestyle. 

Pros of joining Arbonne International

  • Get access to plant-based products developed without any gluten and vegan.
  • Be a member of a diverse community advocating top wellness products.
  • Earn top commissions on sales and when your team member makes a sale.
  • Get access to rewards incentive trips; monthly product offers NVP levels, RVP, and recognition at events.

Cons of joining Arbonne International

  • Challenging to create own online presence
  • Need initial investment to kickstart the business
  • Expensive products can be difficult to sell

Official Website: https://www.arbonne.com

Membership costs: $49

Base commission: Earn around 5% to 20% of commission on each product sale

15. Forever Living

Forever Living

Launched in 1978, Forever Living is one of the most popular multi-billion-dollar companies. It manufactures beauty and wellness products to sell across the world.

Forever Living uses the best sources for beauty and health using their organic ingredients from fields. They have research, manufacturing, and development laboratories to develop top-quality products.

The company covers plant-based products for nutritional drinks, food, household items, and skin care.

They deliver products in more than 160 countries networking and helping families to stay healthy with dietary supplements and other plant-based products.

Customers can opt for products like Clean 9 packs, F15, Aloe Vera Gel, Tablets of Garcinia Plus, Forever Therm, Forever Fiber, Garcinia Plus, Forever Lite Ultra Shake, and signature drinks.

Other products are essential oils, nutrition supplements, hand sanitizers, sunscreen, cleansers, and skin care products.

Forever Living MLM program offers promoters up to 43% commission rate on personal sales with downline commissions up to 18% for distributors.

The promoters will access training videos, banners, text links, resources, and documents on registration.

Supervisors, assistant supervisors, and managers will get up to 13% of commissions.

Pros of joining Forever Living

  • Forever Living offers excellent discounts to the members
  • Make more sales and gain commission out of it
  • Gain recognition with rewards and incentives

Cons of joining Forever Living

  • Have to invest $500 in products to kickstart the business
  • High pressure on the recruiters to ger sponsors and more sales onboard

Official Website: https://foreverliving.com

Membership costs: Not mentioned

Base commission: 43% on personal sales

Downline commission: 13% for supervisors, assistance supervisors, and assistant managers, whereas it is 18% for distributors

Pay Period: Not stated

16. Vfinity


 Vfinity promotes a healthier lifestyle without any insane dietary restrictions. To achieve better health and wellness, Vfinity can help achieve personal goals and enhance lives, which is affordable.

Vfinity is product-focused and packed with sample pieces to try and order more if you find it compelling.

Vfinity offers products for boosting metabolism, transforming the body or mind, nature’s superfood, protein, collagen, and unleashing the immune system.

One can provide any product for health benefits to boost appetite control, energy levels, metabolisms, happiness, and mood.

The products aim to put users in a happier mood and explosive energy, boost a practical, healthy lifestyle, increase weight loss, and have greater appetite control.

Along with it, the products contain collagen for stronger nails and hairs along with improved skin.

The products contain premium ingredients and whole food to ignite metabolism and promote weight loss without sustaining hunger.

You can become a lifestyle consultant and get the Direct Sales Rewards System empowering others for better health. With this consultant program, you can enjoy several benefits such as:

  • Low-cost entry to kickstart your business
  • Tax benefits
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Exceptional training
  • Help others to develop their business personally

The MLM program offers reasonable compensation with a proven plan that can lead to success.

Just use the products and share the benefits with others to get the compensation plan. There is around $25 as a welcome kit for a lifestyle consultant.

You can also refer new customers and participate in a compensation plan to start with earning. There are uni-level team bonuses as well:

  • Level 1 – 1Q, 2QC, 3QC, and 4QC is 15%
  • Level 2 – 2QC, 3QC, and 4QC are 10%
  • Level 3 – 3QC and 4QC are 10%
  • Level 4 – 4QC is 5%
  • Level 5 – 4QC is 5%

Pros Of Joining Vfinity

  • Tagged team bonus
  • Team commission
  • Retain and preferred customer profit
  • Fast start bonus

Cons Of Joining Vfinity

  • A bit expensive can make it challenging to sell products
  • Not a very good compensation plan
  • Depend on an active team

Official Website: https://www.vfinity.com

Membership costs No membership cost, but it includes retail value

Base commission: Bonus from $30 to $129

Downline commission: Fast bonus of $40.5 minimum

Pay Period: Weekly payment

17. Modere


Modere is packed with top products for active lifestyles and athletes to support stamina, energy, ligaments, muscles, joints, and mental focus.

It helps fuel psychological and physical performance to redefine life with top-notch technology.

The company offers top products using controversial ingredients supporting sustainability and healthy living.

Modere is a consumer products (omnichannel) company that works in direct-to-consumer and eCommerce sales.

It focuses on clean lifestyle products such as household essentials, nutrition, personal care, and beauty.

The company serves more than 3 million customers across the globe with its science-based research development and category-leading formulas.

It begins with the best ingredients to develop the top products to help everyone lead a healthier lifestyle for over 30 years.

Some of the top science-backed products offered by Modere are:

  • Lean Body System Chocolate + Modere Axis OptiPack
  • Lean Body System – Raspberry Lemonade
  • Lean Body System Lemon + Modere Axis OptiPack
  • Liquid BioCell Pure + Modere Axis OptiPack
  • Modere Axis TreBiotic OptiPack
  • Tri Chocolate Liquid BioCell Pure
  • Trim Raspberry Lemonade + Modere CellProof Body Firming Foam
  • Adult Multivitamin
  • Axis Gut Health Collection

Social Marketers can gain much from the Modere reward program as the VIP list customer. They are eligible to save $10 on their first purchase and earn a $10 referral reward on the second purchase.

As a VIP customer, there will be a monthly credit worth $10 and an anniversary credit of $50 for all registered customers.

Marketers can pay $39.99 to join Modere programs to claim benefits such as 500 threshold points, 75 points for monthly auto-ship, and so on.

Pros of joining Modere

  • Annual product updates
  • Transparent company
  • No harmful ingredients are used in products

Cons of joining Modere

  • Less money for new members
  • Training is required for the new members to start earning money

Official Website: https://www.modere.com

Membership costs: $39.99

Base commission: $10 discount on first purchase

Downline commission: $10 every month

Pay Period: Not mentioned

18. SPX Nutrition

SPX Nutrition

SPX Nutrition is one of the top companies offering quality health supplements and herbal capsules to stay healthy and fit.

From weight loss to energy supplements, SPX Nutrition covers it all to increase energy levels and promote healthy living.

The brands deal in products that can promote suppressing appetite and burn extra calories while keeping track of health goals for customers.

It also comes with sea plant supplements that boost the immune system, strengthens health, and control the PH levels of the consumers.

The company covers the category of Xtreme cardio, nutria-thin, and vita-sea. It includes:

  • Nutri-Thin comes with the essential elements that can promote weight loss and decrease the growing metabolism of the consumers. It comes with a complete Vitamin B complex that can help give the body a new energy boost, allowing consumers to normal functioning.
  • Xtreme cardio can help cardiovascular heart health combined with L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, and other mineral traces. The significant benefits that are included in the product are better blood circulation, heart health, better waste facilitation, faster healing wounds, and better hormonal function.
  • Vita-Sea is packed with sea plant supplements that offer balanced PH levels, boost immune system, mental health, digestive detoxification, overall health, hair/nail growth, and balance PH levels. The aim is to gain excellent health and healing benefits.

The promoter can get a commission of 25% on all the sales they achieve. Deep compensation plan to get success in the market and earn more money.

It is divided into 20 levels that have lower odds of success.

Pros of joining SPX Nutrition

  • Good compensation plan
  • Promoters can promote the product on any platform

Cons of joining SPX Nutrition

  • Limited information about the products on the website
  • Lower rate of success

Official Website:  https://www.spxnutrition.com

Membership costs: $12- for the starter kit

Base commission: 25% on each sale

Downline commission: Not specified

Pay Period: Not specified

19. Vida Divina

Vida Divina

Esther Romos and Armand Puyolt founded Vida Divida in 2016 with extensive knowledge in network marketing to come up with the company offering top health products.

It provides a good platform for home-based entrepreneurs to rule and grow in the market.

The company offers a real chance to the people to make a good life for a better life. They focus on putting the customers first, asking people to invest for better health, and promoting self-development.

Several products are included in the list of Vida Divina, from weightless to detox markets.

The list of products involves Café Divina, Vida Essentials, TeDivina, Dietary Supplementary, and Meal Replacement Shakes.

The products help maintain a healthy lifestyle with transformative ingredients that can help the customers.

Vida Divina offers several ways to earn money, such as:

  • Fast track bonus
  • Retail profits
  • Presenter bonus
  • Roll up fast track
  • Accelerated team commissions
  • Team commissions
  • Mercedes Benz bonus
  • Check match bonus
  • Rank advanced reward
  • Star coins
  • Extra business center
  • Leadership rewards

It is packed with customers and merchandise printing options that can help the users to generate money via network marketing.

The MLM plan is filled with several compensation bonuses that can help to create a good amount.

Pros of joining Vida Divina

  • It offers more than 120 personal volumes to gain a $135 wholesale bonus and a $195 retail
  • Qualify for the binary commissions

Cons of joining Vida Divina

  • Expensive products
  • Have to remain active status to earn money

Official Website: https://vidadivina.com

Membership costs: $135 to $1360 starter kit

Base commission: 50%

Downline commission:  50% on level 1 were as up to 20% on seven levels

Pay Period: Monthly payment

20. Vestige


Vestige is an Indian-based MLM company founded in the health and wellness sector in 2004. Over time, it has become one of the top weight loss MLM companies ruling the market with network marketing among distributors.

The company offers several global products, empowering people to stay healthy and earn more income. Several of the products available at Vestige are:

  • Agricultural Products
  • Air Purifiers
  • Ayurveda
  • Business Tools
  • Cosmetics and Skin Care Products
  • Health supplements
  • Healthy Foods
  • Home Care Materials
  • Men’s Grooming Items
  • Oral Care Items
  • Personal Care

Vestige covers all the products such as beauty, cleaning, healthy, and fitness. Some major brands they have are Assure, Zeta, Dentassure Agri82, and Lite House.

It offers several compensation plans such as:

  • Performance Bonus – 5-20%
  • Travel Fund – 3%
  • House Fund – 3%
  • Retail Profit – 10-20%
  • Director Bonus – 14%
  • Car Fund – 5%
  • Leadership Overriding Bonus – 15%

Vestige comes with a 4-fold bonus marketing plan to help the seller get approximately 350 volumes per month.

The diverse compensation plan also makes it a good option for the promoters.

Pros of joining Vestige

  • Several products to choose from, increasing the scope of marketing
  • No joining amount but initial purchase to get approximately 30PV
  • Good market presence of the brand
  • Generating plans for the repurchase and purchase

Cons of joining Vestige

  • Lower success rate
  • Overpriced products

Official Website: https://www.myvestige.com

Membership costs: No membership cost, but users have to make the initial purchase

Base commission: 7-10% retail profit

Downline commission: 5-20% performance profit

Pay Period: 30 days

21. Zurvita

Zurvita mlm weight loss

Another famous health and wellness company is a clean and nutritious energy source. It offers gluten-free, vegan, and kosher options with no artificial flavors.

The clinically proven products can help increase productivity and reduce stress. Several products focus on pure energy and achieve significant health goals.

Along with this, the product offers foundational support to the customers to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and diet.

The major products of Zurvita are the Transformation system, Zeal canisters, lifestyle Zeal, Zurvita Dietary Supplements, Zurvita Protein Cannister, and many more.

The customers can pick the products from Zurvita Performance, Zurvita Nutrition, and Transformation System. It has options like Paks in classic, go packets, vegan, and gluten-free options that you can get at your doorstep.

One can quickly shake and consume the product to stay in perfect health.

Zurvita offers a list of legit products that can help small-business owners to generate some good bucks.

It requires no advertising and marketing knowledge but can work as independent consultants to generate money.

The MLM company allows promoters to work for themselves and encourages people to downline sales. One can earn money by recruiting people to earn money and selling the products.

Pros of joining Zurvita

  • Generous compensation plan
  • Affiliate-like system
  • Proven history

Cons of joining Zurvita

  • Maintenance cost
  • Low startup fee
  • No inventory
  • Expensive products

Official Website: https://zurvita.com

Membership costs: $139.95-$549.95 starter pack

Base commission: 70BV

Downline commission: Not disclosed

Pay Period: Per month



Established in 1958, NEOLIFE has become a prominent brand backed by science and nature. With membership, users can save up to 15-25% with other special savings and membership perks. NEOLIFE aims to gain better health benefits and quality nutrition.

One can believe in the Golden Rule offering a way for consumers to get a better and healthy life. Along with this, the company provides equal opportunity for the consumers to earn some bucks.

It offers breakfast, sport, vitality, and weight loss, along with weight management, digestive health, immunity, energy & fitness, and heart health.

NEOLIFE offers startup opportunities to consumers or entrepreneurs. The owners can start with selling the products online and leverage compensation plans and promoters perks such as:

  • Participate in incentives like travel and cash
  • Nutrition startup business
  • Access to leadership training resources and premier personal development
  • 30% off on suggested retail
  • Receive recognition
  • Participate in significant compensation benefits

As the promoter, one will be responsible for selling the products and getting compensation.

It also includes a club membership program that offers consumers a 15-20% discount. The total monthly QPV is from 250 to 4,000, which can help in the bonus of 3% to 20%, respectively.

Pros of joining NEOLIFE

  • Incentives, travel, and recognition
  • The discount range is 15-25%
  • 30-days, 60-days, and one year winning with reasonable compensation

Cons of joining NEOLIFE

  • Expensive products
  • Difficult to sell products

Official Website: https://www.neolife.com/en-us/home/

Membership costs:

Base commission: maximum of 20% commission on sales volume

Downline commission: Not mentioned

Pay Period:30 days

In Conclusion

With all things laid out already, you can get yourself into the network marketing opportunities with any of the mentioned brands, to start generating money and get extra benefits.

But before you get excited and get started, make sure to read the policies, terms, and conditions and you’ll have a relief jumping into it.

And at the very least – I really take your permission now and wish you all the very best for your upcoming successes in the market. Happy Earning!

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