How To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face (Everything You Need To Know)

It’s so true that the end-user is the one who decides what a platform is going to look like in this world of the internet.

OnlyFans is just a content subscription service created to help people monetize their skills but it has become a completely different platform now.

Millions of people are now using the platform either to create and sell content or to consume a different kind of content…specifically in the eighteen-plus industry.

If you want to learn how you can use OnlyFans without showing your facing or staying anonymous, I congratulate you because you are in the best place for it!

In this post, I will teach you or share a lot of helpful resources to help you get your journey strategically.

Not only I will cover how you can get into the industry that OnlyFans is famous for, but I will share a lot of other ideas that you can use to earn an income off of OnlyFans yet not show your face at all.

As there is seriously a lot that needs to be covered in this post, let’s just get right into it!

First of all, I’ll share some ideas as well as tips, and then we’ll get into some other interesting stuff.

1. Learn How OnlyFans Works

onlyfance without showing your face

Before you get excited about creating and selling content on OnlyFans, you actually need to look into how the site actually works.

Though the interface of OnlyFans is just like any other paid content service application or site, it still allows people to screen record what you have to offer them and share your content.

So, if you’re planning to go with the eighteen-plus industry, you have to be really really careful with what you will be doing.

Also, if you are someone who wants to become a doctor, lawyer, cop, or something along the lines, there can be a lot of difficulties that can fall in place and you might end up shattering all your dreams.

People will spot your profile when you market it, subscribe to get your content, and then you will have to satisfy them as well! You can’t just sit out there and create two to three content pieces and sleep all day.

You will have to consistently engage with your fans and followers and this can be very weird embarrassing if you want to get into the industry that OnlyFans is currently famous for.

Now that you know how the platform functions, let’s get right into the real content.

2. Create A Profile Without Revealing Your Name

The first step that you are going to want to take is to create a profile with a dummy name. Of course, that’s the first thing you should be doing if you want to go anonymous!

Just like you would keep a stage name for an Instagram username, the same could be done on this platform as well.

Having a dummy name will keep your identity safe and not let your known ones recognize you. You can simply head over to Google and search for ‘OnlyFans username ideas’ and a lot of articles as well as name generators will popup for you to be able to use.

If you are wondering about further issues for choosing a stage name, there will be no issues at all. Having a stage name is very common and some of the most famous people you know use their stage names.

As you can see, I just pulled up a random OnlyFans name generator from Google and it truly came up with some impressive names:

So, make sure you use a name that makes you safe. Just avoid using anything from your name as long as it’s possible.

2. You’re Not Bound To Show Your Face

Yes, you read that right! Just because you create content on the platform and charge your subscribers, you are not actually bound to show your face.

You can create content on the platform without showing your face. Either your can totally blur your face in the visual content or you can wear masks or use skullies to hide your identity.

This will drastically reduce your chances of being recognized by someone you know and you can do whatever you want anonymously then.

3. Hide Noticible Things

It’s not just about hiding your face when you want to generate an income off of creating content on OnlyFans. You should also be aware of the noticeable things like some unique scars or features that everyone in your circle knows about.

Oftentimes, people can still notice you because of some special features they remember about you. So, go as safe as you can.

4. Use Props/Items To Conceal

This is a bit of quite common advice you will find on the internet when you search for making money on OnlyFans without showing your face but it’s universal and we have been seeing people hide themselves with the help of props everywhere.

Yes, that’s right! In schools, offices, movies, and songs…props are used everywhere and people are using them for years and years.

You can do the same thing to hide yourself on this content platform as well! Try to get a little bit creative when using props. This will not make it look as if you are trying to hide yourself and keep everything normal.

5. The Geoblocking Feature

If you don’t want someone in your region to see or spot you creating content on OnlyFans, you can use the ‘Block By Country’ or ‘Block By IP’ feature offered by the platform to forbid certain locations.

This could be very handy if you plan not to show your face on the site. All. you have to do is head over to the settings section of your profile and utilize the existence/availability of the feature.

Although not every single account will have this feature available but if your account does, that’s a piece of good news for you without any doubt.

6. Pick A Suitable Niche

You must be wondering that in order to earn on OnlyFans, you will also have to do what the other famous models are doing, right?

That’s not correct at all! If you have special features that make you stand out, you can choose to create different kinds of interesting videos/take pictures where your face isn’t visible.

If you go to Instagram and search for content in the eighteen-plus industry, you will be getting a lot of ideas regarding this and will automatically understand what I’m trying to convey here.

Just make sure that you pick something that is in demand. Get away with the trends and you will be just fine.

7. You’re Not Bound To Create The Same Content As Others

Just because OnlyFans is famous for a specific industry, doesn’t mean you will have to do the same as well.

If you are thinking that you will go ahead and create a profile, start creating sizzling content and people will come running to you for purchasing your subscription, it’s just an illusion.

There’s already a lot of competition in this industry and if you want to stand out, you will have to come up with something unique and different.

As OnlyFans is a platform created to sell all kinds of content, you can try to create something that people will love…for example:

  • Working on your body, learning, and then becoming a trainer
  • Selling one-on-one interviews
  • Selling calls as a friend (a lot of lonely people out there)
  • Teaching fashion and cinematorgraphy
  • etc.

There are a thousand different things that you can do. These are just a few of them. If you still haven’t gotten what I meant to say, here’s an example of an OnlyFans account that is dominating it in the fitness niche.

make money on onlyfans anonymously

This isn’t about going faceless but you won’t ever need to worry about anything if you pick a niche/content selling strategy like this.

How To Sell OnlyFans Anonmously To Make Money?

So, you have learned about the important things you need to care about if you want to generate revenue off of OnlyFans without revealing your face

Let’s now find out how you can actually sell your anonymous content so that the dollar bills start coming in.

Here are the things you will need to pay attention to:

  • Learn how to market to the right people secretly
  • Go with the thousand fans strategy
  • Encourage people for tips

1. Learn How To Make To The Right People Secretly

It doesn’t matter how amazing your content is if no one is seeing it. Marketing is the backbone of any business in this world.

So, to be able to make a profit on OnlyFans, you will have to learn how to market secretly. There are a couple of ways you can do it and they are as follows:

  • Social media
  • Sponsored advertisements
  • Blogging

1. Social Media

One way you can market your OnlyFans account is via social media. And if I talk about social media more specifically, I would say Instagram marketing, TikTok marketing, and Facebook marketing will work best for you.

What you can do is create an account on these social platforms, find groups or spots where you can attract people to your profile, and then try to convert them into paying customers.

2. Sponsored Advertisements

Another way you can market your account is with the help of sponsored advertisements. Though I can’t name the sites that are willing to show ads in this industry but you can definitely find out a lot of them via searching on search engines.

3. Blogging

The last and final strategy (only according to me…there are a dozen other strategies) you can apply to do marketing for your entertaining content is blogging.

Yes, you have guessed it right! You can start a blog, start writing or get content written in your industry, attract visitors/traffic, and then convert the visitors into customers every single month for no cost whatsoever!

2. Go With The Thousand Fans Strategy

If you don’t want too much exposure as a creator on OnlyFans and want to play it safe, you will have to go the ‘thousand fans’ strategy.

This strategy was originally created by Pat Flynn, who is an affiliate marketer, content creator, author, and digital entrepreneur.

It’s obvious that to be able to make money on the platform, you will need subscribers! Now, not everyone knows how to get subscribers, right?

So, what you can do is once you gain your first thousand subscribers via different marketing channels/mediums, you will have to build a very special bond with all of those subscribers.

That could be done either via your communication skills, the content you produce, or interactions with the subscribers. When you do that, you won’t actually have to go out there and spend a lot of money on marketing.

Also, when you have a loyal following, you won’t have to worry about getting noticed by someone you already know.

3. Encourage People For Tips

The third thing you can do to do well on OnlyFans is to ask your subscribers to tip you. If you are confused, this is what I meant:

You can either normally ask for tips or you can ask tips for answering certain questions that your customers/subscribers want answers to.

How To Make Money With The OnlyFans Referral Program (Without Showing Your Face)

onlyfans referral program without showing face

If you want to make money on this platform and don’t want to show your face at the same time, joining the OnlyFans referral program and earning through it would be a perfect plan to go after.

If you aren’t aware of the OnlyFans referral program, it’s a marketing scheme where you can join OnlyFans as a partner and get paid commissions whenever someone clicks your link, creates a creator account, and start earning.

But what will you have to do? Here’s what:

  • Join the program
  • Market the product via social media/ads

1. Join The Referral Program

So, OnlyFans has a referral program and it has been active for a long time now. First of all, I’m going to share with you the important details regarding the referral program.

Official Website:

Affiliate Page:

Commission Rates: 5% commission per referral

Limitations: A maximum of $50,000 per referral

So, it’s pretty easy to join the program. All you will have to do is go to your account, then ‘My Referrals,’ and get your unique referral links.

You don’t want to show your face on the site but there are thousands you have no problem in showing their face. Those are the people that will make you a fortune.

2. Make The Product Via Social Media/Paid Ads

Now that you are a partner of OnlyFans, you will have to find opportunities where you will be able to attract people to the platform for creating content and making money.

Once again, the best platforms according to me will be Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

Also, you can find sites to show paid advertisements and attract aspiring creators. Since it’s a pretty interesting industry, I’m sure you will be able to attract a lot of referrals and start earning a good amount every single month.

Just make sure that you might not see the referral program option if you don’t already have an established OnlyFans account.

You can also start a blog around this niche and attract people in that way as well. Just head over to YouTube and there will be a lot of people teaching you marketing strategies for OnlyFans.

As we have gone through the process now, let me answer some other burning questions regarding the site.

Can You Really Make Money On OnlyFans Anonymously?

The answer to this question is yes. You can definitely make money on OnlyFans anonymously with the help of things like a stage name, props, costumes, and targeted marketing strategies.

Just like there are anonymous people making money in other industries, the same can happen in this industry too.

Tips To Make $100 A Day

When I first talked about this site in my newsletter, there were so many people out there who want to learn how they can get to make $100 a day on the site.

to be honest, that’s a pretty good number to work with if you calculate the average per capita income. So, here are some tips to be able to cross that make:

  • Sell feet pictures
  • Level up your marketing
  • Stay consistent and enjoy your work

1. Sell Feet Pictures

I don’t know whether you were aware of this or not but you can actually make money by selling your feet pictures. So, this is something you can take into account if you want to start generating a hundred dollars per day on OnlyFans fast.

There are a lot of companies as well as individuals who are willing to pay you for doing so. Not sure about the reason but there are hundreds and hundreds of creators doing this.

2. Level Up Your Marketing

If you want to thrive in this e competitive environment of this website, you will have to take your marketing strategies to the next level.

If possible, take a marketing course from an expert and then jump into the industry. One of the best marketers out there that I know regarding this is Dom.

3. Stay Consistent & Love Your Work

The third important tip I have for you is that you are going to want to be consistent on the content site. So many people get excited because they think it’s going to be a lot of money and a lot of un…and end up giving up.

If you want results, which you definitely do…you have got to be consistent, disciplined, and should love your work.

How Much Can You Really Make On OnlyFans?

As you know, it is going to vary greatly from person to person but according to Influencer Marketing Hub, a creator on OnlyFans earns about $180/month on average.

This doesn’t mean you are going to end up here. It’s just an average number and you can break all the boundaries if you are actually very passionate about doing this.

Is It Easy To Get Started Anonymously?

I won’t stretch the answer just for the sake of content length and will answer this directly…

As long as you take all the precautions and don’t share any of your personal information like your phone number or social media links, it’s going to be fine for you.

However, you will surely face problems while converting visitors into customers but once you will figure out what works for you, it will be an easy and smooth process.

In Conclusion

So, as you have read, you can get started as a creator on OnlyFans and actually make money without showing your face to anyone at all.

But before you think about getting on the platform, I would advise you to do full research about these career options because once you choose it, you might face problems in other career opportunities…but that’s only if they know about it.

I hope you found this post helpful and motivating. If you did, please share it with your friends on social media.

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