7 Legendary Marketer Alternatives (A Must-Read List)

Legendary Marketer is one of my favorite online education companies that teaches people how to start an online business, run an affiliate marketing business, and how to thrive in the evolving world of the internet.

I personally have been a Legendary Marketer member and student for years and David Sharpe is my favorite marketing mentor of all time.

But I do respect the fact that their products are quite expensive and not every beginner can afford the courses and training programs or masterminds they offer to aspirant online/affiliate marketers.

With that being said, in this listicle, I’m going to share with you the best Legendary Marketer alternatives you surely want to check out if you want to learn how to make money online, affiliate marketing, or online marketing in general.

Hence, without any further ado, let’s jump right into our pool of Legendary Marketer alternatives and get into the details of each training program/course.

Legendary Marketer Alternatives

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Income School Project 24
  3. Six Figure Mentors
  4. 12 Minute Affiliate System
  5. Authority Site System 3.0
  6. Spark By ClickBank
  7. Savage Affiliates

1. Wealthy Affiliate

Legendary Marketer Alternatives: Wealthy Affiliate

The first training program we have on our list of Legendary Marketer alternatives is none other than Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is my favorite choice when it comes to learning online marketing, affiliate marketing, or making money on the internet.

The Wealthy Affiliate training program has been in the industry for over a decade and they have made thousands and thousands of people capable of making a full-time income via affiliate marketing and blogging (popularly known as affiliate blogging).

Wealthy Affiliate is owned by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. Both of them are mission-driven online entrepreneurs that seriously go above and beyond to bring value to the table for the learner.

I’m a current member of the Wealthy Affiliate training program and if you would ask me which is the best platform for a beginner to learn blogging and affiliate marketing…I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate because of a lot of factors such as;

  1. Low pricing of the training program
  2. Active community with thousands of members
  3. Practical training that has been working for members for years
  4. In-depth affiliate marketing and blogging tutorials & videos
  5. Step-by-step lectures and guides to help beginners learn fast
  6. No get-rich-quick scheme is taught (which doesn’t really exist)
  7. The mentors actually know what they teach
  8. Blogging and affiliate marketing business is sustainable and scalable

You can get started with Wealthy Affiliate for free and learn a whole lot of stuff you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.

By the way, click here if you want to check out the top Wealthy Affiliate alternatives list.

Official Website: https://wealthyaffiliate.com

Pricing: $19 for the first month and then $30-49 a month (web hosting, domain, training, community access, and support included)

Free Education: Available

2. Income School Project 24

Legendary Marketer Alternatives: Project 24

The second Legendary Marketer alternative we have on the list is Income School’s Project 24 training program. This once again is one of my favorite online courses that I currently am a member of.

The Income School Project 24 is run by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler. If you look up the Income School channel on YouTube, you will understand why I have recommended or listed the Project 24 course in this listicle.

I have been learning blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and entrepreneurship from Jim and Ricky for over three years now and I believe they are one of the most genuine internet entrepreneurs who preach what they teach.

In the Income School Project 24 course, they will walk you step-by-step and teach you how to start a blogging business and turn it into a full-time income in under 24 months.

I think that’s pretty awesome. Their course includes tens and tens of modules and podcasts that teach you everything from SEO, blogging, content creation, writing, video marketing, and affiliate marketing to business ethics and entrepreneurship.

The guys have provided tons and tons of free content on their official YouTube channel for beginners to learn how to generate passive income online and now they’ve taken it to the next level by launching the Project 24 course.

If you work in a job and you want to get out of the rat race, I strongly believe you should check out the Income School’s Project 24 for the better.

Some of the reasons why I love their training program is because;

  1. They walk you step-by-step
  2. Teach clever strategies that make you stand out
  3. Keep updating the course with the evolving internet
  4. Teach real business skills that can be used repeatedly to build multiple niche websites/blogs that drive traffic and revenue
  5. The course has a huge community where members are willing to help each other

If you are looking for a strong Legendary Marketer alternative and if you are one of those who don’t have enough time to invest, Project 24 is the course you should definitely go after.

Official Website: https://incomeschool.com/project24

Pricing: $499 one time and then $199/year

Free Education: Available

3. Six Figure Mentors

Legendary Marketer Alternatives: Six Figure Mentors

The third option we have is Six Figure Mentors (also known as SFM). Six Figure Mentors is one of the oldest companies that offers tens of courses on various online marketing skills such as blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid media or PPC (Pay-Per-Click), affiliate marketing, email marketing, selling courses online, digital products, and every little thing that you could possibly think of.

All of their courses are beginner-oriented and they appeal the most to the individuals who are just starting their journey in the online world.

Basically, they teach beginners how to start an online business that doesn’t go down in the long run and the one that could be scaled easily.

The courses they offer are created by some of the biggest industry leaders in the digital marketing space and you can confidently learn the right strategies from people who have executed their way to the top in the space.

You can visit the official Six Figure Mentors website to find out more information about their training programs and success stories.

Official Website: https://thesixfigurementors.com

Pricing: Starts at $97 per month

Free Education: Available

4. 12 Minute Affiliate System

12 Minute Affiliate System: alternative to Legendary Marketer

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a great alternative to Legendary Marketer. It is a done-for-you affiliate marketing program that allows people/beginners to make money online without having to worry about learning serious marketing skills.

I personally believe that skills are necessary to thrive and survive in the long run but for the ones who want to get started with minimal risk and don’t have enough time to invest, the 12 Minute Affiliate System is a great way to get started.

The program is run by a well-known affiliate marketer and course creator called Devon Brown. Devon is a great marketer himself and he’s designed the 12 Minute Affiliate System specifically for beginners.

You can read my 12 Minute Affiliate review to find out more information regarding the done-for-you affiliate marketing program.

Official Website: https://12minuteaffiliate.com

Pricing: Starts at $9.95 and then $47 per month

Free Education: Not available

5. Authority Site System 3.0

Authority Site System 3.0: Legendary alternative

The Authority Site System 3.0 is run by the founders of Authority Hacker. This course is a perfect step-by-step action plan for beginners to get started with their very first niche website or blog and make it successful in record time.

Authority Hacker is a huge brand that provides tons and tons of free content to both beginner and expert online marketers. They have been building niche websites for decades and have trained thousands and thousands of students/individuals all across the world to generate passive income by building niche websites and blogs strategically.

Their course has tens and tens of modules and actionable tutorials on how to launch your very first blog the right way to attract visitors and make money. They teach you how you can repeatedly follow the steps/process and build multiple online businesses over and over again.

I think their pricing could have been a bit more affordable it’s still cheaper than the Legendary Marketer upsells.

Official Website: https://www.authorityhacker.com/system

Pricing: $997 one-time fee

Free Education: Available

6. Spark By ClickBank

Legendary Marketer Alternatives: Spark By ClickBank

ClickBank is arguably the most popular affiliate network for digital products on the internet. The network has been around for decades and provides huge opportunities to people to be able to promote affiliate products and earn commissions.

Spark By ClickBank is a solid training program that includes lectures from the top affiliate marketers of the world such as Robby Blanchard, Justin, and others. The program teaches you how to promote products on ClickBank and earn passive income online.

They also teach you how to create your own products, list them on ClickBank and have hundreds and hundreds of affiliates promote them to generate passive income.

They have some exclusive interviews from industry leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, and tens of other experts.

I think Spark By ClickBank is a strong competitor to Legendary Marketer, especially if we compare the pricing.

Official Website: https://sparkbyclickbank.com

Pricing: $47 a month

Free Education: Available

7. Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates

The last training program we have on our list of Legendary Marketer alternatives is Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. Franklin is a great guy that provides a hell of a lot of value on his official YouTube channel as well as his blog.

He is counted among the top ClickBank and ClickFunnels affiliates in the entire world. His course teaches people how to create a niche website, how to do email marketing the right way to earn money, how to build sales funnels, how to promote products on ClickBank, how to promote Amazon products on your blog, how to run paid advertisements to boost sales and income, and last but not the least – how to do launchjacking to generate affiliate commissions fast with minimal investment.

I genuinely believe all of these methods work very well and will continue to work in the upcoming future. If you want to learn more about Savage Affiliates or Franklin, visit the official Savage Affiliates website by clicking the link below.

And yea, don’t worry…I’m not an affiliate to Savage Affiliates. I checked the product, I felt confident about it, and that is the reason I have shared it with you.

Official Website: https://savageaffiliates.com

Pricing: $197 one-time fee

Free Education: Available

In Conclusion

These were the top Legendary Marketer alternatives I feel you should definitely check out if you are looking for an in-depth yet affordable training program/course.

I hope you found this listicle helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to jump into the comments section below and let me know what you think.

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