Legendary Marketer Review: Here’s What They Don’t Tell You

Legendary Marketer is extremely popular in the online marketing industry. You will find thousands of YouTube videos and thousands of articles about this company. Everybody talking differently and providing their views.

Majority of them don’t even try the program themselves and still make “honest” reviews just to attract visitors and video views.

If you are annoyed by the overwhelming information and unable to decide the next step, make sure you read this in-depth Legendary Marketer review while I will share everything you need to know from scratch till the end.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into the review and find out the information you are looking for so eagerly.

What Is Legendary Marketer?

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer (LM) is a practical, actionable, and systemized training program that teaches people how to start an online business sitting at their home and earn consistent revenue each and every single month from the same.

They teach you how to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch that requires no prior experience and technical knowledge to get started.

There are easy-to-understand informational videos and tutorials that help you set up every tool you need to launch your business within the first 15 days.

You get to learn different marketing strategies from building sales funnels to generating traffic and building a brand for long-term success. Legendary is one of the most trusted and oldest company for Internet marketing training.

Legendary Marketer is run by David Sharpe being the CEO and the other qualified members of the team that are highly professional.

Who Is David Sharpe?

David Sharpe (Founder and CEO of Legendary Marketer) is an Internet marketing expert and one of the early adopters of the affiliate marketing business model.

He is an incredibly smart online entrepreneur who has generated more than 300 million dollars in sales as of now and made it to well-known magazines like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Dave has founded 3 multimillion-dollar companies from absolutely nothing and educated more than 500,000 businessmen and entrepreneurs all across the globe.

Let me talk a little bit about his history. David Sharpe was a typical construction site worker in Florida who was not happy with what he was doing. After working days, he would reside in his parent’s house and learn different ways to earn money online.

After years of failures and trying, he was able to build a strong online business by promoting high-ticket products as an affiliate. An affiliate is a person who promotes other people’s products and earns commissions for that when sales are made through him.

He invested borrowed $20,000 from his parents into online marketing and today, he’s known by millions of people who are looking to make money online just like you and me.

Is David Sharpe Legit?

Is David Sharpe Legit?

Without stretching the topic, the simple answer is YES! Dave is a recognized online entrepreneur by some of the biggest companies and celebrities of the world.

He is a genuine guy who knows what he does very well. It is something I feel after going through all the courses he offers and being a part of the Legendary Marketer training program.

There is nothing he overpromises. He delivers the value he promises. Honestly, he over-delivers than what is promised.

Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?

Legendary Marketer is not a scam. It is a real, genuine, and trustworthy training program that has helped hundreds of thousands of people set-up their online businesses and generate impacting income-streams.

Legendary is the real deal. Sure, you might be seeing some information on the web that says it doesn’t actually work, and David Sharpe and his team is trash. This is not true. Both Dave and his company are legit.

I want to let you know something: All those people who are saying Legendary Marketer is a scam are people who didn’t put in the work and have the patience to make the training and system work, or are trying to pitch you their own products.

But the simple answer is this…Legendary isn’t a scam. It is a praiseworthy and trusted training program.

Is Legendary Marketer A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Legendary Marketer a Pyramid Scheme?

There are a lot of popular training programs that are nothing more than a pyramid scheme. What this means is that the training you get in a particular course will only teach you how to promote the same course or training program and earn money from it.

As such, there is nothing wrong with it but that doesn’t build up any real money-making skills in you as a person. You will be dependent on the training program. If someday it goes down, you will be left hanging.

Fortunately, Legendary Marketer is not a pyramid scheme. The training you get can be applied in any other online business and can genuinely help you stand out and succeed financially.

Although, you can join Legendary Marketer’s affiliate program and promote it if you want to. That’s totally up to you.

What Are The Products Offered By Legendary Marketer?

There are different types of products/training courses that Legendary Marketer sells. We are going to look at each of them separately.

One of the most popular and the basic one is the 15-day online business builder challenge. Let’s find out more about this challenge.

The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge

15 Day Online Business builder challenge

The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge, is the most innovative and practical 15-day training program that teaches you everything from the start till the end to launch your online business that generates money in a matter of 15 days.

The challenge is exceptionally action-oriented and systemized for you to be able to understand what Dave and his team teaches properly for implementing the action plan and strategies the right way.

Each day, you’re provided with top notch training through video courses, podcasts, and interviews with people who started from nothing and currently run successful online businesses to motivate you for taking action further.

There are also quizzes, assignments, and bonuses on each day. You are not allowed to take the training of 15 days in a single day.

Each lesson will be unlocked on the next day. So, you can’t go through the whole training in a single day.

In between, you will also need to talk to your assigned business plan advisor for a lesson to be unlocked, which is pretty cool and helpful.

You can go to the ‘Advisor’ through the top menu navigation and then schedule a call according to your convenience with your respective business plan advisor.

They will help you get started and also love all of your problems at the same time…which is really helpful.

Many good courses lack the fundamental structure for a learner to learn and implement the strategies the right way. That’s why most of the courses have a very low success rate due to overwhelming information.

This problem is solved in Legendary Marketer system. Different days have step-by-step explanation for everything. It’s like taking you through baby steps.

There are classes for mindset that include books such as ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, and exclusive presentation illustrating the mindset game from industry leaders.

Legendary Marketer Review: Mindset

Mindset is a really important aspect of successful life. What is above the ground is the result of what is below the ground. And Dave has included that within the course.

There are displays provided by Dave, various lessons, free templates, custom sales funnels for free, free consulting, business blueprints, and other bonuses throughout the business builder challenge.

Dave hosts Q & A sessions frequently so that you can get all of your problems solved, and there are recorded webinars like the business plan class you can see down below.

Other than this, you also have an active support team to assist you with any real-time queries regarding anything about the program.

You can access the chat from the training area itself as shown below.

For beginners who are looking for a genuine opportunity that can help them generate multiple income streams online, this is the best training program in the whole online marketing industry.

I’m saying this after trying a whole lot of courses from John Crestani, Russell Brunson, and others. You can watch the free video by visiting the navigation button down below.

This Legendary Marketer review might be a bit positive but it really is true. I’ve shared my own results at the end so keep reading if you need more information.

The Traffic University

Traffic University is a product included as an upsell within the Business Builder Challenge. For a product to sell, you need quality traffic.

Traffic in marketing refers to people/buyers/audience. And you definitely need those to sell or promote your product.

This training goes in-depth on generating consistent traffic both by free and paid traffic strategies so that you can keep making consistent sales every single day. Basically, you will have every skill training in one place.

The Affiliate Marketing eBook

Dave has put his more than 10 years of experience into this eBook that explains the business model of affiliate marketing, actionable strategies, traffic and scaling methods.

You are offered to purchase the book within the course too. And it’s not priced like some hundreds of dollars or so. It will cost you $1.99 to buy this incredible book.

Besides this, there are other upsells like the Marketer’s club and Omni-Branding Formula. The Marketer’s club includes exclusive training, video courses, live classes, paid advertising training, and other bonuses.

You also get access to the private Facebook access that only includes all of the successful marketers (over 26,000 members) that learn and earn with Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer Review

Dave also hosts a masterminds in Florida and other places where you are given personal sessions and trainings. You meet top industry leaders and develop high-income skills.

In the mastermind, you are guaranteed to succeed and generate a six or even seven figure income through affiliate marketing.

It’s not like you will find money on the trees, but if you do just a little bit of work, you will be able to generate impressive multiple streams of income with no-brainer.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

But as said you will meet the industry leaders, everyone is not eligible to join the mastermind. You will have to go through the full Legendary Marketer training program, generate income, and then you will be invited to join the mastermind and other events.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Review

After completing the 15 day business builder challenge, you have an option to join Legendary Marketer’s affiliate program too. I’ve been a part of the affiliate program for a while now.

There are not full chances to get accepted as their affiliate because of their strict approval process. So, you will have to go through the whole training honestly before you can get accepted and promote its products.

As an affiliate, you have all the resources including free training, custom funnels, high converting landing pages, data of your leads, autoresponder integration, and other necessary resources.

There are two affiliate memberships: BASIC ($0/month) and PRO ($20.95/month).

Each membership has its own perks but the main difference is the commission percentage. With basic membership, you will get 10-30% commissions and with pro membership it’s going to be 40-60%.

In other words, if you make a sale of a product that costs $1000, you will generate $100-300 and $400-600 with the basic and pro membership respectively.

Legendary values its affiliate very much. As an affiliate, you have full access to the support team and special benefits being a pro member.

Can You Make Money With Legendary Marketer?

The sweet and simple answer is that it depends on the individual. If someone doesn’t even go through the full course and don’t implement the strategies the right way, it’s not going to work because making money online isn’t magic.

It’s not some kind of get rich overnight scheme or a lucrative big money making opportunity in a single day or week.

On the other side of the table if you take proper action, follow all the steps, put in the work, and have a bit of patience, you definitely can reach your income goals fast enough.

Legendary Marketer Refund Policy

Yes there is a refund policy. If you enroll and you don’t like the course or it doesn’t work for you, you can request a refund within 30 days.

And don’t worry, you won’t be asked any questions or convinced to stay in the program. You will get your refund straight away with no questions asked.

It’s because Dave and the team is confident that the training will work if you take action.

Legendary Marketer Review: My Results

I’ve been actively promoting Legendary Marketer as an affiliate over the past three months. Not because of the commissions. There are thousands of other products that offer extremely high commissions.

I chose Legendary Marketer because it is a product I believe in. It is the training program that got me started and because it delivers what is being promised with proven to work strategies.

Here are my results after joining Dave and his team.

The results might not be that impressive for a three month period, but I’m constantly growing and it’s only been about 7 weeks of real work.

Results are not typical. You might earn so much more than me if you do paid advertising that is taught in the program. I’m generating revenue with free (search engine traffic) SEO traffic through my blogs.

Legendary Marketer Pros

  1. Step-by-Step Training Program
  2. Trustworthy Program
  3. Friendly Support Team
  4. Business Plan Advisor
  5. Free Webinars
  6. Free Notes
  7. Actionable Training
  8. Proven Strategies
  9. Special Bonuses Throughout The Course

Legendary Marketer Cons

  1. Can’t Access The Course In A Single Go
  2. A Bit Costly Upsells (but worth it)

Conclusion: Is Legendary Marketer Worth It?

As you have already read the whole article and seen my own results, you can get to know that Legendary Marketer is surely worth it. If you follow all the instructions, put in the work, and have a little bit of patience, you precisely can achieve your passive income goals through online marketing.

As you are backed up with a 30-day refund policy, you have nothing to lose so go ahead, take action, and see if it works for you.

If hope you enjoyed my Legendary Marketer review. If you have any questions, feel free to jump down below in the comments sections and share your thoughts. Happy online business!

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      So there are quite a few upsells ranging from a dollar to couple thousand dollars. If I talk in numbers, it starts from $1 and then all the way up to $10,000 where Dave invites you to his mastermind. But I personally think the business builder challenge and the traffic university are the only resources you need when you are just getting started. Once you have the money rolling in, then you can choose to go for other products that Legendary sells.

      Hope it helps! Keep growing.


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