What Happens If You Block Someone On Discord?

Discord is a great place to hang out with like-minded people, chat with your friends privately, and join communities (aka servers) for cool discussions.

This instant-messaging platform has been very popular among gamers, people who love talking about entertainment-related stuff, and also, individuals in general.

I use discord pretty much every day to connect with fellow bloggers and marketers. It’s great…but sometimes stories revolve around blocking and unblocking.

So, what exactly happens when you block someone on Discord? Do they get notified? Can they see your profile? Do they still remain friends with you? How can you tell if you’ve been blocked by someone on Discord?

I know you’re looking for answers to all of these questions so let’s just cut the fluff and get right into it.

What Happens If You Block Someone On Discord?

So, if you block someone on Discord, you and the other person no longer share a common server and can’t message each other until reversed.

messages can't be sent on discord when blocked

But that’s just not it…there’s a lot more to it.

When you hit the block button, the other person whom you banned, will not only be able to exchange messages but also, get disconnected from you.

The other person will not be friends with you anymore and if you want to reverse things, you will have to establish a mutual connection back by sending back a friend request and getting it accepted.

lost connection when blocked

Even if ‘you’ were the person who did the block and then do the unblock, you will still not be able to chat until and unless both the users are friends again…which is really different from other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Other than this, People will not be able to send you friend requests until they remain blocked from your side.

Users are also not going to be able to find the mutual servers and mutual friends they have unless things are reversed.

And last but not least – your profile status (online/offline) will be visible too.

Are Discord Users Notified When You Block Them?

Well, a simple and straightforward answer to this is – No!

Users or connections on Discord are not notified when you block them and vice versa. Even when someone blocks you, there will be no notification at all.

Unlike other platforms, you will also not see direct statements like ‘you have been blocked’ on this networking platform.

Neither you nor the person you blocked will be directly told about any kind of block. Things will look just as usual and normal.

Therefore, people on Discord will not directly know if they were blocked by you and the other way around.

When You Block Someone On Discord, Can They See Your Past Messages?

Yes, users are going to be able to see your past messages even if you blocked them or about-face.

Here’s a test I did with a demo account to find out more about it.

previous messages visible until deleted

However, if you delete the messages you sent, things will change. Your messages will no longer show up in the chat if you choose to delete them.

If You Blocked Someone On Discord, Can They See Your Profile Picture?

Yes, users can see your profile picture when if they are blocked by you on Discord. However, they will not be able to see your biography or the ‘about me’ section.

All that is going to be visible to them in your ‘about me’ section is the ‘Note’ area that allows you to add a note (see screenshot below).

profile photo visible when blocked but nothing else

How To Tell If You’ve Been Blocked?

Well, there are a couple of things you can do to confirm this and they are as follows:

  • If you could see a user’s ‘about me’ section and now it’s not visible.
  • You are no longer able to see the activity status
  • You can no longer send messages to a person (an error keeps showing over and over)
  • You can no longer send a friend request (error again)
  • You’re no longer able to call a person ( the system says that you will have to become a friend before you can do that)

What Happens When You Unblock Someone On Discord?

As I discussed earlier in the post, things won’t just go back to normal with just a click of a button when you unblock a user.

You will still no longer be able to share messages or make any calls until you send a request and the other person accepts it.

None of the things will be the same till the point both the accounts/users are mutually connected once again.

In Conclusion

As you have gotten to know, things are pretty different when you choose to block a person on Discord, and things get complicated as well.

You have to take a lot of steps to re-establish the association and take things where they were previously.

But nonetheless, I really hope this post was helpful to you and answered all of your questions. If you enjoyed reading this, please make sure to send this to your friends (or share it with your audience if possible).

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