What Happens If You Block Someone On Instagram With A Public Profile

The Instagram team has designed this exceptional interface that is extremely easy to use for every age group. It is one of the most popular social platforms that has been an ultimate spot especially for teenagers, celebrities, and public figures.

This platform is filled with many exciting features ranging from making your account business-friendly to linking your stories to other websites. All these features are very feasible and accessible, however, blocking features of Instagram application have many different things that many users are unaware of and need to be familiar with.

In this blog, we have compiled different cases you may encounter while blocking someone on Instagram. We’ll be discussing ways to check if a person has blocked you or what can happen if you block a person from a public profile.

How Blocking Works On Instagram?

If someone has been bugging you with constant messages or mentioning you in inappropriate posts, then it is high time to block them. These people can either be your clingy cousin for forceful bonding or a creepy coworker finding ways to slide in your DMs.

All you have to do is follow some easy steps to apply privacy settings on Instagram. You can simply go to your profile’s privacy settings, adding extra security and personalization in your inbox category. From there, you can just block, mute, and categorize those accounts.

You can also name and encrypt them. In case of muting or blocking the account, Instagram won’t let the other follower know that you’ve refrained them from sending messages to you.

Also, whether someone’s threatening you or sending hurtful messages then you can also report the entire conversation. You can just hold a message or the chat title and the popup to report that chat or message will appear on your screen.

Not only that if you notice the absence of someone’s post or story from the feed, but this can also be the sign that they have blocked you. However, the most wearing thing about Instagram is the blocked account gets no notification about being blocked, so they can’t even know what action to take against it.

Yet, it isn’t entirely very difficult to figure out if you’ve been blocked, there are some simple ways of finding out, regardless of the device you’re using.

What Happens If I Block Someone From Public Profile?

Are you being harassed by any random person on Instagram? Or do you feel disgusted watching inappropriate posts on a particular person’s feed? Is there any person threatening you with anything? You have to report that to Instagram immediately as it is a hazard for the integrity and reliability of Instagram.

It doesn’t matter what reason has been troubling you, you’ll not be at ease for sharing your personal happenings with the people who’re the cause of your distress.

That’s why the best you can do is block them immediately. However, the major hindrance occurs to the people having public accounts. Now, every user has given the choice to make his account public or private.

Usually, public accounts are kept by the people who are popular in their field, i.e politicians, celebrities, etc. This makes it easier for them to get a verification badge. But, these people also get annoyed by their extremist followers and thus want to block them. Read the following process to know what happens when you block someone with a public profile on Instagram.

No Notification

The most initial thing of all is if you’ll block any user, they’ll not receive any kind of notification that could let them know that you’ve blocked them. This is a huge favor for us from the application, that if the person you’re blocking is your friend.

As they’ll not know, you won’t have to answer any of their questions, regarding this blocking. Not only that, it’ll be less awkward than getting a notification about someone has blocked you.

Removed from the Followers list 

Secondly, you’ll observe that as soon as you block a person, the blocked user will be completely removed from your Instagram followers list. Every single notification from that person will be removed from your profile.

Likes and comment gone

Moreover, all the Instagram automatic likes and comments they have done on your posts will disappear and you won’t be able to see the mentions too.

Can’t view on-profile content

It is possible for you to search the username of that particular blocked user and the account will appear too. However, instead of a follow button there will be an unblock button. Not only that but the profile will show 0 posts with 0 followings and followers.

Instagram tackles this matter differently with every account, however, public accounts can see the profile picture of the blocked user. You can not view any of their posts and neither like nor comment on them.

The other side of the story

Being in the shoes of the person who has been blocked by a public account. Your notification tab will not show any of the notifications you have previously received from them.

Even if it was a small like or a mention. Moreover, you can not be able to direct messages to that user as Instagram won’t allow that process once you have been blocked, but you can view the previous conversation which will be stored for both accounts.

Also, you’ll not be able to view their stories, once you’re blocked. The application has been inconsistent for both types of operating systems and you may experience different features depending on the OS.

This detailed guide will have updated you with all the terms of blocking with the latest versions. With every necessary detail, you’ll now be able to know how blocking works on Instagram and what happens when you block someone.

The process of blocking and unblocking is extremely accessible and just a few steps long. If you have understood the above-described methods, you can also get to know the account of your blocker on Instagram.

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