25 Best Food Affiliate Programs (With Huge Commissions)

The food industry is always a greener place to look for the affiliate. We all need food to survive; hence food companies will always have kits and meals to sell.

Affiliate marketing helps these companies and stores to find customers. The more the players, the more the competition. Affiliates must therefore look for the best food affiliate programs to earn more.

With that being said, in this post, I’m going to share with you the best food affiliate programs you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into our ocean of food affiliate programs real quick and explore new opportunities for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online entrepreneurs.

1. MegaFood Affiliate Program

MegaFood Affiliate Program

The first company that offers a food affiliate program on our list is MegaFood. MegaFood is a well-established American company that has been in the food market since the year 1973.

They sell premium quality multivitamins, healthy supplements, and processed food. From kids to senior citizens, they provide powders, tablets, chews, capsules, and a whole lot of health-related products necessary for nourishment.

When I was sitting in the backyard thinking about writing this post, I decided to only add the companies that have been in the food industry for a long time and the ones that are quite trusted by the people.

This actually gives affiliates a fair advantage over other bloggers/affiliate marketers who are trying to push products from businesses they don’t even know themselves.

Anyways, we are not here to talk about ‘conversion rates techniques’ here…it’s a post about the best food affiliate programs, so let’s just stick with that (funny, right? Well, allow life to bring some jokes too).

So, the MegaFood affiliate program (managed on the ShareASale affiliate network) offers competitive commissions, a wide range of promotional material, real-time statistics, as well as a dedicated affiliate support team to help affiliates any time of the day.

Official Website: https://www.megafood.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.megafood.com/affiliates.html

Commission Rates: 8% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Food52 Affiliate Program

Well, who hasn’t heard about Food52 in the United States? If you haven’t (which is strange), Food52 is an award-winning company that sells thousands of food, home, and kitchen-related products that include cookbooks, pans, candies, chocolates, drinks, oils, food gifts, and many other items/products.

Coming to their affiliate program, it is managed by Partnerize, and they offer thousands of products you can choose from to promote, an effective and efficient tracking system, real-time stats and insights, handsome commissions, and a dedicated affiliate management team to help their affiliates have successful/profitable promotional campaigns.

To learn more about the company and its affiliate program, feel free to visit the affiliate signup page linked down below.

Official Website: https://food52.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://food52.com/p/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 9% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 7 days

3. Sunbasket Affiliate Program


Sunbasket is one of my favorite food companies of all times that delivers dishes like pasta, coconut curry (ah, I love that), chicken, snacks, protein-rich food, and so many other dishes that one would want to have during breakfast, lunch, or any other time of the day.

Sunbasket is based in the United States (precisely San Francisco) and has been delivering quality food products and meals since 2014. Hundreds of thousands of people are very happy with their service, and they are adding numerous new customers every single day.

Their affiliate program is managed on the ShareASale affiliate network, and those who have an established blog or social media account can reach out to the team for partnerships. The payout is pretty decent, and other helpful resources are provided to affiliates once they are approved.

Official Website: https://sunbasket.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: $10-30 per sale

Cookie Duration: 45 days

4. FarmFoods Affiliate Program

best food affiliate programs: Farm Foods

FarmFoods is a well-reputed company that sells purely grass-fed and finished beef online. They have local family farms established where the beef directly comes from. Although FarmFoods is a company based in Scotland, they have opened the doors for U.S. citizens as well and deliver pure and healthy beef all across the country.

Their affiliate program is also managed on the ShareASale network (a lot of food affiliate programs are loving ShareASale lately). To join the affiliate program, you will have to create a ShareASale account first (which seems like common sense).

Compared to other companies, they offer quite low commissions, but if you have a couple of thousand visitors coming to your website or blog, you definitely can make a pretty good amount promoting their products.

They claim to have an average order value of $120. So, you can roughly expect to earn $4.80 for each conversion you will drive on average (not too shabby).

Official Website: https://farmfoodsmarket.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 4% commission on all sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Supercharged Food Affiliate Program

Supercharged food

Supercharged Food is an extremely popular food and health blog/company run by Lee Holmes that teaches people new recipes, provides information as well as courses on health and wellness.

You can join their food affiliate program for absolutely free from anywhere in the world. Unlike other food companies that you have come across by now in this article, they don’t sell meals or chocolates. You can promote their digital products and books to earn pretty impressive commissions.

Official Website: https://www.superchargedfood.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.superchargedfood.com/become-an-affiliate/

Commission Rates: 30% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

6. Excalibur Dehydrators Affiliate Program

Excalibur Dehydrators

Excalibur Dehydrators is a product-focused brand that sells high-quality and easy-to-use food dehydrators for moms to dry food and cook delicious and healthy recipes to enjoy the food life with their friends and families.

If you have a blog or any other traffic source that is interested in food, you definitely should partner with Excalibur Dehydrators and push the product to the audience. You will remain surprised by how many people will be interested in buy the product.

Their affiliate program is one of the best ones that I can recommend to food bloggers for higher earnings. You can signup for their partner program for free, and they pay a ten percent commission for each sale you bring to their door. All other affiliate resources are provided as well.

Official Website: https://excaliburdehydrator.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://excaliburdehydrator.com/pages/affiliate

Commission Rates: 10% commission per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

7. Snuk Foods Affiliate Program

Snuk foods

Snuk Foods is another company in the food market that sells food recipe ingredients accumulated from all over the world. If I talk in numbers, there are more than 2,000 specialty ingredients that food lovers can’t live without.

From sugar-coated fennel seeds to rose water, jaggery pieces, chili crisps, and achaar masala…they have all kinds of products you can sell to your location-specific audience.

Their affiliate program is managed on the Awin affiliate network, and affiliates can expect up to 15% commission for each sale they generate. Since the partner program is managed on Awin, all sorts of necessary resources and numbers are made available to affiliates for the better.

Official Website: https://snukfoods.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 15% commission on each sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Thrive Market Affiliate Program

best food affiliate programs: Thrive market

Thrive Market is a great food and natural products company based in the United States. The brand has been around in the food and nutrition industry since 2014. They sell meals, bars, chocolates, beverages, grains, ghee, oil, and a thousand other food products you can possibly think of. All the products are affordable and delivered to your premises.

Interested affiliates can join their affiliate program to earn nifty commissions by monetizing their traffic sources. Their partner program is managed on CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction), and affiliates can earn anywhere from $5 to $40 per sale.

To learn more about Thrive Market and its affiliate program, visit the navigation links mentioned down below.

Official Website: https://thrivemarket.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://thrivemarket.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: $5-40 per sale

Cookie Duration: 14 days

9. Pasta Cheese Affiliate Program

Pasta cheese

Pasta Cheese is one of the top emerging food companies that sell top-notch food products, mainly from Italy. Their products include egg pasta, gluten-free pasta, organic pasta, tomato sauce, olive oil, American cheese, and hundreds of other tasty items food lovers just can’t live without (including me).

To join their affiliate program, all you have to do is head over to their official website and complete the easy signup process. Affiliates are provided with all kinds of banners, promo details and resources, and tracking facilities to keep track of their progress every single month.

Official Website: https://www.pastacheese.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.pastacheese.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: 11% starting commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Murray’s Cheese Affiliate Program

best food affiliate programs

Murray’s Cheese is one of the best and oldest cheese, and specialty foods retailers based in New York City that offers meat, cheese, jam, crackers, baked goods, oil & vinegar, pickles, chocolates, and the list goes on and on.

Murray’s Cheese is a well-established food business that has been around since 1940. interested affiliates can get started with their affiliate program for absolutely free and earn up to 6% commission for every sale they generate.

They claim to have high order values, and a dedicated affiliate management team is assigned to affiliates to help them with any problems or answer any other questions.

Official Website: https://www.murrayscheese.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.murrayscheese.com/affiliates

Commission Rates: 6% commission

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

11. Vital Choice Affiliate Program

Vital Choice affiliates

Vital Choice is another company selling tasty seafood and organic products to help people live a healthy and happy life. There are a whole lot of products affiliates can promote, such as cods, sablefishes, scallops, crabs, grass-fed beef, subscription to Vital Choice (Vital Box), and hundreds of other food items/meals/products.

Their food affiliate program is managed on the PepperJam affiliate network. There are no serious requirements to get accepted as a Vital Choice affiliate. So, even if you have a small blog or traffic source bringing in a couple of hundred visitors each month…you can still join the Vital Choice food affiliate program to earn some extra money passively.

Official Website: https://www.vitalchoice.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.vitalchoice.com/content/web-affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 4% for new customers and 1% for existing customers (plus $15 for Vital Box subscription sale)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

12. Kettle & Fire Affiliate Program

best food affiliate programs

Kettle & Fire is a food company every Keto, or Paleo diet lover must have come across. They sell fantastically delicious chicken, beef, coconut curry, soups, and bone broths at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

I’d say that their partner program is one of the few food affiliate programs that actually take their affiliates seriously. Their team is very helpful and ensures that every affiliate is implementing the right strategies to get the most out of their affiliate marketing campaigns.

Official Website: https://kettleandfire.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.kettleandfire.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 20% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

13. Nuts.com Affiliate Program

Nuts.com affiliate program for food bloggers

This one’s my favorite food affiliate program of all time. Nuts.com is a very promising company that has been serving in the food market since 1929. As you can already guess by the name, they sell nuts such as almonds, cashews, peanuts, seeds, dried fruits, chocolates, coffee, pasta, grains, organic food products, and thousands of other food items/products.

By joining their affiliate program, you have the ability to promote over 3,000 food products to your audience/traffic source. They pay competitive commissions, and all other necessary stuff is provided to affiliates for having successful marketing campaigns.

The best part about their affiliate program is that they also pay coon returning customers. What this means is that even if somebody is not shopping on Nuts.com for the first time but clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will still earn a 2% commission on all sales.

Official Website: https://nuts.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://nuts.com/lp/affiliate

Commission Rates: 8% commission for new customers and 2% for existing customers

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Eat Your Coffee Affiliate Program

best food affiliate programs: Eat your coffee

Eat Your Coffee is a very popular food brand/company here in the United States. Or am I the only one who thinks that? Nevertheless, they sell incredibly tasty energy bars, chocolates, breakfast bars, coffee food, keto snacks, and other special food bundles every coffee and food lovers crave for.

Who doesn’t love coffee food and chocolates after all? Their affiliate program allows you to partner with EYC and earn commissions by promoting their tasty products. And unlike other affiliate programs, their food affiliate program is managed in-house (you won’t have to signup for an affiliate network to join).

Publishers, content creators, and social media influencers can join their affiliate program to earn pretty impressive money off of their audience.

Official Website: https://www.eatyour.coffee

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: $20 for each qualified sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

15. Spicentice Affiliate Program

Spicentice affiliate

Spicentice sells meal kits of various different varieties the come from all over the world. Their online platform includes items such as burgers, curry, chicken, BBQ spices, peppery spices, American meals, Indian meals, Spanish meals, and so many other food bundles/products that I can just keep on writing.

But we are here to talk about affiliate programs in the food industry so let’s talk about their partner program. Their partner program is easy to join, and they offer a 10% commission for each and every sale you generate.

Interested affiliates can join their affiliate program by visiting the navigation link below.

Official Website: https://spicentice.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://spicentice.refersion.com

Commission Rates: 10% commission on each qualified sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

16. Food Blogger Pro Affiliate Program

best food affiliate programs

Well, Food Blogger Pro is not an affiliate program that you can take part in and promote food items. On the contrary, it is a platform/blog run by Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom that teaches people how to start and grow a food blog to earn money working from home.

If your audience includes moms, I think it would be pretty amazing to present this offer to them, and a lot of women are going to be interested in starting their own food blogs to earn extra money (or even full-time income) from the comfort of their home.

Their affiliate program once again is managed on the ShareASale affiliate network, and readers who are interested in earning recurring commissions with the help of the Food Blogger Pro affiliate program can get started by visiting their affiliate signup page.

Official Website: https://foodbloggerpro.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 20-40% commission

Cookie Duration: 180 days

17. Art Of Tea Affiliate Program

Art Of Tea

Tea lovers know what I’m talking about this time, right? Art Of Tea is a leading tea wholesaler and importer in the United States. They are currently based in Los Angeles.

They sell different types of teas such as loose leaf teas, organic teas, white tea, packaged teas, tea gifts, and a dozen other tea-related times/drinks.

Coming to their affiliate program, I think these food companies are really in love with ShareASale. So, once again, their affiliate program is managed by ShareASale. All kinds of creatives, promotional stuff, tracking IDs, and necessary support are provided to affiliates. Interested readers can check out their official website for more information.

Official Website: https://www.artoftea.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.artoftea.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: 10% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 90 days

18. Home Bistro Affiliate Program

best food affiliate programs: home bistro

Home Bistro is another leading food company that runs a fantastic food affiliate program publishers can join to earn healthy and tasty commissions.

Oh, did I just forget to tell you about the company? Sorry about that. Let us take some time out to learn about the company first. Home Bistro is an American food company that sells high-quality gourmet meals.

They claim to have an average order value of $160, and affiliates are offered a flat 10% commission rate for all qualified sales. That’s $16 in potential earnings per customer.

Official Website: https://homebistro.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 10% healthy commission on all sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

19. Universal Yums Affiliate Program

Universal Yums Affiliate

Ah, snacks! I love snacks. Universal Yums is known for the subscription boxes with snacks they deliver to foodies all over the world. In fact, I ordered mine recently from their official website.

An audience interested in food and recipes will definitely love Universal Yums. They offer a $10 commission for each new signup. The Universal Yums affiliate program is best for publishers and not for coupon sites (coupon sites will only earn $1 commission for each signup).

If you want to learn more about the company, click the navigation link to their official website and begin your journey.

Official Website: https://universalyums.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: $10 commission per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

20. California Wine Club Affiliate Program

California Wine Club Affiliate

I’m sure I won’t need to explain much about this one. So, keeping it short, California Wine Club is a wine club that has been around since 1990.

Customers love them for the high-quality wine they offer and also the top-notch service they provide. Their average order value is over $168, and affiliates can expect to earn a 15% commission on all sales.

To get started with their affiliate program, you will have to have a ShareASale account. Affiliates are provided with high-converting creatives, tracking system, and a responsive affiliate support team to ensure maximum success rate.

Official Website: https://cawineclub.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 15% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 90 days

21. MamaSezz Affiliate Program

Mama Sezz Food Affiliate Program

MamaSezz aims to help customers start health and weight loss regimes with plant-based meals. It is claimed to be your best stop if you want to try out some products that can help improve your health, lose weight, and gain energy.

Consumers can choose their plant-based (or vegan) meals as per their specific requirements, such as weight loss, detox, SOS-free, and get me started. 

The freshly prepared meals will be delivered to your doorstep so that one can reheat (if required).

However, it is packed variety of meal staples along with some hacks that can give you a whole new experience with food. 

If you are passionate about promoting life-transforming content for people aiming to follow a nutritious food/diet, this partner program can be your first step in the right direction.

The MamaSezz partner can help you earn some bucks while increasing the audience’s spirit. I think that’s really pretty cool, don’t you?

MamaSezz focuses on quality ingredients, recipes, and healthiest meals based on the audience’s requirements. As a partner of this company, here are the perks you’ll get:

  • Customized programs for your partners
  • Program and marketing development support
  • Generous commissions on every purchase

However, you won’t get any commission for canceled products and refunded sales, and the commissions are adjusted accordingly. 

Well, how much will you earn on each sale? Here it is – you will be eligible to get a ten percent commission on every validated referral and the cookie window is sixty days.

Official Website: https://www.mamasezz.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.mamasezz.com/pages/common-mission

Commission Rates: Base commission is around 10% (product specific)

Cookie Duration: 60 days

22. ButcherBox Affiliate Program

Butcher Box Affiliate Program

If you are a meat and seafood lover, ButcherBox will be your best friend, trust me! With this service, you can get high-quality meat at your doorsteps for sharing a better meal.

ButcherBox offers humanely raised pork, grass-fed beef, wild-caught seafood, and organic chicken. The company provides unbeatable value from filet mignon and ground beef to your doorstep, as per your schedule.

The curated boxes come with 48 meals with 16-22 lbs (big) and 8-11 lbs of meat (classic) with around 48 and 24 meals, respectively, without stressing about your next meal. 

In the custom box, one can choose approximately 18-26 lbs (box) and 9-14 lbs (classic) of meat with around 60-30 meals, respectively.

ButcherBox’s affiliate program is active on the ShareASale network, offering up to five dollars for each sale and twenty dollars on new customer transactions, with a referral window of thirty days. 

What I really like about this program is that you can target mothers that want to feed their young ones without compromising the quality, fitness junkies, and paleo loyalists.

You can get started filling out the form with the required details; once ButcherBox approves your website, you can begin promoting this food brand using logos, links, and banners.

Official Website: https://butcherbox.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: $5 per sale and $20 commission on new customer transaction

Cookie Duration: 30 days

23. The Fruit Company Affiliate Program

The Fruit Company Affiliate Program

Launched in 1942, The Fruit Company is one of the most popular establishments known for classic baskets and gift towers. 

The company offers Northwest-grown apples and pears and supports college students with “The Fruit Company Gift Basket Entrepreneur Award” and “The Roy Webster Scholarship”.

The Fruit Company is a perfect choice for customers looking for a romantic surprise, birthday gift, holiday remembrance, friendship day, and even business gifts. They cover the major domains such as:

  • Cheese and Fruit Gifts
  • Chocolate & Desserts
  • Dried Fruit & Nuts
  • Fruit Baskets
  • Gift Towers and Boxes
  • Gluten-Free
  • Kosher
  • Monthly Fruit Clubs
  • Organic
  • Premium Fruit Boxes
  • Premium Fruit Medleys

You can start promoting The Fruit Company at any time from holidays to occasions. It can be your gift basket and well wishes to someone you love and care about.

Regarding the affiliate program, The Fruit Company has the simplest one that offers a simple signup process to the users and makes it very easy to earn capital. 

You can begin by filling out the mentioned form (you can access that by visiting the signup page I have linked below), The Fruit Company will analyze the website, and upon approval, you will be eligible to earn commissions based on your traffic.

As a base rate, affiliates will get paid ten percent commission on every sale without making any fuzz. The cookie duration isn’t mentioned!

Official Website: https://www.thefruitcompany.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://thefruitcompany.com/become-an-affiliate

Commission Rates: 10% commission of each sale

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

24. Tasteaholics Affiliate Program

Tasteaholics Affiliate Program

With Tasteaholics, you can make your custom keto meal plans with a few simple steps and get healthy food at your doorsteps. 

Tasteaholics offers tailored macros and calorie diet plans, dynamic shopping lists, easy and delicious keto recipes, and ensure avoiding any specific allergens.

Tasteaholics also offers a variety of cookbooks for lunch, breakfast, and dinner covering the favorite food such as heavenly steaks, unconventional burgers, creamy chowder, pancakes, waffles, cereal, and mouthwatering casserole.

The company offers a keto diet guide, meal plans, and low carbs while following the basic principles of fewer grams of carbs in every dish and using five ingredients.

To become an affiliate partner at Tasteaholics (TryLowCarb.com), you must get registration done, and once you’re in, you can start earning immediately. 

The company offers a sixty percent commission on cookbooks and a fifty percent commission on every referral product with thirty days cookie period.

Tasteaholics follows net payment every 15th of the month. Along with it, there is a low return rate of 3% without affecting your commissions and an upsell rate of 90%. The dashboard lets you easily track sales, visits, and payouts.

The company’s advocates can also leverage banner ads of various sizes such as post footer and content sidebar along with eBooks and social media banners.

Official Website: https://tasteaholics.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.trylowcarb.com/partners

Commission Rates: 50-60% on every referral

Cookie Duration: 30 days

25. WP Tasty Affiliate Program

WP Tasty Affiliate Program For Food Bloggers

If you are a WordPress blogger, WP Tasty powerful recipe plugin can be a great way to start. You can add SEO-optimized recipes to your blog to publish unique content for your audience.

WP Tasty offers a simple image optimization plugin that makes you not choose between screen readers, Pinterest, and SEO.

You can choose your favorite theme to hook the audience and help you grow in the market.

You can also auto-link keywords to increase your revenue across the blog with a few clicks. WP Tasty helps increase traffic flow to your website, powering up the code of your blog and eliminating any stress.

As an affiliate, you can earn some really good cash and help bloggers choose the best plugins. You will be provided a thirty percent commission rate on all verified referrals made within ninety days of the tracking period.

You’re going to want to create a ShareASale account to get monthly payouts and track affiliate sales; apply for the affiliate program for free, and WP Tasty will analyze your website.

On approval, you can start getting commissions using your affiliate links. However, it is essential to follow ShareASale’s affiliate terms of use to be eligible. Links down below for more info.

Official Website: https://www.wptasty.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://wptasty.com/affiliate

Commission Rates: 30% commission on the referrals

Cookie Duration: 90 days


As you can see, food companies are really willing to pay high commissions to publishers, influencers, and content creators to grow their sales and revenue.

If you have a website/blog focused on food and recipes, partnering with some great affiliate companies can boost your revenue through the roof.

A lot of food bloggers struggle with monetization because they just rely on advertising revenue.

I think they should also look for partnership opportunities, and this can help them earn way higher than what they earn with ad networks.

I hope you found value in this post. Feel free to jump down below in the comments and let me know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are food affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs that allow publishers to promote their food products (physical or digital) to earn commissions are called food affiliate programs.

Is it worth promoting food affiliate programs?

Yes, if you have an audience that is interested in food, you can make some big numbers promoting food products as an affiliate.

Is it too late to start a food blog?

It’s never too late to start. If you think you can put in the work, go for it.

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