7 Best Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs (Big Payouts!)

I’ve reviewed numerous affiliate programs and can confidently state that fantasy sports are one of the highly lucrative niches I’ve discovered in my research.

Fantasy sports can be very cathartic since sports fans always sit on the sidelines and cheer or boo. They allow them to take the steering wheel, manage their own teams, and make strategies!

Let’s be honest; most fans have felt at some point that they could’ve done it better. Well, this is their chance! And your chance to benefit from their adventures.

If you have an audience that you think would love things like fantasy football or just fantasy sports in general, you’ve actually come to the best place. For real!

I have listed some fantastic ones for you…!

Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

  1. Outlast Affiliate Program
  2. Stokastic Affiliate Program
  3. Legacy Fantasy Sports Affiliate Program
  4. FanDuel Affiliate Program
  5. OwnersBox Affiliate Program
  6. Fantasy Nerds Affiliate Program
  7.  Bet365 Affiliate Program

1. Outlast Affiliate Program

Outlast is a great way to add fun to your sports life! You don’t need to be a sports enthusiast to join. You can win without being an avid sports fan or a high-rolling Vegas baller. All you have to do is forecast how your favorite athletes will do in your preferred sport. 

They have three different games for you to choose from, including a weekly golf pool. 

If you want to join them as an affiliate, all you have to do is sign up, get approved, and access all their banners, text links, GIFs, and a whole lot more for your website! 

Once you’re in, you will earn a payout ranging from thirty to fifty dollars on every sale.

And last but not least – the commission rate is three percent (you can expect to make anywhere form thirty to fifty bucks per referral).

Official website: https://www.outlastdfs.com

Affiliate signup: https://www.outlastdfs.com/affiliate-program

Commission rate: $30 to $50, 3% on entry fee

Cookie period: Not disclosed 

2. Stokastic Affiliate Program

Stokastic is a company that can help you win through the tools and winning strategies that they provide its consumers. To win, you need to get hold of awesome winning techniques, right? 

Their mission is to help out diehard sports fans to have an experience that would be one of a kind! Awesomeo.com is a new website for its consumers.

For their affiliate program, they offer a fifty percent commission for every eight payments made by your new subscriber.

If you join their partner program, they will provide you with a unique affiliate code, which you can promote anywhere, for example, on your website, podcast, or any social media website, to gather the audience’s attention.

Besides that, their payment method is also very convenient, i.e., PayPal.

If you have doubts regarding the program, you can quickly contact them via email.

Official website: https://www.stokastic.com

Affiliate signup: https://www.stokastic.com/affiliate-program

Commission rate: 50% pay

Cookie period: Not mentioned  

3. Legacy Fantasy Sports Affiliate Program

Legacy Fantasy Sports is a unique gaming site in this industry that allows participants to use both current and former football players.

If you join their affiliate program, you will get the chance to enjoy many benefits, such as 

a twenty percent commission and various banner ads, button images, text links, and more. 

Besides that, they also provide access to their affiliate tool section to manage and optimize your account.

Each link you share from their program includes a unique tracking code to monitor your sales performance, which will help you enhance your sales rate. 

To sign up for this one, you must fill out the registration form – I mean of course! You can navigate to the links down below to learn more.

Official website: https://legacyfantasysports.com

Affiliate signup: https://legacyfantasysports.com/affiliate-program

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie period: Not listed 

4. FanDuel Affiliate Program

Fanduel is a site that deals with sports betting and gives players a plethora of options to choose a new fantasy league every week. 

Not only this, but they also deal with other sports, such as horse racing, tennis, golf, and more.

If you want to make money from sports, you must look into their program.

For their associates program, they offer a thirty-five percent commission, which is excellent, and they also provide banners, videos, tracking links, and more promotional materials to support you.

You can easily earn benefits just by joining their program, so without wasting your precious time, join them and make money.

Official website: https://fanduel.com

Affiliate signup: https://partners.fanduel.com/registration.asp

Commission rate: 35%

Cookie period: Not mentioned 

5. OwnersBox Affiliate Program

OwnersBox offers a variety of fantasy sports, such as fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy hockey, and fantasy basketball, to the customers to participate.

If you want to join their affiliate program, sign up through their website.

You will receive a competitive commission rate from the sale value if a customer clicks on one of your affiliate links, which will be directly deposited into your bank account.

Moreover, they also offer a variety of banners, links, or products for promotions to support you in gathering the audience.

Official website: https://ownersbox.com

Affiliate signup: https://ownersbox.com/home/affiliates

Commission rate: Not disclosed 

Cookie period: Unlisted 

6. Fantasy Nerds Affiliate Program

Fantasy Nerds is a site that provides sports enthusiasts a platform to invest their money in sports such as baseball, football, and basketball.

Joining their affiliate program can get you a fifteen percent commission on sales generated by your affiliate links. And besides that, there are quite a bit of offers for affiliate partners – which I like!

Moreover, they give a variety of banners, access to multiple automated plugins & tools, and phone/email support to help you increase your sales.

It’s free to join so that you can earn profits without investments. Isn’t it great?

Official website: https://www.fantasynerds.com

Affiliate signup: Click here to join

Commission rate: 15% 

Cookie period: Not mentioned 

7. Bet365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 is a well-known and trusted brand in the betting industry. Currently, the brand provides services in over 150 countries and deals in 21 languages.

In 2019, at SBC Awards,  the brand was honored with the title “Sportsbook of the Year” and “The best sports betting affiliate program.”

If you want to earn profits with them and enjoy benefits related to this prestigious brand, you can quickly sign up from their website.

If you join their affiliate program, you will get a chance to earn a commission of up to thirty percent and a variety of banners and links to promote their business on your website, which will help you increase traffic.

Not only this, but they also provide bespoke affiliate software to help you understand your clients’ patterns.

Official website:https://www.bet365partners.com

Affiliate signup: https://www.bet365partners.com

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie period: Not mentioned 

In Conclusion

So what did you think of these options? I researched pretty thoroughly to find these for you.

Since fantasy sports are kind of like online games with in-app purchases, they can be pretty profitable for developers.

Still, they are great for socializing if played with friends, and they tend to lead to lifelong connections.

If you do anything related to sports online or have a network of people interested in this stuff, sign up for these programs, you won’t regret it!

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