17 Best Airline Affiliate Programs (Don’t Miss Out!)

Traveling is a very powerful and positive experience for everyone. Unless you’re a dachshund, I guess. Mine always starts whining every time I take her to the car.

We will never lose our drive to explore newer horizons as human beings. You love it, I love it, we all love it. 

Let’s be honest; we all live to see a brighter future, a different scene, and a better tomorrow. That hope for improvement and attraction toward the new is deeply tied to travel.

Airplanes serve as the ultimate infrastructure for modern-day life. Sure, the bulk of our things might travel the ocean by ships, threatened by pirates and storms.

Yet, we ourselves travel vast distances on these angelic ships that reside in airports.

I, for one, have always wanted to be one of those travel hosts whose jobs were basically to live the dream of going to beautiful places, exploring the culture, and connecting with the people.

Just so people in their homes can get a small taste of the world’s wonders. The internet has made this easier than ever before.

Today, you don’t have to have a background and know the right people. Everyone has a camera phone and an online connection. 

If you want to make it as a vlogger today, you simply need to be good enough for it. Well, if you are giving it a go, let me show you that I’ve got your back.

I fully support people who want to follow their dreams, and to that end, here is a big list of some opportunities that might help you earn money along your journey.

Airplane Affiliate Programs

  1. Dollar Flight Club Affiliate Program
  2. Southwest Vacations Affiliate Program 
  3. Kayak Affiliate Program
  4. CheapOair Affiliate Program
  5. OneTravel Affiliate Program 
  6. Park n Fly Airport Parking Affiliate Program
  7. Air France Affiliate Program
  8. Travelocity Affiliate Program
  9. JustFly Affiliate Program
  10. Claim Compass Affiliate Program
  11. Omio Affiliate Program
  12. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program
  13. JetRadar Affiliate Program
  14. Travelpro Affiliate Program
  15. Qatar Airways Affiliate Program
  16. Skyscanner Planets Affiliate Program
  17. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Affiliate Program

1. Dollar Flight Club Affiliate Program

This is a really cool website for hardcore travelers, and if you are a dedicated travel blogger, then this one can not only help you save money but even earn some. 

So what exactly do they do? The Dollar Flight Club is basically a great way to reduce traveling expenditures on top of getting great ideas for making plans.

Here’s how it works: Anyone can sign up for their Club in the US for a free trial or a premium subscription. Once they are subscribed, they will get updates on the cheapest tickets with the best offers.

Dollar Flight Club finds these offers through their networks which they refer to as ”big data”. What does this mean?

It means you will get updates on the cheapest flights that are departing in real time from the airport of your choice if you sign up.

Their affiliate program is quite excellent. You can earn a three-dollar bounty for every free sign-up (CPA) and a forty percent commission on sales of their premium plan.

The cookie duration might be key here, but they haven’t mentioned what it is. They do offer free flights to their top affiliates, though.

This way, people can get travel ideas here, find spontaneous opportunities, save, and earn money here, all in one place! What exactly are you waiting for?

If you are prospecting travel vlogging or considering getting into it, consider this program as a sign from above, and sign up through the link below.

Niche: Affordable Travel Subscription Service

Company Page: https://dollarflightclub.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: $3 per free signup + 40%

Cookie Duration: Not Available

2. Southwest Vacations Affiliate Program 

While the last one is good for spontaneous solo vacations, this company provides experiences that are way more organized.

Southwest Vacations curates custom travel and vacation packages for solo, couple, and family travelers alike.

They have many options for popular destinations but are keen on customizing a plan that’s perfect for the individual.

Just imagine how cool it would be to decide to visit Disneyland for the weekend with your family, just going to Southwest Vacations and buying a plan.

From the planning and choosing the package to travel, stay, and dining, this company wants to put you first and make everything as easy as possible.

Affiliates should be pleased to know that this company’s packages are exclusive to their own website. You can’t find them through any other website or agent.

Plus, the average sale they make is just over $1,300 per person.

Their affiliate program offers you a zero-point-five commission rate, a thirty-day cookie duration, and affiliate support through their e-mail newsletter and affiliate support team.

The company has a great brand name and company culture; at least, that’s what it seems like to me. Combined with the marketing resources they will share, this one should be a good option.

You should take a look at your audience, figure out where they are geographically, and see the market share of Southwest Airlines in those areas to figure out this program’s viability for you.

Niche: Vacation Package Providers

Company Page: https://www.southwestvacations.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 0.5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Kayak Affiliate Program

Kayak is more than a single platform for travel bookings. It is an umbrella of 7 different travel brands and is owned by Booking Holdings, the global leader in booking travel.

I know this article is about airlines, but this platform allows us to do it all in one place. Flights, trains, packages, car rentals, and hotels, you name it, they do it. But how?

How does one platform do all this in over sixty different international locations?

Kayak is a metasearch engine that has access to multiple travel websites and searches them all whenever someone wants to make a booking.

It really is a comprehensive global platform rather than just a single travel agency or company. Not to mention the meat and gravy of this opportunity.

Kayak’s affiliate program offers an unbelievable fifty percent commission rate to affiliates!!! Since you’ll be part of a global network of travel companies, you have multiple brands at your disposal to sell from.

There isn’t a ton of info in the conversion process or the cookie duration. The program’s dedicated affiliate support team will help you with all technical support after you sign up. 

Niche: Travel Metasearch Platform for Bookings

Company Page: https://www.kayak.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://affiliates.kayak.com/?languagecode=EN

Commission Rates: 50%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

4. CheapOair Affiliate Program

Change is the only constant in life. One day a man can be flying out to Switzerland for a ski trip; another day, he might be looking for a fifty-cent meal in Mumbai. 

That’s why it’s always good to have options! We’ve seen a few already, but this one is all about getting a bang for your buck.

CheapOair’s name pretty much says it all, flying has become a necessity for many, whether we like it or not. And those tickets sure cost a pretty penny. 

They also say that it’s about the journey and not the destination, but come on, there’s nothing great about airports other than the bookshops. It’s more about efficiency.

So this website is for people who want to be financially efficient as well. Get all the best deals in one palace for cars, trains, buses, planes, and anything else I left out.

Their affiliate program isn’t the best one on this list so far in terms of earnings since you earn some basic bounties that increase in amounts with more sales.

You start off with a one-time bounty of between five to ten bucks per sale and can earn up to thirty-five bucks for every booking made by your referrals.

Hey, if the website is all about cheap thrills, don’t expect to make the big bucks here.

I suggest adding this one to your streams of income anyway, for the less fortunate ones among your audience.

Niche: Thrift Travel Website

Company Page: https://www.cheapoair.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.cheapoair.com/affiliateprogram

Commission Rates: $5-35 bounty per booking

Cookie Duration: 90 days

5. OneTravel Affiliate Program 

I wanted to look for some more cheap alternatives, maybe with some better commissions, and that’s when I found this one. Compare the services offered by the two and pick one that’ll suit your audience’s needs.

OneTravel is one of the older companies out here, having started in the mid-nineties. They have decent brand recognition and authority in the US and focus on affordable options as well.

Another plus point they have is a strong network in ethnic tourist destinations like India. Such places are really popular and affordable, so that’s a huge plus.

Looking at their affiliate program, there isn’t much to set it apart as something special. You can earn bounties here as well, just like the last program. Even the fairly decent cookie duration of ninety days and the structure for earning bounties is exactly the same.

Makes me wonder if both programs are somehow connected. Either way, if you have an international audience, maybe you’d prefer to go with this one rather than the last one because of its superior brand power.

Consider it another option for your affordable range of programs.

Niche: Global Booking Platform (Affordable)

Company Page: https://www.onetravel.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.onetravel.com/affiliates/program

Commission Rates: $5-35

Cookie Duration: 90 days

6. Park n Fly Airport Parking Affiliate Program

I’ll be the first to admit that this one is a bit of a curveball. But hey, if you’re headed out and about, you might need a parking space eventually, right?

Park n Fly is all about parking. They have an app and are partnered with hundreds of parking space owners to offer affordable and convenient parking across the nation. 

And from what I’ve learned by watching Reacher on Amazon Prime, these parking spaces are great for hiding dead bodies and such! 🙂 Not that you’d be interested in that, I suppose.

I’ll be straight with you now about this company’s affiliate program, it doesn’t pay you any money at all. It’s more like a frequent fliers kind of thing where you can earn your way to a free flight eventually.

Still, it might be good for somebody. I hope so, at least. As you can see through the sign-up page link below, the company gives you a whole bunch of different ways to help people save money while traveling and such.

A good way to give some more value to your audiences, if nothing else.

Niche: Parking & Related Services

Company Page: https://www.pnf.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.pnf.com/coupons

Commission Rates: Discounts & Free Parking

Cookie Duration: Not Applicable

7. Air France Affiliate Program

When I was a kid, I thought everyone wanted to go to Paris. The Eiffel Tower, that shiny museum pyramid thing, those rivers that aren’t sewers, and of course, all the wining and dining.

As I grew up, it seemed like everyone hated Paris. Rats, crime, and racism were the biggest reasons, just to name a few. Luckily, there’s much more to France than just Paris.

Also, a bunch of my friends lived there and had a jolly old time, so I guess this stuff differs from person to person. Either way, France will likely be one of the popular worldwide tourist destinations for decades to come.

In case you missed it somehow, Air France is an airline based in France. They deal in flights coming to and leaving from this Mediterranean country, amongst other international locations. 

Food bloggers, travelers with wanderlust, and online publishers in and around the EU region are welcome to join this one and reach out for more details regarding commissions and such.

Air France has kept mum on it, so you’ll have to signup to find out more.

Niche: France & International Air Travel

Company Page: https://wwws.airfrance.us/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://wwws.airfrance.fr/en/information/prepare/services/affiliation

Commission Rates: Not Shared

Cookie Duration: Not Mentioned

8. Travelocity Affiliate Program

Looking at the image, you might be wondering, so is it Expedia or Travelocity’s affiliate program? Well, Travelocity is owned by the Expedia group, so it’ll have to be the former.

That’s the way of the world, kids; the weak get slaughtered, and devoured by the strong, while the rich grow richer. Ha ha, just kidding, or am I?

It’s hard to be a stand-alone website and compete with massive global companies; that’s why it’s much better to sell out sometimes. 

This isn’t the first company that’s part of a massive group. Tourism is inherently a worldwide industry, and as such, this makes sense to me.

Their affiliate program will offer you a six percent commission on each sale made by your referrals on any of Expedia’s platforms. Considering their massive reach and the high order value for tickets, six percent is pretty good.

Niche: Tourism 

Company Page: https://www.travelocity.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://affiliates.expediagroup.com/en-us/home

Commission Rates: 6%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

9. JustFly Affiliate Program

JustFly Lounge is a very good-looking website with a minimalistic design that really makes real-life locations shine through some great pictures. It also has some great blogs about tourism.

After looking at so many boring booking platforms, this one is a welcome change. I mean, you can book tickets here too, but it’s very user-friendly and gives focus to the actual locations.

Gives you something to look at, for sure. Since the company is passionate about connecting people to the world, they’ve made deals with more than four hundred flight providers to get the best offers to this website’s clients.

On top of that, the company also does community work to support the people around them. Gotta love good intentions nowadays!

The affiliate program offers you a one-time bounty of nine bucks for every sale you make for them. If your profile meets its brand vision, you can expect monthly payments from this one.

Niche: Travel Company

Company Page: https://lounge.justfly.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://lounge.justfly.com/justfly-affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: $9 / sale

Cookie Duration: Coupon System

10. Claim Compass Affiliate Program

Frequent flyers oughta love this one for sure. At #10, we have the second European company on this list, this time with a completely new concept of adding value to travelers.

I think flights getting delayed is something so normal that we don’t think much about it. In general, airports are becoming a real hassle and an all-around chore to get through. 

Add to that the complications of hurling a giant aerodynamic piece of metal with a stream of burning liquid dinosaurs across continents, and you’ve got a weary traveler, indeed. So what if the flight’s delayed, at least the planes didn’t crash due to weather, right?

Well, Claim Compass is here to give you more options, especially if you’re in the European region. Basically, if anyone has had their flight delayed in the last five years, they can claim up to six hundred euros as compensation for it on this platform.

Kind of like a “time insurance,” if you will. (lol) Their affiliate program is pretty straightforward.

It’s easy to set up, pays you fifteen euros per sale, and comes with a three-month-long cookie duration. Pretty good deal, if you ask me. Especially combined with the unique service.

Niche: Flight Delay Compensation

Company Page: https://www.claimcompass.eu/en/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://affiliate.claimcompass.eu/

Commission Rates: €15 (euros) per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

11. Omio Affiliate Program

Finally, a travel and tourism booking website that doesn’t look like a visible concussion! I mean, Omio has really done some design work on theirs; Just look at the screenshot and compare it to every other booking platform on this list.

They’ve got graphics, brand colors, good UI, and just an overall pleasant vibe, in my opinion. That’s a website I would want to book my tickets on. 

One quick look will tell you that the site has tickets for pretty much all the most popular destinations and travels across Europe, although it seems they are functional in at least a few other countries that are outside this region.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a bit of a trend in this niche not to share a standard commission rate or cookie duration for these affiliate programs. So I did a little research.

It seems like since flight and ticket prices fluctuate wildly based on so many factors, some of which are very unpredictable, like the weather, companies prefer to work out a deal with each person on a case-to-case basis.

So don’t let a lack of info stop you from fully assessing the viability of a program for your online presence. Sign-up to find out more and study their company to ascertain its compatibility.

Niche: Travel in Europe

Company Page: https://www.omio.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.omio.com/affiliate

Commission Rates: Not Mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not Shared by the Company

12. Trip Advisor Affiliate Program

At least for me, this is the biggest name on this list so far, with the most brand recognition and influence.

I have been working in the hospitality industry for a few years, and let me tell you, hotels take the ratings on this site very, VERY seriously.

I mean, the resort I was working in Mauritius literally measured their performance based on their ranking on TripAdvisor. That’s a pretty big deal, guys.

The company’s website is a fully-fledged platform for all things travel-related. One can find comprehensive rankings based on user reviews for restaurants and hotels. Then there are blogs and informational articles.

On top of all this, people can also book flights, tickets and stay here. I think you get the idea, but it’s basically a great company to affiliate with.

And wait till I tell you about the affiliate program! So you can earn a whopping fifty percent commission with a two-week cookie duration. And that’s not all; apparently, the company also offers CPA payments for leads.

The cookie duration might be a bit small, but you have access to all of TripAdvisor’s brands and services for making profits. Don’t miss out on this one, either, guys.

Niche: Travel & Tourism Platform

Company Page: https://www.tripadvisor.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.tripadvisor.com/affiliates

Commission Rates: 50%

Cookie Duration: 14 days

13. JetRadar Affiliate Program

Here is another company that’s cooler than everyone else because… technology. I’m sorry, I don’t want to brain over tech and IT, I like to brain over marketing. 

Basically, it’s another “metasearch engine” like KAYAK that finds the best deals out of so many travel websites. Now how is that different from the “big data” of Dollar Flight Club or from TripAdvisor’s group of brands that I’m not sure about?

But hey, I know what a search engine is, and we’ve already seen KAYAK above, let’s just leave it at that, shall we? 

Their affiliate program offers a decent five percent commission on sales of tickets and a thirty-day cookie. JetRadar actually pays you between sixty to seventy percent of the revenue generated by your sales.

It tends to average out to about five percent of the sale. That is what I could make out from their program features. Please let me know if I got something wrong.

Niche: Global Travel Metasearch Engine

Company Page: http://www.jetradar.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: http://www.jetradar.com/affiliates/

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Travelpro Affiliate Program

No matter where one might be going and for what reason, everyone needs a suitcase. “The things you own end up owning you,” they say.

Clearly, those people don’t know the joys the shopping or the pains of losing your luggage at the airport. Anyway, Travelpro makes some really cool bags and luggage.

You might not believe me when I tell you this, but the company was started by a pilot who made the world’s first upright rolling suitcase. Since then, innovation has become the heart of their brand and company culture.

Their affiliate program is pretty basic, with a five percent commission rate. No other info has been given at all, which is a bit of a bummer.

You might think that this one is a bit off-topic from “Airlines,” but there is no flight without luggage.

For someone who’s looking to monetize in this niche, these types of auxiliary products could be a great idea.

Their commissions are below average, and you can check out American Express or something like that instead if you’d prefer. 

Niche: Travel Luggage Company

Company Page: https://travelpro.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not Stated

15. Qatar Airways Affiliate Program

There are many different airlines in this world, and each one can be put into a category. Like: Luxury, commercial, etc. This particular Airline has a platinum reputation, and its long list of achievements speaks for itself. 

Qatar Airways is based exactly where you’d imagine. It has been voted the best airline in the middle east ten times in a row, and its major hub was even voted the best airport in the world once.

The same airport also won an award for “Best Airport Shopping.” All these were given by the World Airline Awards, by the way. Those are, like, the Oscars of airlines.

Perhaps their reputation is such that they are not very eager for affiliates, though, because their affiliate program is once again very secretive. That’s not very appealing for affiliate marketers, guys!

All we know is that you will be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager, you will get some form of commission by the percentage, and you will get some banners and links for promotion.

Niche: Airline (Middle East)

Company Page: https://www.qatarairways.com/en/homepage.html

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.qatarairways.com/en/affiliates.html

Commission Rates: Not Shared

Cookie Duration: Not Mentioned

16. Skyscanner Planets Affiliate Program

On paper, this website might seem painfully similar to at least two or three of the companies we have already seen. 

That’s because Skyscanner is a website where you can search for and book tickets for all your travel needs in one place, from air tickets, to stay and car rentals. You can compare prices and choose the best one for you.

You see what I mean? Here’s why you need to consider this one anyway: The website itself is easily the best-looking and highly optimized one of all. Its UI is intuitive and actually very pleasing to use on top of the quick loading times.

And wait till you hear about their affiliate program! 

They offer a respectable twenty percent commission with a standard thirty-day cookie duration. The company has done a fabulous job at marketing itself, I mean, don’t you love the name?!

They’ll give you everything you need and more, including widgets and plug-ins like a search bar for your websites. Make use of their affiliate support team and awesome reputation, and enhance your own online presence with this amazing opportunity!

If you can’t tell, this one is my favorite so far, and we’re all the way near the end!

Niche: Travel Booking Platform

Company Page: https://www.skyscanner.net/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.partners.skyscanner.net/product/affiliates

Commission Rates: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Affiliate Program

And finally, we near the end. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are another airline company that is based in Europe. It’s a dedicated platform for booking flights in and around the region.

Just like any airline, they have options to go to and from many other locations around the world, but Europe is their mainstay.

KLM is one of the world’s oldest airlines, too, so there is a certain level of prestige associated with its name.

Hence the “Royal” in the brand name. I would imagine that one would very much feel like a king/queen when flying with them. It’s a reasonable assumption, I think.

About their affiliate program, you stand to make a one percent commission on each sale of a medium-length flight. If you sell a long flight, they’ll bump it up to one-point-five percent. The referral window is thirty days.

Niche: Airway Ticket Booking Platform (Europe)

Company Page: https://www.klm.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.klm.com/information/corporate/affiliate

Commission Rates: 1-1.5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve seen a whole bunch of options let me give you a little debrief with my personal recommendations!

To start off with, there were a few different categories you could spot on this list. First would be dedicated airline booking platforms like Qatar Airways.

These ones were offering a commission of around 0.5-1.5% with a standard cookie duration.

Then we have our massive platforms that use so many websites to give you the very best deals. Some of these platforms also let you book all your needs in one place. Examples: KAYAK, Travelocity, etc.

My personal favorites were TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, and Jetradar, for their overall advantages.

As I said before, some companies prefer to keep quiet about standard features like commissions because there are many variables involved in the travel niche.

Much like an airlane itself, it’s quite complex, with a lot of moving parts and being carried by the winds of change.

As such, companies refer to strive to deal with publishers on a case-to-case basis after considering what kind of traffic they can really bring to them.

Anyway, that’s all the info I have for you today. Now go and make things happen!

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