8 Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs (To Make $$$)

Crowdfunding allows anyone to participate in projects that they would otherwise be unable to support financially due to budget constraints or a lack of funding sources.

After comparing the data, I can say that only the wealthy could afford to invest in fledgling businesses a few decades ago.

However, thanks to the internet, the average person can now participate in the early stages of a company’s funding cycle.

If you want to make money online while helping others do the same, this could be your perfect affiliate niche!

After researching, I have prepared a list of 6 crowdfunding affiliate programs.

Here’s what I found:

Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs

  1. Krowdster Affiliate Program
  2. Get Funding Affiliate Program
  3. Kickbooster Affiliate Program
  4. HoneyFund Affiliate Program
  5. Crowdfunding Exposure Affiliate Program
  6. Easyship Affiliate Program
  7. Donorbox Affiliate Program
  8. Crowdedhero Affiliate Program

1. Krowdster Affiliate Program

 Looking for a platform for crowdfunding campaigns?

If yes, let me introduce you to the most reliable and productive marketing and public relations tool, i.e., Krowdster.

There is no need to download any time-consuming software or apps because Krowdster is entirely web-based.

Now let’s look into their affiliate program with which you can easily earn with them.

If you join them, you can enjoy a twenty percent commission and access to available promotional materials.

Do you have a verified Paypal account?
If you have one, there will be no difficulty for you in joining their partner program. Affiliates from any country can do it.

For any query, you can contact them via phone, email, or online chat. To support you, they have a management team.

 Not only this, the cookie period will be valid as long as the subscription is active.

Official website: https://www.krowdster.co/

Affiliate website: https://www.krowdster.co/affiliates

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie rate: as long as the subscription is active

2. Get Funding Affiliate Program

I’m sure you have seen many online websites which do the work of fundraising for multiple reasons.

GoGetFunding is also a type of crowdfunding website that was launched in 2011.
With the help of their website, you can generate fundraising campaigns to help others or for any personal needs such as an event, treatment, NGO, or climatic disaster.

If you want to promote their work and help people know about them, you should look into their affiliate program.

To join, send them an email, and they will contact you as soon as possible.

As an affiliate, you will get a two percent commission on the total amount; your referral will collect.
More details you will find after joining them.

They allow users to raise money in 23 currencies, which helps affiliates gather website traffic.

Official website: https://gogetfunding.com/

Affiliate website: Click Here

 Commission rate: 2% on every donation

Cookie period: not mentioned 

3. Kickbooster Affiliate Program

Kickbooster is the first and only tool designed specifically for crowd funders to manage their affiliate, referral, and influencer networks in a single location.

If you join their affiliate program, you can earn a commission on each subscription referred from your referral links.

Apart from that, they allow their affiliate to generate personal unique affiliate links that they can promote on any social media website.

Their program is free to join, so there is no need for any investment.

Don’t you think this is the platform that can help you in achieving your sales goal?

Official website: https://kickbooster.me/

Affiliate website: https://kickbooster.me/register/affiliate

 Commission rate: not mentioned 

Cookie period: not mentioned 

4. HoneyFund Affiliate Program

You can use Honeyfund to receive monetary gifts from friends and family to help you pay for your honeymoon or anything else you’re saving for.

Not only that, but they also deal with other options, such as charities, down payments, and much more.

The Honeyfund affiliate program has a single-tier commission structure, which means affiliates only earn commissions on sales they generate.

As an affiliate, you can enjoy a plethora of benefits, such as making $2-3 CPL,  Honeyfund gift cards, a three-point five percent commission rate, and a cookie duration of 90 days which is great in this niche.

 Besides that, Honeyfund gift cards have a $100 AOV.

Official website: https://www.honeyfund.com/

Affiliate website: https://www.honeyfund.com/affiliate-program

 Commission rate: $2-3 CPL on new Honeyfund sign-ups and 3.5% commission

Cookie period: 90 days

5. Crowdfunding Exposure Affiliate Program

Crowdfunding Exposure is a marketing platform that assists fundraisers in spreading the word about their campaigns via various channels, freeing up time for them to manage the campaign’s day-to-day operations.

 You should look at this if you want to earn extra money by promoting media and marketing.

If you join their affiliate program, you will receive a thirty percent commission on every sale generated through your link.

Not only this, but they also give a variety of banners and text link banners for promotions.

Now about the payment, they use several methods for the payouts, such as ACH and Paypal. Isn’t it super convenient?

Official website: https://crowdfundingexposure.com/

Affiliate website:  Click Here

 Commission rate: 30% 

Cookie period: not mentioned 

6. Easyship Affiliate Program

Easyship is a global shipping platform for crowdfunding and eCommerce, empowering creators worldwide.

If you want to join their affiliate program, signup up through the affiliate signup page without any fee.

On top of that, there is no minimum sales condition.

You can earn money from the first shipment of your visitors or clients who click your link and sign up for Easyship. They offer twenty-nine dollars for every paid subscriber, plus 2.5% of the Customer’s Shipping Costs.

So take the chance and join today to grow your revenue.

Official website: https://www.easyship.com/

Affiliate website:  https://www.easyship.com/affiliate-program

Commission rate: $29 for Every Paid Subscriber, Plus 2.5% of the Customer’s Shipping Costs

Cookie period: 30 days

7. Donorbox Affiliate Program

Donorbox is the preferred fundraising platform for 50,000 organizations in 96 countries, and this is what makes this company one of the best in this list of affiliate programs.

This company’s mission is to do everything it can to help nonprofit organizations make a difference in the world. 

Since 2014, they are positively impacting the fundraising sector of the industry.

First question first, who can join the Donorbox affiliate program…

Anyone who makes unique content, some of them are nonprofit consultants, influencers, web designers, and marketers.

With a fifteen-commission rate on the first three years of partnership, you will also get affiliate management, a professional tracking dashboard, and unique links. 

To become their partner, sign up by filling out the form available on the company’s website.

Official Website: https://donorbox.org/ 

Affiliate Sign-up page: https://donorbox.org/affiliate-partner-program 

Commission rates: 15% 

Cookie Duration: 45 days 

8. Crowdedhero Affiliate Program

CrowdedHero is a profitable equity crowdfunding service that focuses on unique projects offering advantageous conditions in growth markets.

This company has been in business for over a decade, doing great in its field, and is continuously improving. 

I find Crowdedhero the right choice because they help you raise funds for your business and invest in firms with great development potential!

If you are getting a chance to partner up with Crowdedhero, then you should grab it.

Let me tell you what benefits you can get after being their affiliate-

  1. All the notifications, analytics, deep insight, and know-how for you to make informed decisions.
  2. You will receive a set reward for each post.
  3. Also, within 360 days, you will get a great commission per sale based on the amount invested by a certain investor.
  4. Exclusive deals are given to our top-performing partners.
  5. The commission per lead is also available.

For more information, you can visit their official page, the link given below.

Official Website: https://crowdedhero.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-up page: https://crowdedhero.com/affiliate 

Commission rates: Not listed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

In Conclusion

So, if you are in the business niche and you aim to help people and inspire them to achieve their own dreams and goals, I’ve given you six mutually beneficial options to do so!

Now in terms of affiliate marketing, this niche isn’t necessarily the most lucrative. Of course, it depends on what kind of conversions you end up making.

If you feel your traffic has the right qualities for this, I think you can make this work. Crowdfunding platforms need a massive crowd on them, by definition.

The more the people, the better their business. The market is also huge, as decentralization seems to be the biggest trend of the 21st century. Many companies want to break into it.

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Ride the wave and carve out your own fortune doing it.

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