13 Children’s Clothing Affiliate Programs (Big Payouts!)

Every person on Earth was a baby once, and most of us will have kids of our own one day if we haven’t already. 

I’ve found that most people I’ve talked to my age say they don’t want kids, but they might end up having them anyway or regret it if they don’t. 

That’s because having children is a deeply meaningful part of the human experience and becomes very important as we age and become reliant on others.

We want the very best for our kids, and above anything else, we want them to be safe and happy. In fact, that can be the very reason people don’t want to settle down; perhaps they feel incapable of providing for their families.

Raising a mini-human can be costly, and being frugal while doing it can cost you even more. Whether you will have kids or not, one thing is for sure, there is a ton of money to be made from the shopping sprees of parents and kids alike!

That’s why it’s an excellent niche to be in for affiliate marketing, especially if you find good quality, safe, trustworthy, and trustworthy products. Let’s take a look at some of our options!

Best Children’s Clothing Affiliate Programs

  1. Finn and Emma Affiliate Program
  2. KidsBaron Affiliate Program
  3. Gerber Childrenswear Affiliate Program
  4. Carter’s Affiliate Program
  5. Pineapple Clothing Affiliate Program
  6. FOUND by Flynn Affiliate Program
  7. Tea Collection Affiliate Program
  8. Little Green Radicals Affiliate Program
  9. Mabel’s Labels Affiliate Program
  10. Babysprouts Clothing Company Affiliate Program
  11. Children Salon Affiliate Program
  12. Kidizen Affiliate Program
  13. Trotters Affiliate Program

1. Finn and Emma Affiliate Program

Starting off with a sustainable brand called Finn and Emma, or is it Finn + Emma? Doesn’t matter because their neat and minimalistic website has an air of simplicity and appeal.

Although I have seen ones with quicker loading times. Nevertheless, they are in the baby clothing business, and the business seems to be good.

They have all kinds of fits and fashion for boys and girls, and there are gender-neutral ones as well if you want to send a gift for a baby shower. They also have a wide selection of cool and funny graphics with a print-on-demand model. 

My favorite design says, “I’m new here” (lol). 

Their affiliate program is fair, considering their ten percent commission structure with a thirty-day cookie duration and an average order worth ninety dollars. 

You will get competitive bonuses as incentives based on your performance, and you can feel good about selling organic, sustainably-made products. 

To find out exactly how sustainable the products are, reach out to their highly-responsive affiliate support team after signing up through the link below.

Niche: Sustainable Clothing

Company Page: https://www.finnandemma.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. KidsBaron Affiliate Program

Now, this company’s branding is something I can get behind. Their logo is bright and colorful, as all things kids-related should be. Granted, they sell a lot of toys, so it’s a must.

KidsBaron is a no-nonsense funhouse of all kinds of things a parent might want for nurturing their babies, kids, or young teens. But mostly just babies.

They got toys, clothes, car safety seats, nappy packs, and pacifier thermometers.

They even have those weird dancing cacti toys, although please don’t buy those; they’re more terrifying than fun from what I’ve seen. Your audiences can get all this and so much more.

This affiliate program has a better commission rate of twenty percent, which can even be bumped up to twenty-five with good performance. 

The referral window is standard, but the website is highly optimized, and the shopping experience seems to flow very well. That means higher conversion and better earnings for you.

To be fair, those freaky dancing cacti are super popular, and KidsBaron is committed to having all the popular toys available to their global customers. Anyone can join this one, regardless of their own location.

Niche: Toys, Clothes, & Apparel

Company Page: https://kidsbaron.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://kidsbaron.com/affiliates

Commission Rates: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Gerber Childrenswear Affiliate Program

I don’t know about you, but Gerber is a really weird name, regardless of what your brand is. It’s hard to forget, though; they say no publicity is bad. Apparently, the name has no real rhyme or reason, so don’t look for one.

This is a big brand that started in 1930. Far as I can tell, that’s what sets them apart. They sell onesies, blankies, and pretty much anything made from cloth for babies. 

Although a focus on non-toxic, organic, and sustainable clothing works best in this niche, those things make the products a bit pricier.

Gerber Childrenswear’s products are much more affordable in comparison. (AOV $60)

The affiliate program doesn’t disclose commission rates and makes offers based on your perceived value in terms of potential traffic. 

That, combined with a standard cookie duration and all your basic things like promo materials and product feeds, makes this program tough to judge or choose.

If this company has the strong brand recognition in your community that it claims to have, and your audience might be looking for something a bit affordable, consider joining this one.

Niche: Toddler Apparel

Company Page: https://www.gerberchildrenswear.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: Not Disclosed By Gerber

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Carter’s Affiliate Program

Carter’s, OshKosh B’Gosh, and SkipHop are all included in this brand. Carter’s is a well-established brand and one of the US’s leading clothing companies for children under 2.

Their products seem to be quite affordable, too, with very attractive-looking onesies starting from just $5. The website is also the most attractive and well-optimized one I have seen so far on this list.

Carter’s affiliate program does play hard to get, though. Your profit rate starts at only two percent. Although it goes up to fifteen based on performance, the referral window is just fourteen days.

That makes sense, considering how popular the brand seems to be already. If you want to benefit from their brand power and believe in its value, go for it. The going will be slow, with just two percent in the beginning.

If you can prove to them your value, they might even go up to ten percent in the beginning, although as far as they’re concerned, you need them more than vice versa.

Niche: Babies & Children’s Clothing

Company Page: https://www.carters.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.carters.com/affiliateprogram.html

Commission Rates: 2-15%

Cookie Duration: 14 days

5. Pineapple Clothing Affiliate Program

I actually really like Pineapple Clothing’s branding. The name is cool, attractive, fun, and vibrant. The website is just as beautiful, and the clothes? Well, just take a look at the screenshot above.

The company is committed to making ladies of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable, vibrant, and beautiful, no matter where they are going.

If you’re wondering where children come into this, think, “Mommy and Me.” Basically, they really love their matching outfits, and honestly, I love how they look too! Also, they are a big promoter of active and healthy lifestyles.

Pineapple’s affiliate program offers commissions between ten and eighteen percent with a thirty-day referral cookie, and an average order costs around a hundred and twenty dollars here. (AOV $120)

On top of that lucrative offer, you will get a dedicated affiliate account manager, access to high-quality, professional graphics that look really good, and incentive contest opportunities. 

If you happen to have a sizeable female audience, especially moms with daughters who lead an active lifestyle, this is a potential gold mine for you. 

Consider it if you teach Yoga or Tai Chi and try to promote them on visual mediums like IG, YT, or Pinterest especially.

Niche: Feminine Chic Clothing

Company Page: https://pineappleclothing.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://pineappleclothing.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: 10-18%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. FOUND by Flynn Affiliate Program

This one is an online marketplace for Australian brands in this niche. Found by Flynn was started by two mums with a passion for supporting small businesses. 

Their website might not be the most attractive, but all their products look quite excellent with great aesthetics. 

All the products are vetted, and only companies that adhere to strict ethical and sustainable practices are allowed on this platform.

One can find all kinds of family and childcare products here, many of which are on the pricier side.

Flynn’s average order value is still around sixty dollars, though. The affiliate program can earn you ten percent commissions with a neat ninety-day referral window.

Are you an Australian with an online presence catering to families with children? This one is a must-have for you.

Niche: Children’s Products Store

Company Page: https://www.foundbyflynn.com.au/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

7. Tea Collection Affiliate Program

The aesthetics of this website reminds me of Pineapple, partly because they’re both food-named. Except this one is far better looking, easily the best one thus far.

The clothes themselves are globally inspired casualwear for babies, toddlers, teens, and everything in between. The clothes look amazing, and the presentation makes them shine even more.

Tea Collection’s affiliate program offers an eight percent commission with a thirty-day cookie duration. The website isn’t just for show, by the way. 

They boast an impressive 8-10 conversion rate, an AOV of over a hundred bucks, and average earnings per click of seventy dollars. If that seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

There’s no way affiliates can earn $70 per click on this planet; perhaps they have made some mistake while putting up their program features. Either way, their website looks good enough for me to believe the 8-10% commission rate!

They also offer regular bounties, contests, and special customer offers to encourage marketing even more. A pretty good option, all in all.

Niche: Children’s Clothing

Company Page: https://www.teacollection.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 8%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Little Green Radicals Affiliate Program

Here is a website that has struck a great balance between a clean, minimalistic look and colorful, attractive visuals. Little Green Radicals deals in sustainable and organic clothing for children.

Sustainability isn’t just a marketing gimmick for them, either. They have won multiple awards for it. There is even a whole range of poly-based clothing in their catalog that’s made from recycled bottles!

To the company’s founder, Nick, nothing is truly beautiful unless it’s made the right way. I love that. They’ve been fair trade pioneers since the very beginning.

Now, about the affiliate program, it’s not exactly the biggest money-making option for you, necessarily. That’s because the commission rates are based on your number of followers, ranging from three to five percent.

There is no cookie duration since you get commissions based on your unique coupon code. Any links you get will automatically fill in your coupon code at checkout.

Niche: Sustainable Clothing

Company Page: https://littlegreenradicals.com/en-row

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 3-5%

Cookie Duration: Coupon System

9. Mabel’s Labels Affiliate Program

Parents with multiple kids know how hard it is to keep track of all their stuff. Each kid has their own needs and might require special things to meet those needs.

All kids are generally too young to appreciate the value of those things, though. This results in a ton of lost jackets, broken lunch ware, and “stolen” toys. 

Mabel’s Labels is a company started in 2003 by two moms struggling to find durable and attractive labels. They developed these products to solve these problems. 

It’s better to be safe than sorry; tagging a kid’s things with their name and address can even save lives. This is especially true if the child has any allergies and is prone to be a little careless, which is natural for most kids. 

You should join this affiliate program to improve what you can offer your audience.  The prices might be a bit lower, but conversions should be easy for the right type of audience.

With a ten percent commission rate and a whopping ninety-day cookie duration, you can earn a decent amount with a higher sale volume.

Plus, you’ll hear about all their newest incentive bonuses, contests, and promotions through email.

Niche: Tags & Labels for Children

Company Page: https://mabelslabels.com/en_US/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

10. Babysprouts Clothing Company Affiliate Program

Babysprouts is all about clothes for children that are soft, simple, and easy to put on. It was started in 2014 by Amanda, who made these designs and products by hand. 

She is very passionate about making stylish and comfortable products in the most sustainable way possible. The company is also a stringent follower of ethical manufacturing practices. 

I think their buttery soft bamboo line is one of the most attractive items in their catalog and a perfect example of how they practice these values.

Their website is well-optimized to make conversions, so just bring in interested people and let Babysprouts close the deal.

The affiliate program offers a great deal. With an average order costing $100, you stand to earn a fifteen percent commission with a thirty-day cookie duration. That’s about fifteen bucks per sale with a month-long referral window!

Sustainability always has a soft spot in our minds, the products look great, and the potential earnings here are nothing to scoff at.

Niche: Sustainable Kid’s Clothing

Company Page: https://www.babysprouts.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Children Salon Affiliate Program

We’ve already seen around ten different children’s clothing brands, and I’m sure you must be feeling a bit burnt out by now, especially if you’ve been reading.

But bear with me, please; we’re almost done! So you already know where to get the sustainable stuff, but what if you don’t care about all that?

Maybe you just care about how good you look; I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. How you present yourself is a very important part of life.

And Children Salon is here to help your kids get a head start on the whole deal. If you like dressing up your kids into maximum drip, don’t miss out on this one.

Their affiliate program hasn’t mentioned the specific earning rate, but they’ve promised very high rates, and you should expect nothing less than fifteen percent. 

Other than that, you get the perks of having a dedicated affiliate account manager to help you with the whole conversion process and logistics. Oh, and tracking options are also available, by the way.

Niche: Stylish Clothes 

Company Page: https://www.childrensalon.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.childrensalon.com/affiliates

Commission Rates: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

12. Kidizen Affiliate Program

Do you know how they say age is just a number? That’s really hard to remember when a six-year-old throws a public tantrum in the grocery store. 

Nevertheless, I’m a big believer in treating children as adults because they always give me the craziest insights. And this brand would totally agree with me.

I love how Kidizen’s website looks, but more than that, I love the things they talk about. The name itself is so cool. As in Kid Citizen. It’s called that because they believe that children should be a part of social conversations.

Besides that, they talk about how the company is more of a community than a marketplace. That’s what they do; Kidizen is a marketplace to buy and sell products for kids.

A ton of the stuff is made by Moms who create small batches of handicrafts or run their own businesses. There is only so much I can say about how cool the company is, but don’t take my word for it; check it out for yourself!

Their affiliate program is giving you one of the best offers on this list; a twenty percent commission with a thirty-day cookie duration! On top of that, you will get custom creatives and discount codes.

Niche: Children’s Products Marketplace 

Company Page: https://www.kidizen.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://about.kidizen.com/affiliates/

Commission Rates: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

13. Trotters Affiliate Program 

I’ve given you a lot of options ranging from green to stylish, but not everyone wants to be too involved in fashion, right? That’s why I’ve saved this company for last.

Trotters sell everything a kid could need, from shoes, clothes, and dresses to everything in between. Their website also looks great, but I found that their products are a little bit different.

Out of all the ones I’ve seen today, the clothes of this brand look the most homely. They’re not plain or anything, they are still colorful, attractive, and well-fitting. 

But these clothes are great at highlighting the kid’s beauty instead of hoarding the spotlight with branding and extravagant designs. If your audience likes simplicity, this one’s for you.

This one offers you guys a five percent commission on a thirty-day cookie duration.it is also one of the only programs in this category that provides affiliates with a real-time product feed.

The commissions are a bit low in this one, though.  

Niche: Casual Children’s Clothing

Company Page: https://www.trotterslondon.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

In Conclusion

I don’t say this lightly, but in terms of content creation, I think this niche has a ton of potential. I honestly believe that there are fewer high-quality content creators out there that focus on raising kids.

It is something most people will do at some point or the other and that everyone could use some help with. Especially if a dedicated creator provides well-researched and latest scientific information on the matter.

The commissions might not be insane, but the scope is still worth the effort, in my opinion. My favorite program, in general, was Kidizens on #12, so be sure to check that one out properly.

Hope you learned something and that it helped!

Anirudh Gitai.- SB Digital Writer/Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Anirudh Gitai

Writer from the heart – whether it is affiliate marketing or fiction – and a proud member of Shivansh’s team! Big fan of combat sports, reading non-fiction, and watching the best of everything from anime and movies to TV and video games.

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