13 Best Accounting Affiliate Programs (Huge Payouts!)

Filing taxes, maintaining the budget, and organizing the total expenditure annually are a big hassle. If not done correctly, accounting can be troublesome.

The invention of the internet actually led to the rise of a lot of accounting tools and services out there! Whoever created this giant web – lots of love to the person (or people maybe)!

So really, now you have to thank two people, the internet guy of course, and the second me, because I am about to give you some very important information.

Well, I’m just kidding; I mean kidding about thanking me, not the information part.

Basically, the increasing demand for accounting advice made me realize the growth of this market, and so I researched some best accounting affiliate programs. 

And for the better, I found some really good ones, so check them out now! 

Best Accounting Affiliate Programs

  1. ZarMoney Affiliate Program
  2. Freshbooks Affiliate Program
  3. Quickbooks Affiliate Program
  4. Webgility Affiliate Program
  5. The Accountant Beside You Affiliate Program
  6. Bookkeepers.com Affiliate Program
  7. Gusto Affiliate Program
  8. Quaderno Affiliate Program
  9. 1-800Accountant Affiliate Program
  10. LessAccounting Affiliate Program
  11. Bean Counter Affiliate Program
  12. Sage US Affiliate Program
  13. Divvy Affiliate Program

1. ZarMoney Affiliate Program

ZarMoney is a cloud-based accounting software suite aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises that was launched in Los Angeles, California. 

It was founded by a CEO in 2006 who saw a need for specific capabilities that were not available without investing more than $15K, and since then, it has served thousands of consumers globally. 

For entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses, the company helps develop solid partnerships through real-time collaboration, hence facilitating growth and revolutionizing business practices. 

They aim at a good number of specific audiences like you, me, and everyone who needs powerful software to expand their business, making it easier for you to advertise about them for some good commissions. 

To get access to that, you need to sign-up for their affiliate program. Followed by sharing the company’s unique links with the audience on your website, blogs, and social media. 

The company also gives attractive banner ads to make your promotional links look more fascinating. 

Get ten dollars for every referred person who signs up on the free level, sixty dollars for paid subscription referrals, and an additional sixty dollars if a free user converts at a later date.

ShareASale, an affiliate network, handle their sales, commission, and all payout-related things. They make sure to give you a special income status monthly.

Overall this is an excellent program to start with if you are an entrepreneur.

Official Website: https://www.zarmoney.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Pages: https://www.zarmoney.com/affiliates  

Commission Rates: $5 for each sign-up and up to $120 with each converted user

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

2. FreshBooks Affiliate Program

Mike developed FreshBooks, a startup that assists small business owners in running their operations. 

You won’t believe that it has saved over 192 hours per year with over 30 million users and over $60 billion in bills paid. How amazing is that?

The company is appropriate for enterprises of all sizes, including freelancers, contractors, workers, self-employed individuals, and industry specialists.

So I think you now have a clear idea about whom you can advertise the company for exciting rewards.  

After joining their partner program, you’ll get paid with each referral. So all that you need to do earn is refer, and that’s it. 

You’ll get up to ten dollars for a new sign-up and up to two hundred dollars if a trial sign-up is upgraded. Along with these benefits, you get poaching protection from Adware and trademark bidding affiliates and a cookie period of a hundred and twenty days. Now, what else do you need?

Official Website: https://www.freshbooks.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page:  https://www.freshbooks.com/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: $10 for each sign-up and up to $200 for each upgraded sign up

Cookie Duration: 120 days

3. Quickbooks Affiliate Program

It is an online accounting software company that helps manage the business efficiently; I personally recommend this, especially for small businesses. 

The tools at QuickBooks help the client see the profit at a glance, give a correct payroll, track the expenses, manage the tax books, and, most important, manage the time. 

QuickBooks is compatible with several apps, including QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Time, and it integrates smoothly with current apps such as Amazon Bill and Bill.com.

If you find it exciting, you must wait and look at their affiliate program feature checklist; I am sure that will be more exciting. 

It’s rightly said that network is your net worth, and their affiliate program can help you build a good network with many small business owners.

Once you sign up, the company will ask you to create an account with PartnerStack, which has no investment involved.

You have to share the referral link with them and offer them the system tools to give them a smoother way to get the work done, plus get access to a ten percent commission for each sale through your referral link. 

Official Website:  https://quickbooks.intuit.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/partners/qbbusinessaffiliates

Commission Rates: Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: Unlisted

4. Webgility Affiliate Program

Webgility is a leading e-commerce automation platform that helps firms automate sales and grow their channels. It provides free setup, installation, training, and continuing product improvement for over 60 linked media. 

It is secure and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to its team of over 50 developers and security specialists. It has a 99% CSAT rating, processes $7.8 billion in annual GMV, and leads many G2 categories. 

The company has 5,000 customers and over 50 integrations, provides world-class software, a friendly partner staff, and a partner program that is recommended by thousands of business owners and accountants. 

The program is intended for e-commerce companies that provide full-service accounting and technology-focused services, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Walmart, and TrustRadius.

Their affiliate program feature checklist details still need to be specified, but try checking out their page. 

Official Website: https://www.webgility.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.webgility.com/become-a-partner 

Commission Rates: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

5. The Accountant Beside You Affiliate Program

Lisa London, CPA, also known as the accountant beside you, is the author of the Accounting Resources for Churches and Religious Organizations series. 

She began writing books after assisting her church with an accounting system conversion. With over three decades of experience, her books have been translated into Spanish and are currently used on six continents.

The company offers a partner program for accountants, trainers, web publishers, and bloggers in relevant niches that pays fifteen percent commission on sales, with a referral period of one straight year; I think so far this is the best one.

Besides high commissions, it provides timely payments and personalized service. Overall a great choice, I say!

You have a great chance to start generating additional revenue and optimize the program over time. 

Official Website: https://accountantbesideyou.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://accountantbesideyou.com/pages/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: 15%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

6. Bookkeepers.com Affiliate Program

Ben Robinson left his CPA firm in 2014 to assist Kelly in starting her own bookkeeping business. Despite his reservations about finding virtual work and his long Atlanta commute, Robinson saw a demand for thousands of “Kellys” who wanted the independence of a virtual business. And that’s how Bookkeepers started. 

Now it is a virtual business that helps develop systems that give your business a profit, and that too in no time.

The company has an Outstanding Processes & People (OPP) and a great community of BookKeeping entrepreneurs.

If you want to be on their team and earn some extra cash, what are you waiting for? Sign Up for their program right away!

For social media influencers or website/blog owners. This program is worth considering and will also give you the ease of working from home.

You’ll earn a twenty-five percent commission through each sale made through your unique link code. The cookie duration is sixty days. 

Official Website: https://bookkeepers.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://bookkeepers.com/affiliates

Commission Rates: 15%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

7. Gusto Affiliate Program

Gusto is an award-winning payroll, HR, and hiring software that provides full business solutions. 

It was launched in 2012 as the ZenPayroll and served 300,000 businesses nationwide. 

The company provides health insurance and has investors like General Catalyst, Capital G, and T. Rowe. 

That saves the time of 93% of customers on average 5 hours per month operating payroll and can scale with business development. 

An organization like this needs to be shared, and when you get something for it, then it becomes a must. Don’t you think so?

If you help them generate sales, they will pay you some exciting monetary rewards; all you have to do to avail of those is join their partner program. 

This has become my favorite, with a commission of two hundred dollars and a cookie period of hundred and twenty days. 

Not just this, you also get a sales and profits tracking team, numerous banner advertisements, incentives, bonuses, HR expert support, and tax compliance assistance, and more.

Official Website: https://gusto.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://gusto.com/affiliates 

Commission Rates: Up to $200

Cookie Duration: 120 days

8. Quaderno Affiliate Program

Do you wish to focus on your favorite tasks without worrying about taxes? If yes, then here is something you will love. 

Quaderno Solutions, headquartered in Spain, Germany, and the United States, was created in 1494 by Luca Pacioli; it is a tax management accounting solution. 

Their team is committed to customer satisfaction and strives to provide a simple and effective accounting solution.

They have different strategies aligned for their growth, but in all of them, their partner program is so far the best one, according to them. 

Partners, after joining, get a recurring thirty percent commission for up to 24 months for each paid customer referred. 

The organization can be referred to by writing reviews, including information on blogs, participating in webinars, and social media.

What you need to know here is that you need to earn $100 and at least three active referrals to get the payment. Pretty much clear, I guess!

Official Website:  https://www.quaderno.io

Affiliate Sign-Up Page:  https://www.quaderno.io/affiliates 

Commission Rates: 30%

Cookie Duration: Not publicly disclosed

9. 1-800Accountant Affiliate Program

It is a company founded by veteran CPAs that have served 100,000+ small businesses and operate in 50 states.

The CPAs have 17 years of experience, and the company provides financial advice to small businesses across various industries.

The initiative offers tax experts free guidance, support, and subscription-based charging.

1-800 Accountant allows you to profit from them in two ways; it’s like two opportunities to earn commissions: each lead for online tax and accounting services and per sale for entity formation services. 

The commission will upgrade with your performance, and the company has an affiliate manager who helps maintain your sales. 

ShareASale handles the company’s affiliate network, so if you want to join this program, you must do it through them.

You can easily earn $100 per lead or sale. And the cookie period here is for 90 days. What do you think about this one?

Official Website:  https://1800accountant.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page:  https://1800accountant.com/affiliate 

Commission Rates: Up to $100 

Cookie Duration: 90 days

10. LessAccounting Affiliate Program

LessAccounting is a bookkeeping and accounting service for freelancers, consultants, and small business owners. 

It is simple to use, features a dashboard, and provides pleasant math computations for folks who are not math experts. High five to not-so-math fans here!

My favorite part about them is their thirty-day trial period; thirty days is enough to test something, Right?

Users can generate customized business proposals, invoice them, and manage expenses and receipts. LessAccounting is a popular alternative for small business accountants and entrepreneurs due to its 30-day free trial.

In case you like anything about them, consider sharing about them and assist small and medium-sized businesses in simplifying bookkeeping, invoicing, and proposals. 

They manage their affiliate program in-house, so visit their site and sign up for a twenty-five percent commission on any qualified result. 

Official Website:  https://www.lessaccounting.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page:  https://www.lessaccounting.com/affiliate-program/ 

Commission Rates: Up To $25

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

11. Bean Counter Affiliate Program

Do you know what is the literal meaning of “bean counter”? It is slang for an accountant or bookkeeper. Now, I believe you know what this company is about.

Bean Counter is an accounting and bookkeeping educational and training platform that imparts the fundamentals of initial bookkeeping through free tutorials, courses, exams, tests, quizzes, and lectures infused with humor.

I understand if this is outside your interest, but still, I want to highlight that their website is quite eye-catching with all the cartoons and stuff( I love it).

Now let me quickly tell you something of your interest. That is a feature checklist of their associate program. 

The program pays a fifteen percent commission to its associates for each sale earned by sending customers to their website. 

Associates should promote products such as Interactive Ebooks, Bookkeeping Tutorials, Baldy’s Practice Set, etc. 

Commissions are paid out in two weeks via PayPal. To participate, affiliates must have a PayPal account and an e-junkie account. 

The program provides sales statistics and email notifications, with more visits resulting in more commissions. Surely something unique! 

The cookie period here is for a hundred and eighty days. 

Official Website: https://www.dwmbeancounter.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://dwmbeancounter.com/affiliates-.html 

Commission Rates: 50% per purchase

Cookie Duration: 180 Days

12. Sage US Affiliate Program

Sage is a global leader in integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems that assist entrepreneurs worldwide. 

It covers all bases with cutting-edge financial solutions. Millions of entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries drive the global economy today, and over 11,000 people support them.

They also assist non-profit groups by helping improve communities and ensuring eligible non-profits get Sage Business Cloud donations.

What I find intriguing about the company is that they have teamed with Impact to offer you a performance-based advertising campaign that leads the market. 

Performance marketing is straightforward, and you get paid to recommend Sage Business Cloud, Sage 50 Cloud, and items from the Sage shop to your audience.

The commission offered by Sage is seven percent on every sale through the links and banners they provide for your website. 

Apart from that, the cookie duration is for thirty days. The transactions are done directly to your bank account, plus you can access real-time tracking of all the activities.

Official Websitehttps://www.sage.com 

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.sage.com/en-us/support/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 7% on sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

13. Divvy Affiliate Program

Divvy is an all-in-one expenditure management system that blends free software with corporate cards to create a smooth experience for requesting, spending, and managing your company funds. 

It offers automatic software and virtual cards to defend against fraud and overspending on credit lines up to $15M1 and is endorsed by 94% of consumers, with an average monthly savings of $10,630. 

The company provides solutions for various industries, including small and medium-sized businesses, construction, technology, e-commerce, retail, and healthcare.

But only businesses in the United States can use Divvy.

For the Affiliate program, there is no such foundation; anybody can apply from anywhere for monthly commission payouts, adjustable commission rates, a dedicated account manager, and access to branded content, tools, and reporting through Impact. 

Simply click the link below and complete the application to join the affiliate team.

The company’s payout is 50$ USD on every sale through your website with a cookie window of thirty days. 

Here, If your performance is good, you will receive increment benefits and a lot more. 

Official Website: https://getdivvy.com

Affiliate Sign-up Pagehttps://getdivvy.com/partners/affiliates

Commissions Rates: $50 per purchase

Cookie Duration: 30 days

In Conclusion

Is it possible to like them all?

Yes, it is difficult for me to choose one; after all, all of their services are excellent and look at their exciting commissions and cookie period, but let’s make it simple.

You could try the following ones:

  1. ZarMoney
  2. The Accountant Beside You
  3. Gusto

This is it, for now, I guess. What if you could share your thoughts in the comments, and we can decide which is best based on your preferences?

What say?

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