23 Best CPA Networks (To Make $$$ This Year!)

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

It’s easy to get into, and you don’t need any expertise; in fact, many times, companies look for “everyday people” to affiliate with them.

Everyone is online nowadays in one way or another. If you are on social media, you’re a publisher. If you have a website, you’re an author. 

There are hundreds of people worldwide working to make their living online. Most people prefer to sit on the sidelines, afraid to jump in and get their hands dirty. It can be scary to face things you don’t understand.

It’s so much easier to find a justification for why it wouldn’t work for you and then say, “ I knew it! Only special people can do things like that… It’s just not for me.”

I am here to offer you my hand and gently guide you through the woods on an adventure of self-discovery. So embrace this opportunity, and see what happens. Try something out and see what comes out of it. 

You’ll be surprised at what you can do and the ways you can make things work. With no other investment than your time and energy, worst-case scenario, you will learn something new. 

No better example of that than CPA affiliate networks. So let’s begin already!

What Is CPA Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketers promote businesses and their products to earn money in the digital space. It’s a great way for companies to incentivize the power of word of mouth. 

Usually, a company will look for people with good online reach and offer them a commission rate on each sale they initiate. Amazon is famous for doing this. Sell a phone costing $100, and earn $5-8 in your bank! 

CPA = Cost Per Action. CPA affiliate networks are the cream of the crop in affiliate marketing. Here, you don’t even have to sell a product or convince anyone to make a purchase!

You can earn here by simply getting unique visitors to fill a form, sign-up for a newsletter, or buy a cheap demo. Legitimate forward-thinking companies offer these programs as a way to generate leads for future purchases.

Entire websites and platforms called CPA Networks exclusively host such lucrative programs. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

Highest Paying CPA Networks

  1. dr.cash
  2. Madrivo
  3. Mobidea
  4. AdWork Media 
  5. eCPAn 
  6. Golden Goose
  7. MaxBounty
  8. Fireads
  9. CPAlead
  10. CPAGrip
  11. CrakRevenue
  12. AdCombo
  13. TerraLeads
  14. Mundo Media
  15. Glize
  16. ClickDealer
  17. Mobooka
  18. Commission Factory
  19. Admitad
  20. Zeydoo
  21. Toro Advertising
  22. Adsterra
  23. Perform [cb] (previously Clickbooth)

1. dr.cash

Let’s start off with one of the less popular ones to keep the knowledgeable ones interested. Just kidding, niches are actually better than mainstream in so many ways.

The more specific your niche, the less competition you face. Reaching your target audience and finding great opportunities is much easier.

This particular one, dr.cash, is a CPA network for people in the beauty and health industry. Surely, you can guess how lucrative this industry is. You can easily make it work if you are into fitness, makeup, self-care, or anything like that.

Finding a niche like this is important because companies can offer more lucrative deals and expect better returns. Just be sure to only go for companies you can trust because mishaps in this space can really hurt your reputation.

Sign Up Page: https://dr.cash/affiliates

2. Madrivo

Now this is the first brand on the list that has been published in Forbes magazine on top of winning multiple awards for its e-mail marketing efforts.

I really like Madrivo’s website, and based on what they say, they seem to know what they’re doing. For one, you can find CPA affiliate networks that are exclusive to this platform as an affiliate.

Another cool thing is that they vet all publishers (that’s you, by the way), which is a great way to build credibility as an affiliate marketer. Work with brands like Samsung, Uber, AT&T, and American Express here.

You can expect training and support from them as well. A great place to start for beginners. All you really need is an online presence and a commitment to their values of quality and transparency.

Sign Up Page: https://madrivo.com/publishers/

3. Mobidea

This type of promotion is also called performance marketing, by the way. If you hear the term, don’t get confused, it’s the same thing as CPA affiliate marketing. Now, coming back to niches for a second.

As the name might suggest, this company focuses on marketing for the mobile platform. Smartphones are super accessible and handy, so it might be a good “idea” to go “Mobile.”

If you don’t like that joke, just know that I hate it too, but some things just write themselves, I think. Anyway, Mobidea offers you weekly payments and a really wide range of CPA offers in multiple niches.

The company only works with premium apps and offers them a variety of post-event optimization features like unqualified lead removal. This means better offers for you.

Sign Up Page: https://www.mobidea.com/affiliates/

4. AdWork Media 

AdWork Media is a bit of an all-rounder. The platform has received multiple awards as a top network by mThink and is also a member of the Performance Marketing Association.

Why is it an all-rounder? For one, it’s a massive global platform that allows affiliates to monetize in over 250 countries. That is pretty huge in itself. On top of that, they have ways to earn from everything from surveys to mobile apps.

They offer monthly bonuses for incentives and are glad to support you throughout the process. What I love about them is how they explain what they do.

In their own words, they offer monetization solutions to publishers and marketing solutions to advertisers. Pretty quaint if you ask me.

Sign Up Page: https://www.adworkmedia.com/

5. eCPAn 

While the previous platform works great as a source of international programs, this one is all about the entrepreneurial spirit. eCPAn stands for entrepreneurial CPAs network.

Location matters a lot on the small scale, so keep in mind that this one is based in the state of Arizona in the US. If you are an American business person looking to expand your network, this is the perfect network for you.

You can find other businesses to connect with and more ways to monetize your network of clients and give them more value.

You have to buy a membership, considering it’s on a small scale, but consider that as an investment to grow your community!

Sign Up Page: https://www.ecpan.org/join/

6. Golden Goose (GG.Agency)

Since mobile traffic is so abundant, why not have another network that specializes in it? I mean, just look at how cool their website looks!

Golden Goose sure knows the principles of design on top of the marketing business.

Their branding is more than hot air, considering it is a rising platform in this space. It has over six hundred CPA opportunities in mobile value-added services. mVAS are just a fancy name for apps and things like it. 

Basically, a mobile value-added service is anything other than a phone call, SMS, or MMS; the latter being traditional services offered by telecom companies.

The best thing? GG makes bank for mVAS providers using a Direct Consumer Billing(DAB) model.

You know how iPhone users have to link a credit card even to download free apps? And how their payments are cut directly from their account?

That’s DAB. Now imagine how eager an advertiser would be to get in on that action. You should be eager, too, because they will pay you bonuses on actual conversions.

With this model in place, that means more earnings for everyone.

Sign Up Page: https://gg.agency/publisher

7. MaxBounty

Here is one of the handful of Networks that has shaped this space since this whole industry started. MaxBounty is one of the more recognizable names on this list because it’s a powerhouse of a platform.

Since they offer all kinds of performance marketing plans like CPL, CPS, and CPI, you can explore more of what affiliate marketing has to offer you as a publisher today.

MaxBounty makes it a point to recruit high-converting programs in various different niches so that people can find the perfect one for all their projects. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this one.

Sign Up Page: https://www.maxbounty.com/affiliates.cfm

8. Fireads

Oh God, don’t tell me. Are you feeling dizzy from all the options already? But we’re not even halfway through the list yet!

Listen, this is a pretty exhaustive list with all your major options, not a top-five ranking with recommendations.

But if you do want that, stick around to the end of the article, or just skip the whole thing and go straight to the conclusion! Anyway, have you heard of a little company called AliExpress?

Well, Frieads are partnered with that little company. The platform has been online since 2011, so the owners have over 12 years of marketing experience.

In that time, publishers like you have earned more than $10 million through this platform alone! I’m telling you guys, don’t sleep on Affiliate Marketing!

Sign Up Page: https://fireads.org/en

9. CPAlead

CPAlead might have a pretty generic name that won’t stand out to you, but come on, it’s a perfect name for their company. Anyway, it’s hard to give names to things when all the good ones are taken. 

Not everyone can do branding like Golden Goose. What this platform does have, is the highest rating for a mobile CPA platform from Trustpilot. That’s a very recognizable rating company in the smartphone world.

Their concept is very simple. You get people to download and install apps on their phones and get paid for doing it every single day. That’s right; payments are earned on a daily basis. 

You can finally get over that pet peeve of, ”Why can’t I buy a candy bar from the one dollar that I do have in my affiliate earnings account? 😢” Well, sign up below, and you totally can!

This one is so great that I feel like starting a new YouTube channel for reviewing apps just to try it out. I’ve got my hands full with my projects, but what’s stopping you, my dear reader?

Sign Up Page: https://www.cpalead.com/publishers.php

10. CPAGrip

You definitely can’t complain about this company’s branding. CPAGrip has been in the online marketing game since 2013, and they specialize in a really cool monetization strategy called content locking.

I’m sure you might have seen it before, or maybe you haven’t. Either way, Here’s how it works: Imagine if you made a really cool video essay or experiment on how successful an AI-powered blog can be with some optimization.

It took months of effort, but you ran a website and tried monetizing it. That’s a really valuable piece of content, and you don’t have to put the whole thing out there for free.

With content locking, you will have the technology to put the video on your website easily and only allow visitors to watch it if they fill out a form, for example.

That’s what CPAGrip offers you. The closed-fist logo makes a bit more sense now, right? I’m sure you can imagine, but this model works well with CPA programs by companies needing more quality leads.

Sign Up Page: https://www.cpagrip.com/signup.php

11. CrakRevenue

It’s time to start taking notes if you haven’t been already because we are starting to move up to the really big players now. We might have seen some older networks already, but none of them so far are as trusted as this one.

(To be fair, I am saving the best ones for last.) CrakRevenue might look like a misspelled name, but you better watch your mouth; this one is the 5th best CPA affiliate Network, according to mThink’s Blue Book.

mThink’s Blue Book is like your Forbes 30 under 30 if you don’t know. It’s a pretty big deal. CrakRevenue knows the market well and has a collection of the best monetization tools out there.

They know to highlight the most interesting opportunities in the affiliate space. If you go to their home page, you will find a ton of exciting niches like gaming, CBD, adult, and whatever else your audience would love.

Seriously check them out. For real, this time.

Sign Up Page: https://www.crakrevenue.com/affiliate/

12. AdCombo

Here is another CPA network with high-paying offers exclusive to this platform. Before I saw these companies, I didn’t know there were so many ways to make yourself stand out.

Just check out how cool their website looks! It has custom superheroes and animations. It’s just all around a lot of fun. Fun is important because it connects us to what our audiences need.

AdCombo also has localized funnels in over 40 different languages. This means that they have unique sales pages for all kinds of major traffic in each CPA opportunity. 

To put it simply, whether you are a website owner or a networker through social media, you can focus on directing traffic, and AdCombo will make all the conversions for you!

They will also assign you an individual affiliate manager and give you access to offers in over 12 different niches!

Sign Up Page: https://adcombo.com/publisher/

13. TerraLeads

The last network might have some exclusive offers, but this one has it all in one place. It is another global network, but this one operates in 101 countries. 

TerraLeads has another similarity to the one before; it also has localized creatives for each geo. The company is truly international, though, with call centers in each location with native speakers.

You will get a personal affiliate manager here plus a discount on partner services. All on top of real-time tracking functionalities.

The call centers are great for conversions, and testing what you have to sell should be important to you.

That’s right, being a global hub, you can find more opportunities than just CPA here, although that is their signature. The company is massive, though. 

It even offers its own crypto called T-coins to publishers, who can exchange them for electronics, vehicles, and even a helicopter, apparently. That’s kind of insane.

Sign Up Page: https://terraleads.com/

14. Mundo Media

We’ve seen so many CPA networks with countless offers, programs, and ways to earn on them. But how do they know to start such hardcore guerilla marketing tactics?

Are all of them run by marketing geniuses who just know about these strategies?

Not at all. Most companies don’t think to offer CPA programs for generating leads. That’s where companies like Mundo Media come in. 

This California-based company helps any and all kinds of businesses find affordable and effective advertising solutions at a fraction of the cost. 

They are experts that help companies figure out the perfect audience for them and give them ways to reach and convert them systematically. Reach out to them, and they might connect you with useful businesses.

Another great option for business people in America.

Sign Up Page: https://mundomediagroup.com/

15. Glize

This global CPA network with exclusive offers is very tech-oriented. Glize emphasizes its focus on data-driven strategies with its proprietary Adserver and traffic management technology.

If you are a ner… ah, I mean, if you love data, then you will fall head-over-heels for this one. I mean, numbers make my head spin, and even I can appreciate the ingenuity of this platform.

When Glize says its traffic management systems are data-driven, it means that you can see everything, down to every minute detail, about how your traffic is behaving. 

Where they are from, who they might be, and most importantly, how they behave on the sales page. It redirects non-converting users to exclusive offers, keeps you safe from fraud, and shows you everything in between.

This means that with Glize, you can make more money, with the same traffic, with just smarter optimization and total utilization. I might have never seen something so impressive before. This one is a no-brainer.

Sign Up Page: https://www.glize.com/

16. ClickDealer

To sign up for ClickDealers CPA offers, you need to first go through their vetting process and get accepted. After that, you have full access to thousands of different CPA offers for all kinds of audiences.

Their team works to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your audiences by figuring out where they want to go and getting them there without any danger from malware or viruses. 

If your audience is satisfied, then you stay monetized. Make use of ClickDealer’s team of expert managers who want to help you get through any optimization challenges.  

Choose from a range of different business models, or just stick to CPA. Their highest-performing niches are gambling, downloads, mobile subscriptions, dating, and e-commerce. Pick the best one for you.

Sign Up Page: https://www.clickdealer.com/signup/

17. Mobooka

Mobooka is the leading CPA network in five major niches, with offers that are available in 121 different countries. When we talk of niches, there are very specific networks and a bit more focused ones.

This platform lets you find CPA opportunities in the business, diet, e-commerce, health, and beauty niches. Just like dr.cash, except without the anxiety-inducing medical stuff, with a healthy sprinkle of business on top.

Ripe for the taking and ready to go. Try this out for business and fitness-related audiences. 

Sign Up Page: https://mobooka.com/

18. Commission Factory

We’ve all heard of Commission Factory. If you haven’t, let me introduce you. It’s an Australian Affiliate Network that is partnered with Awin. 

You can find big names like Skechers, Puma, Samsung, Airbnb, Virgin AUS, and more here. The platform doesn’t limit itself to lead generation either. You can decide to double down and start earning from sales at any point.

It’s a popular network with a respectable market share, and if you have built enough credibility with your audience to warrant sales from your recommendations, you can earn a lot more than just CPA.

Of course, you can find CPA options here as well. On average, an affiliate can expect to earn about $8 from 2500 clicks and a 2% conversion rate. It’s cool that they share that on the signup page.

Makes them seem legit to me, at least.

Sign Up Page: https://www.commissionfactory.com/affiliate-tour

19. Admitad

This one has worked with brands like Shien, Adobe, and Flipkart. The best thing about the website is how well the layout is for anyone to find the perfect solution. 

Whether you are looking to monetize your YouTube channel, earn from mobile apps, or get instant payouts, they have all the options laid out neatly, and you can find your solution easily. Admitad is owned by a company called Mitgo.

The company transforms smart ideas into scalable businesses and started Admitad in 2009 in Germany. Some benefits you will find here are cross-device tracking, multi-channel access to global brands, and flexible payments.

Affiliates are also given the latest industry news and market insights for their own long-term strategy and growth. They want you to succeed in your ventures.

Sign Up Page: https://www.admitad.com/affiliate-publishers/

20. Zeydoo

Zeydoo is a performance marketing agency with over 1,000 CPA offers. They have curated a selection of highly effective CPA offers that they believe in based on their years of experience.

You can find all kinds of different advertisers and niches here as well. The platform has also won multiple awards for its performance. More than a website, this is a high-tech digital ecosystem with sophisticated AI-powered tools.

Efficient technology is the number one factor that gives you the edge in online advertising, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser. 

Increase your revenue by being smarter in your advertising at all times, and consider what Zeydoo has to offer to help you achieve that goal more easily.

Sign Up Page: https://zeydoo.com/affiliate/

21. Toro Advertising

I know we got a little sidetracked from the CPA focus, so let’s come back to it now that everyone has some options to consider. Toro Advertising is a dedicated CPA network with tons of offers.

There are ways to earn from surveys, games, apps, and more here. You will find tools to plug into and monetize your website, exclusive offers, and high earnings from their direct deals with advertisers.

Be in touch with your own account manager for support, and enjoy Toro’s optimization tools and advanced targeting to find your niche and succeed.

Sign Up Page: https://toroadvertising.com/en/

22. Adsterra

These last two are the leading platforms used by countless people and have a great reputation in the market. Adsterra offers a wide range of tools for all kinds of advertiser, publisher, and affiliate needs. 

They run a massive ad network that provides innovative and efficient ways for people to monetize their traffic. Like popunder windows, those ads that seem to open in a new tab out of nowhere and run in the background.

They also have an exclusive network of CPA offers trusted by many advertisers. The niches that work best on their platform for CPA are gaming, VPNs, software, utility, antiviruses, finance, and sweepstakes.

Sign Up Page: https://adsterra.com/cpanetwork/

23. Perform [cb] (previously Clickbooth)

This one is widely hailed as the #1 CPA network worldwide, which was made by integrating three CPA networks in 2020, including Clickbooth. 

They take an omnichannel approach to fulfill their client’s needs in the most resourceful and strategic ways possible. Perform [cb] has developed an outcome engine that serves as an effective customer generation tool for advertisers worldwide.

The patented technology has allowed the company to change the marketing landscape altogether. Talk about innovation! Big brands like Walmart and LendingTree have trusted this platform to generate more business for them over the years.

Perform [cb] has been awarded as the best performance marketing tool, and its tiered incentive structure for publishers is a big reason behind it. You heard that right; it sounds like ka-ching!

Sign Up Page: https://www.performcb.com/


Let me give you a summary to make it easier to find the right network for you:

  • dr.cash at #1 is the only niche-focused Network with exclusive health and beauty CPA offers.
  • Then we have other dedicated CPA networks with exclusive offers in multiple niches at #2, 8, 9, 10, 16, & 21.
  • #7, 11, 18, 19, 22, & 23 are your most popular, high-performing, and award-winning global CPA affiliate marketing platforms.
  • That leaves us with three more categories: Firstly, #5 and 14 that deal with networking for business people and service providers.
  • Secondly, #3, 4, & 6 that focus on CPA offers for mobile platforms like Android and iOS.
  • And finally, #10, 12, 13, 15, & 20 that are performance marketing agencies with a commitment to excellent technological solutions.

Hopefully, that was a helpful resource for you to start developing multiple streams of income through these online opportunities and attain financial freedom!

Check out this article to find out more about CPA, if you still have your doubts.

Anirudh Gitai.- SB Digital Writer/Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

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