9 Best ESL Affiliate Programs (Exciting Payouts!)

As per our knowledge, English is the most used (spoken) language in the world. Even the data blacked by World Economic Forum states that English is the dominant language with 1.5 billion speakers. 

If you are a blogger or make any type of content that is related to the language learning niche, ESL affiliate programs would definitely suit you. 

ESL stands for English as a second language, promote these programs and get high commissions from well-known companies and institutes.

Let’s find them out?!

1. e Teacher Affiliate Program

The educational institution has been in the picture for the last twenty years, and now, thousands of alumni, a global staff of more than 850 employees, and re-enrolling students as a result of this.

Today e Teacher has developed into one of the top global online schools for students, where everyone can learn from the best faculty!

You can enter their affiliate program for free by filling out the signup form (you can get its directly from the official website)

The partner program also gives you access to the best marketing resources created by their creative studio as well as different style and size banner options in more than five languages for all of the courses.

(I mean, customized materials are good to attract more audience, isn’t it?)

Other benefits for the partners include- Real-time tracking of your impressions, clicks, leads, and sales, Earning up to three hundred dollars per sale (commission offered), and a tier program that allows you to profit from affiliate referrals’ sales!

Company Page: https://www.eteachergroup.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://affiliates.eteachergroup.com

Commission Rates:  Up to $300

Cookie Duration: Not listed

2. English Class 101 Affiliate Program

With more than 1600 audio and video lessons, English Class 101 offers online lessons and vocabulary tools for language learners. 

The mobile app (by the company) allows users to learn from wherever they are, and each lesson includes a PDF with thorough notes.

People who want to test out the program before making a purchase can do so with this company’s free 7-day trial offer. 

There are three paid membership options for English Class 101 as well, with prices ranging from $8 to $47 monthly. 

This place offers its affiliate marketers all the promotional materials they might need, and other advantages are-

  • Links and banners
  • Free joining
  • Lifetime cookie
  • In-house affiliate program (easy communication!)
  • Twenty-five percent commission rate
  • The affiliate management team for your

Now, this program appeals to me, and if it does to you as well, sign up from the link I have given below.

Company Page: https://www.englishclass101.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://englishclass101.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 25%

Cookie Duration: Lifetime

3. Rocket Languages Affiliate Program

Rocket Language is different from other language coaching or institutions because it believes in teaching students; the language and culture first to understand its importance. 

Other than its unique approach, this place also offers lifetime access to the courses you have purchased. 

You can return to your courses with Rocket Languages anytime and still have complete access. Additionally, you will receive free access to all updates and changes that the institute is making!

Depending on how many sales you generate on ClickBank, you might earn commissions of up to seventy percent (This is more than the reasonable rate I have seen in a while!).

The official website has a guide for you that will teach you how to join the program; follow that with the help of the link given; you will also get a cookie period of sixty days!

Company Page: https://www.rocketlanguages.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://affiliate.rocketlanguages.com

Commission Rates: Up to 70%

Cookie Duration: 60 days  

4. British Council Affiliate Program

This is another English language learning class on this list of affiliate programs.

It is one of the best institutes out there; it is also giving twenty percent off to all its customers right now!

They have world-class English experts from different nations of the world, and the classes have variations; you can take one on one classes or group classes (based on your comfort level!)

These online classes are available for you 24*7, which means complete flexibility to learn as per your time schedule. 

Regarding its affiliate program, British Council has a recurring commission of up to a hundred pounds (per transaction or sale, of course, by the partner!).

You will also get to choose several courses and plans to recommend to your audience (based on your interest!)

Here the signing up process is easy, just like others, but you will be approved after screening (that means your followers, brand, and audience will be analyzed before you are accepted!)

Once you are done with all these, then you can start earning with British Council!

Company Page: https://englishonline.britishcouncil.org

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://englishonline.britishcouncil.org/affiliate-marketing-programme

Commission Rates: Up to 100 Pounds

Cookie Duration: Not listed 

5. English Tutor Online Affiliate Program

English Tutor Online was established in 2005, and since then, it has been assisting people in learning natural, everyday English quickly. 

You can learn from anywhere in the world with the ETO professional via any video call software. The instructors are skilled online teaching professionals from the United States with solid teaching backgrounds. 

The firm is seeking partners from a variety of industries, including individuals, web-based enterprises, travel agencies, educational institutions, employment & recruiting agencies, physical English language schools offering online courses, non-governmental organizations, international movers, and many more types of businesses & organizations.

If you are one of them, simply book a consultation (it is free) with ETO and get a partner’s ID Via email(you can start working after that!)

Promotion of any ETO products will get you up to five percent of the revenue the company earns from your referral (You will get your commission till the customer remains with ETO!)

Company Page: https://www.englishtutoronline.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here

Commission Rates: Up to 5%

Cookie Duration: Not listed

6. 17-minute languages affiliate program

The 17 Minute Languages program helps you learn a new language in as little as 17 minutes daily (sounds a little skeptical, right?!). 

But they claim that they have developed a special teaching technique that makes it easy to pick up the language and start having conversations right away.  

They provide various languages (both big and small) and have already sold more than 500,000 courses (I find it trustworthy now!). 

They maintain their software, which has been updated for 2020; on every operating system, it includes Windows, Mac, Linux, and portable electronics like smartphones and tablets. 

This institution credits its affiliates for their success and looking for more partners to join; that’s why the process is simple. You fill out a form then they register you immediately!

You get access to

  • Internal partner site
  • Permanent affiliate assistance 
  • Complete statistics
  • Up to Forty percent of profitable income (commission rate) 
  • Sharing of marketing tactics
  • Tips & strategies for maximizing your online sales (because the business has been in this industry since 1997!)

Company Page: https://www.17-minute-languages.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.17-minute-languages.com/en/become-affiliate

Commission Rates: Up to 40% 

Cookie Duration: Not listed

7. Really Learn English Affiliate Program

Really Learn English is an online store (for learning the English language!).

For English teachers and students worldwide, they specialize in creating stories, exercises, worksheets, tests, textbooks, and workbooks. 

The company’s motto is “Excellent results and motivated students come from effective teaching plus engaging and enjoyable lessons.” 

Every resource is digital, available for download, and print-ready. You may quickly, conveniently, and successfully prepare for practically any lesson by using them.

If you are interested in earning passive income, tell your audience about the Real Learn English resources and make money (in the form of a commission) simultaneously.

The company offers a thirty percent commission rate for every sale made through your affiliate link (you will get this link after joining the partner program, as of now, you must have noticed that every institute has the same rule about joining).

For example, if A series of books costs forty-eight dollars, you can get 14.40 dollars for each qualified sale (I hope I made it clear to you!)

The amount due will be paid on a monthly basis, and the referral period you will get is thirty days (meaning, your referral has the time of thirty days to make a sale from the first time they clicked on the link).

Company Page: https://store.really-learn-english.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here

Commission Rates: 30% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

8. Rosetta Stone Affiliate Program

Rosetta Stone, Inc. is committed to transforming people’s lives through the power of language learning. It has been doing that for more than 25 years now!

The company’s cutting-edge digital solutions promote excellent learning outcomes for motivated students, whether they are at home, in school, or at work.

The website gives real-time lessons and even offers classes through a mobile application.

Everything you need to know about English is covered, including grammar and pronunciation ( I found this page as one of the most trustworthy English learning institutes!)

Let me also tell you about its affiliate program because that is the reason you came here-

The class’s price range starts from as low as seven dollars and goes up to 199 dollars; the payment is made monthly, and the cookie length is twenty days for all the affiliates.

The partners also get links and banners to promote the courses and earn up to a ten percent commission rate after the sale. 

Company Page: https://www.rosettastone.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here

Commission Rates: Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 20 days 

9. Mondly Affiliate Program

The last company on this list is Mondly, one of the innovative language-learning platforms. It has more than 100 million downloads all over the world!

The app has daily lessons, support to talk to for your fluency, and more than 100 languages (to make it easy for you to learn a new language!)

Both CJ and Avangate manage the affiliate program of this institute, and these networks are known to be the best in the affiliate industry because of their smooth usage.

As an affiliate, they will offer you a thirty percent commission rate after you make them sales through the unique links provided. The in-house affiliate manager is always available for you (in case you have any doubts!)

You will also get a complete marketing kit (promotional assets) to make your work easy and fast by the company; with a high conversion rate, I believe it will be easy for you to attract more customers with a referral period of one hundred and twenty days!

Choose any preferred platform and sign up to be their partner!

Company Page: https://www.mondly.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://get.mondly.com/affiliate

Commission Rates: 30% on the sales

Cookie Duration: 120 days  

In Conclusion

Lastly, I would add that all the affiliate programs are good in their own way, but you should always look for the policies before joining, as companies with high payouts may charge you for registration or take more than a month to pay.

If this is acceptable to you, then please go for it!

What I meant to say is to look for the partner’s programs that equally benefit you, as it is for the brand.

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