37 Best Automotive Affiliate Programs (To Make You $$$!)

I might not drive a lot of cars, but I can appreciate the love people have for them. Personally, I just drive an automatic two-wheeler, or a scooter, as I call it. Yet I still have a license because knowing how to drive is just one of those things.

It’s like swimming, playing an instrument, or knowing a second language. Vehicles can open up so many things for people, and driving is an activity loved by everyone who does it correctly (for the most part).

Transport is not only fundamental to our survival, being the foundation of our supply chain, but it also allows us to travel and get away from it all. 

People are crazy about their cars, there are entire communities of bikers that run stronger than blood, and I’m sure you’ll find a huge amount of people obsessed about every vehicle in between.

I write all about affiliate marketing and have been thinking about online communities of motorheads and engine hearts.

So why not take a look at the kind of affiliate marketing opportunities present in verticals related to automotive?

Let’s take a look at all the best options!

Best Automotive Affiliate Programs

  1. Edmunds Affiliate Program
  2. AutoCheck Affiliate Program
  3. AutoPartsWAY Affiliate Program
  4. AutoAnything Affiliate Program
  5. Turner Motorsport Affiliate Program
  6. RevZilla Affiliate Program
  7. Twisted Throttle Affiliate Program
  8. Motorcycle Gear Superstore Affiliate Program
  9. BTO Sports Affiliate Program
  10. Troy Lee Designs Affiliate Program
  11. Orion Powersports Affiliate Program
  12. RV Life Pro Affiliate Program
  13. American Motorcyclist Association Affiliate Program
  14. Juiced Bikes Affiliate Program
  15. Muc-Off Affiliate Program
  16. Viking Bags Affiliate Program
  17. British Motorcycle Gear Affiliate Program
  18. Enel X Way Affiliate Program
  19. Simply EV Affiliate Program
  20. HyreCar Affiliate Program
  21. Vvolt Affiliate Program
  22. Budget Rental Car Affiliate Program
  23. DriveNow Rental Affiliate Program
  24. MotoSport Affiliate Program
  25. Dirt Bike Africa Affiliate Program
  26. Fun Bikes Affiliate Program
  27. mph club Affiliate Program
  28. Chrysler Affiliate Program
  29. Stinger Off-Road Affiliate Program
  30. Discover Cars Affiliate Program
  31. Chemical Guys Affiliate Program
  32. Car Keys Express Affiliate Program
  33. Vicarious Magazine Affiliate Program
  34. Auto+ Performance Affiliate Program
  35. Throtl Affiliate Program
  36. JEGS High Performance Affiliate Program
  37. VIP Cars Affiliate Program

1. Edmunds Affiliate Program

Starting off with a few options for people looking or buy or sell cars. This one is a great option for people who do reviews for passenger vehicles aimed at prospective buyers. 

Edmunds has been around for over 50 years, and their website is a trustworthy place for your audience to buy the perfect new or used cars for them. They can also get an appraisal of their car and find car reviews.

They are the car experts who literally get in the driver’s seat to show you how each car performs on the road through in-depth video reviews and their annual Top-Rated Awards.

The Edmunds Affiliate Program offers you a commission on each lead you send their way with monthly payouts. The desired action is the submission of a new car form or a request for a Price Promise Certificate online.

Check them out through the link below.

Niche: Buying & Selling Cars

Company Page: https://www.edmunds.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.edmunds.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rate: Not Disclosed

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. AutoCheck Affiliate Program

Buying a car can be a big task, especially when you are looking for the best deal possible. Let’s be honest, most people can’t afford to buy one straight off the showroom floor and look to the second-hand market instead.

AutoCheck can help make the exchange go smoother with their vehicle history services. Buyers just need to procure the vehicle identification number (VIN) or US license plate for their potential car, and they can find a full history.

This is a crucial step when buying second-hand because you never know what the seller is pushing until you get the vehicle checked by a third party. AutoCheck also has dealerships and can offer a pre-checked second-hand car.

Their affiliate program also benefits from their brand name and dependable services. They have not mentioned any details like commission rates or referral windows, but I’m sure they can make it worth your while.

If your online presence focuses on the buying and selling of vehicles, this can be a great company to affiliate with.

Niche: Vehicle History Services

Company Page: https://www.autocheck.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.autocheck.com/vehiclehistory/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

3. AutoPartsWAY Affiliate Program

AutoParts Canada was started to provide top-quality auto parts at rock-bottom prices. They ship across the country, and most orders are delivered within 1-2 days. The parts are shipped directly from warehouses.

That’s how they are able to offer the best prices. Many people like to modify and repair their own cars and would love to have an affordable supplier. If you are in the modification or mechanic niche, you need to check this one out.

The affiliate program offers you a five percent commission, and an average order on this website costs around two hundred Canadian dollars. This might not be the incentive structure, but their focus is on affordability.

A great option if you have a Canadian audience interested in automotive.

Niche: Auto Parts Store (Canada)

Company Page: https://www.autopartsway.ca/

Sign Up Page: https://www.autopartsway.ca/affiliates/

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

4. AutoAnything Affiliate Program

Mechanics aren’t the only people who order things for their cars. You don’t have to be a modder or a grease head to want to invest more in your vehicle. In fact, we all want to get the most out of our purchases.

That’s why companies like AutoAnything are so great. The store is a one-stop shop for all kinds of automotive needs. Whether one needs a whole new car, a floor mat, or an exterior part like a bike rack, this store has it all.

To be fair, this is one of the few companies that are offering a flat-out percentage-based commission on entire vehicles. As you might imagine, such an opportunity can be more than lucrative.

Ther affiliates have earned over $4,000 per month because of their high AOV. You can also earn between four to six percent commissions with a month-long referral window by joining this one. 

Join this one fast while the opportunity still lasts.

Niche: Car Dealers & Parts

Company Page: https://www.autoanything.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.autoanything.com/affiliate-programs

Commission Rate: 4-6%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Turner Motorsport Affiliate Program

Bavarian Motor Works, also known as BMW, is a legendary automotive company that used to make aircraft motors and then motorcycles. All their vehicles have a signature style and garner worldwide recognition.

Will Turner started Turner Motorsport as a premium supplier of performance gear for BMW vehicles. The company has made its mark on the professional racing world and is an authorized partner of the brand.

If your audience can appreciate these machines, you should tell them about this website. The store has all kinds of premium parts, including exhausts, cooling systems, suspension, engine software, and much more.

The affiliate program offers you a 30-day cookie duration to make conversions, and you can make use of Rakuten’s tracking functionalities by signing up. Find out more through the link below.

Niche: BMW Performace Gar

Company Page: https://www.turnermotorsport.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.turnermotorsport.com/t-partner-with-tms

Commission Rate: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. RevZilla Affiliate Program

The next part of the list focuses on affiliate marketing opportunities for bikers and people who are interested in monetizing their online presence in this niche. This is also the best-looking website on the list thus far.

RevZilla aims to provide the best possible shopping experience to bike enthusiasts both in its stores and online. Ever since their start in 2007, they’ve won multiple awards, broken plenty of records, and kept thousands of riders safe and sound.

Never underestimate the power of branding and attractive graphics, as their website was able to convince me to put them on this list easily. Your referrals would also be likely to trust RevZilla.

This affiliate program offers you a seven percent commission with a two-week cookie duration. The website sells gear, apparel, parts, and accessories, just to give you an idea.

Niche: Motorcycle Superstore

Company Page: https://www.revzilla.com/

Sign Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rate: 7%

Cookie Duration: 14 days

7. Twisted Throttle Affiliate Program

Moving up the biker’s wishlist, we have Twisted Throttle next. This one is a hardcore bike gear store that offers a comprehensive range of ultra-high-quality kits, gadgets, and motorcycle gear.

Your audience can find headlights, backpacks, mudguards, chain protectors, repair kits, and frame benders here, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I always wondered where all those cross-country riders got those cool frames from…

The bike enthusiasts you send here can also find cool apparel and discounts on this website. It’s a bona fide toy store for all forms of biker folk. The owner has a cool story too, and the company makes its own gear.

Their affiliate program might be offering you the best deal thus far. You can earn a solid nine percent commission within a month-long referral window by promoting Twisted Throttle to your audience. 

Niche: Bike Kits & Parts

Company Page: https://twistedthrottle.com/

Sign Up Page: https://twistedthrottle.com/affiliate-home/

Commission Rate: 9%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Motorcycle Gear Superstore Affiliate Program

You might prefer to go with that last option for their commission rates and wide selection, but you should check out all the companies before deciding. This store focuses exclusively on biker merch for the rider.

Motorcycle Gear Superstore is quite a mouthful, and I’m not a huge fan of how their website looks either. Still, many urban riders would love some of the cool biker gear on this website that looks right out of the Sons of Anarchy set.

The store has gloves, T-shirts, jackets, hats, sunglasses, and rain protection, just to name a few. In fact, they also have boots and pretty much an A to Z collection of “how to look like a biker.”

The affiliate program offers you a commission structure that can earn you between four to eight percent on each sale, depending entirely on how much business you are able to rake in. 

A great program for hardcore biker communities that love choppers, Harleys, and everything related.

Niche: Biker Apparel, Gear & Accessories

Company Page: https://www.motorcyclegear-superstore.com/

Sign Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rate: 4-8%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

9. BTO Sports Affiliate Program

It’s important to consider that there are all kinds of automotive lovers out there. Motor vehicles are quite a broad category with various different groups of people in it. Everyone likes a different kind of ride, and this one is quite adventurous.

BTO Sports is a massive brand that has all kinds of gear and apparel for different groups of riders. They have parts and merch for ATVs, Dirt bikes, BMXs, Street, and general adventure. 

From parts like batteries, seats, and filters to merch like jackets, helmets, and fashion, you name it, they’ve got it. What’s more to say, except that their website looks good, and their catalog is quite comprehensive.

BTO Sports’s affiliate program will pay you a five percent commission on each sale made within thirty days of your referral. Their average order value is over $200 as well, which is quite good for this store.

If you are one of those content creators who makes videos of your adventures, why not promote this awesome brand to those you inspire and make some extra cash?

Niche: ATV Supplies

Company Page: https://www.btosports.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.btosports.com/cs/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Troy Lee Designs Affiliate Program

Troy Lee Designs is another brand that’s popular in the motocross world. It has been around for over 30 years and also deals in everything related to mountain bikes. Their products do look better than most.

This website might seem a bit more streamlined compared to the last one and offers you a similar deal. Yet, their designs are unmistakably bold and made to keep thrill-seekers safer at high speeds and perilous adventures.

I mean, who doesn’t want to look good while having fun? 

This affiliate program also pays you a five percent commission within a month-long cookie duration. When comparing this one to others, keep in mind that the AOV is lesser than $150 here since they have more merch and less gear.

Niche: Motorbike Designer Gear

Company Page: https://troyleedesigns.com/

Sign Up Page: https://troyleedesigns.com/pages/avantlink

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Orion Powersports Affiliate Program

We’ve seen so many merch and parts stores that I was wondering where people buy the actual vehicles from in the first place. I wanted to give you guys a comprehensive list of all needs here, which is why I found this awesome company.

Orion Powersports sells much more than merch. They sell all-out pit bikes, dirt bikes, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), On-road Bikes, Scooters, Mini Jeeps, Golf Carts, and even Go Karts. 

On top of that, the store also sells parts, clothes, and merch. Talk about a big catalog! The company is passionate about providing its customers with great prices and cool rides that score high on the capital “FUN factor.”

Looking at their bikes, I’d love to try one myself. This one also offers you a five percent commission with a thirty-day referral window, but as you can imagine, this is actually incredible, considering the products cost considerably more on average.

Everyone loves a good, fun bike, and most people will order one as soon as they see it. Don’t miss out on this one!

Niche: Motorbike Store

Company Page: https://www.orionpowersports.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.orionpowersports.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

12. RV Life Pro Affiliate Program

Bikes are great for spontaneous solo travels, but a lot of people love to invest heavily in family trips. RVs are especially popular in the US, and this company offers services that make camping much more convenient.

RV Life Pro is an app that allows users to plan their trips through GPS. Their platform has an extensive database of the best camping locations across America. 

People can also learn things through videos and masterclasses, connect their RV to check its status, and so much more. Your audience doesn’t need to have an RV either, there are many ways to make use of this app.

Their affiliate program can earn you a twenty-five percent commission with a whopping hundred and eight-day referral window. The plans cost a bit less, though, but this one is still worth checking out.

Niche: Caravan & Outdoors

Company Page: https://rvlife.com/

Sign Up Page: https://affiliates.rvlife.com/affiliates/

Commission Rate: 25%

Cookie Duration: 180 days

13. AMA Affiliate Program

American Motorcyclist Association is a grassroots movement started by motorcyclists to protect their rights and lifestyle. The concept is similar to unionization, the more bikers stick together, the more political power they hold.

AMA is a membership-based organization, and they offer more than just legal protection. Members get access to their magazines, regular updates about events, roadside assistance, and much more.

All bikers in America should really consider being part of this movement. As an affiliate, you will earn a bounty of five dollars each time you refer a new member and half that amount for every renewed membership.

They have mentioned that affiliate links come with tracking functionalities, but they haven’t stated any details about the duration. You might not earn thousands of dollars with this one, but it’s still worth the effort.

Niche: Motorbike Magazine & Membership Organization

Company Page: https://americanmotorcyclist.com/

Sign Up Page: https://americanmotorcyclist.com/ama-affiliate-program/

Commission Rate: $5

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

14. Juiced Bikes Affiliate Program

Now, we are moving into the electric vehicle part of this list. As I said, I tried to cover as many bases as possible, and electric bikes are very hot right now. They are considered green and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Juiced Bikes is a California-based company started by an Olympic High Jumper named Toro Harris in 2009. They are one of the first to direct-to-consumer electric bike brands in the US.

They focus on providing value-optimized, innovative, and high-performing products, and they are able to do so at the best prices. The store has a full range of electric bikes and accessories.

Juiced Bikes’s affiliate program offers you a three to four percent commission within a thirty-day cookie duration. They also provide you with high-quality promo material and a dedicated account manager. 

Niche: Electric Bikes & Accessories

Company Page: https://www.juicedbikes.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.juicedbikes.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 3-4%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

15. Muc-Off Affiliate Program

Muc-Off is a stylish UK motorcycle brand that sells all kinds of essential kits and gear for bikers and cyclists alike. Their signature products are quite interesting, and, at least to me, they inspire outright mischief.

That’s because Muc-Off specializes in cleaning products and portable power washers that… well, get the muck off your sweet ride. It can get annoyingly dirty out there, and their entire catalog matches the rad dirt biker aesthetic.

Safe to say, I like how the great products look. That’s just the start, by the way. This store has tons of other awesome and innovative products, like a No-Puncture Tubeless Sealant and stylish Frame Protectors.

This one can earn you between seven to ten percent commissions. To be precise, you get ten percent commissions on sales of their power washers and a few other products, and the standard rate is seven percent.

Niche: Motorbike Kits & Gear (UK)

Company Page: https://muc-off.com/

Sign Up Page: https://muc-off.com/pages/affiliate-programme

Commission Rate: 7-10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

16. Viking Bags Affiliate Program

All these bikes and gear are great, but how far can a person go without their things? There’s only so much room on a motorbike, and how is a lone rider supposed to carry their luggage in the first place?

As you might have guessed, Viking Bags has got us covered. We have seen bags and luggage before, but this is the world’s largest motorcycle luggage website. They offer a wide selection at the best prices for real quality.

I must admit, their website looks really cool with videos, graphics, and top-notch design. Your referrals can find luggage options based on bike models, and they also have add-on parts like frames and sissy bars.

The Viking Bags affiliate program will pay you a ten percent discount within a sixty-day referral window on an average order value between $20-$200. They have a good conversion rate of 3.5% and 75% repeat customers.

Niche: Bags & Luggage for Motorbikes

Company Page: https://www.vikingbags.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.vikingbags.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

17. British Motorcycle Gear Affiliate Program

British Motorcycle Gear is another store for urban riders whose products are inspired by English & European fashion. It is a small, family-owned business based in New Jersey with over 20 years of experience.

The way I see it, this store offers a different style of apparel and accessories for you to consider. If your audience can appreciate products made from traditional leather and waxed cotton garments by Belstaff, this one is good for you.

Affiliates can earn a basic five percent commission with this one, but the referral window is pretty great at ninety days. Full technical support is also available, and payments are made through PayPal.

Niche: Biker Gear 

Company Page: https://britishmotorcyclegear.com

Sign Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

18. Enel X Way Affiliate Program

Many people believe that EVs are the transport of the future and are investing heavily in them. While searching for affiliate marketing opportunities in this niche, I found that there are many companies that offer related services.

Before, I had believed that EV companies had their own charging solutions, but it turns out there are multiple companies that dedicate their focus to building and selling charging stations.

Enel X Way is the first of these companies on this list. Its affiliate program can earn you ten percent commissions within a referral window of one month. The AOV is $600 for individuals and $1400 for businesses.

As time goes on, EVs will only become more common, and infrastructure like this will become a crucial investment. Sign up with this program to reap benefits from the green energy wave while you still can.

Niche: Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Company Page: https://www.enelxway.com/

Sign Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

19. Simply EV Affiliate Program

Simply EV is an online store that has electric motor vehicles of all kinds by trusted brands like Segway and Bluetran. All their motorbikes and scooter are portable and lightweight.

The website also looks neat and minimalistic. The shop also has safety gear like helmets, gloves, and knee pads. Apparel, accessories, and recreational rides can also be bought here.

Since cameras are becoming increasingly popular for riders, the store has gone above and beyond by partnering with GoPro and other supplementary brands that a rider might be interested in. 

This one offers an eight percent commission with a thirty-day cookie duration. Their AOV is more than $1000. You will also get monthly updates through newsletters, affiliate support from a pro team, and promo stuff like a product feed. 

Niche: EV Store

Company Page: https://www.simplyev.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.simplyev.com/pages/become-an-affiliate

Commission Rate: 8%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

20. HyreCar Affiliate Program

I would imagine that cab drivers are the people that spend the most time driving in the world, second only to truckers. But most people who want to be cabbies probably can’t afford a car of their own.

That’s why HyreCar is doing some great work. It is a car rental platform that has partnered with companies like Uber. Drivers can find a car that meets their needs, submit their documents, and work as cab drivers.

People can hire cars for their own needs as well, and the company is keen on promoting EVs. It might not make drivers a ton of money since they also have to pay the rental, but it’s a good place to start and get experience.

The affiliate program will earn you bounties for every new driver rental and background check done through your referrals. New rentals in major cities like NYE & Baltimore will earn you a hundred bucks.

You can get twenty-five bucks for background checks in the same cities. Anywhere else, it’ll be twenty bucks and ten bucks, respectively, for the desired actions. This one is actually good if your automotive channel can also cover side hustles.

Niche: Car Rental 

Company Page: https://www.hyrecar.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.hyrecar.com/affiliate

Commission Rate: $100-$10

Cookie Duration: Unknown

21. Vvolt Affiliate Program

It feels a bit like I am straying from the automotive niche with this E-bike brand, but technically, it’s still a motor vehicle. That’s what I thought, anyway, when I made this list. Turns out, if it’s below 750W, it’s not really.

But hey, I’ve already featured them, and everyone has to start somewhere. Vvolt can offer your audience a great way to ease into the motorsport world with affordable and accessible rides that look surprisingly good.

Everything about these products is made with convenience in mind. The simplicity and ease of an E-bike can be a stepping stone for kids and are a great gift for when they aren’t old enough to experience a Harley.

Vvolt’s affiliate program offers you a six percent commission on their products that cost $1000 on average.

That’s sixty bucks per sale and a future-proof product that’s easier to sell as a gift than car parts or vehicle history services.

Niche: E-bike Shop

Company Page: https://vvolt.com/

Sign Up Page: https://vvolt.com/pages/affiliate

Commission Rate: 6%

Cookie Duration: Not shared by Vvolt

22. Budget Rental Car Affiliate Program

Moving away from EVs now with a couple more rental services. Here is a car rental option for thrifty people. Budget Rental is committed to living up to its name and has had a reputation for doing so since 1958. 

The website might look a little plain, but you could say that your audience will get what they pay for. People who appreciate the value of money rarely care much for superficial things. Still, it’s not great for conversions.

This company offers all kinds of flexible rental packages to suit the needs of a diverse customer base. I don’t think you need to know much more about this one other than> “affordable car rental.”

Budget Rental’s affiliate program offers a four percent commission to affiliates for the business they generate. Partnerize handles the tracking, and digital assets are also provided for promotional activities.

Niche: Car Rental

Company Page: https://www.budget.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.budget.com/en/programs/affiliates

Commission Rate: 4%

Cookie Duration: N/A

23. DriveNow Affiliate Program

The last website on this list can take some great pointers from this Australian car rental brand on how to make their website look better. This one also guarantees the lowest price possible to its customers.

DriveNow is a vehicle booking website where travelers can compare the prices of cars, RVs, campers, vans, 4-wheel drive, and other types of vehicles from all over the world and take their pick. 

The platform is able to do that by partnering with all the major car rental companies in popular destinations and pretty much anywhere else possible.

DriveNow’s affiliate program can earn you a five percent commission within a thirty-day cookie duration. This is just the starting commission and still the best rental offer I have seen today.

Niche: Car Rental (AUS)

Company Page: https://www.drivenow.com.au/

Sign Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

24. MotoSport Affiliate Program

This company is actually run by riders, for riders, and that’s not just a marketing tagline, by the way. The company video on their About page features the employees leaving their desks to race laps with their own dirt bikes.

It definitely makes me want to add a few things to my bucket list. MotoSport was started in 1999 in Washington State and has been leading the motorbike industry ever since, or “Powersports,” as they call it.

Their website has parts, gear, and accessories for dirt bikes, ATVs, street bikes, cruisers, and UTVs. They even sell E-bikes and clothes, among other things. The website also looks good and is easy on the eyes.

The MotoSport affiliate program can earn you a five percent commission, which is pretty good for these products. It’s hosted on AvantLink and is well-equipped with features like product feeds, banners, links, etc. 

Niche: Powersports Accessories

Company Page: https://www.motosport.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.motosport.com/about/affiliate

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

25. Dirt Bike Africa Affiliate Program

Many people might dismiss African countries for their businesses due to a lack of spending power, but I would say that this program offers one of the best opportunities on this list.

Dirt Bike Africa is an online store started by people who have been riding Honda Dirt Bikes for over 40 years. They started the store since they were unable to find the parts they needed for their own adventures.

Today, the website sells more than just parts. It’s become an online bug for frames, gear, apparel, and complete vehicles. If you target African audiences in relation to automotive, this one can be a goldmine for you.

That’s because you can earn a five percent commission with this affiliate program by signing up through the link below and promoting Dirt Bike Africa using your affiliate links.

Niche: Motorsports Store (Africa)

Company Page: https://dirtbikeafrica.com/

Sign Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not Shared

26. Fun Bikes Affiliate Program

Okay, sure, Africa is a great market to sell bikes in, but what if your audience is somewhere else? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you if your online presence targets people in Europe.

Fun Bikes is a comprehensive online store for all kinds of awesome toys and motor vehicles that’ll give people a good reason to go outdoors.

They’ve got scooters, dirt bikes, quad bikes, go-karts, safety gear, and clothing. I’ve added these motorbike affiliate programs because these are way more likely to sell online than bigger vehicles that cost more.

People will likely go to a physical store and have a test drive for those, whereas these ones might sell like hotcakes.

This one can earn you a seven percent commission within a whopping ninety-day cookie duration, making this the new best offer on the list.

Niche: Motorbike & ATV Store

Company Page: https://www.funbikes.co.uk/

Sign Up Page: https://www.funbikes.co.uk/affiliates

Commission Rate: 7%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

27. mph club Affiliate Program

Whenever people think of a dream car, it’s rarely going to be a minivan in most cases. Everyone loves to obsess over Lambos, Roles Royales, and MacLarens. Their flashy luxury turns heads and screams status.

If your online activity focuses on these shiny toys for big boys (& girls), you might like mph club’s website. mph club is an exotic car rental company that works with celebrities, influencers, athletes, and artists.

You don’t have to worry, though, as these guys give everyone the opportunity to experience their dream cars every single day, and they absolutely love doing it. That’s why anyone can join their affiliate porgram.

Since the rental rates tend to vary quite wildly, and they like to deal with things on a case-to-case basis, mph club has not disclosed any of the details about their affiliate program.

If this company feels like a right fit for your audience, you should really sign up through the link below, and I’m sure they will make it worth your while.

Niche: Luxury Car Rental

Company Page: https://mphclub.com/

Sign Up Page: https://mphclub.com/exotic-car-rental-affiliate-program/

Commission Rate: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Not available

28. Chrysler Affiliate Program

This is a good opportunity for a lot of people in the US to potentially get a little discount when they buy their own dream car.

This one won’t earn you any money as an affiliate, but you can earn some goodwill with your audience.

I am talking about the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) affiliate program. FCA owns or is affiliated with a few major car brands like Alfa Romeo, RAM, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, and Jeep.

The program allows employees of big companies to get a one percent discount while purchasing a vehicle from any of these brands. 

If anyone in your audience works for one of the thousands of eligible companies, that include The Home Depot, UPS, AT&T, Marriott, & Bank Of America, they can get a one percent discount while leasing or purchasing a car from the Chrysler Group.

Adding this to your affiliate program is a good way to offer some extra value to your audience and gain their trust.

Company Page: https://www.chrysler.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.fcausaffiliates.com/

Commission Rate: Not Applicable

Cookie Duration: Not Applicable

29. Stinger Off-Road Affiliate Program

Stringer Off-Road describes itself as a vehicle infotainment, safety, lighting, & audio equipment store. They sell all kinds of this high-tech equipment based on car models and offer installation videos for each one.

The website looks nice, and just look at the products they have. We can find stereos, amps, sound-deafening material, universal backup cams, suspension systems, step-ups, body armor, and more. 

Their affiliate program will give you two percent commissions on each sale, and they are looking for long-term partners who are fans of the brand. Ideally, you should also own a Jeep, SUV, or Truck.

Niche: Vehicle Equipment Store

Company Page: https://stingeroffroad.com/

Sign Up Page: https://stingeroffroad.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 2%

Cookie Duration: Not Shared

30. Discover Cars Affiliate Program

Discover Cars is another car rental company that offers travelers up to 70% discounts and the best prices.

They are partnered with over 500 different car rental brands across the world, all of whom can be accessed through this website.

Think of this as the car rental company to end all other online rental services for people in your audience all over the world. Car rental programs are especially great if you work in the travel and tourism niche.

You can earn an average of twenty dollars per rental hired by your referrals, and your referrals will be tracked for a generous year-long duration.

That’s a massive window for you to leverage! You also get a dedicated affiliate account manager.

Niche: Car Rental

Company Page: https://www.discovercars.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.discovercars.com/affiliate

Commission Rate: $20

Cookie Duration: 365 days

31. Chemical Guys Affiliate Program

I don’t know if you noticed, and you might have known already, but owning a car can be really expensive! The things cost so much themselves, and people can keep investing in them endlessly to improve theirs.

We’ve already covered most of the big automotive expenses that fewer people are willing to make. Now, let’s look at the tiny expenses that more people would be comfortable with.

Chemical Guys is an awesome brand that sells all kinds of detailing supplies and cleaning kits. Their beautiful-looking website, filled with attractive images, has dozens of products to maintain all kinds of cars.

Their commission structure is a bit nuanced, but you can expect to earn between one to ten percent commissions based on the type of result you deliver within the thirty-day cookie duration. An order is worth around $92 on average.

Niche: Automotive Care Supplies

Company Page: https://www.chemicalguys.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.chemicalguys.com/affiliates-program.html

Commission Rate: 1-10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

32. Car Keys Express Affiliate Program

We’ve all lost our keys at some point or another, and it can be traumatic enough to cause lifelong paranoia.

I remember one time I lost a key, went out to get a replacement, and lost the new one before I reached home to use it. (true story)

Car Keys Express is one of the first websites of its kind that provides key replacement services online. They’ve been doing it since 2006 and have constantly invested in the latest tech to keep up with new models.

The company offers a few different ways for customers to get their keys. They can simply take a picture through the app, select their vehicle, and have an extra key mailed to them. 

“What if they don’t have a key?” you might ask. Well, Car KEys Express has technicians available in thousands of neighborhoods in the US and a retail presence in major stores with key replacement products.

They offer affiliates a ten percent commission on their products that cost around $70 on average.

Niche: Online Key Replacement

Company Page: https://carkeysexpress.com/

Sign Up Page: https://carkeysexpress.com/affiliate

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

33. Vicarious Magazine Affiliate Program

Vicarious is an Auto, Moto, & Travel magazine that’s driven to explore heart-pounding adventures around the world and put its readers in the front seat while doing it. 

The website itself is designed to look like an auto magazine, an apt choice for its online counterpart. While the journalism company writes all kinds of pieces, reviews, road tests, first drives, and comparisons are a mainstay.

They also have a whole section of the website dedicated to electric vehicles, a hot topic in the auto world. The magazine can be issued physically or bought digitally and follows a 4-issue annual subscription model.

Affiliates can earn between twenty to twenty-five percent commission based on performance by signing up for this one. Magazine subscriptions are great for selling, but the margins are always a bit low.

Niche: Automotive Magazine

Company Page: https://www.vicariousmag.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.vicariousmag.com/affiliate-sign-up/

Commission Rate: 20-25%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

34. Auto+ Performance Affiliate Program

This one is a bit of a deep cut, but we are not one to miss out on opportunities within any particular niche, in fact, the more specific the target audience is, the more potential it has for affiliate marketing, generally speaking.

Auto+ Performance is a B2B company that wants to help automotive companies improve various parts of their businesses. They provide solutions related to marketing, HR, buying, selling, auto repair, and more.

The owner hails from a family of legacy mechanics and knows the industry inside out. She wants to bring more efficiency to other companies in the industry and help them succeed as a business consultant.

You can earn twenty percent commissions by affiliating with this company and promoting them to business-minded motorheads and entrepreneurs. They also give you a ninety-day referral window to sweeten the deal.

Niche: Automotive Business Support

Company Page: https://autoplusperformance.com/

Sign Up Page: https://autoplusperformance.com/affiliate-automotive-marketing/

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

35. Throtl Affiliate Program

If you are a content creator targeting the automobile modding community, I’ve got the best opportunity for you right here. Throtl is just a bunch of car guys looking to make the life of other motorheads easier.

I have to give credit to them for designing the best-looking, most jaw-dropping, and stunning website on this entire list.

Looks matter a lot because, like it or not, as far as most people are concerned, what you see is what you get.

Throtl is essentially a modder’s paradise and the ultimate one-stop shop for all kinds of premium performance auto parts for cars and trucks.

Folks who modify their vehicles tend to be quite the shopaholics, so don’t sleep on this one.

Folks who sign up can earn five percent commissions on sales of all the products within a thirty-day cookie duration. They can also choose from a variety of high-quality banners and creatives.  

Niche: Automotive Marketplace

Company Page: https://throtl.com/

Sign Up Page: https://throtl.com/pages/throtl-affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

36. JEGS High Performance Affiliate Program

Modification might be a big part of the automotive culture with a passionate community, but professional racing is the ultimate motherload.

This company has its roots in the racing world, stretching back to the 1960s.

JEGS High Performance is all about excellent customer service. People can buy even the most high-performance gear from a hundred different places, but when talking to JEGS, they are talking to the garage.

That’s because their mail-order business is based on on-call consultations by actual mechanics working as customer service sales professionals on the side. They also have a price match guarantee, which is very reassuring.

Unfortunately, the affordable prices leave lesser room for affiliate marketers to profit. You can only earn between one to three percent commissions within a ten-day cookie duration.

Niche: Auto & Racing Parts

Company Page: https://www.jegs.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.jegs.com/AffiliateMarketing

Commission Rate: 1-3%

Cookie Duration: 10 days

37. VIP Cars Affiliate Program

Saving the best car rental company for last, VIP Cars is another company that’s very similar to other ones we have seen on this list, with one major difference: the affiliate program.

Other than that, they follow a similar business model by partnering with over 500 other car rental brands around the world to provide ready-to-hire vehicles in over 20,000 different locations.

The VIP Cars affiliate program is the only car rental program that offers you between fifty to seventy-five percent commissions, which is honestly quite impressive.

If you are going to choose one of these rental options, let it be this one.

Niche: Car Rental (UK)

Company Page: https://www.vipcars.com/

Sign Up Page: https://www.vipcars.com/affiliate

Commission Rate: 50-75%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

In Conclusion

Automotive is a pretty wide niche as it includes everything to do with any kind of motor vehicle. One thing is for sure: people are obsessed with their speed machines and are willing to invest heavily in them.

Whether it’s performance parts for a mechanic, gear for modification, or a sound system for casuals, there are so many things people can spend money on. All that is putting aside the cost of the actual vehicle.

While electric vehicles are definitely on the rise, it is important for you to understand your vertical and its ideal target audience. 

A car rental affiliate program would work for travel and tourism, whereas an auto magazine can be sold to any motor enthusiast. Yet the former has more earning potential than the latter since magazines don’t cost as much.

The most profitable verticals in the automotive niche are small die-hard communities of motorheads that are willing to invest heavily in their hobbies and are searching for the best value for money.

In this context, it’s best to find a cluster of programs around a niche like dirt bikes, choppers, or racing and engage with the relevant community to promote them.

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