6 Popular + Profitable Digital Products To Sell Online In 2024

Looks like you’re interested in digital products, isn’t it?

Selling digital products has become a trend now. Almost everyone wants to sell digital products online to earn amazing passive income, including me.

First of all, what’s up?

Is it really worth it? Is the market saturated?

Well, the answer is; it depends on the niche you choose.

If you go about choosing a very competitive niche/industry, it could be hard. But a relatively less competitive industry would work really well.

So, with that being said, in this post, I’ll share the top 6 digital products to sell in 2024.

Before anything else, I want you to look at the global digital population in the previous year.

That’s huge, right?

More than half of the world’s population is on digital platforms, and it’s only going to increase.

This means, more and more people are likely to be interested in buying digital products too!

It’s a piece of good news if you’re getting into this profitable business.

Now, look at what are the things you can sell to monetize fast.

1. eBooks

eBooks are really becoming more and more popular over the course of time.

More and more people are writing and selling eBooks to make passive cash flow.

It’s an amazing strategy to get started and make your first amount online if you haven’t yet.

Also, people are going to prefer eBooks over paperbacks because no one wants to carry a big book with him to read.

If they have an eBook downloaded, they can literally buzz out their phone and read the downloaded file

I have been fortunate enough to know a lot of people who are making five figures or more just by selling eBooks on various platforms.

There are unlimited topics in this round world, that you can create a pretty engrossing eBook about, share your knowledge and skills with other like-minded people, and make money.

If you want to write an eBook about ‘cat food’, you can do it and sell it, believing that people will be interested in purchasing.

I’ve been a freelance writer for a while, and I know it very well.

Some of the popular platforms you can use to publish your eBooks are;

1. Amazon Kindle

2. iBooks Author

2. Audiobooks

With eBooks, did you know that audiobooks are also killing it?

Well, I guess you do.

I think you yourself must have bought an audiobook someday.

If you haven’t, it’s fine. They’re still going to be popular.

People (including me) love audiobooks. Why? It’s because if you create an audiobook, they can have a listen to it, whenever they want to. Even when they’re taking their dog for a walk.

That’s how powerful audio is. Then why not sell it, right?

You already know that right now, podcasting is popping up. Also, the rising of devices like Google Home, and Amazon Alexa, it’s proven that people are getting attracted to audio.

Also, you must have seen a couple of books on Amazon that are in the audio version. Why do you think they are there?

A simple answer is that audio is going to be the most popular content format in the next couple of years. It’s not just me saying it, but all the big marketers from Gary Vaynerchuk to Neil Patel.

You should definitely try selling audiobooks, to see the results yourself.

Some platforms you can publish audio books are;

1. Audible

2. Google Audiobooks

3. Online Courses

Online courses – I don’t think I have to say anything about it.

You see these gurus out there on YouTube, trying to sell you a thousand-dollar course.

Some are amazing, some are not – but the similarity is that selling online courses works.

If that was not the case, you won’t be seeing these people coming over and over to sell their courses.

According to me, they’re super great. It’s because, when I just got started with marketing, I did it by purchasing online courses.

Now, what I believe is; if I bought an online course, there are millions of other people like me that want to buy as well.

In the past couple of years, selling courses has been at the top of the game.

There are millions of people who want to learn just by staying at home, and if you make it possible for them by providing the best possible solution, you win.

Online courses could be about anything. About fitness, marketing, business, writing, etc.

All you have to do is create a professional step-by-step set of explanatory videos for your users and charge for each person to learn.

Some of my personal favorite platforms to sell online courses are;

1. Udemy

2. ClickBank

4. Software

Software industry has always been popular and received consistent growth.

Either you sold a software five to six years ago, or you sell it now, if you have a helping one, it’ll add up subscribers steadily.

There are many companies and individuals selling software programs that you utilize each and every single day.

Haven’t you ever thought about creating and selling your own?

If you think it’s hard and expensive, I am just going to prove your wrong. Hold on.

So, there are different types of software programs you can have up and running to add clients and subscribers for generating a consistent income.

Just for example, WordPress itself is a software which allows you to build websites.

From a URL shortener like Bitly or a calorie calculator to a keyword research tool like SEMrush, they all fall into the category of software.

Now, the answer to the question you’ve been waiting for so long – how to create software at minimum rates (just $50 or less to $100)?

The answer is CodeCanyon. It is a platform that allows you to buy tools, software, plugins, and more just for a few bucks.

You can buy a tool, pop it up on your site, and start making money right away with this.

Or you can just pay someone to create software if you have the budget.

5. Graphics/Photography

Graphics are in demand in every country and industry for sure.

Just look at this very post. I’ve used a ton of custom graphics and pictures that I paid for.

If you know how to create graphics, themes, and other kinds of designing, you can make it up for sales.

You can create universal graphics and sell them in packets each starting from $20 or so.

Well, the prices are completely up to you.

I’m just suggesting this because this is what we pay for here at Shivansh Bhanwariya Digital.

But one thing is clear, you can monetize your designing.

Designers are free to sell everything from brand logos to presentation themes, art templates, posters, cards, and whatnot.

If you have some experience in creating designs that people like, selling graphics can be worth it.

Even if you don’t have any prior experience, you can learn to design through free tools like Canva.

Now, within the same tool, you’ll find a lot of paid photos as well, that people will be selling.

To find more information on the topic, you can read this amazing article that will clarify your understanding more about selling graphics.

6. Music

Well, I love music a lot since I am a singer myself.

And the cool thing is, in some way or the other, almost every person I’ve met loves music.

It’s no surprise that people are selling their music albums, karaoke sounds, tunes, and tracks – all day, every day.

Definitely, you can make a substantial income selling music.

If you have a strong passion for music, trying selling your songs or tracks won’t be a bad idea at all.

I think you should try!

I don’t actually think I need to tell you something about this product.

So, for those of you don’t know where to sell music, I’m going to list some major platforms;

1. CD Baby

2. TuneCore

3. Airbit

Final Thoughts

Which digital product are you going to sell in 2024 to generate passive cash flow?

Also, where are you planning to publish that product to sell?

If you want specific help, just comment what type of products you’re into and I’ll suggest which platform is going to work best for you.

Also, if you liked this post, or have a suggestion, feel free to share with me and the community.

Happy selling!

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