6 Most affordable sales funnel builders that you should use in 2020.

6 Most Affordable Sales Funnel Builders For Starters In 2020

Sales funnel builders…

Building meaningful and fabulously optimize sales funnels are extremely important for your online business and your overall online presence.

If you have amazingly likable and effective sales funnels, you can literally do anything in the world of the internet. You can sell your physical products, sell your digital products, train your customers, build trust, and get them to buy from you over and over again as long as you want.

They are really powerful to be used for driving more sales and overall revenue for your organization or personal business. Even if you are an affiliate marketer selling other people’s products, using sales funnel can give you a considerable boost.

Hence, in more than simple words, sales funnels can make or break your business. But you see these companies charging thousands of dollars to create funnels and the ones that are not charging, aren’t efficient enough.

So, without any further ado, let me get right into the topic. In this post, I’m going to share with you, 15 most affordable sales funnel builders you can take advantage of in 2020.

1. GetResponse Autofunnel – $49/Month [30-days free]

GetResponse Autofunnel is one of the most powerful and affordable sales funnel, lead funnel, and webinar funnel builder that you want to use in 2020. Unlike other expensive tools, it doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars to get started.

In fact, it doesn’t even cost anything to get started. There are no strings attached, no commitments, and no obligations. You can try Autofunnel entirely free for the next 30 days.

After analyzing millions of funnels out there on the web, GetResponse – the most popular company for email marketing and automation has decided to launch an intuitive, drag and drop funnel builder software that already has shown proven results in the industry.

With Autofunnel, you don’t have to take the pain or stress. All of the hard work is done for you on the backend. Everything you need to do is build your funnels, sit back, relax, and watch your revenue skyrocket.

Well, am I exaggerating it? No way! Then why am I admiring the tool so much?

The reason for it deserves an appreciation is – you don’t have to measure the ROI yourself; they give you social ads creator within the software, you can manage your Facebook ads directly, practice email marketing on the same plan, run your e-commerce store for free, set autoresponders, take advantage of automation, and finally, create beautiful landing pages just for $34.3 or $49/month, according to the length of the plan you decide to choose (yearly/monthly).

In order to build efficient ones, you will have to choose the PLUS plan.

Here’s an introduction video of Autofunnel from GetResponse;

Start the free trial of GetResponse Autofunnel today. Unlike other platforms, they don’t require a credit card. It’s a real free 30-day trial.

2. Simvoly – $59/month [14-days free]

Simvoly was that platform that I personally started with when I was nobody. It’s an all-in-one source for you to build amazing and cool funnels and websites.

They are highly focused on providing the best user experience and customer experience via their features and funnel functioning. With over 13,000 active users, the team and company are rising at scale in 2020.

With simple, drag and drop builder, you find it very easy to build high converting, performing, and engaging things.

They also offer SSL, funnel analytics, A/B testing, and Live support chat. If you are just starting out and specifically looking for a resource to build funnels to sell your low ticket products or even high-ticket ones, I would surely recommend you start off with Simvoly.

Start today as it only costs $59 a month. Also, they have a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, which is a piece of good news.

Just start today, and you are going to love it.

3. ClickFunnels [Recommended] – $97/month

As there is Apple in phones and computers, when it comes to sales funnels, it is ClickFunnels. Yes, I’m very serious right now because this software personally helped me generate my first $10,000 passively, in the pool of distractions.

My team and I have been using ClickFunnels since 2018, and even today, we have zero complaints about the company or software.

Now, do you want to hear something cool?

If you want to succeed with your revenue goals fast, it’s only possible for you using ClickFunnels, whether you are an individual, a business, or an enterprise. The reason being is that they have a bunch of helping events and live webinars to provide you the best possible strategies for growing your traffic, leads, and sales.

Well, why are they doing so?

It’s because, as a funnel building software, your success is their success. If you generate revenue, you are likely to recommend the product to known ones, and gradually, they are going to build a strong customer base.

Oh, I should talk about the features as well, right?

Talking about features, you can build landing pages in minutes with proven templates, set up integrations, sell digital or physical products, create memberships, host webinars, host events, create one-click upsells and downsells, add you own affiliate program(s), create follow-up funnels, set split tests, and track your stats (more features keep on adding).

It’s not just about building funnels; it’s also about getting effective results that you can only expect faster with ClickFunnels.

Even if you have no money, no idea, and no experience at all, you can succeed by following their free training. Right now, they have crossed 90,000 active customers, created over 5 billion funnels, and generated about 4 billion dollars in revenue to their clients. It’s your turn now.

Or, if you directly want to start a 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels, click the button below. A credit card is required.

4. Podia – $79/month [14 Days Free]

You must be thinking why I have mentioned a $79 per month tool in the fourth place, right?

Well, it is because the tool is not as perfect as others are in the range of zero to a hundred dollars. But that doesn’t mean you have to underestimate it.

It’s a fantastic source for you to sell courses, downloads, and another form of digital products. The problem with the tool is that you can’t sell physical products.

But if you are just planning to sell an affiliate product or your own digital things, it’s again an amazing solution for you at an affordable price in the vast competition.

The bonus part about Podia is that it provides a better kit for marketing than others. You can practice email marketing with it, leverage messaging, embed content, use videos, set up affiliate programs, and cross-sell products.

Some cool features include free hosting, custom URLs, language and currency, and add live chat support.

Also, it has already optimized templates that look good on all kinds of devices.

5. Kartra – $99/month [14 Days Trial For $1]

Kartra is again an online platform allowing you to create beautiful yet highly converting sales funnels for your business to grow at a higher rate.

You can set up everything from your lead capture page to the thank you page within minutes and launch your marketing funnels tonight.

So, what are some of the features?

Kartra enables you to create unlimited landing pages, include email sequences, tag leads, plug and play campaigns, and set up integrations easily with a drag and drop builder tool.

Well, what about the pricing?

The prices of the tool start at $99 a month, and it provides the most effective features that you get in other software & tools available on the web.

You also get to enjoy additional domains, integrations and API, and emails and bandwidth.

What I love Kartra for is their refund policy. If you don’t like or face any problems, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your safety.

They don’t have a completely free trial, but you can get a 14-day free trial for $1.

6. Kajabi – $199/month [14 Days Free]

Kajabi has been in the game for a while now. It is in the funnel business for the last nine years or so and processed over a billion dollars in revenue to its clients.

It has over 20,000 active customers presently. Being an all-in-one marketing platform, it has some other cool features than just building sales funnels.

Here are the features they provide – create and sell online courses, create websites, quizzes and surveys, membership websites, landing pages, host webinars, email automation, and integrate with payment gateways.

You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of programming for any of these things. Everything could be done with a simple yet powerful drag and drop builder tool.

Kajabi is a big company and served millions of customers. To be exact, they have served over 400 million consumers.

If you want your revenue to grow with marketing tools around the corner, I would recommend Kajabi to you at all.

They offer a 14-days free trial, and a credit card is required.

These are some powerful and affordable sales funnel builders you, as a beginner or an expert, should be using in 2020 to get more results in your business.

Well, who is the winner?

From my experience, in terms of results and affordability, GetResponse Autofunnel and ClickFunnels win the game.

You can start with any of these two.

Happy funnel building and hacking!

I Hope You Found Something Valuable In This Post. If You Have Any Problems With Building Your Funnels Or Any Other Questions Or Suggestions, Feel Free To Share Down Below In The Comments.

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Why Do You Require Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel are very vital for your business because they work 24/7 for you on an automated system to generate passive revenue.

Why Are Funnels Expensive?

Funnels are expensive because they are hard to build, and many companies are taking advantage of it. But in this post, I’ve mentioned 6 most affordable ones that actually get you results.


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