Top ways to build an email list fast.

How To Build An Email List Fast With Proven Tactics

Building an email list is not a trendy thing but it’s so freaking important for your business to grow at noteworthy speed.


Because it’s still popular and profitable than every marketing channel out there and is not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. Also, once you have that email list…it belongs to you. No one has the right to take it away from you.

On the flip side, if you plan to do social media marketing, search engine marketing, or any other format, you never know what’s going to happen next. Maybe the platforms can change their algorithms and you end up losing everything.

Maybe the site becomes less popular just like Tubmlr…or something else could happen as well.

Basically, you build your house on someone else’s land when don’t utilize email marketing and focus on other channels.

If you have an email list of interest-based people, you’re likely to get the most out of your business and scale your profit to the next level in the marketing era.

But there are a lot of questions I face when new individuals or businesses are curious about building a great email list as quickly as possible.

Taking my time to lay down all the advanced strategies and tips, I’d like to share some amazing ways that teach you to build an email list of potential customers fantastically fast.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Have A Freebie Instead Of Newsletter [If You’re Not Popular]

Those days of free gold are over now. Of course, you can have a newsletter, but if you don’t give anything for free which is valuable, you won’t be able to collect quality emails at scale.

People come across these newsletter forms over hundreds of websites every day if not thousands. When you also leverage the same thing…they won’t be caring at all.

So, to get more targeted people to sign-up for your list, you can (actually you have to) either offer a free guide, an e-book, a cheat sheet, or a free video. Taking this one more extra step can give a huge spike.

Offering something valuable for free can build trust with the audience and encourage them to participate.

And when trust is built, it all becomes easier to crack.

Here’s an infographic to explain the significance of trust being a pivotal factor.

How to build an email list fast with GetResponse. This is an infographic.

2. Start A Quiz

Right now, quizzes are the most prominent ways to scale your email marketing campaign.

Well, what do you think of when someone talks about a quiz?

You find something fun and get excited, right?

That’s what happens with people coming to your site as well.

Whether they’re offline or online, people love doing quizzes. If that’s the case, why won’t you utilize them for building an email list?

Wait, but how exactly…

The answer is pretty simple and straightforward. You can initially create an amazing quiz with the help of quiz builders like Interact – the best quiz builder from my experience (the quiz should not have more than 8 questions), get it live on your website, and when people enroll it…you can ask them for their name and email addresses to send them the results.

With this one simple tactic, you’ll see amazing growth in your marketing.

Here’s an example –

Interact can help you build amazing quizzes.

3. Design Your Content

Great designing can indirectly help you to build an email list fast.

This might seem a piece of random advice to you but works really well for a content site when it comes to capturing emails.

That’s really true!

If you work on your blog’s/site’s (or overall content) designing, it’ll help you in lead collection indirectly.

A strong reason for leveraging great designing in your posts is that it reduces your site’s bounce rate. When that happens, the users stick longer and consume more of your content. While reading or watching, if they find the content very useful, and they see a newsletter option/freebie on the site…chances of signing-up increase vigorously.

I’ve utilized this tactic myself and have seen some great results.

You should too.

For working on designing, I recommend free tools like Canva or Visme.

They’re simply amazing.

4. Use Live Chat

Oh, yes!

You can collect emails by making live chat available on your site.

Installing live chat on your website can help people to connect properly and intentionally. Not only this, email capturing could be also done in the process of chatting and connecting.

How is this possible?

Well, this is possible by making users take an initial step of entering their email address before they can start chatting with you one on one.

How to build an email list fast with integrating live chat on your site.

Or, you can have a bot set-up to do everything.

For example, the bot will ask the name of the person, then the email address to reach out, then the contact number, etc.

Many big brands use this strategy for collecting emails and you can too with live chat software like Tidio.

5. Create A Free Tool [If You Can]

If you have a budget to build a small free tool, you should go about doing it for sure.

That’s the smartest thing you could ever do to grow your mailing list and overall marketing at present.


The reason behind this is because by doing this, you provide free resources to the users which will influence them to be a part of your list.

You can just have one-click Google/Facebook sign-up tabs, LinkedIn autofill options, so that way people can give you their name and email address without taking any troubles.

One of my mentors has created a tool Ubersuggest and he’s nailed it.

Neil Patel's Marketing Tool: Ubersuggest
[Neil Patel]

6. Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook ads have always been profitable to a lot of different businesses already.

With the introduction of their Lead Generation Ads, you can collect all basic contact information easily in a matter of few clicks.

All you need to do is run ads with nice copywriting and creatives, and people will start coming to you.

It’s that effective when done strategically.

Here’s a guide that explains the Lead ads perfectly.

Also, a free tutorial to Lead ads…

7. Exit Popups

You come across these exit popups quite often and might think they’re ineffective.

But the truth is totally different.

If they wouldn’t work that good, you won’t be seeing them all the time.

Sure, I know what I’m talking about.

A test by Neil Patel shows that pop-ups drive 1375% more subscribers.

But the problem or missing piece of the puzzle is creativity…

You can’t just have a popup and be like – “put in your name and email address”.

It’s so vital to get more creative with this.

Instead of bluntly asking for emails, you can ask them a question…

For example – “Do you want to make $10K with affiliate marketing?”

And then what you can do is have to options of yes and no. In the yes part, simply asking people to sign-up will work. But if they choose no, you can be like – “Okay, tell me what to teach you personally. Give your best email address for me to reach out.”

That’s the key.

The more creative you are, the better.

To get good at popups and create amazing ones from proven templates, I recommend you going after GetResponse.

It’s an amazing tool to work things out perfectly.

Bonus Video To Building Your List Fast:

These are the seven trendy ways you can build your email list fast with minimum work required. That’s that!

This is how to build an email list to drive business.

Here’s an extra video from my friend Wes that explains the scene of email marketing presently (once you have the list).

Happy list building!

How to build an email list fast – answered.


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