45 Ways To Make $1000 A Week Online (Hand-Picked)

Goals can be a very powerful thing. They allow us to focus on something for extended periods of time.

Almost everybody in the world manages to make a living, from beggars on the street to salarymen out of college.

Yet only a small percentage is able to break free from their circumstances and actually reach a better place in life.

Money might not buy you happiness, but it can get rid of 98% of your causes of suffering. So why do most people never get past scraping by for a living? They get exactly what they set out to do. 

Getting richer is a much better goal, but it still isn’t precise enough to make a plan around. It’s too vague. Well, what if you aimed, planned, and worked your way to $1000 a week?

After doing a ton of research and scouring the internet thoroughly, I found a ton of super cool ideas that can help you reach that halfway point to freedom!

With some patience and dedication, I’m sure you can find one that suits you. 

What You Need To Earn $1000 A Week 

Let’s get on the same page before we begin with the list. There are a few things that I think you need to have before you can expect to earn $1000. 

If you don’t have any of these, no sweat! I’m sure you can figure out something that will work for you without them.

Still, it would help if you could arrange the following some time in the future before you set out to earn $4,000 a month.

  • Native, Bilingual, or Full Professional Proficiency in the English language. We will be focusing on opportunities in the English-speaking world as there is a lot of money to be made here, in my opinion.
  • A decent laptop or personal computer with a good internet connection. You can only do so much from your phone. Serious work will require you to have a dedicated computer.
  • A certain level of discipline, commitment, and interest in one of these options. It could stem from a hobby or personal experience or just be a sense of attraction. You can even try a few before finding it within you.
  • The means to gather about $500-1000 eventually as an initial investment.

And that’s all. Come on, I don’t think those points are going to be super hard to get by. You don’t need all of these from the get-go, and you probably won’t reach your goal within a week, either.

Yet, if you stick with this goal of $1000/week, eventually, you are bound to reach it. 

15 Ways To Earn $1000 A Week Online For Beginners

The world is changing so fast, and the internet is at the forefront of the wave. Traditional systems that have been around for decades are getting tested and stretched to fit this changing environment.

It can feel overwhelming at first, but everyone has to start somewhere. As you start to take steps, things become a lot clearer. 

To begin the process of your financial independence, I ask you to consider some of the most accessible ways to do so that are available online.

1. Podcasting

Journalism has really been shaken to its core as mass media becomes less trustworthy. Fact-checking and finding reliable information is becoming harder than ever, and good journalism is needed now more than ever.

Thousands of people have stepped up to fill this gap as podcasters. Anyone who enjoys a really good conversation can potentially become a great podcaster. It is a lot like journalism in many ways.

You have to have some good hosting skills as you are essentially interviewing people, but you can learn those as you go. In terms of money, there is no shortage of success stories:

Lex Friedman, Andrew Huberman, Mikhaila Peterson, Steven Bartlett, and the legendary Joe Rogan are just some that scrape the top.

Learn from them, and you can earn way more than a thousand bucks a week with time. 

2. Flipping Things Online

I can’t avoid the urge to attribute this one to Gary Vaynerchuck, who really popularized flipping things for money in my eyes, at least. The idea is that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

By making use of awesome e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon that lets anyone list a product for sale and take care of delivery, you can buy things around you locally, reevaluate them, and sell them for a profit.

All the small profits add up, and it doesn’t just stop at reselling. You can refurbish things and actually add value to them before reselling them at a higher price.

You can even do this with websites, although that one belongs in the “Advanced” section of this article since refurbishing websites requires quite a bit of expertise in digital marketing.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Speaking of marketing, both this one and the last entry have been around for ages. Just as people have been reselling things since the invention of money and products, people have also been selling things, period.

I like to think of affiliate marketing as a lot like salesmanship, except for people who you already know and who trust you already. In the outside world, we call this referral marketing. Online, it’s called Affiliate Marketing.

So you recommend a product to people who follow you online, and if they buy it because of you, you get a percentage of the sale. It’s pretty awesome, and I don’t want to brag, but it’s a mainstay of this website.

Let me show you how by recommending this beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing written by us.

4. YouTube

YouTube is a massively popular platform for genuine creators that isn’t going away anytime soon. There is a huge wave of AI-generated content here, just like all other platforms.

Unlike every other platform, creators on YouTube seem to be the least fazed by it. In my eyes, it might be due to the subscription model and the sense of community that’s unique to this online ecosystem. 

The algorithm is also very well-optimized, and in terms of content, the best one wins. There is every kind of audience on YouTube and multiple ways for you to monetize your channel.

If you feel like you might enjoy it, don’t sleep on this one, YouTube is awesome, and there’s always a place for good content here. You’ll be surprised how fast you can grow and how far you can go.

5. Translation

A huge number of people already speak multiple languages. Since the internet doesn’t have any borders, there is always a project around the corner that needs some good-quality translation.

You can market yourself as a translator if you might enjoy it and eventually charge some excellent rates as you learn the ins and outs of translation. 

Make use of platforms like Freelancer and LinkedIn, and you can start to build your portfolio. 

6. Tutoring

Online tuition can be complicated, many people prefer to have a school tutor in person who can make sure that progress is being made in real-time.

That doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities, though! Speaking of languages, foreign language tuitions are something that people would love to do online. Look into opportunities that a platform like Duolingo has to offer.

Other than that, you can get into teaching instruments pretty easily with a mutual webcam setup and much more. Such are the opportunities offered on the Internet. 

I reckon you can set everything up and find your first client within a month, and these things don’t require a ton of experience since most people just need to learn the basics before being able to take off themselves.

With a good online presence, you can really create some excellent streams of income.

My favorite examples in this would be Vinh Giang, who teaches communication in so many different ways, and Jim Qwik, who teaches memory improvement.

7. Building A Niche Website

My best references for this line of work would be Income School and Adam Enfroy on YouTube. As you can imagine, websites themselves are a major area of focus as the internet is basically made up of them. 

There are tons of ways to build and monetize websites that can even earn you upward of $50,000 a month. The idea is to find a niche that you can create a community around and then add a ton of useful resources and content to it.

Once you have enough, you can get traffic from running ads, social media, or organically from Google search results with blogs. You need to have a good idea and the commitment to build it.

With the initial investment I mentioned, you can set it all up easily. Once you have an audience, it takes barely a few hours to monetize it. In fact, that’s our entire business model already!

8. Content Writing

Now it’s one thing to build a website with graphics, layouts, and sales funnels. It’s another to actually create content for it. Content writing requires a separate skill set and process that has its own market.

If you enjoy researching things, learning about them, and then solidifying your learnings by teaching others, you will love content writing just like I do. 

You just need a little SEO knowledge and good verbal skills; even if you don’t know SEO, this is something you can learn gradually on the job. 

Good content writers tend to get hired by brands like Forbes and Vice and earn upwards of $10,000 per month. In a nutshell, content writing is like magazine writing for the web. It’s a part of digital marketing.

9. Streaming

Maybe you’re not super into words, whether it’s reading or writing them. Well, there is something for everyone online, and I’m featuring everything here except for get-rich-quick and other scams.

Streaming platforms like Twitch.tv provide a great way for people to build communities around their hobbies and get paid for it. 

Gaming is the most popular one here. All you need is a good internet connection, a gaming setup, and a webcam. You can play competitively and build an audience that way or pretty much any other way you would like.

I suggest approaching this one like YouTube, building a character, and investing in your recording studio to improve your chances. By coupling this one with other platforms, you can make more than a full-time income.

10. Vlogging

It’s one thing to do YouTube as a content creator and another thing to start a podcast. Similarly, it’s another thing altogether to do a video blog. You can do this as a traveler or a social worker.

You can record your day at work or pretty much anything else you can think of. In case you want more ideas, motorbike riders just record themselves riding for content.

The main qualification you need to succeed is whether or not you have an interesting life and/or personality. If you are online enough, you know that people are interested in all kinds of things.

If you happen to do something every day that people would be interested in, or if you live in an interesting place, you can achieve great things with a nice GoPro camera.

11. Proofreading

Let’s go back to an indoor activity because the thought of travel vlogging for a living gave me serious FOMO. If it’s any consolation, you have to be at least a little good-looking and confident to make it as a vlogger.

Writing is already difficult enough, but with hectic content schedules that have regular & consistent uploads to keep you relevant, it becomes even harder. 

Imagine finally finishing a massive article fifteen minutes before the deadline and then having to read the whole thing and make corrections. Yet proofreading is more important than ever due to emerging AI tools.

So if you love to read, there are a ton of corrections to be made out there. Whether it’s books, articles, or website copy, it doesn’t seem like proofreading will become irrelevant anytime soon.

12. Social Media Management

I know so many people who take their Instagram page more seriously than they do their full-time jobs. So many people just love to engage with social media and create posts that are like micro pieces of digestible content.

Whether it’s TikTok, Facebook, YouTube Shorts, Reels, or Stories, these platforms are a crucial part of any full-stack digital marketing plan worth its salt. As such, there is no shortage of opportunities in this regard either.

Most people don’t want to pay too much for this as it’s seen as an affordable marketing medium, but once you get good enough, you can do this for massive brands like Starbucks and Apple.

It’s extremely important to have an inherent love for the platform, though. I’ve seen many people fail because they never liked the culture on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram in the first place.

13. Voice Acting

What if you aren’t much into reading or writing, and you don’t feel very confident about how you look either? Do you happen to love hearing the sound of your voice?

You might not be comfortable in front of a camera, but there really is something for everyone out there!

Voice acting isn’t something for the chosen few; just like anything else in this world, it is something you can learn, train, and get really, really good at with time. 

If this stuff is even mildly interesting to you, do yourself a favor and sign up on platforms like Voices. Create a profile, add some samples, and start at the bottom. 

You’ll know if it’s for you once you give it a try.

14. Data Entry

This involves ordering and sorting out a lot of unorganized data into something usable like spreadsheets, graphs, and things like that.

Data entry work can be found on websites like Fiverr and LinkedIn, where a lot of companies are looking for people to outsource this to.

If you don’t mind this kind of work, there seems to be a lot of it to do out there. You just need the patience to use Excel all day and then work on autopilot for the most part.

Just sign up for a job, play some music in the background, and get moving while grooving.

15. Selling Feet Pics

If you don’t want to take a deep dive into the adult industry, you could always dip your toe and test the waters. Like it or not, I’m kinda proud of that joke. 

The important thing is you shouldn’t take these things too seriously and get all worked up about it. If you don’t like these kinds of suggestions, just move on to something else. 

I’m not super knowledgeable about the ins and outs of selling feet pics online, but I do know a few things. Studies say that as many as one in three people might be really into them as a fetish.

I also know a ton of people do this on popular sites like Instagram, Craigslist, and Twitter without revealing their identities or hurting their self-esteem.

I don’t know much about it myself, so do your own research. Although I’ve heard it can be quite lucrative.

15 Ways To Earn $1000 A Week Online With Some Experience

Those were just some things almost anyone could get into without any real experience, skills, talent, or resources under their belt. The most important thing, in my opinion, would be compatibility.

The thing with beginner-friendly stuff is that there is a lot of competition, and you might take a long time to start earning well. You also have to wait until you get reasonably good at it.

That’s why this next category is my personal favorite, where you can trade off a little bit of an investment in terms of money, skill development, time, and/or energy and earn way more with far less competition.

16. Photography

You might be thinking that photography is a real-world thing and it has nothing to do with the internet. Most people still associate photography gigs with photoshoots, weddings, and other events.

While those gigs are still alive and well, there is much more online that you can do using your camera. I am mostly referring to stock photography.

You can sign up on a free platform like Pexels at the beginning and build a portfolio of trademarked images and galleries. After some time, you can go for bigger ones like iStock.

17. Virtual Assistance

Companies are all spread out nowadays with remote work, and more things are slowly being outsourced to freelancers. 

After all, with the rise of passion projects and entrepreneurship also comes a long list of crucial but boring tasks that business owners don’t want to do themselves. 

That’s why virtual assistance is becoming an emerging line of work where you can do administrative and managerial tasks like record keeping, making planning-related documents, and HR management. 

Most commonly, it involves things that outsiders can do, like answering emails, preparing letters and statements, coordinating schedules and calendars, and making travel arrangements. 

Kind of like an administrative paid intern. The pay may vary a bit, but generally, this is a respectable job with decent compensation, especially for big companies.

18. Selling Art

Just so you don’t get bored y all the sensible and safe corporate options, here is one that gives you free rein over pretty much everything.

Art is far from dead, and there is a huge market for well-made pieces that have a story.

For example, check out Pampshade by Yukiko Mora, who makes lamps out of actual pieces of bread that would otherwise go to waste. On average, one piece costs a respectable $200.

Similarly, there have been a ton of other products, the most successful of which addressed rampant problems of our age that aren’t being addressed by big businesses.

If you are creative enough to think way outside the box, scratch that, innovative enough to forgo the box altogether and use it as a stepping stone, there is a lot of potential in this art.

19. Dropshipping

This one is actually a pretty reputable way to make money online, and you might be familiar with it even if you haven’t heard the name. 

Dropshipping is an e-commerce model where the owner sets up a curated online store with products from different suppliers. The owner’s main job is to do the marketing and generate orders.

All orders are placed at a higher price than the supplier’s, and they also fulfill the order in terms of delivery and customer service. The difference between the prices is the dropshipping store owner’s profit.

This model works extremely well in niche products or seasonal things like Swimsuits. It takes a little know-how, but you can even do it with an investment of $0.

Although the more you put in, the more you can expect to earn.

20. Astrology And Spiritual Services

Here is another interesting option that does require a certain level of know-how. To be specific, you do need some kind of certification to learn how to provide a convincing fortune-telling experience.

The world is all kinds of messed up and unpredictable at times, and sometimes people can use something that tells them it all makes sense somehow. 

I am trying to include all things like Astrology, Tarot Card Readings, Akashic Records, Reiki, Sacred Womb Healing, and all other forms of fortune-telling pseudo-scientific things in one bracket here.

The truth is, there is a real art to these things, and there are some powerful benefits to them, especially for women. If that makes sense to you, don’t forget that you can actually earn a lot with this stuff legitimately.

21. Print On Demand

Print On Demand is another great business model where you just have to submit designs that can be printed on all kinds of products, from shirts to mugs and key chains.

This way, you can have your own merchandise, with your branding, without having to make the things yourself. The blank merch is only printed after an order is placed and the payment is made.

Some platforms allow you to choose your own profit margins, like Printful, while other ones, like Merch by Amazon, only pay you a royalty. 

A ton of major e-commerce platforms like Etsy already support POD, so you don’t even have to build your own online store like with Dropshipping. You do need to make the designs and study the market for that, though.

22. Only Fans

There is a famous saying in Hollywood that goes something like, “Sex sells.” That’s probably one of the many reasons why Game Of Thrones was such a hit, I mean, it certainly didn’t help the ratings.

If you are an attractive person with the opposite sex constantly swooning over you, this is a super viable way for you to make a killing. It’s important for you to have a very strong mentality and emotional intelligence, though.

It’s also very important to know what you are getting into and if it won’t get you in any legal trouble in your area. Remember, the things on the internet are pretty much forever.

You need to be totally okay with that if you get into this for a living. Beyond that, Belle Delphine can teach you all the tricks of the trade IMO.

23. Online Curator

This is a concept that I came up with based on a few people I have seen. But believe me, when it comes to money-making, the lesser-known an idea is, the better.

The idea is simple: With the incessant stream of content online nowadays, it’s impossible to find things that you will enjoy a lot. Therefore, there is a ton of value in regular curated collections of all kinds.

I have two examples for you: One is Mubi, they do this with movies that scream “real cinema,” and the second is a YouTuber named Super Eyepatch Wolf, who creates seasonal videos of his favorite things online.

Mubi makes its money through a subscription system, while Mr. Wolf makes his through Patreon. I truly believe that there is a lot of potential in this niche today.

24. Book Editor

It’s one thing to proofread something where you are only checking for things the writer wants to be corrected. That can make you money, but frankly, most people just do it on Grammarly for small projects.

You can take it one step beyond, though. Editors are experienced and familiar with the full life cycle of various kinds of writing. 

That’s why they are the ones who make suggestions that have a lot more weight. In all kinds of fields, editors are very handsomely paid for their valuable insights. 

It’s not just about experience, though. Good editing is a process in itself that can be learned with some relevant writing experience. 

25. Videographer

To be completely honest, this one is more of an in-person job. Good video cameras and drones are extremely expensive and sophisticated pieces of equipment that most people cannot afford.

Good quality original video is something that’s extremely high in demand. If you have the capability and willingness to invest in videography technology, you can pretty much find work for it very easily.

Of course, you can shoot stock videos as well, but you will pretty much need to go to a studio or do location shoots, for the most part, either way. Videographers earn about $20/ hour on average in the US.

26. Photo Editing

Photoshop mastery should never be taken for granted. It was a high-demand skill a decade ago, and it still is today. There are people online who want their personal photos edited in all kinds of ways.

If you’re willing to market yourself properly as a Photoshop wizard, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a ton of money to be made with it. 

Remember, we live in a world of Instagram and Facebook, where how you are perceived gives you a more palpable sense of self-worth rather than how you truly feel about yourself.

27. Handicraft Seller

This one excites me a lot because we are actually facing a crisis of design as a global culture. This is because commercial products have made everything look the same, and the beauty of imperfect uniqueness is lost in the mix.

What I mean is that since everyone has the same latest iPhone, it creates a massive demand for ultra-niche phone cover that can portray the user’s unique personality, quirks, and interests.

I know a girl who makes a killing out of handmade mugs by selling them on Etsy. There’s no end to what you can make, and the handicraft community is stronger than ever.

28. Monetizing Webinars

There are so many webinars out there that you could take one every Wednesday and never run out of them your entire life, no matter how old you are!

With good reason, too. There are so many things you can teach long-distance, like Yoga, Meditation, Musical instruments, Painting, and so much more.

People even offer services like therapy through webinars. Plus, there are so many ways to monetize them. There are websites where you can upload and offer them for sale, then you can run ads and host people in batches.

Over time, they can become a mainstay of your sales funnel, and you can make content out of them to earn thousands of dollars per month. 

It can be very difficult with this option, though, if I’m being honest. But you can get your foot in the door, build your community, get feedback, and do some real networking.

29. Dropservicing

So, do you remember Dropshipping? You find a dropshipping supplier that sells a poster for $6, and you sell it on your website for $10. The supplier fulfills the order, and you pocket the difference.

Well, this is the same concept, except with services. It’s a different kind of work for you, though, and it is also called service arbitrage. 

Once again, you find a content writing job (for example) that pays $.50 per word and accept it. Then you go on a different freelance platform and make a listing for the same job, but this time for $.10 per word.

You get it done by this person within the time, check the quality, make some changes, or refine it if necessary, and then you pocket the difference after you get paid. 

30. Copywriting

Whereas content writing is about a lot of content that’s aimed purely at providing value to people at the very top of the sales funnel, copywriting is about making conversions at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Copywriting is a lot more like hardcore marketing, like Admen from the show Mad Men. You can think of it as very idea-oriented and driven by values and feelings.

Alternatively, content writing is often about data and information. By and large, copywriters are paid a lot more than content writers.

You have to use fewer but more thoughtful words that inspire action and make sales.

15 Ways To Earn $1000 A Week Online: Advanced

Now I will talk about the final stretch of the financial journey; The ways to make money online that have the highest barrier to entry, according to my research.

For me, this section is all about going big. Big investments and big risks for bigger rewards. Learning by failing in these lines of work can cost you heavily since they require a comparatively massive investment. 

No need to worry if you are sincere, though. I only suggest that you learn a lot about these before you make a proper commitment to any of them. With that said, let’s get right into it.

31. Day Trading

Wall Street has always been one of the legitimate and purest kinds of money-making operation. To the outsider, it might not be more than an elaborate gambling machine where wins and losses are out of your hands.

In fact, statistics have shown that even experienced players don’t really know what the market is going to do. There are just too many moving parts.

Yet there are also a bunch of tested and proven practices that are guaranteed to improve your chances of making money here. What’s important is that you should take the time to learn about how it all works.

There are many indicators of how a company’s stock might act in any particular industry, and good practices like diversifying your portfolio can really improve your chances.

The point is simple: there is still a lot of money to be made through various different ways by investing in the stock market even today.

32. Video Editing

Editing is still one of the things in content creation that people shy away from. It requires a certain kind of skill set, and that keeps most people away from doing it themselves. 

Not to mention that it can just be very demanding work at times. If you don’t mind sitting in front of a screen for hours and love the idea of creating things, this could be great for you.

Directors often do editing themselves, as this is one of the final steps in the creative process that has the biggest impact on the finished product. 

Plus, wherever you see something that people don’t like to do that much, it is always a huge opportunity for making money. 

It does require a complex skill set, though, since you need to have the finished product in mind while sifting through the technical aspects of how to make it work.

33. Graphic Design

Visual art skills must never be underestimated in the digital age. While coders and web developers can make things work, it’s the graphics that make it user-friendly and attractive.

From Print On Demand to websites, logos, posters, illustrations, comics, commissions, and more. The possibilities are truly endless with this one. 

There are a lot of really good courses on websites like Domestika and Coursera, plus a ton of great YouTube channels that can help you get there. 

Invest in a good setup and develop the skills because graphic design is something that can take you in many different directions.

34. Product Design

Whether it’s a coffee mug, a floor mat, or a house, everything starts from a blueprint. The best thing about this competitive online landscape is that there are resources for literally everything you can think of.

Gone are the days when you have to learn everything about graphic design and engineering in order to design products. 

Of course, your research will depend on the exact product in question, but I think a lot of people out there would love the idea of just designing products for a living. 

I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but if you ask me, even characters are a product in the lifecycle of an animation project.

In this way, I have included character design in this category which is traditionally coupled with illustration. Check out a platform like Dribble if you don’t believe me.

That’s the beauty of visual arts skills; you can go in any direction you want with them. You do need engineering knowledge, but I think you can research and figure it out on a product-to-product basis.

Either way, this is the kind of online work that really consistently pays over $1000 per week if you ask me.

35. Freelance

Whether you are a software developer, engineer, or graphic designer, the general belief is that you should find a good company and stick with it long-term. 

I tend to agree with that view for the most part since I believe people can work better together in teams rather than alone. The only exception is when you have a ton of experience and are a bit of a rockstar in your field.

In the case where you have accrued such experience, it can be much more beneficial for you to go solo and get a ton of money while having more freedom as an independent freelancer.

You’d be surprised how much people are willing to pay for talent, and on average, it’s way more than you can get as a part of a company.

36. Become An Author

We live in an age where you just need a good idea and the commitment to see it through to the end to achieve massive success. Emotionally speaking, this also involves a deep pool of passion that keeps one from burning out.

Writing a book used to be an impossible task, like becoming an actor or winning the lottery. Today, it is easier than ever before.

If you believe in your idea, you should write your book and then start a blog under the same name. With regular posts across platforms and a little focus on improving quality, you can build an audience faster than ever before.

Once you have an audience, you can successfully launch your very own book, do a little marketing campaign, and sit back to watch it blow up. If it was worth writing, it’ll be worth reading, you can expect some great sales.

You can self-publish using Kindle Direct Publishing, or you can go the traditional route for a share of the profits and fewer marketing efforts.

37. Make Music

Making music is actually really difficult to monetize because it’s something very unique, and it’s really hard to make good things that other people actually enjoy. Yet people are still hungry for new stuff.

While selling your tracks and becoming well-known is difficult, it is far from impossible. If you have what it takes to make a ton of songs, perhaps with a group of other friends, there is always a way to earn from it.

You can sell your licensing rights to major platforms or sell tracks yourself. Then there is merch to sell and gigs to book. Never underestimate the power of music to set you free.

Whether you do covers, mashups, mixes, or original compositions. Whether you play an instrument, use a laptop, or are a vocalist.

I’m not just saying such a cheesy thing for nothing, it is something very real. Unfortunately, if you aren’t already into it, it might be impossible for me to convince you, so why not try your hand at something else?

38. Prompt Engineering

The AI wave has shaken things up and freaked people out. Tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and more are currently expected to change the entire online ecosystem to the core. 

Although the current level of free technology seems more artificial than intelligent, some people have really dove deep into it head-first to achieve some remarkable results.

This has given rise to a whole new field of user-oriented Prompt Engineering. I don’t need to tell you how useful software engineering is as a skillset; if you can create AI, nothing else like it.

But you don’t need all that technical training for Prompt Engineering. It’s a separate skillset that has its own kind of coding that you can learn much more easily.

Consider it as an accessible in-demand skill to make you money that can also be your stepping stone to full-on coding if you are interested in that.

39. Consultation

Now suppose you are a professional with real-world experience. Like a Vet, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Chef, Soldier, or anything else that requires years of training.

Then the internet can allow you to monetize your skills in a way you might not have thought of before. All you need is to invest in a solid online presence. If you are a sole practitioner, you should have that anyway for marketing.

The thing is: there are all kinds of people that want consultations from professionals without necessarily having to opt for their services. Writers, content creators, researchers, and other folks need your valuable educated opinions.

Most importantly, you really need to establish your own authority in your field by creating content on your platforms that can gain the trust of potential clients. 

If you know your stuff, you should flaunt it and then advertise the fact that you are open to all kinds of consultations. You can also list your contact information on writer’s forums and Craigslist.

That’s what I call hustling. You might be surprised how many random people online would like to talk to a pro-Chef or a Doctor for a reasonable rate paid on PayPal without revealing their identity.

40. Creating Courses

We are approaching the end of the list, and I have been saving my personal favorites for last. There are a bunch of awesome platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Domestika, SkillShare, LinkedIn Learning, and more.

These allow you to build your own dedicated course for anything that you may have a certain level of expertise on. Alternatively, you can even build a course on your own website, which is also a popular option.

It’s important to market your course on socials, but if it’s good enough, this is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online. I’m talking more than $10,000 per month.

41. Web Development

Just as having a good website is very lucrative in this age, so is the ability to build and customize one. Web development is one of the essential modern skill-sets up there with Digital Marketing and Communication.

While it may take some time and energy to learn this stuff, it’s pretty much guaranteed to pay off. Web developers get excellent freelance and full-time options in remote and in-office locations around the world.

You can improve your chances by focusing on development for WordPress and other popular website builders. 

The general perception is that everyone prefers to go for website builders nowadays, but in truth, serious projects require a lot of customization, and most website owners prefer to have a developer on-hand. 

42. Sound Design

Making music and composing your own tracks aren’t your only options with digital audio editing skills. In fact, those are just scratching the surface. 

As content becomes more prevalent, the media landscape also becomes a lot more competitive. People would love to have unique audio and sound effects for their brands and content creation needs.

Shows and movies are also being made at an unprecedented rate, and sound design is absolutely one of the crucial and specialized aspects of such productions.

If you tried to make music but failed at it, it doesn’t mean any of it was wasted, there is so much you can do with those skills and some good recording equipment.

43. Life Coaching

The self-help industry is a massive money-making machine for thousands of life coaches out there.

You can help people improve their communication skills, their physical or mental health, or anything else and make a great living as well.

It is a very satisfying line of work that requires very good public speaking skills. I recommend Dale Carnegie’s books which are an old but gold way to develop these skills.

Beyond that, you really have to figure out what you would like to help people improve upon.

44. Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is another essential skill of today’s age, where attention is being bought and sold for billions of dollars each year. 

While traditional advertising mediums are still viable, especially for local projects, the segmentation of online niches and custom targeting can provide an excellent option that gives value for money to advertisers.

You can learn everything right from Google, starting with their free Google Fundamentals course and focusing on a full-stack approach to digital marketing.

YouTube is also a great source. Once you have some experience, you can charge thousands of dollars for making custom content plans and doing consultations. People really need these services.

45. Start Your Own Business 

Advertisers and business owners might be looking for all kinds of people to market their goods and services, but there is nothing more satisfying than building something yourself. 

Starting your own business online has never been easier with website builders and YouTube tutorials that can help you get off the ground cheaper than ever before. 

You can use Etsy, Amazon, and other e-commerce platforms to set up shops and use PayPal to accept worldwide payments. You name it, and there is a way to do it. 

It can be very risky and demanding to start your own business, though. So build a business plan, do proper research, and do things in an organized manner.

If you play your cards right, you can make more money with this than everything else combined, especially if you already have some good experience in any industry. 

With earnest efforts and patience, the worst-case scenario is that you can still earn from your project by selling it off to someone.


I tried my best to find and explain the most plausible ways someone can make $1000 online every week with some basic things in hand. A lot of thought, brainstorming, and research went into this article.

I sincerely hope that it helped you out, at least one way or another. None of these things are easy to succeed at, and there is no 100% guarantee in any of them.

Yet the thousands of people that have already made them work were just ordinary people like you and me who were able to identify what they could really apply themselves to and gave it their all.

I wish you the best and hope that you find something you are willing to suffer for as well. If you really make an honest effort, you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

People overestimate what they can do in a month and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years. Longevity gives compound interest, and that’s what you should focus on.

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