How To Make Money On IG With 1000 Followers (With Steps!)

Do followers count really matter when you want to make money on Instagram? Let’s see today if you can really make money on Instagram with only One Thousand Followers, and if you can, then How?

Instagram, as you know, is a social media platform with 1.35 billion users today and growing.

Now you can imagine how many people browse this app and find something that they like to have in their houses but can’t find directly. 

You can be the one to help these people with what they want! You must be thinking, ‘How?’. Read the example below-

A lady saw a unique toolbox in one of the Instagram videos posted by a random influencer, but they were not promoting it (there was no link to the product). Now she would search for it everywhere, right? 

Be that person to give her what she wants; in this way, you will get revenue from your sale, and the other party will get what she was looking for.

Similarly, Instagram has many other ways to earn money, even if you have followers as low as 1000. 

Can I Make Money on Instagram With 1000 Followers?

Let me cut the fluff and answer in one word first: Yes!

And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t or can’t.

There’s no lie in the fact that accounts with higher followers earn more, but that does not stop you from earning.

You can make money on Instagram with just 1000 followers if you follow the right ways and look for the right methods to do so. 

What Initial Things Should You Do to Make Money on Instagram With 1K Followers?

Instagram is a place where you make your accounts share pictures and videos, and by incorporating products into your content, you can make good sales if it reaches the right audience (your target audience).

You should build a solid foundation on Instagram to make money, the following steps will help you to strengthen your base, which will make your handle more appealing to the viewers. 

1. Start With a Perfect Bio

Write an attractive and captivating bio to highlight your area of expertise or interest. Don’t forget to use a high-quality, clean (where your face is visible) and bright image.

Put your website or blog links in the bio (where you are selling your products) like this image- 

2. Select Your Niche

In order to specify a niche, you must also choose your target market.

Analyze the audience to whom your content is directed and modify your posts accordingly (if needed, you will know when you read your audience).

As a content creator, if you focus on a certain specialty, it will help you to attract followers who share the same interest as you.

Let’s say you are selling ebooks; you should make content that resonates with ebook readers; only then they will come to your page. 

3. Quality & Consistent Content

In any field, if you want your business to do well, remember one mantra- Consistency is Key!

Regularly share content to keep your followers engaged and build a loyal audience. Your content should be visually appealing; for that, use good lighting, and capture interesting angles.

Instagram offers you variety, do the same for your audience; explore options- share content through photos, videos, stories, reels, and IGTV to diversify your content offerings.

4. Develop Your Unique Style

Having a unique style will differentiate you from everyone, and this will work as your own identity. To make your account unique and recognized, you can use filters, color palettes, or themes.

Personal branding is something you must try to keep your profile genuine to the viewers. It will also make your content more relatable to the audience. 

5. Engaging with Your Audience

I have talked about it in my several articles and why engagement is as important as posting quality content. 

You should especially engage with your followers by answering their queries and providing feedback in response to their comments if you have fewer followers.

Instagram stories have many features where you can set up a poll for your audience and get them to contribute by asking questions.

Collaborating with influencers or different pages is also an option for better engagement.  

6. Use Instagram Features

Go for the interactive features to engage your audience, such as the polls, tests, and swipe-up links in your stories (however, you won’t get swipe-up links with 1k followers).

To establish a personal connection with your followers, host live Q&A sessions, BTS videos, or tutorials of something you have uploaded earlier.

Generally, the app does not allow you to share long-form content (videos) for the post section,  in that case, you should use IGTV, where you can post anything you like- an interview, a short movie, or whatever you want! 

10 Ways To Make Money With 1000 IG Followers

There are still many methods to start making money on Instagram, even while having a smaller following of 1,000 followers may limit some monetization opportunities compared to larger accounts. 

To make money on Instagram with fewer followers, you can opt for these monetization strategies and choose the alternative as per your capability, your account reach, your interests, and your audience preferences.

Here are some ideas for you-

1. Dropshipping

With drop shipping, you sell goods without managing to ship or keep inventory (sounds fun and less hectic, right?)

Dropshipping is one of the simplest ways to earn money; let’s see how…….Start by looking into well-paid markets with little competition. Find trustworthy sellers or dealers. 

Make use of tools like Shopify or Etsy, and then come up with an online store, personalize it as per your target audience, and then add products from your suppliers. 

Promote your products through Instagram and other marketing channels by posting interesting content (that includes posts, stories, and videos). 

Features like CTA buttons, detailed product descriptions, and user-friendly navigation can be used to increase conversions on your website.

2. E-commerce

When using an e-commerce model, you normally maintain inventory and manage the delivery procedure yourself. It is just the opposite of what drop shipping is!

Firstly, you will find a product or market that is profitable for you and is of your audience’s interest. Then trustworthy vendors who sell the goods you want to sell. 

The next step is to create your online store using an e-commerce platform like Shopify. 

Selling is the most important yet difficult job, so produce eye-catching content to showcase your items to more and more people. 

To draw potential buyers, use hashtags, work with established influencers, and interact with your audience regularly.

Customer satisfaction is what brings loyalty, so don’t compromise on that in any way. Trying to deliver a fantastic client experience should be prioritized.

3. Affiliate Marketing

The only thing you should consider before joining an affiliate program is your sector of interest. There are many companies in every industry that are looking for affiliates to market their products. 

Promote goods or services and sell them using specialized affiliate links or promo codes (which you would get from the company itself!), and you will be paid a commission on sales made by your recommendations. 

To make a good number of sales, you have to build trust among your audience by being true to them and giving the right suggestions.

Also, signing up with the companies to become their affiliate is free (with most brands!).

So, this is one way of earning money where there is literally little to no investment; you can just sit around your home and suggest products to others to get a percentage of sales made (as a commission).

4. Sponsored Posts and Brand Collaborations

Speak with companies that fit your target and niche. Then start promoting their products to your followers through sponsored posts in return for payment or free merchandise.

Concentrate on fostering relationships with brands and creating top-notch content that accurately represents their products.

To obtain sponsored relationships, approach brands or use influencer marketing platforms. To preserve authenticity, choose brands that speak to your audience and are consistent with your ideals.

5. Selling Digital Products or Services

You can create or market your own digital goods and services or just sell others, but that must be tailored to your target market. 

Online classes/courses, E-books, personal consultations, software, and graphic design services are some of the digital products you can sell under this category.

As a seller, you should know everything about what you are selling, especially in case of consultation! 

If you are offering online consultation on anything, be it education, digital marketing, or health, brace yourselves to answer lots of queries.

6. Content Creation for Businesses: 

All businesses are on social media (especially Instagram) today! But you must ask how that benefits me in making money, right?

Serve the brands with content they can’t make, help them to market, and then you are eligible for that fee.

Use your imagination and creativity to provide businesses with content development services.

You should understand social media very clearly to provide these kinds of services! These services might include styling, taking photos of products, or producing branded images for social media. 

7. Donations or Crowdfunding

This is a new way where you can ask your supporters (followers) to subscribe to you by paying some amount of money.

Platforms like Crowdfundly, Tipeee, Patreon, or Ko-fi do the needful on your behalf, you can get associated yourself with these parties to get donations as well. 

8. Influencer Marketing Networks

As the influencer market is getting bigger and bigger, there rose a need for agencies who handle their contracts with brands.

One good thing about these platforms is that they always find some deal for you.

Join these networks to get connected with brands. Even with a limited audience, these platforms can offer chances to work with advertisers and earn money from sponsored content.

9. Product Reviews and Recommendations

With this method, you only test the product and give your audience frank product reviews and suggestions. 

Always highlight the advantages and good qualities of products you actually find useful.

This will make a good image of you in front of other brands, and they might get in touch with you for future partnerships.

10. Giveaways and Contests

These kinds of contests are held by Instagram accounts to make a bigger impact on the audience and pull more followers.

Here you organize competitions and give out freebies (that have been given to you by the brand to promote them!).

Encourage your followers and viewers to take part by sharing your posts, following your account (if they already have not), and tagging friends in the comment section.

This will increase interaction, brings in new followers, and in all aspects, work positively for your account reach.

To monetize your Instagram account even with fewer followers, keep in mind that creating a solid and active community is essential. 

Try to put your efforts into producing good and engaging content, interacting with followers, and maintaining connections with brands and co-creators. 

Also, you will get several revenue-generating opportunities once your follower counts go up. 

Pros of Monetizing 1000 Instagram Followers

  • Having fewer followers might seem negative; not every brand thinks so because they generally give chances to micro-influencers as they make good content in order to grow, unlike the already established influencers. Plus, they charge less as well!
  • Having fewer followers enables you to retain a narrower niche and focus on a particular audience which is what the companies want so that you can target the audience they want as their potential customers. Because your content is made especially for your followers, this may result in increased engagement rates.
  • If your main motive is to build a loyal base and gain the trust and loyalty of your audience, then having fewer followers is good. It will empower you to build connections with your audience when you have fewer followers. 
  • As a new and small creator, you should experiment; only then you will know what kind of content you enjoy and what actually works with your audience. A smaller audience means you are free to experiment and be more innovative with your methods and material. 

Cons of Monetizing 1000 Instagram Followers

Now, let us look at what cons you might have-

  • One of the biggest drawbacks is that your monetization activities will be less in comparison to larger following accounts. You will get fewer chances for sponsored posts or brand partnerships, and it will impact your earning.
  • As I have said earlier, brands do accept influencers with lesser following, but they give them way less than what they would to bigger creators. So, in this way, your earning potential will be negatively affected. 
  • A higher follower count may be necessary for some monetization options, such as selling ad space or partnering with specific businesses. This might limit the ways you can make money. Also, there are many money-making features that only higher following accounts have!
  • It takes commitment, time, and work to monetize your Instagram account. You could need to spend money on content creation, audience engagement, and monetization options. There are many times some accounts, in spite of giving their hundred percent, growing at a slow pace, and this might ruin your chances of earning money fast. 

Are 1000 Followers Enough to Earn Money on Instagram? 

Even though 1000 Instagram followers is thought of as a modest following, it is still feasible to make money with this amount of followers.

But it’s crucial to have reasonable expectations and be aware of the constraints a smaller audience imposes. 

1. Niche and target audience: Two things that significantly impact your earning are- 1) the market you serve and 2) the interests of your followers. 

Brands that are looking for a creator that focuses on a niche and has a targeted audience then you will be their choice.

In case your followers do not fit a particular demographic that brands are looking for, then there’s a limitation of possible opportunities. 

2. Engagement Rate: In simple words, engagement rate>follower counts. 

A 1000-follower account with a highly engaged audience may be more beneficial to brands than one with a greater following but lesser engagement. 

3. Monetization Strategies: Options like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and product promotion are some great options for accounts with a smaller following. Because here, how much return you are making matters more than the followers.

4. Trust and Credibility: Providing valuable content, engaging with your audience, and maintaining reality are factors that help in attracting potential partnerships and opportunities.

As your reputation grows, brands will be more interested in your accounts, and followers will definitely go up, giving you more monetization options.

5. Growth Potential: It is important to have a growth strategy to continue expanding your reach and attracting more followers.

Increasing your follower count will give not only your monetization opportunities but also other benefits such as easy access, brand sponsorship, and recognition.

In Conclusion

With a following of 1000 people, financial success on Instagram needs commitment, originality, and a sound approach. 

You can turn your Instagram account into a profitable business by setting up a solid foundation, producing excellent content, interacting with your followers, and putting good monetization tactics in place. 

You must maintain authenticity and relevancy while giving your audience something of value if you want to monetize your content successfully. 

Before beginning your Instagram monetization journey with a lesser following, it is essential to assess your goals, set reasonable expectations, and acquire resources. 

You may make money, strive towards more growth and success on Instagram, and produce cash by utilizing your expertise and focusing on the correct brands.

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