15 Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly (Hand-Picked!)

Instant cash with little effort is a dream for many because you and I both want to have loads of cash without having to work too much.

I have brought you a way where you can sit in your home, answer some easy questions, and get paid instantly. 

Participating in surveys that instantly pay money is one of the many ways that people may now earn money online, thanks to the digital era.

Market researchers and businesses are always looking for insightful consumer data, and they are willing to pay participants for their ideas. 

Taking paid surveys can be a simple and handy way to earn additional money from the comfort of your chosen place. 

I am writing this article so you and your friends can earn decent money without struggling too much. Keep reading to know more! 

1. Swagbucks

Founded in 2008, Swagbucks is one of the many popular platforms that helps you earn money instantly.

This is a reward platform where you can earn money by filling up surveys, watching videos, playing video games, shopping online, and more. 

The rewards you get are- gift cards that are redeemable with some of the famous retailers like Walmart and Amazon, and you get cashback from PayPal. 

The process with Swagbucks is simple; you can exchange your SB points (Swagbucks rewards), which you earn as incentives for gift cards or cash (100 SB points are worth $1).

There are various ways to earn Swagbucks rewards, some of which are scanning your receipts for cash back, shopping online, adding a Swagbucks extension, and so much more.

If you think this platform might be your best hit, then tap on the link to go to their website.

Official Website: https://www.swagbucks.com/ 

Signup Page: https://www.swagbucks.com/discover/sign-ups 

Commission: Varies

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie offers you a simple method to earn money from the comfort of your home since the more surveys you answer, the more money you can make!

It is known for its user-friendly interface and survey chances for everyone. When you have earned enough points, you can instantly withdraw money using PayPal.

Here, you act as a consumer and answer all the questions brands want to know from the public to make their products better for potential customers. 

With Survey Junkie, earning money is easy, and I will tell you how! 

You will get survey invites only after registering on their website, which is based on your profile. 

Now, you can exchange your points for cash through PayPal or e-gift cards once you achieve the minimal payout level, which is relatively low. 

The minimum threshold to withdraw cash is five dollars (500 points); you get after completing surveys. 

Official Website: https://www.surveyjunkie.com/ 

Signup Page: https://www.surveyjunkie.com/ 

Commission: Varies

3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is an exclusive survey site that gives you a fixed fee for each survey after successful completion. 

You are allowed to receive payments right away through PayPal or a cheque; you also get a notification via email when new surveys are up!

For each survey you do, you get three dollars (generally, a survey takes around 15-20 minutes)

It is practical to earn with Pinecone Research; you need to start by registering on their website.

If the team chooses you, then you will receive invitations to surveys on a regular basis via email. 

The best thing is that there is no minimum payment requirement and that you can instantly cash out your winnings through PayPal, direct bank transfer, or from a selection of gift cards. 

Pinecone Research is a legit website and a dependable one; it also helps you to earn money by giving your ideas and examining new goods.

Official Website: https://members.pineconeresearch.com/ 

Signup Page: https://join.pineconeresearch.com/ 

Commission: Varies

4. PrizeRebel

Joining PrizeRebel is free of cost, and today, the platform has more than twelve million users worldwide, which means this is one trustworthy website where your cash will be paid on time. 

You can earn rewards with PrizeRebel by creating an account on their website; once done, you can begin with viewing movies, playing games, and taking part in daily challenges as well as questionnaires and surveys. 

Every action you complete makes you eligible for points, which you can exchange afterward for a variety of gift cards or cash via PayPal as you gain points. 

PrizeRebel is a convenient way to get money and rewards in your free time because it has a lot of earning options, so you won’t be bored doing simple tasks. 

Official Website: https://www.prizerebel.com/  

Signup Page: https://www.prizerebel.com/login 

Commission: Varies 

5. Toluna

Toluna is an interactive platform that makes it fun to share your thoughts (by filling out surveys) and earn incentives at the same time. 

On the user-generated platform Toluna, you may answer surveys, take part in polls, and even ask your own questions. 

Earning on Toluna is a simple process, but you get one dollar after you manage to collect 5500 points (which I kind of consider too much compared to other platforms)

If you want to associate with Toluna, start by creating a Toluna profile and signing up for an account. 

To gain points (that are convertible into cash or gift cards), take part in a range of surveys and polls on various themes. 

You earn more points as you complete more surveys, and in order to earn more points, you are allowed to take part in polls, create content, and even do product testing. 

When you reach the minimum redemption amount (that is thirty-five dollars), you may use PayPal to exchange your points for cash. 

Official Website: https://www.toluna.com/ 

Signup Page: https://toluna.com/register 

Commission: Varies 

6. OneOpinion

If you are from UK or US, then this is one of the platforms you should try, as this pays instant cash just for answering surveys. 

Through surveys and product testing, OneOpinion pays you for giving your opinions on the platform. With a low minimum withdrawal criterion, you can make money right away (instant payout).

The Better Business Bureau has given Dynata LLC an A+ rating which has actually been running Oneopnion since 2011.

The process involves you receiving survey invites after registering on their website; you even receive a consolation prize even if you are not eligible for a survey (how nice!).

And you gain points for each successfully completed survey!

Even though the website doesn’t outright tell you how much you get paid from my research, I have come to know that for every 1000 points, you get one dollar (which is not a lot, to be honest!)

Official Website: https://www.oneopinion.com/ 

Signup Page: https://www.oneopinion.com/signup 

Commission: Varies 

7. Branded Surveys

The business was founded in 2012 under the name Mintvine and changed its name to Branded Surveys in 2017.

It is one of the top platforms for market research in the globe; Branded Surveys pay you for your views! This platform also offers instant cash for you to fill out their surveys.

All you need to do is give the website some basic information about yourself, and if the profile matches, you can start working with them. 

Like the standard procedure, you earn points for each survey you finish; and redeem your rewards for cash or gift cards with checks or PayPal.

This platform pays more than the others on the list, but it is difficult for everyone to qualify for paid surveys.  

Official Website: https://surveys.gobranded.com/ 

Signup Page: https://surveys.gobranded.com/users/sign-up/ 

Commission: Varies 

8. IPSOS iSay

If you are someone who is above 18, you can join this platform no matter where you are from because Ipsos iSay is for everyone who is interested in earning.

Ipsos, a renowned international firm, operates an online survey platform Ipsos i-Say. People can participate in market research and express their ideas on many topics through our reliable and genuine survey panel.

Ipsos i-Say allows users to earn extra money by participating in surveys and expressing opinions. 

To sign up, users must create an account on their website and receive survey invitations via email or the platform. 

Survey points are earned based on the length and complexity of the survey; earned points can be redeemed for rewards like PayPal cash, e-gift cards, or merchandise. 

Typically, users earn 50 to 250 points per survey, which can be converted later.

Official Website: https://www.ipsosisay.com/en-us 

Signup Page: https://www.ipsosisay.com/join/ 

Commission: Varies 

9. LifePoints

The process to register yourself with LifePoints is similar to the other ones on the list I have stated before; sign up, answer surveys, and get paid!

Numerous subjects, including consumer goods, companies, lifestyles, and more, are covered in the surveys on LifePoints. You receive a certain quantity of LifePoints for each survey you successfully complete, and you sometimes get free giveaways as well.

Although the payment for each survey can differ, you can normally make between 50 and 200 LifePoints per survey. 

When you have a sufficient number of LifePoints (which the company decides), you can exchange them for PayPal cash, e-gift cards, and goods from their rewards store.

You get 10 life points at the time of signing up; it’s nice when you don’t have to pay for registration and get points for free. 

Official Website: https://www.lifepointspanel.com/en-us 

Signup Page: https://www.lifepointspanel.com/en-us/registration 

Commission: Varies 

10. YouGov

YouGov, a leader in online polling, was established in 2000. The top brands in the world rely on this platform because of the legitimacy and accuracy of the data.

YouGov is a website for conducting online surveys that specialize in consumer, social, and political research (it is a little different from the other companies as it takes many factors into account!).

Users can register for a free account on their website or mobile app; to get accurate results, the platform gives out demographic and other relevant information so users fill out surveys based on their interests. 

Users receive survey invites via email or notifications after completing their profiles. In contrast to competitive survey platforms, YouGov offers points that increase over time.

Gift cards, prepaid debit cards, or donations to charities can be exchanged for points. And keep in mind that depending on the area and region, the particular conversion rate may change. 

For people interested in expressing their thoughts on political and social matters, I believe YouGov is your place.

Official Website: https://today.yougov.com/ 

Signup Page: https://account.yougov.com/ 

Commission: Varies 

11. Qmee

Another platform on the list that enables users to earn money fast is Qmee; you can opt for surveys, tasks, and shopping (whatever suits you!).

It is available as a browser extension on popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. 

To start earning, sign up for a free account and install the Qmee browser extension. 

You will get survey opportunities and tasks based on interests and demographics; users can also earn money by shopping through partner websites and taking advantage of cashback offers.

Survey payouts vary (you will know after you enroll yourself for the job); the platform’s instant payout system allows you to cash out at any time, either through PayPal or gift cards. 

Official Website: https://www.qmee.com/en-gb 

Signup Page: https://www.qmee.com/en-gb/sign-up 

Commission: Varies 

12. Opinion Outpost

I know all the processes and information are getting repetitive and boring, but if you read carefully, you can find minor differences in all the programs.

Plus, they all offer the same services, so there will be similarities!

Opinion Outpost is an online survey panel operated by Dynata, a global leader in data and insights services.

Opinion Outpost is a trustworthy and reputable site where people can offer their thoughts and receive incentives, making it a practical method to supplement your income while supporting market research initiatives.

 It connects individuals with market research opportunities and gathers valuable consumer opinions on products, services, and topics to help businesses and organizations make informed decisions. 

Surveys cover different topics and can range from $0.50 to $5 or more, depending on the duration and nature.

Gained points can be redeemed for rewards, such as cash via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or other retailers. 

Official Website: https://www.opinionoutpost.com 

Signup Page: https://www.opinionoutpost.com/signup 

Commission: Varies 

13. Mindswarms

This platform is different from what you have read about till now because Mindswarms uses video questionnaires to collect user insights. 

With Mindswarms, users are required to respond to surveys via video rather than just text, giving businesses a more interesting and individualized way to discover consumer thoughts and behaviors.

You, as a respondent, must record brief video responses to each set of questions in a video survey in order to respond.

Payouts for video surveys on Mindswarms range from $5 to $50 per survey, which I think is more than standard surveys. 

I like to believe that this platform can be an appealing choice for people like you who wants to convey their ideas and experiences differently. 

Participants give honest and real comments because video surveys require personal thoughts that result in more useful market research data.

Official Website: https://mindswarms.com/ 

Signup Page: https://app.mindswarms.com/registrations 

Commission: Varies 

14. PaidViewpoint

Now, what makes this platform different from the others, you must ask?

PaidViewpoint is not like traditional surveys; it uses a special trait scoring system in which you collect “TraitScore” based on how consistently you respond to surveys. 

You are more likely to receive surveys if your TraitScore is higher!

If you are someone who wishes to earn some extra money in their spare time, PaidViewpoint is a great option because it offers a quick and easy way to do so by taking part in brief surveys. 

For each survey you complete, PaidViewpoint will pay you cash. 

You can normally earn between $0.10 and $2 for every survey, though the amount may differ based complexity of the questions. 

Aos, PaidViewpoint has a minimum payout requirement (which makes it easier for you to withdraw quickly).

Official Website: https://paidviewpoint.com/ 

Signup Page: https://surveys.gobranded.com/users/sign-up/ 

Commission: Varies 

15. Zap Surveys

The free survey app Zap Surveys is available for Android and iOS to complete surveys. 

LLC, a corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia, is the owner of the app; since its founding in 2012, it has paid out more than $51 million to its users. 

To gather consumer opinion, prominent brands, and companies partner with Zap Surveys, a market research organization that pays consumers to complete questionnaires. 

Users must register for a Zap Surveys account and provide personal information in order to earn money.

Once accepted, you will start receiving surveys in your email. The pay per survey varies but is often between $0.50 and $5. 

More incentives are available if you complete surveys or recommend this platform to your friends. 

A minimum cash-out of $10 is required before users can cash out their earnings using PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or other gift cards. 

Zap Surveys is a reliable way to make additional cash in your spare time, but it’s vital to keep in mind that earnings are based on demographics, survey eligibility, and survey frequency.

Official Website: https://www.zapsurveys.com/ 

Signup Page: https://earn.zapsurveys.com/sign-up 

Commission: Varies 

In Conclusion

In my opinion, completing surveys is one of the best ways to earn a passive income because these are easily available, and you do not have to put in a lot of time.

If you have free time or want to increase your income, taking surveys that pay you cash right away is indeed a great way to make money online. 

I have listed out all the legitimate survey platforms to generate money, but it is important to use caution and read everything on the website before completely indulging yourself in it. 

The list is not big, but all the platforms will pay you generously for filling out their surveys; I would suggest you read thoroughly and go for the ones that suit your interest the best!

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