15 MLM Clothing Companies (To Start Making $$$)

In a world where everyone wants to own a business without heavy initial investment, MLM is one of your options.

Here, you can work whenever you want to, with very less capital, and there is no need for you to do everything from the beginning (like product development, inventory management, or marketing).

Let’s talk about USA apparel MLM companies that stand out as inventive platforms and help people to transform their passion for fashion into a successful business. 

Most of the firms I have listed here believe in revolutionizing and sharing fashion with everyone. 

This not only opens doors for independent consultants (like you) to create their own successful businesses but also enables you to grow with the company itself.

Let’s see which MLM clothing company fascinates you the most, don’t forget to look at the commission rates and membership fee.

1. LuLaRoe

The first MLM company I have on this list for you is LulaRoe; it was founded in 2013 and has become a big name in the world of Multi-Level Marketing clothing companies. 

This brand is well-known for its colorful leggings, dresses, and tops and has attracted many independent consultants (retailers) who market the products at live and virtual events.

This business gives its sellers opportunities to make money through a multi-tiered commission structure; the commission rate may change depending on the kind of product sold. 

In LuLaRoe, consultants often make between 25% and 40% of their personal sales as commission.

People are required to make an initial investment; this includes getting a bunch of LuLaRoe apparel goods at a discount; the prices of packages can be anywhere from hundred to several thousand dollars. 

The brand is offering an initial kit, priced at only $499, which includes thirty-three pieces of clothing for the new owners (this is the amount you need to invest in starting your own business!)

Also, LuLaRoe provides training and support to retailers through resources, webinars, and guidance.

Official websitehttps://www.lularoe.com/ 

2. Ruby Ribbon

Since its inception, Ruby Ribbon has been doing great in the fashion sector. 

This company was established in 2011 and provides a varied selection of shapewear, blouses, and other clothing products intended to empower women.

Let’s talk about important specifics like commission schemes, starter kits, and membership costs because these are essential if you want to go for MLM business with Ruby Ribbon.

Retailers can normally expect to earn up to 40% for each sale, though the commission amount may vary. Retailers can also add to their revenue by bringing on a team.

Retailers can increase their income through downline commissions; they can get a cut of the sales that their employees make.

New merchants needed to purchase a Starter Kit in order to start their Ruby Ribbon business. The Starter Kit price might differ, and retailers will need to make this upfront payment in order to get products for sale.

Five starter kits are available for you to choose from: 

  • Try It Start Kit ($59), 
  • Let’s Go Start Kit ($219), 
  • I’m Committed Start Kit ($449), 
  • All In Start Kit ($719), and 
  • Big Time Start Kit ($949). 

Each kit includes a personal website, Success Guide, Core Lookbooks, Seasonal Lookbooks, Order forms, and Measuring Tape. 

Official websitehttps://www.rubyribbon.com/ 

3. Matilda Jane Clothing

Matilda Jane Clothing, founded in 2005, offers unique clothing designs for women and children. Its products are popular for comfort and style. 

This MLM business gives its Trunk Keepers (a bunch of ladies chosen for Matilda Jane) a flat commission on their individual sales. 

For each sale made, the commission percentage normally ranges from 20% to 30%. The initial investment to join Matilda Jane is 1,600 dollars.

The team provides you with an inventory of clothing and accessories, a wooden rack to store and show their products, your welcome present, and a few promotional items.

As all MLMs offer, Trunk Keepers can also earn additional revenue by adding a team under them!

Starting an MLM business with Matilda Jane is an exciting opportunity for new entrepreneurs. But to succeed, they must be proactive in building a customer base, leveraging social media, and hosting events. 

Official websitehttps://matildajaneclothing.com/ 

4. La Senorita Jolie

Jennifer Dixon started this direct sales business La Senorita Jolie in 2013.

The business sells dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry, and scarves, just to name a few. LSJ Stylists receive a commission for both their own sales and the sales of their downline team.

LSJ Stylists earn a base commission of 25-35% on their personal sales, with monthly bonuses of up to 12%. By purchasing the sample pack at the price listed below, you can join LSJ: 

Kit for Ambassadors: $34; the Weekender Kit costs $299 and includes goods with an estimated retail value of $800. The Networker Kit costs $499 but includes items that would normally cost $1200.

The monthly membership fee is $19.95, including access to the website, promotional materials, shipping, and handling.

Before joining LSJ, you must be 18 years old, have a valid credit card or PayPal account to join, and maintain a minimum monthly sales volume to remain a stylist.

Official Website: https://www.lasenoritajolie.com/ 

5. Zyia Active

This company majorly focuses on activewear for women, men, and children; Erin Bradley established Zyia Active in 2014, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Zyia Active representatives are paid a commission (on their sales and their subordinate’s sales). 

Representatives earn a base commission of 20%; for people who generate more than $1,000 in sales (in a month), the company provides an 8% commission incentive. 

You can only sign-up through the website after someone introduces you to the company. 

Their starters pack costs $295, which you need to purchase before you can start working. This starter pack contains several items, such as leggings, a gift card (of 100 dollars), a tank top, joggers, and some other things.

Official websitehttps://zyiaactive.com/ 

6. Nefful

This company is quite different from the other clothing companies, and its way of making clothes differentiate it from the competitors. 

With its distinctive approach to fashion and wellness, Nefful is a renowned MLM apparel company established in 1973. 

Nefful has its roots in Japan but established the business in the USA; the brand offers a wide variety of integrated far-infrared technology clothing (sounds too scientific?). 

Let me put it into simple language, this business offers natural apparel and accessories made of Neoron and Teviron fibers.

Nefful offers independent distributors, known as “Nefful Business Partners,” a base commission of 20%, allowing them to earn income directly from their sales and downline commission. 

Nefful membership costs $50, and partners must generate a $100 monthly qualifying volume from product sales.

Official websitehttps://neffulusa.com/ 

7. Cabi 

Cabi, founded in 2002, changed the fashion industry by offering personalized shopping (a new experience altogether). Cindy Kibbe came up with this brand to empower and elevates women’s style. 

This MLM company pays Stylists a base commission, with rates ranging from 25% to 33%. 

To get that commission, you will need to make an investment before you can profit. Starting off will cost you $2570, which includes a full seasonal line of inventory.

Other types of bonuses you can avail of- 

The stylist’s individual volume determines the amount of this incentive (up to thirty-three percent).

This bonus is given based on the overall volume of the stylist’s team (the first tier downline receives a 3 percent bonus, the second tier- a 5 percent bonus, and so on!).

Stylists who achieve a specific sales target within their first 90 days are eligible for some incentives (you will know once you join!).

Official websitehttps://www.cabionline.com/ 

8. J Hilburn

J Hilburn, a Dallas-based MLM company, aims to revolutionize men’s apparel by offering premium clothing, tailored style advice, and an easy purchasing experience. 

The company specializes in made-to-measure and ready-to-wear menswear, including shirts, suits, blazers, and trousers. 

J. Hilburn’s personal stylists ensure customers select clothes that fit them perfectly and showcase their individuality. 

The company provides training and support to its stylists, and applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a valid credit card or PayPal account, and maintain a minimum monthly sales volume to get a commission.

To start your journey, you need to purchase a $299 Kit, including a business guide, fabric swatch books, magazine, binder, measuring tools, and 3 months of access to J. Hilburn’s sub-domain. 

Earn 10% when you make $449, and it goes up to $5,500, where you get thirty percent.

First, you have to join J. Hilburn as a Style Associate, then become a Style Advisor at $1800 and a Style Partner at $4000.

Official websitehttps://jhilburn.com/ 

9. Essential Bodywear 

Essential Bodywear offers a wide range of lingerie and sleepwear for women made from premium materials. 

The company uses a multi-level marketing strategy, allowing consultants to profit from both their own sales and those of their downline team. 

Essential Bodywear provides training and support to ensure consultants’ success, including product knowledge, promotional items, and sales strategies. 

Except for the basic kit you bought, carrying inventory is not necessary for Essential Bodywear because orders placed are sent straight by the brand.

All you need to measure your clients is the Cupz Fitting device and the Fit Kit samples. The commission also ranges from 25-37 percent, which is one of the highest in this list of clothing MLM businesses.

You have two business kits to choose from before starting: the Basic Kit ($199) with a $1,000 retail value and the Business Builder Kit ($499). The kit also includes a free 3-month personal website and $19.95 per month thereafter.

Official websitehttps://essentialbodywear.com/  

10. Peach

Since its establishment in 2013, Peach has been selling its apparel ( elevated basic, athleisure, and much more).

This company is not anything new you have not heard of or offering any unique product; I have listed it here because its commission rate is quite decent.

Now, let us look at the commission rate, starlet kit price, and other details.

To join Peach, you will require to follow the link below and sign up; after that, you have to buy their starter kit, which includes gym, play, and work kits at a minimum of $300 each.

There are ten levels in total, and each of them receives a bigger commission percentage of all sales, ranging from 20% to a maximum of 47 percent.

Official websitehttps://www.discoverpeach.com/ 

11. Etcetera

A New York City-based MLM company called ‘Etcetera’ offers stylish and luxurious women’s clothing options, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. 

Founded in 2000 by Connaught Group, Etcetra stylists earn commissions on personal sales and downline team sales, utilizing a uni-level structure. 

The company’s compensation plan ensures stylists receive a commission on the sales of all team members, and you get two options with this brand- either become a traditional stylist or a modern one (read more about it on their website)

With a starting commission rate of 25 percent and you can earn up to fifty percent with this brand, I think this is one of the companies you can consider joining.

Official websitehttps://www.etcetera.com/ 

12. Keylime 

Keylime Athletic Wear is a Canadian-made retail store and online catalog that opened in October 2008. 

With a diverse selection of Canadian-made athletic wear and competitive prices, this brand offers top-quality brands manufactured in Canada and the US. 

This brand has so many styles, colors, and fits to offer; Keylime generally caters to fitness and fashion enthusiasts. 

No matter their age, body type, or level of fitness, Keylime is dedicated to assisting their customers in looking, feeling, and being their best.

Keylime representatives can receive 20% to 40% off orders and 40% off clothing sample packs.

They can profit from the difference between list price and discounted pricing. If you order over $100, you receive free shipping.

Official websitehttps://keylimeathleticwear.com/ 

13. Youngevity

Youngevity, founded in 1993, is an American MLM company offering a clothing line called Youngevity LifeStyles. The company offers comfortable, stylish, and high-quality products for men, women, and children. 

To become a Youngevity clothing consultant, you need to purchase a ‘Business builder kit’ at enrollment, ranging from $30 to $499.

To start selling, a $30 enrollment fee is a must, then $49.95 annually.

As its consultant, you are eligible to earn a commission on sales with a rate ranging from 20-30% and receive bonuses for meeting sales goals.

Official websitehttps://youngevity.com 

14. Stella & Dot

Founded in 2004, Stella & Dot is a global fashion brand that empowers women to express their style and achieve their dreams. 

As a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, women can become Brand Ambassadors and sell Stella & Dot products to friends, family, and social networks. 

The company offers stylish, affordable, and accessible products, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, home decor, and beauty products.

The company’s base commission rate is 20-40% based on monthly sales; downline commission rates stand from 4 to 9 percent.

The ambassadors must achieve minimum sales volumes of 1000-2000 personal qualifying volumes (it is standardized so that ambassadors from every country are on the same page)

Based on monthly PQV, commissions are graded from 20% to 40%.

Official websitehttps://www.stelladot.com/  

15. Hello Pink

A Michigan mother of three who launched her network marketing business in November 2017 formed Hello Pink. 

The business provides high-end, trendy goods with an emphasis on network marketing and a fresh future.

The monthly fee for a premium account is $6.99, or $4.50 (if you pay it all at once for the entire year!).

You can get immediate access to your stylist account for $10 without having to pay for any membership.

There are six ranks in Hello Pink- Stylist, Associate, Star, Lead, Elite, and Lotus. 

Stylists are entitled to a discount of 25% and a commission ranging from 20% to 25%, depending on their ranking (mentioned above!).

Stylists with downlines can earn 9 to 24 percent of their qualifying group sales volume up to level 3 of their downline. 

Official websitehttps://hellopink.com/ 

To The Conclusion

In my opinion, if you really are into the fashion and clothing niche really interests you, then carrying on or starting an MLM business is not too much of a task.

For new entrepreneurs, clothing MLM companies offer a varied environment; these businesses provide you with business strategies, styling tips, and limited-edition products. 

If you want to be successful in any MLM business, you need to be imaginative, proactive, and dedicated to creating connections with your clients. 

Also, I would suggest you go through every company’s conditions thoroughly in order to make informed decisions; read about commission structures and investment requirements. 

You should know about the beginning kit expenses and membership fees (monthly and annually both) that each company has to offer. 

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