Can You See Who Viewed Your TikTok Story? (Read This)

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in which the young generation indulges. Talking only about the USA, it has more than 110 million downloads only in this country. 

From this data, you can understand its impact on the generation, and now Tik Tok is not only used for fun, but big brands are also jumping on this app to grow their business and make content to attract young people. 

TikTok is really famous for creating new trends and teaching new things about cooking, gardening, and sustainability, and you can find anything and everything over this application. 

Almost everyone you know is already on this app; if not, they know what exactly Tiktok is!

You must have lots of questions about how it works. Is TikTok has a story option, or do you really need to make an account to watch other people’s video; I am here with this amazing article which will definitely answer some of the questions.

Can You See Who Viewed Your TikTok Story?

Firstly, what is a Tiktok story?

TikTok has this new ‘Stories’ feature that allows you to share any content you like on your stories part. It differs from the post and automatically vanishes from the Profile after 24 hours.

The stories on Tiktok run for 15 seconds, just like any other popular social media app. 

How do you know if someone has put up a story?

To know this, you have to visit someone’s Profile to see their story. Suppose that someone is me, and if you see a blue circle around my profile photo, it indicates that I have posted a story. Click on my profile picture (or that blue circle) to see the story. 

Now, when I put up a story, I constantly want to see who viewed my story in other apps, but Tiktok won’t let you see the names of your viewers, which is quite disappointing, in my opinion. I mean, why would I not want to see who has watched my story?

But you can see the total number of viewers. For example, if 1000 people have viewed your story, then you can see the number at the bottom of your story but not the names of those thousand people. 

Before 2020, Tiktok allowed the viewer’s name to be displayed with the TikTok view total, but that feature is no longer accessible.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Tik Tok Without An Account?

This is one of the most asked questions in Google regarding TikTok. If you are exploring TikTok without creating an account, would the other person know if someone has viewed their Profile?

Making an account to browse Tiktok is optional, which means you can see other people’s Tiktok videos and their profiles without making a genuine account on the platform. 

There are many times when you feel like going through someone’s Profile, but of course, you don’t want them to know because then you would look like a stalker, even though you are not!

So, the answer to this question is ‘no’; they won’t even if you go through their Profile hundred times. The user will not notice you in any case. 

TikTok’s mechanism allows you to check out several profiles without having to make an account, and there is no such method where the profile owner gets a notification. You will always be anonymous to the user. 

I have talked from the side of a person who wants to see other users’ profiles without knowing them, but what if that person has ill intentions? As a user, you can also make your Profile private so that no one can check out your Profile without your knowledge and acceptance. 

In order to prevent anonymous visitors from viewing your Profile and videos on TikTok, you can change your Profile setting to private.

Additionally, it will stop random users (even the ones without an account) from contacting you through the app.

Users who are not added to your TikTok profile can’t see anything related to your Profile once you have set it to private.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Tik Tok Story In 2023?

No, you can’t see who viewed your TikTok story in 2023! Like other apps, TikTok doesn’t give you the advantage of looking at the list of people who viewed your story. 

But earlier than 2020, Tiktok had a system where the names of your viewers could be seen in the list that you can access just below your stories. Now, in 2023, all you can see is the number of people who have watched your story. 

TikTok management hasn’t made any comment about the fact that why did they remove this feature from the app, so you cannot expect it to come back as it has been around three years now.

And I believe it was done to protect anonymous users so they can keep viewing others’ stories without getting noticed. 

Plus, Tiktok’s stories section has an option for the viewer to reply or duet with your posted video.

Another exciting thing is that any reply or comment on the stories is publicly shown, which means no one can reply to your stories without being seen; this also keeps random users in check.

Stories are majorly put up to help you interact with your viewers, and with this function, you can engage in conversation, or your followers can make videos with you.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Tik Tok Story After 24 Hours?

After 24 hours, TikTok Stories disappear from the feed and are no longer viewable to the public. But you can still access the archive to see all of your previously posted stories.

As we know by now, you can’t even see who viewed your story within the 24 hours of the story being posted, so there’s is no way you can see the viewer’s name after the completion of twenty-four hours when the story is not even viewable by the public. 

Apart from the numbers of viewers and story statistics, you can’t see anything, especially the names of the viewers.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Tik Tok Profile?

TikTok has this new feature where you can see who visited your Profile, and if you want to see which accounts have visited your Profile, you can enable Profile view history in your settings. 

Also, keep in mind that this works both ways. If the other person has not turned on this Profile view setting on their account, you can see if they have visited your Profile. 

Only accounts that have enabled this feature and have viewed your Profile within the last 30 days will be listed in your profile view history.

They will be able to see that you did so if another account has this setting enabled and you visit their profile page.

Also, you need more than 5000 followers to get this feature in your account, and your actual age must be above 16 years old. 

I will also share the process of turning this feature on for your Tiktok account; these are the steps-

1. The first step is tapping on the Profile in the bottom right of the settings.

2. Then tap the menu icon (it looks like three lines) in the top right.

3. Click on Settings and Privacy.

4. Select Privacy, then Profile Views.

5. Lastly, tap the icon that looks like a switch (also called a toggle icon) next to Profile view history to turn on the feature of viewing people who visited your account. Kindly note that the option is off by default.

Can You Tell If Someone Screenshots Your TikTok Story?

There are times when you liked something on someone’s story or any video which you want to keep as a memory or reference for the future; then the best solution would be to ask the source in order to get it, but what if you can’t directly ask the person to send you?

Then whether you screenshot it or screen record it through your phone. Now your question is if the user can know if you have saved their story.

No. Because TikTok has no such structure where any user would get notified if their content is copied or used without their knowledge, it also includes your videos.

In Conclusion

Even though Tiktok is not an old app, it expanded quickly because of its feature of entertaining others. In a brief period of time, this app captured the whole world.

I am sure you would know that when it was launched, it was called Musically, but later, the company changed its name.

So, this article must have helped you understand TikTok’s features and what steps you could take to prevent yourself from getting stalked.

Also, it is a unique platform that pioneered the video-making platform, but its stories feature is new, and that must be why many of you have so many questions about it.

I hope I have helped you to get through your doubts! 

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