9 Private Jet Affiliate Programs (Don’t Miss Out $$$!)

If you are a liaison, hospitality professional, or someone who regularly books travel tickets, this list is a gold mine of opportunities. 

Luxury travel is a business expense for the ballers and the high rollers. Everything from expensive foods to hotels is considered an investment to curb the stresses of high-stakes business.

I have combed the net and gathered some of the best ways for you to earn money. All you have to do is connect private airline companies to busy people who need them!

These services cost thousands of dollars depending on the departure and arrival location. Booking times also differ, sometimes at a moment’s notice, otherwise months in advance.

This is why you will find that most of the programs do not give a standard commission rate or cookie durations. 

Since the affiliates are not limited to the digital space, offering promotional materials is also uncommon.

Top Private Jet Affiliate Programs

  1. LuckyJets Affiliate Program
  2. Rennia Aviation Affiliate Program
  3. Private Jet Finder Affiliate Program
  4. Nohara Jet Affiliate Program
  5. Villers Jet Affiliate Program
  6. Fast Private Jet Private Jet Affiliate Program
  7. Sky Luxe Aviation Affiliate Program
  8. Vida Jets Affiliate Program
  9. Private Jet Card Comparisons Affiliate Program

1. LuckyJets Affiliate Program

LuckyJets Screenshot

If anyone is looking for luxury air travel, either going to or coming from Las Vegas, Nevada, then LuckyJets is their best bet! Do you have an audience interested in this, maybe one interested in gambling and event management? 

If yes, then definitely check out this company’s affiliate program! Whether someone needs a heavy private jet for 12 people (pax) or a light private jet for 4 pax, LuckyJet can hook them up. 

No need to worry about the details; They will make the whole process convenient and comfortable for all their clients. 

Now about how you can make money with private jet tickets. For the affiliate program, there is no standard commission or cookie duration.

Considering an average ticket costs thousands of dollars and the firm can offer your clients the lowest prices, I think you can still earn a lot.

Based on what I’ve seen, you will be in touch with LuckyJets’s representative, who will give you affiliate support. This person will give you everything you might need. 

Another referral program here is the Rolodex Program. Where you refer LuckyJets to your friends and family and earn up to $100 in-flight credit for every sign-up!

I encourage travel agents with Las Vegas on their itinerary, Hotel staff, VIP hosts, and luxury retailers to join this program.

Company Page: http://www.luckyjets.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: http://www.luckyjets.com/affiliates/

Commission Rates: $100 flight credit per sign-up + Commissions on sales

Cookie Duration: Not Available

2. Rennia Aviation Affiliate Program

Rennia's Landing Page

Rennia Aviation is a private jet company that provides world-class service with the highest safety standards. 

They believe in giving their clients the best quality experience possible every step of the way. 

I see this company has worldwide flights, and it seems to me like it’s on top of its game regarding technology, comfort, and luxury.

Prices are set accordingly, and that means higher commissions for you.

Reinna’s affiliate program has not disclosed its exact rates either. Still, they offer percentage-based commissions on a case-to-case basis.

All they ask is that affiliates should have luxury sales experience and a strong network of people who appreciate traveling in style and comfort.

Just by looking at their level of service, I think you should click the link below to learn more. 

Company Page: https://www.renniaaviation.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.renniaaviation.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: Percentage-based

Cookie Duration: Unknown

3. Private Jet Finder Affiliate Program


This one is a little different from the two we have seen. That’s because Private Jet Finder is an online platform with over 1000 flights across the globe. 

I think it is better for higher middle-class business people who enjoy flying luxury occasionally.

Here, flyers can find the convenience of web search engines combined with the customer service of experienced brokers. Anyone can easily book flights worldwide in just a few clicks.

All the fights on Private Jet Finder have guaranteed safety and quality service. One can book a flight 90 minutes before and have the entire staff at their disposal until the destination is reached.

Enough about the company. For the affiliate program, the commission rates are in euros (since the company is in Dublin) and are based on sales of flights.

You will earn 150 for light, 200 for mid, and 300 euros per heavy jet flight sales. A range of banners, text links, and widgets are also provided for marketing. 

Tracking tools, sales information, and affiliate support are available with real-time updates.

With planes flying across over 5000 airports worldwide, this is practically a no-brainer in this category. 

Company Page: https://www.privatejetfinder.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.privatejetfinder.com/tracker/register/

Commission Rates: 150 euros for light, 200 euros for mid, & 300 euros for heavy flights

Cookie Duration: Unknown

4. Nohara Jet Affiliate Program

Nohara's Beautiful Website

Nohara Jet is a king among kings.

They’re an elite, luxury private jet hiring company based in Kyrenia, Cyprus. Their luxury customer service is focused on speed, comfort, and, most importantly, discretion. 

In case you missed it, this means that Nohara values your time and respects your need for privacy. 

We’ve heard before that “money can buy you anything,” but I think it’s companies like this that make it possible.

A personal flight assistant will create a unique flight schedule for all clients out of their fleet of over 20,000 and 100 types of jets. 

I think Nohara really knows how to sell to a luxury clientele; We can all learn a thing or two from them. Just see how different their website looks from the rest!

Oh, and did I mention that their operators also work hard to make things as cost-effective as possible? Money doesn’t grow on trees, after all!

For the affiliate program, you get a 1% commission. Their payout structure is as per this link. Nohara will also provide all the high-quality promo stuff you need.

As far as I can see, affiliate support is also provided to you.

Company Page: https://noharajets.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://noharajets.com/affiliates/ 

Commission Rates: 1%

Cookie Duration: Not available

5. Villiers Jet Affiliate Program

Villiers Jet's Website Screenshot

Here, we have something for solo luxury travelers, with one of the most lucrative affiliate programs.

Just like #3 above, Villiers Jet is another website that gives worldwide chartered jet options. One can browse by location and destination, find the cheapest option, and book a flight by the seat.

You can see how it’s perfect for solo travelers. Villiers’s network has over ten thousand flights across forty thousand locations. That’s a LOT of options.

I feel like their brand is all about personal sovereignty and convenience. 

In the affiliate program, they offer an uncapped thirty percent commission rate. That’s unheard of in this category! 

Access their affiliate dashboard, which provides real-time information about the engagement with your links.

I can see that they also give promo stuff and support from their affiliate management team. I personally recommend Villiers Jet’s affiliate program.

Company Page: https://www.villiersjets.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.villiersjets.com/affiliates/

Commission Rates: 30% 

Cookie Duration: N/A

6. Fast Private Jet Affiliate Plus Program

FPJ's Landing Page

Fast Private Jet(FPJ) is a dynamic company with over twenty years of experience in luxury travel. They provide everything from air ambulances and yacht rentals to sales and acquisitions.

I’m sure you’ll agree that jets are massive capital investments. Their reselling, refurbishing, and remodeling is a huge market. 

FPJ’s website is another place where you can find worldwide jets in one place. Search for flights by location, compare prices, and choose the best, cheapest option.

All airlines are Airworthiness Operator Certification (AOC) qualified, so safety is guaranteed. 

The Fast Private Jet Affiliate Plus Program lets you make money on every sale you refer. As you can guess by now, they do not offer a standard rate or anything like that.

FPJ will connect you with your own affiliate manager, though, so what more do you need?

From what I can see, the USP here is affordability, so you should use this one to attract people who want to try their first private jet flight!

Company Page: https://www.fastprivatejet.com/en

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.fastprivatejet.com/en/jet-charter/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: Not Available

Cookie Duration: Unknown

7. Sky Luxe Aviation Affiliate Program

Sky Luxe's Homepage

Looking for luxury travel in the Middle East? Look no further.

Sky Luxe is an aviation consultant based in Dubai, UAE. They offer private charter, group charter, air ambulance, air cargo charter, and concierge services. 

If you are into buying and selling aircraft, they do that too.

The group charter service I mentioned above? It’s perfect for business meetings, groups, and seminar members to enjoy themselves while traveling. 

Sky Luxe also specializes in serving VIP clients, so I feel like they are a bit of an all-rounder.

This affiliate program offers a 1% commission on sales of their varied flights, plans, memberships, and services. Full payment proposition here

They have mentioned that the program is in its initial stages, though, so contact them for specifics.

Company Page: https://www.skyluxe.aero/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.skyluxe.aero/become-our-affiliate-partner/

Commission Rates: 1%

Cookie Duration: Not listed

8. Vida Jets Affiliate Program


Vida Jets offers a very streamlined and focused service. Their Jet Specialists have expert experience as airline operators.

The way I see it: when clients reach out to them, they give their undivided attention, taking their time to understand you and your requirements.

I’d say that personalization is an essential part of the luxury experience. This starts from the first point of contact with the client.

Vida’s Jet Specialists pride themselves on crafting the best-personalized travel plans that aim to impress. I also want to mention that the company believes in contributing to local communities.

Their affiliate program offers categories like rewards or marketing. Even affiliates can feel their focus on personalization!

In terms of rewards, affiliates will get paid certain amounts for every lead they bring in, regardless of sales. 

They also offer marketing opportunities for influencers and creators with a following that flies private. 

Vida tries their best to do professional photoshoots for affiliates in the influencer category with actual jets and sports cars as props. This bolsters your content while promoting Vida.

I found it hard to believe all the different ways in which you can benefit from affiliating with Vida. Click the affiliate sign-up link below to see for yourself!

They do provide their affiliates with content like videos for promotion, and they do offer general affiliate support.

Company Page: https://vidajets.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://vidajets.com/partners

Commission Rates: on a flight-to-flight basis

Cookie Duration: Not specified.

9. Private Jet Card Comparisons Affiliate Program

Website Screenshot

Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed by these different kinds of private jet services? Imagine how a business person who’s already short of time and energy feels.

I think that traveling time is when they get to rest, and they choose private jets for a comfortable experience. That doesn’t mean that no price is too high, though.

Private Jet Card Comparisons is an online platform that makes all this easier and more affordable. This one is truly for the masses.

There are many cards, memberships, and programs out there that make luxury travel just a little more accessible. 

Whether your audience is interested in those or is looking for a single-time flight, this platform is a godsend.

It has over 250 different jet programs, all in one place. Apply filters, compare side-by-side, and get the most cost-effective option possible.

Based on my research, this is a unique service at such a large scale.

The affiliate program offers a fifty-dollar reward for every verified subscription. You can also earn an additional fifty for second and third-year renewals each.

In other words, that’s a hundred and fifty dollars earned per long-term sign-up over three years. 

This one is hosted by LeadDyno, where you can sign up and learn more about promo details.

Company Page: https://privatejetcardcomparisons.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://privatejetcardcomparisons.com/privacy-policy/affiliateprogram/

Commission Rates: $50 per subscriber + an additional $50 for 2nd and 3rd-year renewals. 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

To Conclude

You will see that this list has many different options for people of multiple income classes. I noticed that these can be arranged based on the following categories:

  • #6 & 9 can be considered the most affordable options on the list.
  • Alternatively, #2, 4, 7, & 8 offer high-level luxury services.
  • #3, 5, 6, & 9 also provide access to global networks where flyers can compare multiple options in one place. The first two can be considered for middle-income-level audiences.
  • Finally, #1 and 7 are location specific. The first one is for Las Vegas, and the second is for the Middle East.

You might feel that a lot of these companies offer the same “high-quality” service. I would emphasize that these are all luxury services, and those are industry standards.

As the air travel market gets more saturated, for airlines, it becomes about quantity rather than quality.

This has led to commodifying customers who have lost value to commercial airlines. With all the hassle of commercial air travel, private jets, and luxury travel have become more coveted, valuable, and desired.

While environmental concerns about flight carbon emissions exist, most people don’t fly very often. This is especially true for private jets, as they cost a ton of money.

I think it’s good to be concerned, but extremes should also be avoided. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself well every now and then. After all, you only live once!

Anirudh Gitai.- SB Digital Writer/Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

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