5 PPD (Pay Per Download) Affiliate Programs (Real Ones!)

What if it was possible that you recommend a downloadable product to people, and whenever anyone downloads the same, you get paid a commission for that?

That would be pretty amazing, right?

Well, the good news is, I’m going to make that possible for you in this post. And, the bad news is – there’s no bad news!

In this growing digital world, loads and loads of people are interested in downloading files, books, bundles, etc.

With that said, in this listicle, you will get to know some of the best PPD affiliate programs or Pay Per Download affiliate programs you should check out to monetize each and every click strategically.

I won’t stretch the intro and fill it up with fluff. Let’s get straight into the article and find some good companies you can partner with.

And unlike other bloggers, I have mentioned only active programs here. All of them are active as well as trusted. Let’s go now!

PPD Affiliate Programs

  1. Adscend Media Affiliate Program
  2. ShareCash Affiliate Program
  3. DollarUploads Affiliate Network
  4. FileSpace Affiliate Program
  5. LinkbucksMedia Affiliate Program
  6. CPAGrip Affiliate Network
  7. Daily Uploads Affiliate Program

1.Adscend Media Affiliate Network

AdscendMedia affiliate network for PPD and CPI offers

Adscend Media is the first company we have got on this list of PPD affiliate programs.

Adscend Media is actually an affiliate network (yes, you can consider it as a network) that focuses on helping publishers and affiliate marketing make money and brands grow their businesses.

This company has been there in the industry since the year 2009, and they have helped publishers/affiliate marketers earn over $55 million to date.

Over 35,000 publishers have joined Adscend Media to make money! After all, who doesn’t love money, right?

This network has been featured in magazines and publications such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, etc.

They focus on driving leads to businesses (mainly – not all the time). Affiliates can take advantage of this opportunity and find some really good PPD offers to promote for generating better revenue.

I’ve linked their homepage as well as a signup page for any interested affiliate who wants to have a look.

Official Website: https://adscendmedia.com

Signup Page: https://adscendmedia.com/publishers/apply

Commission: Variable per action

2. ShareCash Affiliate Network

ShareCash affiliate program

The second option we have here is also a network that interested affiliate marketers or bloggers can join for the better.

I’m in the habit of checking the backlink profile of a website/platform to find out whether or not it is a legit one, and here’s what Ahrefs tells me about ShareCash.

As you can see, a lot of other websites are pointing towards ShareCash, which proves that it’s actually safe to be a part of it as an affiliate.

With ShareCash, you, as an affiliate, have the opportunity to earn up to $500 by making people download applications.

Yes, that’s right! Up to $500 by promoting the Pay Per Download affiliate offers. That’s a hell of a lot of money.

But I would recommend you first scan the applications before you go about promoting those. Have a look at the quality of the app and know if It adds any value to a person’s life.

Another cool thing about this network is that you also get a $25 bonus if you join as a marketer. Visit the navigation links to learn more.

Official Website: https://sharecash.co

Signup Page: https://sharecash.co/register

Commission: Up to $500

3. DollarUpload Affiliate Network

DollarUpload affiliate

DollarUpload is another PPD affiliate network here!

When I visited their official website initially, I felt like I have landed on a ‘kids’ website, but then it turned out that I was on an affiliate network.

Before I tell you more about DollarUpload, I have to say that the website is very unprofessional! We’re in the 21st century, and the website still looks like a Web 2.0 site.

Anyways, that doesn’t mean the platform isn’t reputed or well-established. They currently work with over 160,000 publishers and have over 4300 CPA & CPI offers affiliates can promote to make money.

Okay, that’s cool, but how exactly affiliates make money with this network? Well, DollarUpload locks a file that people can download via their pay per download network.

Now, whenever someone clicks your link and unlocks the file (in other words, downloads it), you earn money for that.

All affiliates are provided with detailed targeting, friendly & fast affiliate support, and a whole lot of necessary resources that are required for promotions.

Official Website: https://dollarupload.com

Signup Page: https://dollarupload.com/register.php

Commission: Variable according. to the offer

4. FileSpace Affiliate Program

FileSpace pay per download affiliate

FileSpace is a company that allows users to store images, videos, files, and multimedia for backups.

A lot of people use this platform, and it’s a great offer to promote as well. You just need to find that right audience.

And yes, I will admit that it’s a bit tricky to find customers who would be interested in FileSpace. I think new webmasters could be targeted for good conversions.

Yep, they do have a PPD affiliate program that you can join and earn a decent amount. The company pays up to $38 for 1000 downloads and 20% for the sales.

Some website owners and publishers can even earn 60% commission on all sales, but the vast majority will get paid 20% for all qualified sales.

You will be get paid in 2 business days, and the payment threshold is as low as $10. To learn more, visit their official site.

Official Website: https://filespace.com

Signup Page: https://filespace.com/affiliate.html

Commission: $38 for 1000 downloads + 20% or 60% commission

5. CPAGrip Affiliate Network

PPD Affiliate network: CPAGrip

The last Pay Per Download network I want to share with you is CPAGrip! You probably already know what CPA (Cost Per Action) means, right?

For those of you who don’t, it’s a business model where you get paid for every action. This action could be anything. It could be generating a sale, generating a lead, or downloading a file.

I did a simple search on Ahrefs, and I could see the companies brand value. You can join the company without a worry if you want to.

With CPAGrip, affiliates or publishers get a chance to promote over 2000 campaigns. The commission rate is 5%, but when you are monetizing each and every ‘click,’ that’s considerable, right?

There are all kinds of offers you can promote for PPL to PPD. The company also provides a lot of monetization tools like content lockers, video lockers, creative assets, tracking tools, etc.

Engrossed individuals can join CPAGrip for free by clicking the links I have mentioned down below.

Official Website: https://www.cpagrip.com

Signup Page: https://www.cpagrip.com/publishers.php

Commission: 5% commission

The Bottom Line

Promoting PPD (Pay Per Download) affiliate offers to your audience won’t really make you a hell of a lot of money, to be frank!

But, in case you have a good quality traffic source/audience, you can definitely find some good sweet spots for the better.

I would personally recommend that you check out the article I have mentioned below about (Pay Per Lead affiliate program) and you will thank me later.

With that said, I would conclude the post and if you have got any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

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