10 Luggage Affiliate Programs (Crazy Commissions!)

Hmmm! Where should I start?

Let’s talk about the statistics on luggage first!

As per Statista, the global market for luggage was estimated to be worth over 16 billion dollars in 2020. And here we are a couple of years after that – the numbers are still in the positive tragedy!

Yeah, the big market, right?

Exactly! So as a savvy affiliate marketer, you should invest your time into a highly profitable niche, isn’t it?

And this one is one of them!

Cool, then let’s move forward to look for the companies and what their partner programs have for you.

Luggage Affiliate Programs

  1. NaSaDen Luggage Affiliate Program
  2. Viking Bags Affiliate Program
  3. Lo & Sons Affiliate Program
  4. Nashville Luggage Drop Affiliate Program
  5. Case Luggage Affiliate Program
  6. eBags Affiliate Program
  7. Solgaard Affiliate Program
  8. Standard Luggage Affiliate Program
  9. Travelpro Affiliate Program
  10. Samsonite Affiliate Program

1. NaSaDen Luggage Affiliate Program

NaSaDen Luggage Affiliate Program

The very first company on the list of luggage affiliate programs is NaSaDen.

This business offers various types of luggage and high-quality suitcases (SGS passed).

All of us want to travel light; at least I do!

That’s why NaSaDen’s luggage (bags) are super lightweight, and at the same time; they have travel accessories for you!…… Cool, isn’t it?

You can get everything from this brand, from storage organizers to luggage straps.

Coming to the interesting part (yes, their affiliate program!), they ensure that the customers coming through the partners will always get the products at lower prices.

This policy will also help you to attract more customers, which means more commissions!

Yes, about the commission rate; you will get five percent after every qualified sale, with an AOV starting from two hundred and fifty dollars…it goes beyond (up to four hundred dollars).

The company guides you in every step and provides web banners, videos, links, and product descriptions, so you don’t have to do anything alone!

After signing up, you will have to wait two days for your partner’s account to be set up (it’s an in-house program); the contact details are given clearly on their site for you to reach out to them.

Company Page: https://nasaden.us

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://nasaden.us/pages/affiliate-program  

Commission Rates: 5% commission

Cookie duration: Not listed

2. Viking Bags Affiliate Program

Viking Bags Affiliate Program

Unlike other luggage companies, Viking doesn’t sell luggage for every purpose; instead, it makes bags, especially for riders.

This company produces the most significant luggage for motorcycle riders; their unique products cater to the needs of people who are always on the roads.

I should tell you about one of their hard saddlebags that can be locked (for security purposes); this innovation was not seen before this company came up with it. 

Now, are you interested in traveling, or do you run a blog directed towards travelers; then this is the one program you can look into.

The benefits you will get after becoming their partner include the following-

  • Ten percent commission rate
  • A conversion rate of 3.5 percent (above average!)
  • Cookie duration of sixty days
  • Assigned manager 

If any of the above points excites you to join their affiliate program, you can sign up through their partner page.

Company Page: https://www.vikingbags.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.vikingbags.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 10% on all qualified buys

Cookie Duration: 60 days

3. Lo & Sons Affiliate Program

Lo & Sons Affiliate Program

For the following affiliate program, I have Lo & Sons.

This company was born after Helen Lo faced several problems with the existing bags that were useless for women with back issues.

To help people, she and her sons launched functional bags without compromising style and comfort.

I think people are right when they say; you end up making things when unavailable; this is the story for Lo & Sons. 

Enough about the company; I am more interested in what policies they have for their associates. 

This affiliate program applies to anyone who shares the same audience as the brand. 

You will have to join through the Pepperjam network (an affiliate marketing solution provider, I know that you know; just wanted to mention it again, duh!)

Once you are approved, only then they will discuss the commission rates and cookie period with you (so, wait and apply! I guess?)

Company Page: https://www.loandsons.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.loandsons.com/pages/affiliate-sign-up 

Commission Rates: Not listed

Cookie duration: Not listed

4. Nashville Luggage Drop Affiliate Program

Nashville Luggage Drop Affiliate Program

As the name suggests; it is a luggage drop company.

Nashville Luggage Drop is not the one that makes luggage but transfers it from one place to the other.

All you have to do is plan beforehand and let the service provider know how many bags are there and what would be the pick-up point and time. 

The online procedure for booking their service is simple and the best part is you don’t have to pre-pay! (guaranteed service) 

More than forty thousand bags have been dropped by them successfully (credible enough to become their partner.)

For you, the company will record your sales to keep track; and will provide you with a customized link for bookings (after you sign up)

For every booking made through you, you will be eligible for a commission rate of fifteen percent.

Write a great blog for your channel or website about the brand, after becoming their affiliate to attract more traffic. 

Company Page: https://nashvilleluggagestorage.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://nashvilleluggagestorage.com/affiliates/ 

Commission Rates: 15% commission

Cookie Duration: Not listed

5. Case Luggage Affiliate Program

Case Luggage Affiliate Program

Case Luggage is not a brand!

So, what is it?

It is a stockist in the UK; it is a place that sells all kinds of designer luggage.

They have all kinds of luggage and travel accessories, from business to fashion bags from the brands like Bric’s, Rimowa, or Tumi (and more); you just have to name it!

They offer international brands in one place for the customer’s ease. 

The company is looking for partners that-

  • Have UK specific site 
  • Any travel website
  • Luxury products customer’s site
  • Vacation site

Now, if you are under this category, then Case Luggage welcomes you to join them through the Affiliate Future network.

For every affiliate, signing up is accessible through the network mentioned above, but other information regarding the affiliate program will only be made accessible to you after approval. 

Company Page: https://www.caseluggage.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.caseluggage.com/affiliates

Commission Rates: 7% commission

Cookie Duration: 90 days

6. eBags Affiliate Program

eBags Affiliate Program

eBags was founded in 1999; this brand will give you the best-rated luggage and travel accessories.

The rankings and reviews on its website are enough to prove the product’s quality. 

The materials of the backpacks and other pieces of luggage are of superior quality, and the craftsmanship is admirable (the actual reason for their positive rankings!)

Even though eBags don’t have its in-house affiliate program, one of the leading service providers, Impact Radius, handles all the partners (and their commissions) on the brand’s behalf. 

The standard commission rate offered to any affiliate stands at three percent, and you won’t be charged when you sign up for the network.  

Also, I would add that the brand always helps its partner to maximize sales by giving them access to coupons, detailed reports, and banners (good for you, right?)!

Company Page: https://www.ebags.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page:https://www.ebags.com/affiliates.html 

Commission Rates: 3% commission

Cookie Duration: Not listed

7. Solgaard Affiliate Program

Solgaard Affiliate Program

Everyone likes traveling, right?


But no one likes that heavy baggage!

That’s why Solgaard has travel suitcases, backpacks, and more for you, to have a comfortable journey.

This is one of the premium brands that stand out from all of the above because of the quality and sustainable ways of production (and awards it won!)

I believe, you got the idea about the brand already but not its affiliate program.

Solgaard wants partners from all over the world who are passionate about traveling and wants to promote eco-friendly products.

As its affiliate, you are entitled to a great commission ( though the rate is not mentioned), a team that would help with marketing and a platform to track your progress.

How do you get in, that must be your question, huh?

Shoot your questions to their official mail id with information about yourself (that includes social handles, engagement, and followers).

Company Page: https://solgaard.co

Affiliate Sign-Up Page:https://solgaard.co/pages/become-an-affiliate 

Commission Rates: Not listed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

8. Standard Luggage Affiliate Program

Standard Luggage Affiliate Program

Unlike the infamous luggage companies, Standard Luggage does not promote big and heavy suitcases; instead, it focuses on bettering the lives of regular flyers. 

Extra baggage charges, long queues, and fear of losing your bags- are the significant problems everyone faces…. 

But not anymore, because this company has reliable and efficient bags that are small but hold so many things. 

Help your audience out with these backpacks that would save them so much time!

A generous commission rate of ten percent (on the certified sale) and an attribution window of thirty days is what you will get as an affiliate. 

Wait…I will tell you how you should apply to this program (if this interests you)

After being accepted as their partner, you will go to the Refersion Platform, which manages Standard Luggage’s affiliate program professionally.

Then it is as simple as it is, you will get bi-weekly payment through PayPal, and yeah…the promotional materials will be provided on your demand. 

Company Page: https://standardluggage.com

 Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.standardluggage.com/pages/standard-luggage-co-affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: 10% on luggage sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Travelpro Affiliate Program

Travelpro Affiliate Program

Travelpro is one of the biggest manufacturers of burdensome baggage for every type of travel. 

The brand offers tote bags (trendy, right?), backpacks, duffel bags, and suitcases. 

Okay, I will accept that after seeing the tote bag, I couldn’t see any other products (a little biased, but can’t help)!

More than ninety airlines prefer Travelpro over the other companies.

You should, too, not as a customer…but as their affiliate.

The cookie duration is quite generous, forty-five days! And the partners get eight percent on all sales of luggage.

But, it increases when you make sales over one thousand dollars (ten percent commission rate!)

Other advantages for their partners include- access to the experts of Travelpro and the first ones to review the products. 

Company Page: https://travelpro.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://travelpro.com/pages/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates:  Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 45 days

10. Samsonite Affiliate Program

Samsonite Affiliate Program

Don’t we all know about Samsonite?

It is one of the leaders in this industry and offers superior travel bags and accessories to make your journey happy!

This brand majorly looks for quality and design while producing its bags because all like durable and stylish products.

Samsonite has been in the business for more than a hundred years now, and the quality and designs of the products are unparalleled (compared to other alternative brands)

The company has a lucrative affiliate program for all the interested parties out there!

As a top corporation, it has huge commissions for affiliates and a dedicated management team who would provide web banners and other advertising materials to bring more customers to your web page.

One of the prominent affiliate networks (FlexOffers) is running Samsonite’s affiliate program for them. 

There was no information regarding rates and duration on the company’s website; as a result, you have to sign up directly on the network to know more about the advantages for you as their partner! 

Company Page: https://shop.samsonite.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here to join on FlexOffers

Commission Rates: Not listed

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

To Conclude

Well, these were some of the top-notch luggage companies that I think you should partner with.

Also, I think it’s a great idea to start a niche website that revolves around luggage and related topics, I think it can be exceptionally profitable.

On top of this, video content on YouTube would work really well in this niche.

If you have any questions regarding the topic and more, please feel free to reach out to me via social channels or just use the comments section down below to get your words out there.

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