11 Parenting Affiliate Programs (Great Payouts!)

You know, you are seeing the world the way your parents made you do it.

This sentence is enough for all of us to understand the importance of parenting.

Let me tell you, I would accredit my success to my parents because of the value they integrated into my upbringing.

I would say health, care, and safety are any parent’s primary concerns regarding their child.

Today, I have brought several parenting companies and their affiliate programs for you, where their products and services would guide you on how to ace your parenting game with those naughty little kids (and of course, don’t forget their high commissions).

Parenting Affiliate Programs

  1. Parenting Simply Affiliate Program
  2. Tinyhood Affiliate Program
  3. Momcozy Affiliate Program
  4. We Might Be Tiny Affiliate Program
  5. Mamas & Papas Affiliate Program
  6. Care.com Affiliate Program
  7. Positive Parenting Solutions Affiliate Program
  8. Kids in The House Affiliate Program
  9. momAgenda Affiliate Program
  10. Urban Sitter Affiliate Program
  11. The Family Wizard Affiliate Program

1. Parenting Simply Affiliate Program

Parenting Simply Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, this company is meant to reduce your load on ‘How to become the perfect parent and make your children listen to you.’

This is our first company on this list!

Parenting focuses on teaching new parents to become skilled in parenting by taking their specialized courses.

Don’t worry if you think parenting is hard; Parenting Simply will make your relationship with your kid funny and joyful.

I firmly believe that with the correct tone and soft behavior, you can mold your child into a lovely human.

So, are you a mommy or daddy blogger?

Or your audience comprises new parents.

If yes, this affiliate program is for you, and I have done my research before I say this.

Forty percent commission rate with one whole year of cookie period – fair enough deal I’d say! Get it!

Company Page: https://parentingsimply.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://parentingsimply.com/affiliate-info

Commission Rates: 40% commission

Cookie Duration: 1 Year (365 days)

2. Tinyhood Affiliate Program

Tinyhood Affiliate Program

When Miller and Blinn struggled during their parenting period, they devised ‘Tinyhood’ from pregnancy to farther.

Tinyhood’s online programs are for parents who cannot attend physical classes. 

Here, the experts guide parents on what parenting style would suit the baby most. 

Group discussions and online articles by Tinyhood are best to understand other parents’ methods.

Health, medical, and care classes are also given to protect infants in their homes only.

Their affiliate program is worth considering, so I’m writing about it here.

You can endorse the Tinyhood online classes on your website or blog, social channels, or wherever you have an audience of this sort, and get your fifteen percent commission rate (on every sale made) 

The promotional materials and tracking links will be provided to you under the affiliate dashboard (so, that’s when you join the company).

Company Page: https://www.tinyhood.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.tinyhood.com/affiliate 

Commission Rates: 15% commission

Cookie Duration: Not listed

3. Momcozy Affiliate Program

Momcozy Affiliate Program

How many times have you seen women feeding their babies in public freely, without any hesitation?

I would say very less.

And we cannot say the reason is unknown to us.

Yes, it’s the uncomfortable scenario new moms face because of a whole lot of us. 

That’s why Momcozy introduced products that will assist mummies in breastfeeding more amply (even in public!)

Their products consist of nursing bras, baby monitors, easy wearable pumps, and milk storage bags. 

Momcozy’s price range is also for everyone out there; because they believe high-quality products do not necessarily need to be expensive every time.

Coming to their affiliate program, you can get on board through the Flexoffers network.

Even though the cookie duration is not mentioned, one thing the company clearly cites is their offer of a fifteen percent commission rate to the partners, on every sale.

Company Page: https://momcozy.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.tinyhood.com/affiliate 

Commission Rates: 15% pay on the sales

Cookie Duration: Not listed

4. We Might Be Tiny Affiliate Program

We Might Be Tiny Affiliate Program

Minimalist yet functional tableware by We Might Be Tiny is vibrant and makes your kid’s mealtime more interesting than ever.

Their silicon mats and sticky plates are to die for ( I didn’t say it, the kids did). 

I found them beyond cute and they will complement your child’s food well.

Their high-quality products are durable and that makes We Might Be Tiny one of the favorite go-to toddler dinnerware brands. 

Muffin cups, snacks box, stampies, and so much more are available with the brand in different colors and shapes to make your kid eat more. 

With an average order value of one hundred and fifty dollars, We Might Be Tiny is offering its affiliates the chance to earn fifteen percent on every registered and approved sale (profitable, enough!).

The cookie life of ninety days, is also more than enough, as the conversion rate is above average. 

The link below will help you get more details about the company’s partner program. 

Company Page: https://www.wemightbetiny.com   

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.wemightbetiny.com/pages/join-partner-program 

Commission Rates: 15% compensation

Cookie Duration: 90 days

5. Mamas & Papas Affiliate Program

Mamas & Papas Affiliate Program

Mamas & Papas has been in the parenting business for the last 40 years.

The new Mamas & Papas team began designing everything from pushchairs to toys.

Their experience of not getting the perfect furniture and baby clothes in the market made the founders come up with this brand. 

Mamas and Papas have all kinds of baby products, you just have to name them. 

I think that their existence in this industry for so long makes their affiliate program one of the best (I mean, more reliable).

Let’s have a look at what they have to offer to their affiliates.

AWIN is an affiliate marketing platform (network) that Mamas and Papas use for their affiliates.

Five percent is what you get after sales are made through the link given by the company (after you get approved).

Creative assets, a dedicated team, and full access to product feed- these are all you get after becoming the company’s partner.  

Company Page: https://mamasandpapas.com 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://mamasandpapas.com/pages/affiliate-programme 

Commission Rates: 5% commission

Cookie Duration: Not listed

6. Care.com Affiliate Program

Care.com Affiliate Program

It is one of the most innovative websites I have found while scrolling.

Now you may ask, what’s new in this?

So, this platform is the mediator that works 24*7 to provide care for you.

With the help of technology, Care.com is bringing happiness to millions of families in more than seventeen countries so far.

Any person can create a profile on Care.com for availing and offering services. 

Do you want senior care?

They have it!

Want babysitters? They have this too!

If you are into the affiliate business for some time now, this program will help to earn a good commission.

Their commission is based on the traffic source (which means, it varies), the cookie window is for thirty days, and currently, Care.com is accepting applicants that have more US traffic. 

Company Page: https://www.care.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.care.com/lp/affiliate 

Commission Rates: Varies

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Positive Parenting Solutions Affiliate Program

Positive Parenting Solutions Affiliate Program

As a parent, you all have to face the time when you were yelling and losing control to make your kids do things they are not paying attention to.

I have seen new moms screaming their lungs out when they try everything to make their children eat. But turns out yelling makes them run away instead of eating.

No worries, Positive Parenting Solutions brought an amazing plan for you where their online course will teach you; how a kid, and their habits can be controlled. 

Customers can get audiobooks and videos with lifetime access, and reading supplements from Positive Parenting Solutions.

Not only for the customers but this company has generous advantages for its affiliates as well.

The company pays a percentage (commission rate) of the sale to its affiliates…and that comes out to twenty-five percent on every sale. 

With an average order value of two hundred and fifty dollars, Positive Parenting Solutions’ affiliates also get sixty days of cookie life. 

The company also offers free course materials to the affiliates; to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to make good content for their websites. 

Company Page: https://positiveparentingsolutions.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://positiveparentingsolutions.com

Commission Rates: 25% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

8. Kids in The House Affiliate Program

Kids in The House Affiliate Program

Kids in the House has around nine thousand videos where doctors and pediatricians have contributed to better parenting.

These videos are for every parent who is looking for simple ways to elevate their parenting style with the best coaches out there who deal with kids every day.

Experts in this field come together to form content that will make your house a positive, and secure place for your kids.

Interviews and conversations with educators are also included in your subscriptions.

Educating parents on how to handle kids tenderly is what Kids in the House does.

A whopping twenty-five percent commission rate on every sale made by you from the given links.

ShareASale (a part of AWIN) hosts this affiliate program and to proceed with your application, you need to fill out the form on the network itself.

Company Page: https://www.kidsinthehouse.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.kidsinthehouse.com/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: 25% commission

Cookie Duration: Not listed

9. Mom Agenda affiliate program

momAgenda Affiliate Program

Moms take care of everyone, but who takes care of them?

Who helps them to plan their day-to-day lives?

Pads, journals, daily planners, or home organizers, be it anything.

Mom’s Agenda’s focal point is to bring order to a mom’s chaotic life.

If you are looking out for products to help moms out there, then this is one of them (interesting products, as well)

Be a successful affiliate with the Mom Agenda affiliate program; where the cookie period is six months, and a commission rate of ten percent will be given to you after the qualified sales are recorded.

As an affiliate, you can try this program out; where the AOV is 64.24 dollars and the conversation rate is 3.2 percent.

Company Page: https://momagenda.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://momagenda.com/pages/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: 10% commission

Cookie Duration: 6 months

10. Urban Sitter affiliate program

Urban Sitter Affiliate Program

Urbansitter.com is meant for people looking for a trustworthy caregiver.

From pet sitters, and dog walkers to nannies, urbansitter.com has everything one can want for their house.

The process of finding a caregiver is as simple as booking after searching and doing thorough research on the site/app itself. 

What I like the most about Urbansitter.com is their background check on the caregivers, as it gives a secure feeling and satisfaction to the person hiring. 

As a creator and companion, if you want to recommend to your near and dear; a trusty and safe option for hiring a caregiver, then my suggestion would be Urbansitter.com.

The benefits you as an affiliate will get-

  • Include thirty dollars commission on each sale made 
  • And a cookie duration of forty-five days
  • ShareASale is their affiliate network (easy sign-up and transparent process)

Company Page: https://www.urbansitter.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: $30 commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days 

11. The Family Wizard Affiliate Program

The Family Wizard Affiliate Program

Co-parenting is tough.

Will you agree with me on this?

Okay, let me rephrase, for some couples it is.

Lack of understanding and time might make them think that parenting is getting difficult.

So, The Family Wizard has the best application where expenses and parenting schedules are listed for parents to keep up with their duties.

The main motive of the company is to reduce arguments and create a positive shielded environment for the newborn.

As this app is the most used software today for co-parenting; so, the chance of the affiliate to earn more, increases!

You will get cash benefits and also will help a child to grow in a peaceful environment.

Their AOV is just fifty dollars, whereas a high percentage of twenty-five percent is what you get as a commission rate.

Not only this; one hundred and twenty days of cookie period is beneficial when you don’t have much time to spare for affiliate marketing.

Now don’t gaze at the screen like an owl, go check the affiliate page out!

Company Page: https://www.ourfamilywizard.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.ourfamilywizard.com/affiliates 

Commission rate: 25% commission on approved purchases

Cookie Duration: 120 days 

In Conclusion

There are so many parenting programs, apps, websites, and software all over the internet.

So, why would I choose just these ones?

Because I find their products, services, and affiliate programs to be the best (not that, others are inferior)

Now, if you are a reader of my blog it is my responsibility to tell you which program is my preferred one.

Parenting Simply affiliate program; because of its commission and cookie duration, it stands out for me from all the above programs. 

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