Is Flash Rewards Legit? (Everything Uncovered!)

There are ads all over the internet regarding Flash Rewards.

They claim you can get gift cards or cash deposits from apps/websites by completing small tasks like filling out forms or playing a game.

But that seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Can you really make real money from these kinds of sites? Do they even pay? What’s the reality?

That’s why this article will answer all your questions about Flash Rewards and whether it is what it claims to be!

What Is Flash Rewards?

Put simply; it’s a website that helps you to earn money by making you do small tasks. There are many tasks to choose from, and not all of them will be similar to each other.

Flash Rewards’ platform has several basic online jobs that offer different incentives, including direct cash and gift cards from famous brands.

There is no specific time period for you to join; the tasks are always available. You just have to choose ones based on your interest or knowledge out of the available options.

I’m sure you can find one that meets your capabilities. The platform is free to join, and the tasks are easy and don’t take much time.

But there are times when to earn a big amount of money, you have to invest a little, and this is what concerns the first-time users most, as they believe they might get scammed!

Flash Rewards is based in the UK and started in early 2020. And since then, it has been used by several people in the USA, UK, and Canada.

Is Flash Rewards Legit?

After testing myself and going through so many sources on the legitimacy of Flash Rewards, here’s what I have to say on this.

Yes, Flash Rewards is indeed legit, but to what extent it is legit is the question…

The website has desirable offers to lure people into getting along with them, working for them, and even investing some amount in hopes of getting a more significant amount. 

This is marketing, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but all the claims made by the platform aren’t valid, in my opinion (technically, not just from my opinion, but a lot of other people’s).

You have to put in your personal information, such as an id, to start working and to get paid, and you are required to provide so much proof of the completed task that it’s a hassle.

Not to mention the hundreds of terrible experiences by people with all the proper documents and proofs that haven’t gotten paid even after the work is completed and everything is submitted.

Also, there is no such section on the website with accurate contact details that would help the users to contact the management directly if there is some issue. That’s a huge red flag if I’ve ever seen one!

I can’t hide the fact that there are positive comments and reviews as well, which show the full picture of the platform.

The offers on Flash Reward pay way more than what other platforms are offering. This may be one of the reasons why so many people are attracted to it.

But the website and the process of working are a bit complex, and you know what is even more complicated?

Their mode of payment, which not only takes a lot of time but requires some personal ids and documents as well. That raises some concerns about privacy.

How Does Flash Rewards Work?

The Flash Rewards website has a simple sign-up procedure that you must do before getting started. 

The process of signing up is as follows- 

  1. The first step is to type Flash Rewards on your search engine and click on the first link you get.
  2. Then, you will fill out your information on the website. This includes your name, contact number, email, and photo id. 
  3. Then they will give you a questionnaire you must complete; this survey will help the website provide you with work per your preference. 
  4. After that, you even get the chance to select your reward or gift card (this differs); it is based on what tier you want to work for. There are different levels of gift cards, and if you choose a higher tier, the requirement will also be increased. 

For example, to get a 50 dollars Amazon gift card, you just have to watch a whole 1-minute video, but for 2000 dollar paypal cash card, you might have to watch 50 videos or play 100 games.

In some cases, you even have to register with small payments like 20 dollars. The time required to get higher-paying deals is much more than what it should be on top of paying 10-20 dollars. 

The tasks aren’t as simple as it sounds either because playing a game for 10 hours straight is quite challenging.

Sometimes you even have to achieve targets like those to become eligible for the amount or the gift card mentioned. Once you have completed a deal, you get a specific time period of 30 days to claim the prize.

And if you think this is easy, then let me tell you that there is no mechanism that records all your cracked deals.

You have to do everything from keeping the proofs, which might include confirmed emails, to screenshots from your tasks or any other evidence that would justify your task completion. 

This process is quite long! After submission of all the proofs, Flash Rewards will send you a form to fill out with your government id.

This might be worrying for some people as it involves sensitive data, and not everyone is okay with sharing information that includes personal information such as exact addresses. 

After everything, it will take a maximum of 10 days, and then you will get your reward if all the proofs satisfy the team of Flash Rewards that you actually cracked the deal.

Is The Site Safe To Use?

Yes, the Flash Rewards website is safe to use!

The only problem some people face is that they have to share their personal information with this website to get paid. 

This is disagreeable by most people, and that is one of the reasons why some individuals can also think this website is improper or illegitimate.

Even though there haven’t been proven instances of malpractice on the company’s part, nothing is stopping them from selling that sensitive data if their business ever goes topsy-turvy.

How Much Can You Earn On Flash Rewards?

With Flash Rewards, you can earn different amounts and offers; here, you don’t get a fixed rate after the work gets done. 

You can choose your reward; the most popular options for compensation include PayPal money, free Amazon cards, free Shein cards, Direct deposit, and Visa gift cards. 

Start with five dollars and can go up to one thousand with Flash Rewards. Earn higher rewards as you complete more and more tasks, and your ‘Level” increases.

For the smaller amounts, all you need to do is complete the tasks assigned to you, but when you go over 500 dollars, then there’s some involvement of monetary deposits (which I find pretty risky)

Are people earning?

As I have no personal experience with Flash Rewards, I can only rely on people working with the company whom I know personally or found during my research. 

From what I have seen, most of the reviews are negative, which means Flash Rewards users are not happy with the company and its service, but I cannot also ignore the fact that, indeed, some people are earning with it. 

There are so many people all over the USA that are working with the company and earning a good amount.

The process of making money with it is not exactly simple, so you have to put in your time and effort to earn well.

Pros Of Flash Rewards

  • Option to choose your reward: Flash Rewards gives you the opportunity to select your prize, and based on that, it assigns you deals.
  • Free joining: There is no joining fee you need to pay to work with Flash Rewards.
  • New interesting tasks: Every day, you get different deals that keep the interest intact and don’t let you get bored.
  • Various deals: You get many deals to earn money and are free to choose as per your interest. 

Cons Of Flash Rewards

  • Lack of privacy: The data of the Flash Rewards users are stored and even sold! This is one of the biggest disadvantages of this company.
  • Some deposits, subscriptions, or purchases: For larger amounts, you have to make some purchases or subscribe to various services. This may be problematic if you don’t end up getting the deal, as your money will be wasted. 
  • Reviews are mostly bad: From what I have experienced going through Flash Rewards reviews, many users find its service very bad, and some of them never get paid because the company has no proper mechanism for identifying its users’ deals. 
  • No instant payouts: If you are looking for fast payments, Flash Rewards won’t work for you because, firstly, you will have to complete the task in 60 days, and then the verification process will take around seven days. After that, in a week or two, you will get paid.

4 Flash Rewards Alternatives

Inbox dollars– It’s legal to make additional money online with InboxDollars. Founded in 2000, the company has paid its members more than $80 million.

This website rewards you for playing games, viewing movies, conducting surveys, and browsing the internet.

Onepulse– With the help of the smartphone app OnePulse, you can receive payment for taking brief surveys on your phone.

OnePulse’s surveys, or “Pulses,” are fantastic since they may be finished in as little as 10 seconds or as long as 5 minutes.

You will start earning between $0.25 and $0.27 per Pulse, but as you finish more Pulses, you will level up and make more money.

Survey Junkie– Market research firm Survey Junkie needs consumer feedback. And they’re prepared to pay you just to use products to help their clients make crucial choices regarding their brands.

You can exchange the points you earn from this online survey software for Paypal cash or gift cards to other stores.

App Flame– On your Android device, you may download and play several games for cash using the App Flame.

Every time you download and play a game, you’ll get “mCoins,” which you can exchange for gift cards and PayPal once you’ve made the minimum payout.

My Advice

Flash Rewards are legit, no doubt about that, but can you trust it entirely, or can you make it a main source of earning? This would be very difficult.

As you have read about how it works in this article, you must have understood that it is not straightforward!

So, before jumping in head first, be careful and don’t invest too much in the hope of getting higher deals.

Some of the reasons which I found to be a major red flag with Flash Rewards are-

  • Flash Rewards claims to pay a lot, unlike other companies in this industry. So, I would advise you to go for legit websites where the details are entirely given.
  • Many users claim that even after submitting all the verified information, they were not get paid. I would consider the negative reviews as well before joining the company. 
  • Financial commitments to earn bigger deals are not an ideal situation, be aware of it.

In Conclusion

Even though Flash Rewards is one of the highest-paying companies to complete tasks such as filing surveys, playing games, or putting email ids at various sites.

I would not recommend this to any of my readers because of the negative reviews associated with it.

Not only that, deposits and subscriptions in order to crack bigger deals might be a trick to get money from a broader audience. 

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