18 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs (Huge Commissions!)

Each one of us is afraid to fall into a financial crisis at any given time. There are certain situations where money can be our foremost savior in this world. To save yourself from such unfortunate eventuality, insurance becomes a requisite.

Talking insurance, it is one of the most successful industries which is estimated worth to surpass $6.3 trillion by the year 2025! With the continuous growth of the insurance industry, having a remunerative insurance program has become an indispensable need today.

The benefits of availing of insurance make it hard to avoid it for oneself as well as for the family. The same has also opened eminent opportunities for affiliate marketers, bloggers as well as entrepreneurs.

An affiliate marketer can earn huge profits from using the right brain and apply it digitally in the marketing of the product.

There are many affiliates out there in the market who are earning in multiple digits from this industry. Well, then why not you?

So, if you have even a bit of interest in affiliate marketing, dive into this industry and make your space in it.

Here, I will discuss some of the best Insurance Affiliate Programs you don’t want to miss out on. Let’s jump into our huge ocean of affiliate partnership opportunities in the insurance industry!

Insurance Affiliate Programs

  1. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program
  2. Hiscox Affiliate Program
  3. Root Affiliate Program
  4. Travelinsurance.com Affiliate Program
  5. Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program
  6. Travel Insurance Center Affiliate Program
  7. Embroker Affiliate Program
  8. Next Insurance Affiliate Program
  9. Thimble Affiliate Program
  10. Gabi Insurance Affiliate Program
  11. RoamRight Affiliate Program
  12. Gerber Life Insurance Affiliate Program
  13. CoverWallet Insurance Affiliate Program
  14. Allstate Affiliate Program
  15. Haven Life Affiliate Program
  16. Bestow Affiliate Program
  17. eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program
  18. General Liability Affiliate Program

1. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

Liberty Mutual, one of the biggest insurance companies in the US is facilitating people easily since 1912 by insuring the life, vehicle, and property of the people. The company has been serving people in 30 countries.

Liberty Mutual holds a reputed position in the market and this could be inferred from the fact that they have also secured their place in Fortune 500 in the year 2021.

In addition to that, they have a huge following of over 25k on Instagram and around 343k on LinkedIn! That’s pretty interesting to note! It might come across as something very tiny but it represents the trust of the people in the company.

If you are looking for a policy for the overall benefit of yourself and your family, Liberty Mutual is your go-to option!

The affiliate program offers quite a generous deal with a payout rate of three to ten dollars every time your link is clicked and a quote is completed.

The high level of brand recognition of the company gives it an upper hand over the competitors in the market.

Affiliates, in addition to that, get various other benefits in the short and long too, giving the customer’s insurance deal according to their needs. 

Keeping in mind all the perks, the affiliate program of Liberty Mutual is the best option for someone looking towards working for a well-reputed insurance company.

Official Website: https://www.libertymutual.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $10 standard payout per lead on auto insurance and home insurance, $3 standard payout per lead on renters Insurance

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Hiscox Affiliate Program

Hiscox Insurance Affiliate Program

We know them (or at least I know…). Hiscox claims to be the first competitively priced online provider of business insurance with a 33% conversion rate and over 100 years of experience.

Over 400 thousand people have trusted Hiscox in these years and the number is continuously increasing.

The areas where Hiscox provides insurance to businesses are:

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Business owner’s policy
  • Cyber security
  • Short-term liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workers camp and more…

The official website also has a quick survey option for those business owners who are confused about which insurance is needed for the company.

The Instagram handle of Hiscox has a little less than 4500 followers. Relatively, it is less, but the offline presence and service of the company are nowhere lacking.

The affiliate program helps your business to earn good revenue for your site and offers a bountiful commission rate of twenty-five dollars per lead. The entire process from registration to downloading banners and adding them to the site is quite facile.

The good news for aspiring affiliates is that company has partnered with CJ Affiliate which is the largest and most established affiliate company in the world!

Hiscox provides various other perks of becoming an affiliate such as an all-time available affiliate manager to solve all queries and special incentives for top performers.

If you have an existing CJ Affiliate account, searching for “Hiscox Small Business Insurance’ or CID 4165310′ would help in the process. Click below for learning more.

Official Website: https://www.hiscox.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Hiscox Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $25 for each completed quote 

Cookie Duration: per session

3. Root Insurance Affiliate Program

Root Affiliate Program

Root Insurance offers smarter, faster, simpler, and better car insurance to always provide fair services to the customers.

They operate on their app in an all-new way with an intention to revolutionize the car insurance industry.

Instead of solely rating the customers on their demographics, they rate customers based on how they actually drive and only insures good drivers,  accordingly.

The process is easy with an entirely online filing of claims,  a single app for operations, and 24/7 roadside assistance. You are awarded for staying safe and driving smartly.

The affiliate enjoys a fifteen-dollar fee (per sale) for the compliant traffic it brings to the website. However, the company is quite new, it makes sure to provide the best to its affiliates, partners as well as customers.

Since Root has a “verified” Instagram handle, Affiliates shall benefit from a good online presence. The company also claims to insure over 1.5 million cars. The app too has a top-notch rating of 4.7 stars.

The company gives an option to affiliates to integrate through affiliate marketing platforms such as ShareASale, AWIN, and AppsFlyer. You can go through each of them and start your marketing journey as per your choice.

Root Insurance affiliate program is best for people interested in the automobile industry.

Official Website: https://www.joinroot.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Root Affiliate Program 

Commission Rates: $15 for compliant traffic

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

4. Travelinsurance.com Affiliate Program

Travelinsurance.com Affiliate Program

Purchasing a travel insurance policy nowadays is a valuable asset for travel lovers. It is a growing industry as people are realizing the importance of safety and planning beforehand for any unforeseen calamity.

Various organizations and websites can be benefited from this, inclusively- travel booking websites, travel blogs, travel agents, and insurance websites.

The company guarantees the best price in accordance with the prices regulated by law. The steps of getting insurance are also painless with Root Insurance.

You just have to enter the trip details > compare plans once you get quotes from top-rated companies > and finally get covered instantly online via email.

The affiliate program, Travelinsurance.com offers is exemplary in the sense that it provides

  • High conversion rates
  • The program offers the facility of real-time tracking of sales
  • Easy monitoring of sales and earnings
  • A wide library of banners and text links
  • And a high possibility of earning unlimited referral fees

I find travelinsurance.com best for affiliates keeping in mind all the bonuses and conveniences the company provides.

For travel enthusiasts across the United States and even for people running any type of travel business, the Travelinsurance.com affiliate program, according to me, is without a doubt the best option for you.

The exact rates aren’t mentioned but I’m sure you will be offered impressive sums if you decide to join the company as a partner.

Official Website: https://www.travelinsurance.com

Affiliate Signup Page:  Travelinsurance.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not stated

5. Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

Before taking travel insurance, one should know his needs and mode of access, for example, the number of trips insurance is bought for and if it can be online.

It is an important piece of documentation and should be if you are planning to travel abroad to save yourself from emergencies such as overseas medical emergencies, visa requirements, loss of luggage, and flight hijack, to name some.

To get yourself insured, you just have to follow the following simple steps:  Get the details-  choose the plan – pay the amount – get the policy. 

The company provides insurance in three different plans, namely, Leisure, Business Multi-trip, and student. You can take insurance for yourself, your children, siblings, and spouses.

Coming to the Allianz Travel Insurance affiliate program, it actually provides a great number of effective and efficient opportunities to choose from with handsome commissions and a cookie duration of forty-five days, which is relatively less than other programs.

You have to keep in mind that the commission rate is not uniform but is between $12 to $25.

But taking into account the hefty benefits, this program is one of the best in the travel insurance market to choose from.

Official Website: https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program 

Commission Rates: $12 – $25 Per Sale

Cookie Duration:  45 days

6. Travel Insurance Center Affiliate Program

Travel Insurance Center Affiliate Program

Travel Insurance Company is operated by an insurance marketing organization- Senior Market Sales LLC. The travel insurance center works with 14 travel insurance providers.

The travel insurance plans offered are global risk insurance, emergency medical coverage, annual traveling, general medical issues, group travel insurance, trip coverage, and accidental death and dismemberment plans. 

The company aggregates the policy from the top policy providers and picks the best option for you according to your budget and needs.

Going through the reviews, I found a maximum of positive views, in fact, very optimistic. Some say there is an ease of use while others are of the view that it’s the best service in the 21st century.

The affiliate program is qualitative and is open to insurance agents and travel agents. The attractive feature of the affiliate program is that on every repeat customer, the affiliate gets the commission continuously.

This covers the drawback of less commission rate i.e. five dollars per lead as the repeat customer potential is high and thus makes it profitable for the old affiliates as well as the newcomers.

Official Website: http://travelinsurancecenter.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Travel Insurance Center Affiliate Program

Commission Rates:  $5 per lead

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

7. Embroker Affiliate Program

Embroker Affiliate Programjpg

Embroker is the first online business insurance company built on modern technology with advanced tools to make your business experience pain-free, cost-effective, and easier to purchase.

The customers are provided with the best-customized policies. Moreover, you get the advantage of talking to an expert. It was founded in 2015 and has over 20k users.

The Instagram handle of Embroker is quite cold, with few followers and posts alike. Despite that, the experience and consumer satisfaction rate supersedes the online activeness of the company. 

The coverage provided by Embroker is related to Startups, Law, and Private companies. You can also take help through the website if you are unsure of the policies you wish to take.

The Embroker Affiliate program seems very impressive to me on a personal level. The company shares assets with its affiliates and provides access to a range of banners and unique tracking links to be placed within your website/blog. Another good news is

The base commission rate does not stay the same always, but it increases with the duration of time you work with the company.

You can expect a commission of two-hundred and fifty dollars per lead if you work diligently for the company and desire to earn a hefty profit. The payment process as well is hassle-free which would be done on a monthly basis according to the sales.

Official Website: https://www.embroker.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Embroker Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $250

Cookie Duration: 90 days

8. Next Insurance Affiliate Program

Next Insurance Affiliate Program

Taking risks in business is a core need if you want to climb the ladder of success. But without any doubt, taking risks can sometimes cost a lot more than you have earned a profit in the business.

To curb all your worries and to make it trouble-free for you, this company has great policies.

Next Insurance helps your small business to shine on the internet and enables you to monetize your business without needing an insurance license. 

The business provides its consumers with hassle-free investment, good savings, and customized business insurance according to their needs.

The coverages provided include General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Professional Liability, Comercial Auto, Tools and Equipment, Commercial Property, and Business Owners’ Policy.

One can join their affiliate program without much formalities and much work. The tailored business insurance, zero hassles, and big savings you can earn make the company worth considering.

Going through the company’s Instagram profile, I noticed that much preference is given to good UI and UX designs.

They have used cartoons for representation to attract more people. It is a thumbs up for affiliates to know that the company you work for has a pretty good understanding of the digital world.

Although the commission rates and the cookie duration are not available on the website, the clean reputation and extensive experience of the trained and dedicated employees make it difficult for us to question the program. 

For someone who looks forward to the growth potential of small businesses, partnering with Next would be a good choice.

Official Website: https://www.nextinsurance.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Next Insurance Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

9. Thimble Affiliate Program

Thimble Affiliate Program

With the motto “Quick thinking insurance for fast-moving businesses”, Thimble Business insurance company provides fast and smart coverage for your small business.

With control over 160+ professions including professions like DJs, photographers, freelancers, and handymen (which are paid much less attention to, apparently), the company has an insurance plan ranging from a day to a week to a year.

If you want to provide the consumers/ audience with the best insurance for their businesses, Thimble is one of the best choices in the market. Thimble has quite a satisfactory commission rate of thirty bucks for each order. I think that’s pretty fine, isn’t it?

Although the company is relatively new (found in 2016), the company has a high customer satisfaction rate while the application is highly rated too. You can learn more about the company by visiting the links right below.

Official Website: https://www.thimble.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Thimble Affiliate Program

Commission Rates:   $30.00 per order

Cookie Duration: Unlisted

10. Gabi Insurance Affiliate Program

Gabi Insurance Affiliate Program

Gabi Insurance is a licensed insurance company founded in 2016, that provides free, personal insurance.

Gabi has made tracking multiple insurance products which are easily accessible.

In general, auto and home insurance are not very long-lasting and expire early. Gabi solves this problem for their customer by providing the best insurance deals according to their needs.

The affiliates connected with Gabi enjoy a number of perks such as a flat $5 per lead and a generous cookie duration of ninety days.

You can become an affiliate to monetize your digital experience online without much trouble.

The company also has a record of exceptional customer experience which makes it unquestionable to work with Gabi as an affiliate.

Official Website: https://www.gabi.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Gabi Insurance Affiliate Program 

Commission Rates:  $5 for every qualified lead

Cookie Duration: 90 days

11. RoamRight Affiliate Program

RoamRight Affiliate Program

Roamright, a company owned by Arch Capital Group, is dedicated to enhancing your travel, medical, and security experience.

You are not alone when you are away from home, but this company is looking after you.

A customer traveling with a pre-existing medical condition can avail of great benefits with Roamright.

As long as the eligibility criteria are met, Roamright can offer decent offers to you according to your requirement. 

The affiliate program Roamright Travel offers, apart from a good commission rate and a year of using cookies, includes real-time reporting, monthly commission checks, a dedicated team to manage the account, creative tools helping to sell, and trusted third-party tracking.

Official Website: https://www.roamright.com

Affiliate Signup Page: RoamRight Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 15% for each sale

Cookie Duration: 365 days

12. Gerber Life Insurance Affiliate Program

Gerber Life Insurance Affiliate Program

Prior to being a life insurance company in 1967, Gerber was a baby food company in its early days back in 1927 when they started.

Gerber offers life insurance products for adults as well as children. Apart from this, the company has college tuition saving plans too.

Since the company targets different audiences, the feedback comes from all directions and that too is positive!

The affiliate program of the company is also relatively fair as per revenue with a high conversion rate but short-term cookie duration.

Despite this, the affiliates can expect a healthy payout per sale if they succeed in bringing customer traffic to the site.

Official Website: https://www.gerberlife.com

Affiliate Signup Page:  Gerber Life Insurance Affiliate Program 

Commission Rates: $27 per lead

Cookie Duration: 1 day (24 hours)

13. CoverWallet Insurance Affiliate Program

CoverWallet Insurance Affiliate Program

A company dealing in a specialized area of insurance i.e Commercial Insurance- CoverWallet.

Coverwallet was founded in the year 2015 and since then, it works with an approach of providing policies to all kinds of businesses such as restaurants, janitors, contractors, non-profits, healthcare, and a lot of other businesses.

The company gives its customers this rare opportunity of not generalizing their insurance. 

Coverwallet covers business insurance ranging from general liability to Workers’ Comp, Cyber, Marine, and a lot more.

On joining the Coverwallet Affiliate Program, Coverwallet sets forth for you attractive commissions, access to continuously updated marketing materials for affiliate campaigns, high converting websites, and a cookie duration of thirty days. On every referral, the compensation you are going to earn is thirty dollars.

Coverwallet aims to work transparently, efficiently, and digitally and expects the affiliates to shake hands on the same grounds.

Official Website: https://www.coverwallet.com

Affiliate Signup Page: CoverWallet Insurance Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $30 commission per sale.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Allstate Affiliate Program

Allstate Affiliate Program

Allstate is a US-based insurance company that started in the 1930s. The company provides insurance on automobiles, homes, renters, term life, and off-road vehicles too.

The credit for mandating seatbelts and airbags in cars can also be claimed by Allstate with the help of the government.

To guide its visitors, the official site has a space for personal stories, hacks, and experiences to learn from. The consumer overall gets a good understanding of the policies and features.

The company is the largest publicly owned insurance company in the US.  it hopes to have an affiliate team of dedicated and knowledgeable personalities and, in return, aims to provide benefits, on the other hand.

The affiliate program, due to the massive popularity of the company, has a good earning margin of up to twenty-eight dollars per quote.

However, a disadvantage I see for the affiliates is the cookie duration of five days which is due to security reasons.

So if you are someone who is very much concerned about digital security, it is rather an advantage for you. Go for it if you want to start your journey as an affiliate marketer.

Official Website: https://www.allstate.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Allstate Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $28 per lead

Cookie Duration: 5 days

15. Haven Life Affiliate Program

Haven Life Affiliate Program

Haven Life by MassMutual, started in 2014, created an affordable and easier option for buying and managing term life insurance online in very less time.

This digital insurance agency, despite being a relatively new player in the market, has gained high coverage.

To buy this policy, you need not require a medical exam; moreover, it includes benefits like a digital will and a fitness app.

However, it is to be kept in mind that Haven does not offer Permanent life insurance, which can be counted as a drawback of the policy.

The affiliate program of HavenLife is reliable, innovative, and caring. You can join the affiliate program to earn incentives by laying out leads into Haven Life’s online application flow. 

The commission you get by selling each policy is twenty dollars which is pretty noteworthy. In addition to it, the cookie duration of thirty days is also decent for an affiliate to work with the company.

Official Website: https://havenlife.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Haven Life Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $20 per approved referral

Cookie Duration: 30 days

16. Bestow Affiliate Program

Bestow Affiliate Program

The fintech company, Bestow was founded in 2016. It is a US-based life insurance company that is available for people from 18-60 years old, offering 10- 30 year terms.

The company has plans which indicate high benefits to its customers in near future. They have a goal of serving people with minimal troubles- in an easy and hassle-free way.

The Bestow Affiliate Program is targeted at people starting their journey as parents, life partners, and small businesses.

This company offers a commission rate of forty dollars per lead and a cookie duration of thirty days.

You can become an affiliate to promote the life insurance policy of Bestow on your blog, website, social media handle, etc.

I would recommend you to visit the website thoroughly before joining it as an affiliate and decide accordingly.

You must know exactly what coverage the company provides and all the terms and conditions related to it. Do keep in mind that a customer need not go through a medical exam to get insurance from Bestow.

Official Website: https://www.bestow.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Bestow Affiliate Program  

Commission Rates: $40.00 per lead submitted

Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. eHealth Insurance Affiliate Program

eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program

eHealth Insurance, founded in 1997, holds more than 25 years of experience in serving people with health insurance at every stage for you and your family.

The online tools and filters make it handy for the customers to make choices for themselves and their families.

The best part about the company is you need not pay any additional fees and only in that amount, the best plan is provided to you.

If you are a newcomer in the affiliate marketing world, or even if you have an experience of quite some years, eHealth Insurance ensures that its affiliates are enjoying a good commission rate margin.

As compared to the other sites, a cookie duration of one hundred and twenty days is also pretty good. I strongly believe it’s going to increase the chances of conversions very greatly.

The company offers to its affiliates quality resources, good consumer protection service, knowledgeable representatives, and quick & easy services.

I would recommend considering eHealth Insurance, keeping in mind the experience and quality of the company. Links are present below.

Official Website: https://www.ehealthinsurance.com

Affiliate Signup Page: eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $10-$75 per sale

Cookie Duration:  120 days

18. General Liability Affiliate Program

General Liability Affiliate Program

General Liability Insurance provides insurance to small business owners including medical payments, defense against slander and libel accusations, and legal representation.

An evident perk of this insurance is that it combines general liability and commercial insurance into one to make the price more affordable and easy to avail.

The cost of the general liability can vary from time to time, depending on the industry rates and the type of business.

General liability insurance starts at $27/month to avail protection from bodily injury and property damage lawsuits.

The affiliate program of General Liability is aimed at providing a pocket-friendly and most suitable insurance policy possible for small businesses.

You can earn significant revenue of ten-dollar Cost Per Action (CPA), but the cookie duration is not disclosed on the website.

Official Website: https://generalliabilityinsure.com

Affiliate Signup Page: General Liability Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $10 CPA

Cookie Duration: Not listed

In Conclusion

Now that you know about the best insurance affiliate programs I mentioned and described above, it’s best to apply to monetize your audience.

Moreover, the trends in the market, the reach, and the reviews of a particular company must always be kept in mind before going to become an affiliate of that company, but I’ve only mentioned the bst ones here.

You won’t have to think about the trustworthiness of the companies. All you will need with these compnaies is a strong marketing strategy!

Marketing strategy and social media handling are also essential skills to make an impact in the market and face extreme competitiveness today.

Well, I hope you found this post helpful. If you have got any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment your thoughts or suggestions! Also, do share this post on your blogs/with your friends.

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