15+ Best Hunting Affiliate Programs (Huge Commissions!)

Throughout history, humans have found ways of amusement, adventure, and thrill. Compared to indoor activities, outdoor activities require a flush of concentrated energy and careful, calculative, and measured usage of the same.

Entering into the wild where things are not pre-planned, where nature has its way of working, paths are new, experiences are wild, and wild adventure comes with its pros and cons.

The global hunting market is already worth billions of dollars and the numbers are expected to reach even higher!

So, we can estimate the money this niche has. With the right company, affiliate marketing brings money, but only if done correctly.

Keeping that in mind, I have combined the best hunting affiliate programs into a comprehensive list, so you don’t have to run anywhere else to choose the perfect one for yourself.     

Hunting Affiliate Programs

  1. BlackOvis Affiliate Program
  2. Sportsman’s Guide Affiliate Program
  3. HUNTINGsmart Affiliate Program
  4. Optics Planet Affiliate Program
  5. Hunt Stand Affiliate Program
  6. Bushnell Affiliate Program
  7. Gorilla Ammo Affiliate Program
  8. Cabela’s Affiliate Program
  9. Field Supply Affiliate Program
  10. Brownells Affiliate Program
  11. GritrOutdoors.com Affiliate Program
  12. Kryptek Affiliate Program
  13. Wing Supply Affiliate Program
  14. Deadwood Knives Affiliate Program
  15. American Hunting Lease Association Affiliate Program
  16. Airgun Depot Affiliate Program

1. BlackOvis Affiliate Program

BlackOvis Affiliate Program

Each of us prefers to buy from the brand we love and trust. BalackOvis brings us hunting gears from the brands we want, know, and rely upon. It wants to be a one-stop spot for all the Hunting Fans.

BlackOvis selects and provides to its customers the best hunting apparel available in the market; a wide variety of packs, optics, boots, and archery gear.

The catalog of items on the website shows the products from different brands and lets you see customer and gear experts’ reviews.

You can also choose to take assistance from the experts and ask away your queries about gears via phone, email, or chat during working hours.

You can shop by the category of products or purpose, for camping purposes, or by your preferred brands through their website.

The company specializes in archery supplies, but you can visit the website if you wish to purchase anything from high-end camo gear to freeze-dried meals to cooking equipment.

The affiliate program run by BlackOvis provides up to 10% on referred sales. The average order value is  $180 on the website.

You might earn a commission of $18 per dollar by that calculation. The cookie duration is of 60 days. A 24/7 affiliate manager is also available to solve all your queries.

The company has partnered with AvantLink to run its affiliate program. It seems quite a great deal, looking at the perks they provide for their affiliates and those who wish to join them.

Official Website: https://www.blackovis.com

Affiliate Signup Page: BlackOvis Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 6-10% per order

Cookie Duration: 60 days

2. Sportsman’s Guide Affiliate Program

Sportsman’s Guide Affiliate Program

Gary Olen, in 1970, first found Sportsman’s Guide. Since 1977, it has been around in the market.

The company should be your go-to choice for top-quality products at a relatively low price.

Sportsman’s Guide has everything from hunting to fishing, from shooting sports to camping, from tools and equipment. 

They have a 591 sq. ft. warehouse in Minnesota, from where their products are shipped. Private brands such as Guide Gear, Balderton, HQ Issue, and Castle Creek are available on the website at reasonable prices.

Over 200,000 choices are offered to the customers every day. Plus, there is a buyers club where members can get extra savings and special deals.

The Sportsman’s Guide has collaborated with Commission Junction for their Affiliate Program. The commission rate offered is 5% on every referred sale.

Well, but on ammunition products and guns, you will earn 2% on each sale. The cookie duration for your referral link is just seven days.

The less tracking period can be a drawback for some of the affiliates (well, not really – if you ask me!).

Official Website: https://sportsmansguide.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Sportsman’s Guide Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 2% commission rate on guns and ammo, 5% commission on the other sales (excluding the gift cards, etc.)

Cookie Duration: 7 days

3. HUNTINGsmart Affiliate Program

HUNTINGsmart Affiliate Program

Hunting Smart is North America’s largest independent Hunter Safety Educator, providing courses online on hunter safety.

These courses are approved by  International Hunter Education Association (IHEA), recognized by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and accredited by state authorities.

HUNTINGsamrt has been offering courses for hunters by real hunters since 2018. all the classes are 100% narrated and animated and include a live-action video helping you understand, learn, and grow through a practical approach.

The perks of choosing HHUNTINGsmart are that you can study at your own pace, and there is no obligation to keep up with others. Besides, you don’t need a particular device and space to take the course.

They are made available on all devices and platforms. And finally, there is no age limit to register for the course. You can be anyone from any background to earn a Hunter Education Certificate.

HUNTINGsmart has joined the Campfire Collective for their Affiliate Program. You can join it by filling up the form available on the link mentioned below.

Various perks you get by becoming an affiliate for HUNTINGsmart are:

  • it’s easy and free to join
  • you earn up to 30% commissions
  • get unlimited earning potential
  • your site gains value and encourages repeat traffic
  • Pre-written content and high-quality banners
  • The dedicated affiliate management team

The company has educated and certified more than 650,000 students since 2003. you can benefit a lot by promoting the products, i.e. courses of such a company.

Moreover, on average, the customers have reviewed four stars and rated excellent on the company’s website.

Official Website: https://huntingsmart.com

Affiliate Signup Page: HUNTINGsmart Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to 30% from all the qualified sales from an individual’s site

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Optics Planet Affiliate Program

Optics Planet Affiliate Program

Based in the United States of America, your destination for gear OpticsPlanet, has completed its 20 years in the industry. Over 400,000 products are available in their catalog, providing various choices.

The products range from optics, gun parts, shooting accessories, ammunition, hunting, and outdoor gear, apparel, and footwear for your passion and profession.

Informative product review is also available per product to make information gathering readily available for the customer.

Also, they indulge in one-to-one communication with the help of an expert panel whose responsibility is to answer all the possible technical or non-technical queries of the customers.

Since the 2000s, the company has served millions of customers. In its initial phase as a website for lab optics and sporting equipment, this website today has become the online destination for many products ranging from personal protection equipment to camping equipment.

It is also easy to avail of the free return services from the website with zero cancellation charges. With warehouses that house up to 250,000 products at once, this website is the perfect destination for gears!

ShareASale Affiliate Network runs the Affiliate Program for Optics Planet. It has been ranked in the top 10 Merchants out of the thousands that run through ShareASale.

The base commission rate is 5% and up to 7%. Their average order value is $320, which puts up the average commission in the currency as $16.

Cookie duration is valid for two weeks, i.e. 14 days, which is relatively more minor. But there are other excellent benefits you get as an affiliate like

  • Daily Product Feed Updates for your convenience
  • Quality Banners & Text Ads to attract customers
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager for assistance   

The conversion rate is pretty high. Moreover, a program ranked among the top 10 knows how to convert affiliate traffic into monetary value.

Official Website: https://opticsplanet.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Optics Planet Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to 7% of the total sale

Cookie Duration: 14 days

5. Hunt Stand Affiliate Program

Hunt Stand Affiliate Program

HuntStand claims to be the number 1 Hunting and Land Management app in the US. Founded in 2012, the company has been working on creating something that would revolutionize the ways and methods of hunting for the last ten years.

And voila! They have been successful in doing so (incredibly successful)!

The hard work, dedication, and desire to create something unique have resulted in “a toolset for hunting, habitat management, and land ownership.

The marvelous combination of advanced mapping, premium satellite layers, and dozens of valuable features has made it the ultimate app used by over 6 million hunters across the country.

Until now, HuntStand has managed 190 Acres of Area, covering over 4 million Hunt Areas, and dropped around 22 Million Markers.

The app has millions of active users not only in North America but across the globe.

For joining the HuntStand affiliate program, you will have to sign up for AvantLink. Network.

By joining the program, you get a reasonable commission rate of 10% per sale, a cookie duration of 30 days, unmatched service, and dedicated staff to assist round the clock.

The tool, developed “by the hunters”, and “for the hunters”, is the melting pot for technology and hunting tactile.

Looking at the website, one can tell that they serve their motto well and are forever motivated to grow forwards and upwards. To work with a team like that is a complete bliss for an affiliate.

You can go for their program if you are an avid hunter looking to invest your time and skills into something new!

Official Website: https://huntstand.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Hunt Stand Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Bushnell Affiliate Program

Bushnell Affiliate Program

Want all the outdoor products in one place? Bushnell does that for you.

Well, Bushnell is a company where you can get everything from telescopes, binoculars, broadheads, riflescopes, trail cameras and accessories, and a dozen different things that a person who’s interested in the activities would require.

It has been well known for its quality optics for over 70 years in the shooting, hunting, and tactical categories.

The company believes in bringing the consumers utmost happiness by helping them enhance their performance through their running passion for the wild and outdoor games.

Moreover, Bushnell has been engaging in various pursuits other than merely selling and purchasing outdoor equipment.

One of the talk-worthy projects – Project Child safe (PCS), is meant to educate and spread awareness about firearm safety amongst the masses.

This program was initiated by the national shooting sports foundation (NSSF). 

Bushnell has partnered with AvantLink for its Affiliate Program. They offer a commission of 6% on each sale made through your link.

The cookie window is open for 30 days. The company handles all the transactions and customer service, and you just have to run your brain and use the banners and links intelligently on your website and social media handle.

The commission rate, however, is on the lower end of the scale.

If the conversion rate is reasonable and the average order value is not too low, you can expect to earn quite a nice commission, but if it is not, your profit margin can fall too much less.

Official Website: https://bushnell.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Bushnell Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 6% base commission rate

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Gorilla Ammo Affiliate Program

Gorilla Ammo Affiliate Program

Gorilla Ammo is a company that specializes in manufacturing various ammunition products for markets in particular (for example, defense, hunting, etc.)

I like using this three-letter word when I can’t find enough words, and it works pretty well (sorry about that).

Their mission can be put in simple words as being approachable and accessible to all the homes seeking adventure in the wild.

They manufacture and design the best possible ammunition worldwide with no scope of skepticism.

Gorilla Ammo has its ballistic laboratory, making it among the few ammunition manufacturing companies with these laboratories.

The company understands how vital is ammunition for hunting, and they have ensured to deliver the best they can, i.e. THE BEST AMMO YOU CAN AFFORD.

Their products undergo stringent quality control standards and countless development hours to ensure they meet our high-performance standards.

Whether you have a website related to ammunition or a general website on the internet, you can become a part of the Gorilla Ammunition Affiliate Program.

Every buyer you send to their website earns a 2.5% commission. Although the commission rate is too low, if what they say about their conversion rate s true, you might be making a good amount.

The average order value is $150, which means you can earn up to $3.50 commission on every order. The price of the products ranges from $5 to $3000.

If you manage to sell a product from the higher end, your commission amount will automatically boost up.

Other perks you enjoy as a publisher include:

  • Regular Promotional Sales to Drive Orders.
  • Full-time affiliate marketing coordinator to provide up-to-date info and materials.
  • Shipping to NY, MA, AK, HI, DC, and some cities/counties in CA.
  • On-staff graphic designer for great-looking ad materials.

Official Website: https://gorillaammo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Gorilla Ammo Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 2.5% on every sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Cabela’s Affiliate Program

Cabela’s Affiliate Program

Johnny Morris founded Cabela, North America’s premier outdoor and conservation company.

A business visionary started him where you can find anything from hunting, shooting, fishing, boating, camping tools, and accessories to clothing and footwear.

Referred to as modern-day Theodore Roosevelt for his leadership qualities, Johnny Morris started his journey by selling fishing tackle out of his father’s store.

Being visionary and influential amongst the retailers over the last 50 years, his passion for hunting and outdoor activities was instilled in him by his parents, who equally loved hunting.

Serving the non-profits, veterans, and military workers, Johnny Morris supports over 2000 local grassroots level non-profits in the communities across Canada and US.

 Not just Cabela his offline outlet, The Bass Pro shops, has nearly 200 retail stores and marine centers across North America.

Their motto: 5 pillars and one passion have helped more than 200 million people create countless outdoor memories. Those five pillars include:

  • Omnichannel retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Resorts and outdoor destinations
  • Conservation
  • Sportsmen’s club

Not just the marketing, Johnny Morris is a conservationist at heart. He believed in the union of communities and people with nature.

Helping people move out of their technology-embedded lives, dive into nature, and feel connected.

Their focus is on having children come close to the heart rather than staring at the screens of their phones, and indulging in the conservation of wildlife, and natural habitat is a good way.

Protecting the rights of the passionate outdoor people and helping them achieve their love for sports well within their rights were some of their targets.

The Cabela Affiliate Program provides you with a commission rate of five percent with fourteen days of cookie duration.

The commission rate is relatively low compared to other companies. Still, the high demand includes resources like online catalogs, military discounts, outdoor tips, gifts registry, and all the hunting equipment on one platform.

Also, the website is quite famous and engaging among the customers. Hence, you need to approach your audience for the best results strategically.

Program benefits include:

  • High-quality creatives
  • Newsletters or pre-written content
  • Free to join
  • Dedicated Management Team

If this sounds really interesting to you, you can check out the signup page as well as the site linked below to learn more/join.

Official Website: https://cabelas.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Campfireire Hunting Gear Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to 5% of the sales

Cookie Duration: 14 days

9. Field Supply Affiliate Program

Field Supply Affiliate Program

A small family-owned business, Field Supply deals in availing products such as hunting knives, air guns, apparel, gears, optics and scopes, and other stuff as well.

Their shipping policy embodies the principles of reliability and accuracy. The speed is not compromised either.

They own a warehouse in Pennsylvania with a shopping time of 1-6 business days. The company covers 48 states in the US.

The return policy is well within 14 days from the order being made. The minimum required age for any kind of purchase is 21 years.

After signing up for the Field Supply Affiliate Program, you will be given access to an affiliate account interface.

Through this interface, you can generate links and banner advertisements.

Upon signup and account approval, each affiliate will earn 5% of sale revenue as a commission for each “shipped” order received from the FieldSupply.com affiliate links.

The commission may increase according to your growth and account performance regarding the number of sales, canceled orders, traffic, etc.

 With 20 years of experience in this field, customers can easily confide in them and their products.

So if you have a good audience base interested in this business, this program is perfect for you.

The website sure knows how to get people’s attention and is well put together.

With features like’ promotional discount codes’, a one-time use code with an expiration date, or  ‘live deal’, the products with their prices and discounts are displayed with an expiry time.

This deal usually lasts for 2 to 3 days keeping the customers during the live sales at their feet. Keeping everything aside, this site boasts a lot about itself. Let’s hope they stand up to their expectations.

Official Website: https://www.fieldsupply.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Field Supply Program

Commission Rates: 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Brownell Affiliate Program

Brownells Hunting Affiliate Program

Started by a middle-class American businessman who managed a gas station alongside a sandwich shop, Bob Brownell soon turned his passion for shooting and outdoorsmanship into the Brownell as we know it today.

The new era of Brownell was introduced in 1997 when Brownell’s grandson Pete joined the company and successfully implemented the official website.

The company provides a wide variety of high-quality products such as shooting accessories, gunsmith tools, optics, and even magazines and articles related to it with fast and efficient shipping. All you need for hunting in one place:

  • Factory parts from 15 of the leading firearms manufacturers
  • Shotgun and handgun parts, rifles, tools & accessories
  • Bluing & refinishing materials
  • Books, videos, & references
  • Sights, scopes, & mounts
  • And much more…

Well, there are over 90,000 products that you can promote by being a partner of this company! That’s a lot, right?

You can even speak to their expert gun techs for any product-related query. The website is attractive, constantly updating with new products, videos, and articles.

The company works with top-selling brands, including Hornay, Daniel Defense, Magpul, Aimpoint, and many more.

The company runs in conjunction with AvantLink and Impact Radius. After signing up, you will receive a 5% commission rate, including marketing tools such as banners, text links, product feeds, coupons, and special offers to drive potential customers to the website.

Program highlights include:

  • Signing up is free
  • The company offers over 90,000 products from all the industry’s top brands.
  • They provide an unconditional ‘Guaranteed forever policy’.
  • 5% Commission on every sale.
  • 3-day Cookie for Coupon Sites, 14-day Cookie for Content sites
  • Their product video campaigns are available with embedded tracking links.
  • “SEO Friendly” data feeds, link builders, banners, coupons, and more.

Also, a Dedicated Affiliate Management at AvantLink to help optimize your site, answer questions and help you earn more money.

Official Website: https://brownells.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Brownells Affiliate Programt

Commission Rates: 5% on every sale

Cookie Duration: 3 days for deal sites; 14 days for content sites

11. GritrOutdoors.com Affiliate Program

GritrOutdoors.com Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, the word ‘GRIT’ refers to the firmness of mind or spirit of dead men to face life’s challenges and come out with an apt and proper solution to carry on with life.

Gritroutdoors.com aims to spread great experiences and avail gear guides for outdoor pursuit-loving people.

They do not claim to be just a retailer for the gears but rather a reservoir of information and knowledge related to outdoor pursuits and other outdoor adventures.

Gritroutdoors not only provides you with hunting and fishing accessories or outdoor and survival products, but they also publish information about new and existing gear, product reviews, how-to guides, and other resources on their blogs and social media handles.

They call themselves the jack of all trades in the outdoors world.

They have everything you might need for an enjoyable hunt, including weather meters, hunting apparel, decoys, game calls, tactical footwear, blinds, trail cameras, cleaning tools, flashlights, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Ah, I just remembered my listicle about survival affiliate programs while talking about the stuff that this company sells.

Their fundamental goal ensures a quality product with an overall satisfactory performance met with every up-gradation and improvement.

The company runs its affiliate program via AvantLink – it’s really like the go-to option in the hunting industry I guess!

Program highlights include:

  • 10% commission rate
  • 60-day cookie expiration
  • Average sales of $100+
  • Easy mobile checkout
  • Powerful product search
  • Low return rate
  • Profound linking ability to every SKU
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

If you are into camping, hunting, hiking, fitness, or other outdoor activities, you should try this one out.

The company is one of the fastest-growing sites on the web, and with all the outdoors products on one site, it will be easier to bring traffic and earn a handsome amount of money as their affiliate.

Official Website: https://gritroutdoors.com

Affiliate Signup Page: GritrOutdoors.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% on qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 60 days

12. Kryptek Affiliate Program

Kryptek Affiliate Program

The Kryptek is a clothing line explicitly meant for hunters and military-related apparel.

Their brand name Kryptek combines two Greek words: Kryptos, meaning “hidden,” and Technos, meaning “technologies.”

After several years of experience in combat in extreme conditions and environments, they saw the need for up-gradation in the clothing lines for outdoor activities and military-related apparel.

Their founders believe in fusing combat experiences with a love and passion for outdoor activities.

The noteworthy products included are:

  • Tested and proven in extreme conditions.
  • Their clothing line offers outdoor activities and military-related apparel, including vests, jackets, shirts, bottoms, phone cases, watches, sunglasses, bags, and tarps.
  • Outdoor accessories like blades and knives combo pack.

Their products are designed to ensure high-end performance and make the outdoor adventure more accessible and enjoyable.

The customers can also give feedback and positive criticism, allowing them to implement those in future designing and manufacturing processes.

Their products emerge from the battlefield necessities witnessed during their explorations and adventures.

The Kryptek Affiliate program has partnered with AvantLink, a leader in affiliate marketing technology. The program offers a commission rate of 7% for new and returning customers with a 30-day cookie duration.

After applying to their affiliate program, you will have access to the exclusive content and a 30-day unique cookie for your blog or social media handles.

If you are into more big-game hunting equipment, outdoor activities, and other military-related apparel, you should signup for their Affiliate Program.

Official Website: https://kryptek.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Kryptek Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 7% on new and returning customers

Cookie Duration: 30 days

13. Wing Supply Affiliate Program

Wing Supply Affiliate Program

Founded by Lee Fauntleroy in 1982, WingSupply.com is one of the nation’s largest online outfitters for waterfowl and wing shooters.

Lee Fauntleroy was the founder of the iconic uncle lee’s sporting goods in Greenville.

Since the commencement of the business in 1975, Uncle Lee became known as one of the biggest sporting goods marts in the country.

Their experience has covered 40 years with further plans of expansion online.

The company’s  Top brands include Avery, Browning, Drake, and Under Armour.

The company believes in Uncle Lee’s founding principles: honesty, guaranteed low prices, the expected value for their customers, and friendly customer service.

They also engaged in light deals and timed events where the products from the catalog are featured at exclusive prices, often at discounted rates.

You can find anything related to hunting, from clothing, accessories, footwear, game calls, optics, and shooting gears to blinds and stands.

The standard shipping accessible to 48 states takes one to 6 business days from the day the order was recorded from their central warehouse in Pennsylvania.

The return policy for the package is simple, requiring inspection of the package immediately on arrival with a reason for the return of the package.  

The Wing Supply Affiliate Program provides a commission rate of 5% to the starting affiliates with a cookie duration of 30 days.

After creating your account, each WingSupply.com affiliate will have access to an affiliate account interface.

You will be given a unique affiliate ID that will be embedded into all links that are generated from the WingSupply.com Affiliate Interface.

You will receive a fiver percent fee for every ‘shipped’ product. However, If a ‘shipped’ product changes into a ‘canceled’ product, you will not receive any commission fees.

Although the commission rate is relatively low, the company can increase your rate according to your growth and account performance.

Official Website: https://wingsupply.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Wing Supply Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Minimum 5%

Cookie Duration: 30-day cookie

14. Deadwood Knives Affiliate Program

Deadwood Knives Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, Deadwood Knives specifically deal with knives of all shapes, sizes, or forms.

They not only provide the finest knives possible, but they also ensure the best price with the best possible service.

If you look at the website, The layout of their website might come across as pretty straightforward, but the information on the website is both valuable and apt.

Working with top knife brands such as Benchmade, Boker, Cold Steel, QSP, Spyderco, SOG, and many more, they have a wide selection of the world’s finest pocket knives, with new knives added almost every week.

They have award-winning customer service, which is friendly and easier to access.

The knives provided to the customers are authentic and of the utmost quality that comes with a warranty for a lifetime.

The company guarantees ship-out the same day payment clears

You can sign up through the ShareASale network to join its affiliate program. The commission rate offered is up to 10%.

You have a chance to earn around $10,000/ month. The cookie duration is not mentioned on the website.

You will get to know once you signup for the program.so, if you are interested in the company’s business, sign up for it today.

Official Website: https://deadwoodknives.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Deadwood Knives Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to 10% commission

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

15. AHLA Affiliate Program

American Hunting Lease Association Affiliate Program

The American Hunting Lease Association was created in 2010.

Basically, they connect hunters and landowners by developing the area so that both of them can make use of it.

This association aims to protect the liability claims of the landowners. The process of leasing private lands allows the hunters to engage in a safe hunting experience and ensures the enforcement of ethical practices in them.

Partnered with Base Camp Leasing, Merk Farms Hunting, and Hunt Ag Lease, like prominent associations, indulge in providing innovative ideas to avail affordable tools to the customers.

With more than 250+ positive views and 4.9 stars, American Hunting Lease Association is the best to start with if you want to trust a company for your starting affiliate business.

Powered by Birdie, Their office is located in Indianapolis. The best way to contact the American hunting lease association is via call or email.

The email goes by the address info@ ahuntinglease.org to get connected. Not just the marketing, AHLA believes in the betterment of society.

Working with Delta Waterfall organization, Supporting foundations like ‘ Catch a dream foundation’, and ‘Farmers and Hunters feeding the hungry’, started the Sportsmen’s Alliance.

Their work benefits all wildlife and habitats, strengthening hunting for everyone.

 If you have an excellent social media handle or work as an insurance agent or even a youth sports club, you can get your hands on the AHLA Affiliate program.

Upon signing up, whenever a potential buyer purchases any product from AHLA through your link, you will earn fifty percent in commission for referring any traffic to them that purchases a Guides and Outfitters membership with policy.

Official Website: https://ahuntinglease.org

Affiliate Signup Page: AHLA Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $50 per referral

Cookie Duration: 180 days

16. Airgun Depot Affiliate Program

Airgun Depot Affiliate Program

Well, this isn’t a new company. It was actually founded back in 2002 by Scott Thomas and Todd Holmberg!

Basically, Airgun Depot is a platform/brand/website that deals in the sale of pellets and bb guns of quality.

Their goal is to provide the air Gunners with a wide range of options from the pool of a wide variety of air guns, rifles, pistols, and ammo of selected quality that are not readily available at the stores.

Being a proud member of the NSSF [national shooting sports foundation] and the NRA [National Rifle Association],  they provide personalized services at affordable prices.

Well, I don’t want to complicate it – this website has all the shooting articles and accessories that people who like hunting would be intrigued to buy.

The Airgun, Depot Affiliate Program, provides you with a commission rate of 6% on every product a customer purchases from your link.

The company sells products that people are very passionate about, and the industry is constantly evolving and bringing new technology to the market.

With a dedicated customer base, you should try this one if you want to try your hands on any hunting affiliate program.

With a decent cookie duration of thirty days, you can easily manage the traffic and earn a handsome amount of money

Affiliate Program Details include:

  • A 6% commission on every sale
  • A 30-day cookie duration
  • AOV of $150 +
  • Data feed containing all of their product data and images

Well, I think the commission rate could have been a bit better but that’s what we have for now. You can visit the links down below to learn more.

Official Website: https://airgundepot.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Airgun Depot Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 6% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

In Conclusion

This was my list of the best hunting affiliate programs here! Well, hunting is a pretty big market and it’s continuously becoming even bigger with time.

The greatness and profitability of this niche can be estimated, even if you’ve just skimmed this article.

And if next time someone tells you how boring and uncommon it is to be a publisher for a hunting company, show them the stats!

I would encourage you to start a blog first and then start promoting ‘useful’ things in the industry to earn commissions. If you have to say something, please use the comments section below.

Our View!

We (the team from SB Digital) do not encourage hunting as an activity. Please spread love and be loving, don’t be selfish.

Leave a comment.

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