21 Best Gluten-Free Affiliate Programs (Huge Payouts!)

Gluten-free affiliate programs offer you an opportunity to promote products catering to a growing audience in this sector. 

These affiliate programs involve partnering with reliable gluten-free brands and providing access to delicious gluten-free foods, baking essentials, health supplements, and other lifestyle products. 

You don’t need to be a certified nutritionist or professional chef to become a successful affiliate marketer, as you can share your gluten-free product recommendations with your existing audience and make a sale. 

If you like this niche where you can help people with certain diseases and allergies, then join the affiliate community and make the gluten-free lifestyle accessible and affordable for everyone.

And at the same time, you can earn commissions for yourself (passive or active, whatever you want your income from this niche to be)!


1. King Arthur Baking Company Affiliate Program

Whether you wish to reduce the quantity of gluten in your diet or have gluten sensitivity, I believe this baking company has you covered. 

King Arthur expertly creates food items, which include specialty flours (without gluten), several other mixes, and more; it is one of the first companies that set the bar for baking without gluten.

As King Arthur’s affiliate, you will get-

  • A five percent commission on all sales.
  • Cookie period of 30 days.
  • Newsletters with regular updates on products and promotional assets.
  • Full product data feed and eye-catching links.
  • Free delivery on orders over $99 and other offers

Also, Lab6 Media oversees the affiliate program and provides assistance to you throughout.

Company Page: https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Thrive Market Affiliate Program

Another company on this list that offers gluten-free food products and diets is known for its healthy, sustainable, and affordable products. 

Thrive Market offers its customers hundreds of products, from plant-based meat to gluten-free loaves of bread; you can even become a Thrive member starting at just five dollars.

To become its partner, you will need to sign up with CJ, where the team will help you out with everything related to affiliate marketing.

With a commission rate of thirty percent on annual and five percent on monthly membership, I think you can get a decent amount when you bring new members to join the community.

Company Page: https://thrivemarket.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://thrivemarket.com/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: Up to 30%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Gluten-Free Mall Affiliate Program

Since 1998, The Gluten-Free Mall has offered premium solutions to people who want to go gluten-free. They specialize in providing fresh goods that you might not get at your neighborhood market.

You get the option to choose from hundreds of brands and products, including baking mixes, frozen dinners, snacks, healthy cereals, and even some personal care products and vitamins. 

This company is all about gluten-free products, so you get several items to promote and make money.

You have to create an account and make sales to earn a seven percent commission. There’s no limit to visitors or commissions, and all you need to do is log in to your affiliate account, select banners, and track earnings (sounds good, right!).

Company Page: https://glutenfreemall.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://glutenfreemall.com/affiliates/ 

Commission Rates: 7%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

4. The Gluten-Free Bakery Affiliate Program

In 2011, The Gluten-Free Bakery opened to cater to customers seeking healthy alternatives and fresh gluten-free products. 

Tim (founder) created a gluten-free bread and pastry line using traditional ingredients; they use whole grain flour, organic and regional ingredients.

If you join the company as its partner, you will receive a five percent compensation (commission) for each referral you make to the company.

Affiliates can access monitoring clicks, referral sales, and commissions received via the dashboard.

All the marketing tools & materials and a personal affiliate manager will be made available to you; payments will be paid quarterly.

Company Page: https://ourdailybreadchatham.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.mygfbakery.Click here

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

5. Nuts.com Affiliate Program

The company claims that people looking for gluten-free products must shop once with the company because they keep a separate gluten-free production line in their warehouse.

As Nuts.com has so many gluten-free items, I know that they ensure the quality of their products before reaching the customer.

Additionally, you will get two categories of gluten-free products on their website to choose from: certified gluten-free and gluten-free.

The company welcomes almost all kinds of websites to promote its product, and in return, partners will get an eight percent commission (on new customers ) and two percent on returning customers.

With a standard cookie duration of thirty days, you can also access monthly newsletters and other promotional materials. 

Company Page: https://nuts.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://nuts.com/lp/affiliate

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

6. Magic Kitchen Affiliate Program

Magic Kitchen offers gluten-free prepared meals that special nutritionists prepare to be nutritious and free of gluten.

Despite the fact that their products are not certified (gluten-free), they still have not encountered any problems/issues with the meals from the customer’s side.

The brand also has some gluten-free ingredients which you can use to make quick and healthy food. 

You can earn commissions and other benefits as an affiliate partner by promoting Magic Kitchen’s delicious entrees, sides, desserts, and meals. The benefits are mentioned-

  • Eight percent commission on sales
  • A conversion rate of 2 percent
  • A cookie duration- 30 days
  • Average Order Value of one hundred and thirty dollars
  • Free shipping and monthly product feed.

Company Page: https://www.magickitchen.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.magickitchen.com/affiliates.html 

Commission Rates: 8%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. iHerb Affiliate Program

With one of the greatest industry conversion rates, iHerb offers health and wellness items to around 180 nations; its gluten-free section is getting a lot of hype.

From gluten-free tortillas to cookies, you will get everything from this brand, and they even have blogs where they teach you how to make delicious meals from their ingredients.

Now, if you want to promote this brand and its product, you will earn a five percent commission rate in return.

Also, receive weekly promotion updates, an advanced tracking system, purchase coupons, and creative assets.

Company Page: https://in.iherb.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.iherb.com/info/affiliates 

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

8. Gluten-Free Palace Affiliate Program

Gluten Free Palace is an online shop that has been dedicated to offering unique gluten-free products since its beginning. 

They are continuously improving their gluten-free product line and trying to offer high-quality products at affordable prices to retain customers for a long.

The company has an affiliate program which is on hold for now!

But don’t forget to keep checking their official page (mentioned below) for their updated program; who knows, by the time you are reading this, they might be looking for new affiliates for their new program. 

Company Page: https://www.glutenfreepalace.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here

Commission Rates: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

9. Miracle Noodle Affiliate Program

This brand produces noodles, pasta, and rice that are 97 percent water and 3 percent fiber, meaning they are practically calorie-free!

Miracle Noodle uses the Japanese Konjac plant (consumed in Japan for over 1,000 years). All of the products by this brand are soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

The brand is looking for partners who own a website, social media handle, or blog that focuses on nutrition or fitness diet; if you are one of them, then look at the affiliate policies with me.

Firstly, you need to sign up with ShareASale (if accepted); you will earn 10-20 percent commission; the best part is they have a two-tier program where you will get money when your subordinate makes a sale.

Another advantage of this brand is you get a lifetime cookie period with a reliable tracking system, a customized banner, and a support team. 

Company Page: https://miraclenoodle.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here

Commission Rates: Up to 20%

Cookie Duration: Lifetime 

10. Hungryroot Affiliate Program

With Hungryroot, you begin by taking a quiz and informing them about yourself; that includes- meals for how many people, what is your objective of cooking, or your favorite food items.

After that, they make a grocery list and add ingredients and recipes to your cart; to get exactly what you want, you may always change as per your requirement (they are there just to help you!). 

This brand delivers groceries and recipe items right to your door, and after that, you can give feedback to them (I think it’s great!).

For affiliates- you will get only fourteen days of cookie window with 15 dollars in commission (for every lead you generate).

Apart from that, a user-friendly tracking platform, banners, and promotional materials will be made available for you.

Company Page: https://www.hungryroot.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://support.hungryroot.com/ 

Commission Rates: $15

Cookie Duration: 14 days 

11. Hu-Kitchen Affiliate Program

Jordan Brown, Jason Karp, and Jessica Karp, who founded the company, desired change, and that is when they decided to launch snacks, especially chocolate, that are healthy for each and every one.

Their motto was to develop the kind of chocolate that has never met their standards yet; they did a lot of research and decided to come up with gluten-free, vegan chocolates that are not going to harm anyone’s body.

Now if you want to promote healthy chocolates to your loved ones and want to earn a side income, this must be your program.

You will get ten percent of whatever sale you make as a commission rate within a cookie duration of thirty days. 

Company Page: https://hukitchen.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days  

12. Bread SRSLY Affiliate Program

Bread SRSLY came into existence in 2011 by Sadie; she wanted to experiment and make sourdough that every man has.

So she came up with this brand where they make delicious and wholesome sourdough bread (produced in a special facility).

These bread are free of the top allergies and gluten!

Applying for the Bread SRSLY affiliate program is easy as well; you go to their affiliate page, fill out the form, wait for approval, and if you are in, you can earn a commission of ten percent for promoting the brand.

Company Page: https://breadsrsly.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned 

13. Amazing Grass Affiliate Program

This brand has so many green-based products for men, women, and kids; from supplements to protein powder, you will get everything.

Amazing Grass works with farmers from throughout the world to bring greens using the finest plant-based components; every item has delicious flavors, so you enjoy eating.

Their affiliate is known as the “Grasshead Program.” 

The brand is long-term relationships so you will be benefited from it; if you want to know more about commission rates and cookie duration, then you have to sign up with Partnerize (their affiliate network!). 

Company Page: https://shop.amazinggrass.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.amazinggrass.com/affiliates/ 

Commission Rates: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned 

14. Good Dee’s Affiliate Program

A mother founded Good Dee’s because she wanted to adopt a ketogenic, low-carb lifestyle;

the brand’s products include- brownie mix, frosting mix, and so much more.

The items are made in such a way that they maintain the flavor of traditional cuisine to create goods that are low in carbohydrates. 

Talking about its affiliate program, you will get a commission of 7.5 percent on every sale you make and a fifteen percent discount code for your customers.

With a minimum threshold of $100, you get a referral period of thirty days!

Company Page: https://gooddees.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://gooddees.com/pages/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: 7.5%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

15. Zego Affiliate Program

ZEGO is one of the brands that believe that every consumer should know what is in their food (with all the ingredients mentioned in the packet), and they are producing wholesome and delectable food that fits the majority of special diets.

To help people fight many food diseases, Zego oats are gluten and other allergens-free!

If you think this one is your choice of company, then sign yourself up with ShareASale and earn fifteen percent as a commission on qualified sales.

Here, you don’t sell products but subscriptions, where you ask your audience to subscribe monthly to the brand.

Company Page: https://zegofoods.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://zegofoods.com/about-us/affiliate-login/ 

Commission Rates: 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

16. Mymuscle chef Affiliate Program

This health-conscious company majorly makes vegan and gluten-free protein bites that are suitable for every kind of person.

These are low-calorie snacks that you can munch on anytime you like because they are healthy and gives you protein without any excess sugar and fat.

Now if you run a health blog or channel, this might be your good option because you get ten percent (new customers) and five percent 9returning customers) on all sales, with a cookie duration of thirty days.

Company Page: https://www.mymusclechef.com/  

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click here

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

17. Oats Overnight Affiliate Program

Oats Overnight offers its customers gluten-free pure oats because the company takes care of one of the biggest reasons for gluten-containing products labeled as ‘gluten-free.’ 

Cross-contamination- they take care of it by conducting regular independent third-party testing so you can rely on Oats Overnight products if you have a gluten allergy.

With a seven percent commission rate, this brand also offers its affiliates other promotional assets, a tracking board, and a cookie period of thirty days. 

Company Page: https://www.oatsovernight.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale 

Commission Rates: 7%

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

18. Epilynx by Dr. Liia Affiliate Program

Unlike other companies, this is not a food-offering company!

This is the “medically-clean skincare and cosmetics category” company where the co-founders of EpiLynx, Dr. Liia, have spent decades to expertise.  

The founders’ personal experiences with allergies, gluten sensitivities, eczema, and psoriasis were the major reason for the foundation of the company. 

These conditions kept causing skin sensitivities and blemishes whenever they used any cosmetics, which is why they developed products that would suit people of every skin type, especially those who are allergic to gluten.

If you want to associate with this brand, then register with their networking partner- ShareASale, where you will get thirty days to convert leads into customers, and once you make sales, you are eligible for a ten percent commission rate.

Company Page: https://www.epilynx.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

19. Asha Pops Affiliate Program

A duo of mother and son runs this brand because all the available healthy options didn’t satisfy them until Asha (mother) found the solution. 

They combined Ayurvedic superfoods with contemporary flavors to create a delicious meal that is gluten-free.

The affiliate link below will take you to a site where you can register yourself as an Asha Pops affiliate if you want to join this company and promote their products to earn a commission of sixteen percent on every verified sale.

You get thirty days of cookie life to sell these nutritious plant-based superfoods as an alternative to popcorn and puffs.

Company Page: https://ashapops.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale 

Commission Rates: 16%

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

20. Kanabia Affiliate Program

Kanabia develops safe, high-quality CBD Hemp products in order to lessen the world’s reliance on medications and to help customers to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

The brand offers all-natural CBD that is free of pesticides, vegan, and Gluten Free.

You can get all kinds of CBD oils and capsules here, and if you want to work with the company as their affiliate, then sign yourself up by following the link.

You can get fifteen percent of each sale you make as a commission to promote Kanabia’s products to your audience.

Company Page: https://kanabia.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://kanabia.com/affiliate-program/ 

Commission Rates: 16%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

21. Eat Your Coffee Affiliate Program

Eat Your Coffee is a company founded by some college students who aim to boost energy more with naturally caffeinated snacks produced from authentic, ethically sourced ingredients that are gluten-free. 

These coffee snacks are prepared with real ingredients and are caffeinated with real coffee for energizing bites.

To promote these unique products, you will have to go to their affiliate page, where there’s an application, fill it out and wait.

Once approved, you will get referral links to make sales; with every sale, you get a fifteen percent commission rate on the sold product price, and the cookie duration is also sixty days (sounds fun!!)

Company Page: https://www.eatyour.coffee/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.eatyour.coffee/pages/affiliates 

Commission Rates: 15%

Cookie Duration: 60 days 

In Conclusion

I like to believe that both affiliates and customers benefit equally from gluten-free affiliate programs.

By collaborating with high-paying brands and businesses, affiliates can make a good profit from the rising demand for gluten-free products by getting a commission on product sales. 

Affiliates can advertise a variety of gluten-free products (meals, skincare, and other goods) through their websites, blogs, and social media platforms. 

You, as an affiliate, can work with industry leaders and upcoming firms to create an attractive gluten-free market that is constantly growing as people are taking the healthy way. 

I have listed so many good companies here where you can make good revenue every month just by putting out your affiliate link because the majority of the companies don’t even have a minimum payout policy.

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