How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Clubhouse (& Make $$$!)

In the age of Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it can almost be annoying for the average person when a new platform emerges. 

Most people I know think they have more than enough technology already and need more nature in their lives instead. Normally, I would tend to agree with them.

That’s how I felt about Snapchat when it blew up. It’s also why I didn’t even check Clubhouse out when I first heard about it.

“I’m fine with the screen time I have already, Thanks.” I thought to myself.

As it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised while discovering this new platform, and it really seems to have a lot of potential as a force for good in the future.

Let me be clear from the start: Clubhouse is less than ideal for affiliate marketing for a variety of reasons, on the one hand.

On the other hand, Clubhouse also has massive potential to give you compounding results in your campaigns when utilized as a part of a larger marketing strategy.

Before I elaborate on that, let’s take a look at how it works.

What Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse actually started off as an app for Podcasters under the name Talkshow before it was rebranded and launched for iOS App Store in March 2020. 

The idea behind it was to make a platform that was focused solely on live audio as the medium for communication and self-expression. 

The logic behind it was that in a world of hyper-edited, optimized, scripted, controlled, and polished content, live audio had the potential to create real and authentic conversations in real time.

This way, people could actually connect with each other. This was something that gained a meteoric rise during the lockdown when people were starved for connection even though the platform was invite-only.

So, not only was it just on the iPhone App Store, but you also had to be invited by a current user to use this app. Upon joining, you could only send invites to two people. 

This was mainly to avoid overloading the servers. As celebrities like Elon Musk and MC Hammer took to the platform along with their thousands of followers, things took a turn for the worse.

The platform went from just 600,000 users in December 2020 to 10 million weekly users in February 2021. The servers did get overwhelmed at the time, and the number of daily active users is around 3.5 million.

Compared to over 2 billion daily users on Facebook and 440 million on Pinterest, you can see that this platform has its limits. Having used it myself, I can say that the creators are really on to something.

First Things First – How To Use Clubhouse

The platform has gone through many updates and changes since that time, and today, you can even replay old conversations, cut clips of the past 30 seconds in a live discussion, and much more. 

But since most people don’t know how to use Clubhouse, let me go through the process of using it step by step.

1. Download The App & Sign Up

This part is pretty basic, and everyone can figure it out. Since you don’t need an invite anymore, anyone can download the app and set up their profile.

You can add your name, email, photo, Instagram, and Twitter. It is also recommended to add a nice bio, as people will let you join their discussions based on that.

It’ll ask you your interests to find the channels you might be interested in, although, as of yet, the algorithm doesn’t seem to work very well unless you search for things yourself.

2. Explore Rooms, Houses, & Add People

This is what the app looks like when you open it.

Now is a good time to define Rooms and Houses. So, a House is like a group or a channel on Clubhouse. Anyone can start one, and anyone can follow it afterward. 

If you want, you can manually select or reject each follower for your own Houses. Rooms are like individual events, panels, or discussions within a House. These can now be recorded, replayed, and cut right on the app itself.

If you scroll down on the homepage, you will find all the public rooms where people are talking right now. You can join any of these and listen or start interacting with people.

Then you can search for people or houses to add or follow in the search bar. You can even find rooms here that are available for replay in the public space. Between you and me, the fun of Clubhouse is in live discussion.

3. Create Your Own Houses & Set Them Up

Of course, you can start your own Houses as well and set them up with all the little details to tell your followers what they are all about. 

You can add as little or as much information as you want.

4. Plan Events In The Form Of Rooms

The actual discussions will take place as rooms that you can start spontaneously or pre-planned events, which are essentially rooms people can RSVP for before they go live.

5. Promote Your Discussions 

Now it’s important to advertise and promote your own rooms and discussions, especially when you don’t have a native following on the app. 

When you follow someone, you can choose t receive a notification every time they do anything. This way, you can even gather a following unique to the app itself. 

You need to engage with a lot of people and win them over before strangers start following you. 

6. Invite People & Moderate Rooms

Feel free to share your rooms through any other platform like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever. Once the rooms go live, you are in full control as the moderator, and you can give viewers the mike or kick them out.

How To Use Clubhouse For Affiliate Marketing (With Example)

Look at it this way: Clubhouse allows you to host conferences, live webinars, and massive Zoom meetings in a casual and spontaneous way. It also promotes open discussion and authentic communication.

On the one hand, this gives you a chance to network in the truest sense of the word. This means you can generate leads and win people’s trust one-on-one with your own communication skills and personality.

On the other, it lacks the fundamental infrastructure to scale and automate your affiliate marketing campaigns. 

You can’t exactly make a nice podcast on hair products with a link to your blog and actually expect to get a lot of traffic.

The best you can do is redirect people to your other platforms, ideally a website or Instagram page.

There aren’t any ads, and getting results here means doing a lot of fieldwork. 

So does it even work? Yes, it does!

A bunch of people are already doing it successfully: 

I found this delightful group of amazing Women Entrepreneurs and aspiring authors right on my Explore page.

Their house was called “Resilient Black Women,” and this room was called “Daily Inspiration For Authors.”

These awesome folks meet at a set time every single day and share their stories and experiences while having a set topic for each room. 

As you can see, the moderator can pick a single URL to pin on the room so that everyone can see it. This particular time, one of the members added their own website. 

In its place, you can add a landing page, a Shopify store full of affiliate products, your own blog, or even add an affiliate link right here. 

The best thing would be to have a Google form or something that lets you gather some leads. 

Tips And Tricks To Use Clubhouse Better

I found a bunch of cool tools that you can use to get more out of your Clubhouse experience. Here are just a few of them:

  • ClubLink: Lets you share your links in a more attractive way. 
  • Host Notes: Gives you a whole range of options to set your agenda, get feedback, and much more.
  • Club Recorder: Exactly what the name says. You can record, download, and edit discussions with this third-party tool.

Other than that, my biggest suggestion to you would be that Clubhouse is more about nurturing and engaging with your community to create more trust between you two.

While you might not make a lot of conversions, you can build a lot of goodwill and strengthen your authority if you have some solid communication skills.

Is Clubhouse Good For Affiliate Marketing?

To start off with, the current user base is much smaller than any other social media platform out there. This is one reason why Twitter Spaces is a good alternative. 

While this can be considered a limitation, it can also be very much temporary as the creators are still working hard to keep the app growing. My personal experience with the app says that it shows a lot of promise.

Hard Vs. Soft Selling

This is what it all comes down to. On other platforms, you have to be quick and to the point in terms of what value your affiliate products can provide to your audience. The Call To Action is loud and direct.

We call this the Hard sell.

On Clubhouse, you have the luxury to interact with your audience one-on-one and really build somewhat of a real relationship with them. In this way, it is a lot like networking and selling in real life.

You have to be WAY more gentle with your plug. You can’t just shove your CTA down people’s throats. This is what I mean by a Soft sell.


  • Little to no competition in terms of professional conversation.
  • A highly engaged audience from all around the world.
  • Open, free, casual, and authentic communication.
  • Great place for excellent communicators to shine verbally.


  • Smaller and more passionate audience with clear segmentation.
  • A ton of people come on for dates, religious discussions, and music. They just want casual conversations for fun and would likely hate being sold anything.
  • Little scope for the automation and scaling of your affiliate campaigns.
  • It can be time and energy-consuming.

In Conclusion

Long story short, if you like the idea of interacting with people and winning over their trust one-on-one before you make a connection and close the deal at a much later date, then Clubhouse is for you.

If you are looking to automate and scale your affiliate marketing campaign with some investment, you have better luck on other platforms like Facebook, with a larger consumer audience.

You can make direct sales by running targeted and scripted ads elsewhere with well-produced content, whereas, on Clubhouse, you can really build and grow your personal brand by thinking on your toes. 

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clubhouse safe to use?

Yes, there isn’t any inherent danger in using Clubhouse. Scammers and bad apples are on every platform, so be careful by avoiding external links and sharing your own information.

Why do people use Clubhouse?

People use Clubhouse to speak with other people and have open discussions in real-time for both business and pleasure. The audio-only format encourages a focus on authenticity and inclusivity. And that’s where the market for affiliates comes in as well.

Can anyone talk in Clubhouse?

Ever since October 2022, anyone can join this platform from both Android and iOS devices. There are private rooms that can be set up for invitation-only, but anyone can speak in a public room once accepted by the room’s moderator.

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