9 Electronics Affiliate Programs (Huge Commissions!)

Is it feasible in the modern world to live without technology? I want to object to this assertion.

Today, a person’s everyday life comprises a wide variety of electronics in the home, from the kitchen to the living room, including intelligent kitchen equipment and electronics like Alexa, as well as smartphones, smartwatches, and much more.

The electronics industry is booming and is going to touch nearly 5 trillion dollars by the year 2030!

That’s absurd, right?!

You will most surely be able to make some pretty excellent and respectable commissions as an affiliate in the electronics industry.

Don’t you think I’m honest? See some of the top electronics affiliate programs I found for you if you like!

Electronics Affiliate Programs

  1. Denali Affiliate Program
  2. Eagle Electronics Affiliate Program
  3. 6ave Electronics affiliate program
  4. Abt Electronics Affiliate Program 
  5. Best Buy Affiliate Program
  6. Padmate Affiliate Program
  7. Jameco Affiliate Program
  8. WorldWide Electronics Affiliate Program
  9. Borrowlenses Affiliate Program

1. DENALI Affiliate Program

Denali Affiliate Program

The 2012-founded Denali Electronics company creates an avant-garde LED lighting kit. The underserved power sports sector is the intended market for this LED.

They now produce industry-leading LED lights, horns, and intelligent controls with distinctive features and seamless connectivity for ATVs, Side X Sides, and motorcycles.

This business asserts that it is the only one that can offer a comprehensive visibility and lighting package with everything a rider needs!

If you decide to sign up with them as an affiliate, you will receive a nine percent commission with a thirty-day cookie window.

Official Website: https://denalielectronics.com

Affiliate Sign-up Website: https://denalielectronics.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 9% per purchase

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Eagle Electronics Affiliate Program

Eagle Electronics Affiliate Program

Chinnamani created this business in 2014.

The company’s goal is to provide cutting-edge products and provide the best online learning environment for electronics for creators of all ages and skill levels.

A microcontroller, ceramic capacitors, display, resistor, wires, and a whole host of other products made by Eagle are somehow necessary for all of your electronics at home.

This company offers a five percent standard commission rate to the affiliates who get approved. 

Official Website: https://eagleelectronicsonline.com

Affiliate Sign-up Website: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 5% on the sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

3. 6ave Electronics Affiliate Program

6ave Electronics affiliate program

Another online retailer for electronics, including drones for pro audio and camera work, smartwatches, wireless speakers, TV, home theater equipment, and much more is 6ave Electronics.

How simple is it for us to shop for electronics on this website? I’m sure right?

If you sign up with them as an affiliate, you can make a competitive five percent commission with a thirty-day referral window.

You will get access to all the banners and links uniquely curated for your website.

Official Website: https://6ave.com

Affiliate Sign-up Website: https://6ave.com/pages/become-an-affiliate

Commission Rates: 5% per purchase 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Abt Electronics Affiliate Program

Abt Electronics Affiliate Program

The company Abt sells all kinds of gadgets, including watches, computers, laptops, cameras, TVs, audio equipment, home necessities, furniture, and beds.

Such pages are always straightforward to find for me! You only need to key in your preference, choose from the available alternatives, add the item to your cart, and then place your order with Abt Electronics!

There you go! A few clicks will bring up your preferred electronic device!

You will receive a commission of up to six percent on each sale as their affiliate.

Their average transaction sale is worth 500$ online. You can even track your real-time earnings through commission junction.

Official Website: https://www.abt.com

Affiliate Sign-up Website: https://www.abt.com/help/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 6% per purchase

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

5. Best Buy Affiliate Program

Best Buy Affiliate Program

As its name implies, best buy is a corporation that offers the most excellent prices on various brands, including Apple, Insignia, ASUS, Canon, and many more.

The nice thing about it is that you may choose from the best discounts available daily.

Commission ranging from three percent to ten percent is given to affiliates by Best Buy for each sale. The offered cookie window is thirty days long.

Official Website: https://www.bestbuy.com

Affiliate Sign-up Website: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 3% to 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Padmate Affiliate Program

Padmate Affiliate Program

Padmate is the company that makes the PaMu brand of wireless headphones.

And a 2018 Indiegogo campaign was the catalyst for all of this development.

In-ear Bluetooth headphone influencer marketing is becoming quite popular.

Hence, I think offering a comparable range of things here makes sense.

I won’t make an effort to appear to be an industry expert.

I find it intriguing that they have a variety of moderately priced headphones that will interest a wide range of people.

As their associate, you will receive a ten percent commission throughout the one eighty-day referral period.

Official Website: https://padmate-tech.com

Affiliate Sign-up Website: https://padmate-tech.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 180 days

7. Jameco Affiliate Program

Jameco Affiliate Program

In the United States, Jameco Electronics is a well-known retailer and distributor of electronics.

You can get all of your electronic parts and power supply there in one place.

They frequently add new electronic products to their collections to make it simpler for you to shop for the components.

Through Jameco’s affiliate program, you may get a five percent commission on every purchase made using links from your website!

Also, the offered cookie duration is four months long. I suppose that should be sufficient to allow the sales to take place.

Not to forget, sign up through AvantLink as they are the affiliate network that Jameco has partnered with.

Official Website: https://www.jameco.com

Affiliate Sign-up Website: https://jameco.com/Jameco/PressRoom/affiliate.html

Commission Rates: 5% on every sale

Cookie Duration: 120 days

8. World Wide Stereo Affiliate Program

WorldWide Electronics Affiliate Program

Home speakers, AV stereos, headphones, portable speakers, and much more are available at World Wide Stereo to help you enjoy your music sessions more!

What interests me, even more, are the everyday discounts they offer at the most competitive pricing! How incredible!

If you decide to sign up for their affiliate program, be prepared to receive three percent payments on each sale made using the links given.

For more information regarding their affiliate program, you can reach them out on their email id and their affiliate team will get back to you.

Official Website: https://www.worldwidestereo.com

Affiliate Sign-up Website: https://worldwidestereo.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 3% per purchase

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

9. Borrow Lenses Affiliate Program

Borrowlenses Affiliate Program

If you own a camera, Borrow Lenses is a company that can come to your aid.

To assist you create an unforgettable shooting experience, they manufacture camera lenses, camera accessories, tripods, lighting, and much more.

The daily deals on the lenses were the most intriguing item they had to offer.

You will be given compensation between five percent and ten percent if you sign up to work for them as an affiliate.

Moreover, a thirty-day cookie window will be provided.

Official Website: https://www.borrowlenses.com

Affiliate Sign-up Website: https://www.borrowlenses.com/affiliate

Commission Rates: 5% to 10% per purchase 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

In Conclusion

So, yeah, we’ve all been using electronics throughout our entire lives and only a small percentage of the people actually thought about making money with these things without setting up a manufacturing plant and just marketing!

These companies that I’ve listed are top-notch vendors you can join to get going with your promotions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me via the comments section right below.

Alright?! Alright!

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