15 Coffee Shop Instagram Ideas (To Skyrocket Business)

When we think of perfect coffee shop Instagram accounts, the first thing that comes to mind is beautifully aligned feeds with just the right combination of hues and a consistent theme.

Instagram is a great medium that allows businesses to interact with their customers and elevate their experience to the next level.

Your Instagram account speaks a lot of your business and how much importance you place on communicating with your audience.

Here are 15 coffee shop Instagram ideas inspired by the best in business to help your IG account stand out!

1. Share Your Story

A proven way to make a connection with your audience is through your personal business story. People love Instagram accounts that are real and relatable, with inspiring stories. So by sharing how and where you started the coffee shop and the struggles you faced throughout, you let your customers into your personal world.

From the initial concept to the actual coffee shop, your Instagram feed can reflect your exciting journey and help you create a bond with your audience.

Example: Allpressospresso’s Instagram Account

coffee shop instagram account - Allpressespresso

Allpressespresso is one account you should follow for major ideas and inspiration. With more than 50k followers, we love how they have created their brand identity around the primary product: coffee beans. Sharing the story of how the beans are sourced, the roaster’s feed is full of behind-the-scenes pictures that connect the followers with the real journey. 

The Instagram account displays earthy tones in terms of color theme, matching perfectly with the deep and rich color of coffee. Featuring pictures of baristas around the country that use the Allpress Espresso Blend, the feed draws the viewer into a larger community of coffee lovers.

2. Aesthetics and Mood

The look and feel of your shop set the mood for your Instagram account. Customers love places that feel pleasant, positive, and have an artful appearance; therefore, the aesthetics of your coffee shop can make a big difference in the way customers perceive your business.

From the color on the walls to the light fixtures, the coffee tables, to your choice of seating arrangement. Even the way you use the overall space in your shop sets its tone and mood. It is important to apply the same aesthetic sense to your Instagram feed, so your customers are reminded about the warmth of the décor and the taste of your decadent coffee.

Example: Blue Bottle’s Instagram Account

coffee shop ig account - Blue Bottle

Head over to Blue Bottle’s Instagram account to see what an aesthetically pleasing feed looks like. The synchrony of the colors: aqua blue, white and brown is absolutely beautiful and their feed is visually stunning with just the right combination of coffee, positive vibes, and inspiration.

Blue Bottle’s Instagram has more than 414k and for good reason. They keep their audiences hooked with high-quality pictures placed in an artistic layout that looks highly appealing. Another thing we love about this account is the diversity of posts, ranging from coffee cups to ornaments and everything in between. There’s never a dull moment on Blue Bottle’s Instagram feed.

3. Color Theme

Color schemes have an intriguing way of affecting customers’ perceptions. When you look at a colorful theme on Instagram, you instantly think of fun and excitement. On the contrary, a pastel or neutral-toned color theme reminds you of serenity and comfort.

While your Instagram feed should have the same feel as your coffee shop, the theme and color placement should create the desired emotions in the viewer. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors themes to keep your feed lively and engaging, but don’t go overboard, or else your Instagram account will look haphazard and confusing.

Example: Celcius Coffee Co’s Instagram Account

Celcius Coffee Co Instagram account

We love the cool and vibrant color theme of Celcius Coffee Co’s Instagram account! Their feed is the perfect combination of a picturesque harbor view and mouth-watering food. The photographs are high-quality and each color pops out in glaring clarity. Just looking at their feed, you can hear the sound of water, feel the serenity of the harbor, and smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee!

Located in Sydney, we love how it features photos of its customers enjoying their meals while relishing in the view. Celcius Coffee Co’s Instagram feed is like an exciting roller coaster ride for your taste buds; you keep coming back for another one. 

4. Picture Quality Matters

What happens when you stumble upon a new Instagram account, only to find blurry and boring pictures? You bounce!

When a business interacts with customers on Instagram, pictures portray their professionalism, which is why picture quality really matters. A good picture is not just sharp, but it is the combination of several factors such as object placement, complementary colors, and perfect background.

You can add interesting props to the background and play around with different ideas to see which one is appreciated more by your audience. Be creative and professional when it comes to posting pictures of your coffee shop as that becomes the first glimpse of your business for a new follower. 

Example: Example: Intelligentsiacoffee’s Instagram Account

intelligesntsiacoffee instagram shop idea

You can take inspiration for your next photoshoot from Intellingentsiacoffee. Their feed provides a much-needed break from loud and distracting Instagram feeds. Following a minimalist approach towards photography, each picture is crystal clear with the right object placement. 

What’s great about their pictures is that there are no distractions in the background and every photo focuses on the main product. This quality instantly captures your attention. Intelligentsia Coffee keep their audiences engaged through exciting stories and news and use custom thumbnails for Story Highlights to maintain the color scheme of the feed.

If you are looking for ideas about product photography and color placement, this Instagram account can be an ideal starting point for you!

5. Add Personality 

The most endearing fact about social media interactions is that you get to show your side that a customer cannot view in the shop. The content you post adds personality to an otherwise boring business account. Share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in a subtle way that doesn’t take away from the start of the show: Your coffee!

You can share inspirational quotes, funny stories, or simply a one-liner that shows your audience that you are more than just a business account. Be real and relatable to make your Instagram account stand out!

Example: Grind’s Coffee Shop Instagram Account

grind's coffee instagram

You can learn how to showcase your personality from Grind’s coffee shop. This London-based chic coffee house keeps its followers engaged with interactive stories. When you look at their feed, you feel instantly drawn to the glimpses of humor and personality that they have added.

While their Instagram feed has aesthetically pleasing photos that call out to you, they like to mix it up with funny quotes, pictures, and reels to keep it from looking monotonous and dull. We love how they have designed their feed to look real and relatable.

Pastel pink hues with contrasting black text and designs add to the appeal of their photographs, reminding viewers of the beauty of the simplest color combinations. Grind’s Instagram feed is beautiful and sassy, all at the same time! 

6. Attract the Right Audience with Hashtags

When you create an Instagram account for your coffee shop, it serves as a place where new and old customers can find you. But how do you attract your targeted audience to your shop? Through a mix of relevant hashtags!

Use a combination of hashtags, including popular ones and others that are more specific, to help new people discover your account and become a part of your ‘Coffee-house family.’

Example: Coffee and Seasons’ Instagram Account

coffee and seasons IG account

Do you want to see what sheer bliss looks like? Head over to the Coffee and Seasons account and see for yourself!

Forget about minimalism, this account likes to keep their pictures loud and boastful, with beautiful splashes of colors everywhere! Each post is a visual treat with dainty coffee cups and sweet-smelling flowers.

Coffee and Seasons have a curated collection of pictures with the hashtag #coffeeandseasons that attract coffee lovers from around the world. Just like the name suggests, you will find gorgeous photographs of blooming spring flowers and amber fallen leaves in the autumn, combined with a spiced steaming latte.

Their beautiful Instagram feed will draw you in and make you feel warm and happy on the inside. You should definitely check their account if you are looking for inspiration for an aesthetically pleasing feed. 

7. Use Video and Reels

Visuals have the power to engage and captivate larger audiences. Since we have accepted the fact that people would rather watch something than read it, videos and reels play a major role in keeping your coffee shop Instagram account alive and throbbing.

You could upload an aesthetically pleasing reel of your barista making a special cup of cappuccino or share a short video of what your busy mornings look like. The main idea is to engage your audience with visual content that captivates their imagination and keeps them hooked to your account.  

Example: Vervecoffee’s Instagram Account

verveecoffee instagram account

Vervecoffee is a California-based coffee shop that understands the power of great visuals and uses that to its advantage to attract followers. This account has a very strong social media presence and they know exactly how to use pictures and videos to maintain their network.

Their Instagram feed offers an array of bright and contrasting colors that bring excitement and vitality to their page. With a clean and minimalist approach, their photographs are attractive and focus on their star product. 

 With short videos and reels, Verve Coffee house keep their feed exciting and lively. You can observe that their feed is dominated by earthy tones in terms of colors, instilling feelings of warmth and assurance in the viewers. 

This Instagram account is definitely worth following if you want to ace social interactions with your customers.

8. Share Things you Love other than Coffee

Instagram feeds, and stories can sometimes feel repetitive and monotonous. You can spruce up your coffee shop account with things and other accounts that inspire you. 

You could even share other food shops that you love, whether it’s your favorite sushi place or a shop that serves the juiciest steaks. Imagine how much your customers will enjoy following your coffee shop account if they could get great recommendations for other restaurants from time to time.

You don’t need to limit your posts to food only. You could take a picture of your favorite book with a steaming cup of coffee and post it to your account too! 

Example: Go Get Em Tiger’s Instagram Account

go get em tiger coffee ig shop

Just the name: Go Get Em Tiger is enough to excite someone and their Instagram feed doesn’t disappoint. Their account has been carefully designed with bright and bold colors that are attractive and inspiring.

Their feed features others Instagram accounts that offer various products besides food. From flower shops to boutiques, you can find great recommendations.

GGET’s feed is filled with various hues, from muted pastels to vibrant shades of orange, and features food that is mouth-watering and tempting. We love the display of personality and values that they bring to the Instagram feed with funny one-liners and opinions about serious social issues.

This account surely knows how to interact and engage its followers in conversation, while maintaining the beautiful feel of their feed.

9. Connect to Community

The best way to keep your Instagram followers engaged is through stories that connect them to a larger community. While showcasing customer feedback is important, sharing the real people who work at grass-root levels is also inspiring. 

Recent trends show that people feel loyal towards brands that promote the local community and you could do the same with your coffee shop. Organize events and shows that bring the community together and highlight their talents. You could share pictures from the events on your Instagram account to create a sense of belonging and love.

Example: Slow.Mov’s Instagram Account

slow.mov coffee idea instagram

Slow.Mov ‘s digital media strategy is very strong and effective. They use pictures that make you feel connected to a bigger community of coffee farmers and brewers. Based in California, this café serves specialty coffee to locals and tourists.

What keeps this account exciting is the wide array of events that Slow Mov organizes to promote and support the local community. From workshops to coffee-themed events, they focus on creating a pronounced presence in the community.

With clever use of Instagram marketing, Slow Mov promotes its products while keeping audiences connected to the bigger picture through pictures of coffee farms and farmers.

10. Share what happens Behind the Scenes

What can be a better way to connect with your audience than sharing what happens behind the scenes. Surely you can relate to the rush that one feels when watching BTS of your favorite shows and movies. 

Whether it is the picture of a birthday cake for an employee who works at the coffee shop or the tears shed managing a large event. Instagram followers love to see what goes down behind the perfect façade of your coffee shop.

Example: Nossa Familia Coffee’s Instagram Account

Nossa Familia Coffee instagram account

Nossa Familia Coffee is a truly inspiring Instagram account that displays how to create a deeper bond with the audiences through humility and hard work. One of Portland’s famous coffee shops, Nossa Familia tells the stories of their coffee bean suppliers in a way that draws you in.

We absolutely love their Instagram feed that features so much more than pictures of coffee cups. From farmers to baristas, from their team to their customers, you can see behind-the-scenes pictures that are endearing and show how much they value all the people involved in the process of business growth.

Nossa Familia calls out to the goodness in you and makes you feel content with photographs of real people with happy smiles doing what they love most. 

If you want to learn how to connect with your audience and keep them smiling, head over to Nossa Familia’s account for real ideas.

11. Offer a neighborhood experience

People love the feeling of belonging, and when you think of a coffee shop, you instantly imagine a warm and cozy room filled with people catching up with friends over a piping hot cup of coffee. When you share your customers’ experiences on your Instagram account, you create an environment of trust.

In times when people feel that life’s spinning out of their control, they like to seek solace in familiar places. Your coffee shop can be that place! Don’t just stop at the shop, but extend that neighborhood feels to your Instagram account as well.

Example: Andytown Coffee Roasters’ Instagram Account

Andytown Coffee Roasters on Instagram

When you think of a coffee shop, you picture a small and cozy spot where you feel a deep sense of belonging. Andytown Coffee Roasters is an Instagram coffee shop account that delivers all that and more. 

A small shop in San Francisco, their feed features simple content with pictures of their suppliers, employees, dogs, and products. You feel an instant connection with the people you see and their happy faces make you want to visit the coffee shop!

They have balanced their values and aesthetics perfectly to present an account that is pleasant to look at while making you feel like part of a coffee-loving neighborhood.

12. Spruce up the feed with coffee jokes and relatable stories

Remember when we said you should showcase your unique personality to your followers? Now is the time to make light conversations and keep a happy mood going around your Instagram coffee shop account.

Tell relatable stories and jokes, and offer your followers a break from the usual coffee shop posts and stories.

Example: Birch Coffee’s Instagram Account

coffee shop instagram idea account

Birch Coffee is the perfect example of a quirky and happy feed. We love the color theme and the amazing content that this account delivers. They feature short, funny videos and subtle jokes that keep this Instagram account full of life!

They have strong content creation skills that make you fall in love with the company; its products, employees, and everything else. 

With their ‘Birch loves you’ coffee cups, the shop looks like an inviting and exciting place to be. Head over to their Instagram account to learn a trick or two about how you can spruce up your feed! 

13. Keep your Instagram feed clean and fresh

Coffee shop Instagram accounts tend to look monotonous sometimes. Especially with lots of product photography and distracting backgrounds, your feed can end up looking congested and unappealing.

You could try mixing up your product photographs with other elements to ensure that the feed doesn’t look boring and repetitive. Add some freshness in terms of colors and scenery to give your audience a break from time to time.

Example: Junichi’s Instagram Account

clean coffee shop instagram account example

Junichi brings together the beauty of nature and the temptation of good food and fuses it to create a beautiful Instagram feed. Based in Kyoto-Japan, this award-winning barista specialized in coffee and Caneles, a French delicacy.

We love how their feed features decadently delicious-looking coffee with lush green sceneries. Following the rules of minimalistic photography, their pictures are clean, without any distractions, and serve as a gentle reminder of the simpler things in life. 

14. Make it Fun! 

You can make your Instagram account exciting and fun by diversifying into other coffee-related themes. You don’t have to limit yourself to an official account when you can create something that audiences will find useful and fun, all the while remaining in the realm of Coffee.

Share creative ideas that can inspire and wow your audiences. You could showcase traditions related to coffee around the world or the different ways people enjoy their favorite hot beverage. The possibilities are limitless.

Example: Coffee cups of the world’s Instagram Account 

coffee cups of the world's instagram

Coffee cups of the world is an interesting Instagram account inspired by all things coffee. It offers exactly what the name suggests: coffee cups from around the world.

If you thought coffee cups were boring, you are in for a surprise! Their feed features the most elaborate designed coffee cups that hail from different cafes worldwide. With funny graphics and colorful pictures, you will see that each cup is a piece of art in itself. 

You can find out where each cup comes from in the description, making it exciting to compare the creative ideas of people living in different countries.

15. Make it Informative!

While everyone loves coffee, there is so much to explore when it comes to how the beans are sourced, processed, and finally brewed into the perfect cup of coffee. You could add information to your Instagram posts that audiences find useful.

You could even share various coffee-making techniques in a fun way so that your followers learn something new every time you post.

Example: Coffee Sesh’s Instagram Account

coffee sesh instagram coffee shop idea

Coffee Sesh is a similar account that offers interesting information. This is an educational website that teaches coffee and barista tips and tricks to both beginners and pros. 

You will instantly fall in love with their vibrant and exciting feed that has everything from latte art techniques, to funny one-liners, educational posts to aesthetically pleasing pictures. You name and they have it!

While it’s not a coffee shop, it’s a great place for discovering new ideas and funny coffee jokes for your Instagram account. 

In Conclusion

With all the Instagram coffee shop ideas that we have discussed in this post, you should be ready to brighten up your account and offer your followers a stellar customer experience.

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