Vishen Lakhiani’s Net Worth + Interesting Facts (This Month!)

If you are into marketing, then this name must have rang a bell!

Vishen Lakhiani- sounds very Indian, right? Because it is! He is of Indian origin.

He is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker; I am sure you have heard his quotes and lines that will motivate anyone to get up and work.

I found Vishen Lakhiani to be a friend who has consistently supported growing individuals on their journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Vishen is a mentor in Mindvalley courses and seminars, and his journey encourages every one of us to chase our dreams with a positive outlook, reminding us that success is definitely within reach.

Have you ever met a person whose words and teachings connect with your spirit that you feel as if they are speaking directly to you?

That is exactly my opinion of Vishen Lakhiani.

Let’s know more about him then, shall we?

Early Life and Education

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on January 14, 1976, He is the brain behind Mindvalley (a personal growth education company that majorly aims to transform education all around the world through innovative online courses).

Now, when Vishen started out, he was all about engineering. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Michigan as well. 

During his stay at the university, however, Lakhiani discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and personal growth, which drove him to pursue studies outside of the regular academic curriculum (college certainly has something else in store for him!).

He studied spirituality, meditation, and personal development, educating himself through books, workshops, and other learning opportunities. 

Lakhiani has become well-known for founding the revolutionary education firm Mindvalley, which promises to change education and personal growth but in a cool way.

And that is how this man became a known personality today!

Career Beginnings

In his early career, Lakhiani began working for a technological company in Silicon Valley after finishing his studies. However, he quickly realized that personal development and entrepreneurship were his actual passions.

After waving goodbye to his Microsoft gig, he tried his hands with various startups, but unfortunately, all of them failed or went south until he had the lightbulb moment to create Mindvalley. 

He then decided to move to New York City and spent around a decade growing Mindvalley into the success it is today.

His Philosophy

Vishen is considered cool among today’s budding entrepreneurs because of his theory of “mediocre entrepreneurship.”

This guy says that the term means coming down to pursuing your passion rather than seeking money or power.

This method allows entrepreneurs to make decisions based on long-term success rather than short-term gains such as money.

Vishen learned somewhere along the road that he could create a career out of talking about technology, business, money, and personal growth. 

He definitely didn’t skip spirituality when trying all the other things. As a result, he established himself as a thoughtful and humble leader in these fields.

What’s truly impressive to me is how he has managed to combine his love of technology, personal development, and spirituality into his own recipe for success.

I firmly believe he’s just not only interested in making money; he’s interested in making a difference in people’s lives.

Tech Geek Turned Entrepreneur/Founding Mindvalley

In 2003, Vishen Lakhiani founded Mindvalley with a vision to transform the education system and help individuals reach their full potential. 

The company came into existence in 2003 when Kristina Mand-Lakhiani (his wife) and he cofounded Mindvalley for the purpose of making education easy and affordable. 

Mindvalley focuses on personal development and provides a variety of online courses and programs taught by famous professionals in self-improvement, wellness, spirituality, and entrepreneurship for all kinds of learners.

Founding Evercoach

He is also the inventor of Evercoach, a platform that provides prospective coaches with coaching and training tools. 

Total Networth

Vishen Lakhiani is sitting pretty with a $40 million net worth. 

His brainchild, Mindvalley, is on fire, with more than 300 employees, a whopping two million subscribers, and 250,000 students who pay up. 

It’s growing like crazy, and word on the street is that their yearly revenue might be well north of $100 million. 

Now, if you want to know about his wealth, then I must add that much of Vishen Lakhiani’s net worth comes from the success of Mindvalley.

It has grown significantly over the years due to its popularity and the demand for personal development and self-improvement content. 

Also, note that he has been active in various business ventures related to personal development and some other arenas, which have likely contributed to his financial success. 

Please keep in mind that net worth figures can change over time due to investments and business activities.

Impact On Others

It is not hidden that Lakhiani’s work has had an influence on millions of people around the world.

Thanks to Lakhiani’s leadership, Mindvalley has become a worldwide sensation. The company is known for its fresh take on education, and it has reeled in millions of students from all over the globe.

Mindvalley even offers content in loads of different languages.

Lakhiani’s personal development game is quite unique, and you may find it different. He believes in optimizing every aspect of life – health, relationships, career, and spirituality.

He also says that it is important to find that sweet spot of personal growth and happiness.

His work has left a mark on millions worldwide, and he’s still out there, inspiring and empowering people like us on their personal growth journeys through Mindvalley and his various platforms.

Lakhiani has spoken at a number of major events and conferences around the world, including TED Talks. His TED Talk, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind,” has been seen millions of times and has received global recognition.

In the millennial world, being a TED Talks speaker means you really have achieved something great.


I have also mentioned that he is an author as well.

Vishen Lakhiani is also a published author. His work, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind,” goes into personal development and changing one’s thinking in order to attain success. It is quite popular, you should give it a try too. 

Lakhiani’s book became an international success in 2016.

The book talks all about the concept of “bending reality” and encourages readers to rethink their belief systems and societal persuasion (how society makes you believe certain things), empowering readers to live the life they want.


Lakhiani is one of the co-founders of A-Fest, an annual gathering of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists who discuss personal development, business, and creativity.


Apart from his work with Mindvalley, the founder is also actively involved in philanthropy. 

One of Lakhiani’s prominent efforts includes providing education and personal development tools to poor individuals and communities. 

The foundation tries to reduce the educational and personal development gaps, particularly in underdeveloped nations.

Furthermore, Lakhiani has regularly voiced his wish to serve others and make a difference.

He supports the concept of conscious philanthropy and encourages young individuals to find ways to contribute to issues they care about through his numerous platforms, which include books, podcasts, and events.

Concluding Things

Vishen’s story is like a living, breathing example that if you have got the right attitude and are willing to put in all the efforts that it requires, success is kinda of guaranteed. 

He started this business (Mindvalley) with a simple online learning idea, and now all of us know where it has reached.

It evolved into a thriving empire that’s doing great and making a good amount of money.

So, the big takeaway here? Vishen Lakhiani’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. Not too little, right?

I mean, if I had forty million in my bank, I wouldn’t have been sad!

I will add one more thing (the old saying): passion, persistence, and a positive outlook are everyone’s secret weapons. 

And this person is living proof that turning your dreams into a success story is totally doable.

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