30 Best Book Affiliate Programs (With Big Commissions!)

We, humans, have dealt with books for years, and we are going to do that in the future as well. Everyone reads books, whether that’s because of pressure or enthusiasm!

Just take a breath and look at things around yourself. I’m sure you will find a lot of books lying hither and tether.

I searched for the term ‘books’ in Google Trends and analyzed the data of the past five years, and the graph is pretty promising;

Yes, we are moving ahead with a lot of ‘tech,’ but books are going to be relevant for a lot of time. There are so many benefits of reading books.

Also, the book industry is already worth close to a hundred billion dollars globally, and the growth will set new milestones in the future as well!

With all these things revolving around my mind, I decided to put together this massive listicle for bloggers and content creators or affiliate marketers who are looking to generate more revenue for the better.

So, without making a round and round circle here, let’s jump right in and find out some of the best book affiliate programs for you!

Book Affiliate Programs

  1. BiggerBooks Affiliate Program
  2. Audiobooks Affiliate Program
  3. Better World Books Affiliate Program
  4. Apress Affiliate Program
  5. Books-A-Million Affiliate Program
  6. Textbooks.com Affiliate Program
  7. Valore Books Affiliate Program
  8. BooksRun Affiliate Program
  9. eCampus.com Affiliate Program
  10. Vital Source Book Affiliate Program
  11. Second Sale Book Affiliate Program
  12. Thrift Books Affiliate Program
  13. Bookshop Affiliate Program
  14. Knetbooks Affiliate Program
  15. Textbook Solutions Affiliate Program
  16. AbeBooks Affiliate Program
  17. eBooks.com Affiliate Program
  18. Chronicle Books Affiliate Program
  19. AudiobooksNow Affiliate Program
  20. BookPal Affiliate Program
  21. Biblio Affiliate Program
  22. Bookroo Affiliate Program
  23. IndieBound Affiliate Program
  24. Premier Collectibles Affiliate Program
  25. Audible Affiliate Program
  26. Book Depository Affiliate Program
  27. Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program
  28. Calendar Club Affiliate Program
  29. KnitPicks.com Affiliate Program
  30. Blurb Affiliate Program

1. BiggerBooks Affiliate Program

biggerbooks affiliate

College students make up a big part of the overall book industry’s yearly revenue. Just think about how many textbooks you had to purchase in your ‘important educational’ period!

BiggerBooks is a related platform that sells textbooks for college students at cheap prices. Students or customers can simply visit their official website and simply type in an author name, title, or ISBN code to purchase the book they require.

Not only can you purchase textbooks, but you can also rent, buy eTextbooks, sell textbooks, and take advantage of their daily deals to save some money.

I think now it’s getting quite robotic! Don’t you want me to crack any jokes? Well, here we go – once there was a book, and it was already booked (lol)!

Now, let’s talk about the BiggerBooks affiliate program. First of all, it’s managed on two of the following affiliate networks;

  • CJ Affiliate
  • ShareASale

Interested bloggers and marketers can earn anywhere from five to seven percent commission on qualified sales if they join the program on CJ Affiliate and over 5.5 percent commission per sale if the program is joined through ShareASale.

All partners have access to things like exclusive coupon codes, banners, text links, buttons, CTAs, product catalog, affiliate API, and, last but not least – a responsive in-house affiliate management team.

Official Website: https://www.biggerbooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page (ShareASale): BiggerBooks Affiliate Program

Affiliate Signup Page (CJ Affiliate): BiggerBooks Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5-7% commission (or higher)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Audiobooks Affiliate Program

Audiobooks Affiliate Program

Audiobooks or audiobooks.com is a company that specializes in selling audiobooks! Wow! That’s some and surprising new information for you, isn’t it?

Jokes apart, Audiobooks.com is an extremely reputed audiobooks seller with over 250,000 books by the time I’m writing the post! That’s a lot of audiobooks!

The company believes that knowledge can be gained anywhere and everywhere, regardless of that being a gym, kitchen, park, etc.

That’s what audiobooks make possible. You can listen to them anywhere and anytime. This company has been featured in great publications like The New York Times, BuzzFeed, USA Today, Forbes, and many others.

The Audiobooks affiliate program is managed in-house. And here’s the whole commission structure for partners;

  • If an affiliate brings them over under 250 signups a month, the payout is $15
  • If the signup count exceeds 250 monthly, the payout is up to $18
  • If over 500 sales a driven per month, the commission is up. to$25
  • And for AudioLibros.com, the commission is $5-$10

All kinds of resources, such as promotional banners, images, text links, special offers, API access, and custom landing pages, are provided.

Payments are made on time, and the payment methods are as follows;

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. ACH
  4. Check

As the company offers a 30-day free trial, the conversion rates are going to be higher, and the cookie tracking period is forty-five days. If you are curious about the EPC, it’s $34.20.

Official Website: https://www.audiobooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Audiobooks Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $5-$25 per signup

Cookie Duration: 45 days

3. Better World Books Affiliate Program

Better World Books Affiliate Program

Better World Books is another online bookseller we have got on the list where people can purchase new and used books at affordable rates.

Three students of a university founded this company in the year 2002. From amazing and interesting novels to textbooks, their online shop has millions and millions of books that affiliates can recommend to their audiences.

I’ve actually mentioned the Better World Books referral program in one of my posts about charity affiliate programs as well (because they donate books as well).

Better World Books has teamed up with Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate to manage its affiliate program.

Bloggers or affiliates who are engrossed in partnering up with Better World Books should be advised that the company pays a five percent commission per qualified referral.

The tracking period is ninety days, and obviously, there are affiliate resources, such as product data feed, tracking tools, creative assets, and exclusive offers, along with a support team.

Official Website: https://www.betterworldbooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Better World Books Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% per validated sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

4. Apress Affiliate Program

Apress Affiliate Program

We all know how the IT sector has been booming in the past two decades. There are more people than ever who are interested in learning about technology.

This is where Apress comes in. Apress is s leading publisher, or you may call it an online book shop in the IT sector, active since 1999.

This platform sells a whole lot of information technology-related books, such as programming books, books about game development, books on python, etc.

By the way, I would highly recommend you check out this post where I have shared some of the highest paying tech affiliate programs for affiliates to increase their earnings.

Let’s talk about the Apress affiliate program now. It’s active on CJ Affiliate. This company pays a ten percent commission to partners and bumps it up to fifteen percent if $1000 is crossed in net sales (in one month).

For coupon sites, the commission rate is a bit low (eight percent), and if over $1000 is generated, partners can earn up to fifteen percent in commissions.

Logos, deeplinks, banners, text links, images, posts, product data, and a dedicated team of marketing professionals are made available for better performances.

Official Website: https://www.apress.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Apress Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 8-15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Books-A-Million Affiliate Program

Books-A-Million Affiliate Program

Books-A-Million or BAM! (that’s funny, right? Bam! Bam! Bam!), is a bookstore chain established back in the year 1917.

It’s a perfect place for book lovers to cruise around and shop highly engaging books that I don’t like to read (oops…sorry about that).

There is a hell of a lot of comics, study books, novels, autobiographies, and other kinds of books for people to shop online on the Books-A-Million official website.

I’ll talk about the company’s affiliate program in a moment but let me first tell you that the official Books-A-Million Instagram handle has over 90,000 followers! That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Great…but does that matter to you at all in any sense? Well, no! I’m sorry, but I’m in the habit of doing these kinds of silly things.

Anyways, once again, Books-A-Million also uses CJ Affiliate to run and manage its affiliate program. I think CJ Affiliate is quite popular with book companies.

Affiliates can expect to earn about $8 per click on average with this program (but only if the traffic source is of good quality).

The standard commission rate is three percent and the referral period is thirty days. Feel free to visit the links I have put below to get more information.

Official Website: https://www.booksamillion.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Books-A-Million Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 3% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Textbooks.com Affiliate Program

Textbooks.com Affiliate Program

Textbooks.com is an online marketplace for selling and buying books that has been around in the market since the year 2006.

It’s a great marketplace for both students and publishers (or sellers). What I really like about Textbooks.com is that customers can save up to 41% on some books and even more in some cases.

By the time I’m creating this resource for affiliates, the company’s warehouse already has over 10 million different books! That’s a lot!

Impact Radius is the platform that Textbooks.com utilizes to run its affiliate program. Affiliates are paid a considerable five percent commission on qualified sales but what’s great is that the payments are quite fast compared to other companies.

There’s a dedicated affiliate manager to help affiliates optimize their promotional campaigns, and a wide range of helpful resources are offered as well.

Official Website: https://www.textbooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Textbooks.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

7. Valore Books Affiliate Program

Valore Books Affiliate Program

Valore Books is another marketplace we have where people can buy college textbooks, sell them, and rent them as well.

This company has been around since 2002 and is owned by Valore, Inc. This company or platform claims that customers can save up to $500 per year if they use Valore Books to buy or rent textbooks.

I think a lot of college students focus on saving on some cash, and if you can help them save a little bit of money by recommending Valore Books, that would be a great idea for a successful affiliate marketing business.

You can join the Valore Books affiliate program on their official website itself, and it’s not going to cost you anything to be able to do that.

The commission rate is seven and a half percent per sale, and there are a lot of tools/resources, such as product API, links, email creatives, custom stores, banners, coupons, and widgets.

Official Website: https://www.valorebooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Valore Books Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 7.5% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

8. BooksRun Affiliate Program

BooksRun Affiliate Program

It’s pretty obvious that the vast majority of companies we are going to have here will be either online stores or marketplaces.

Well, that’s what BooksRun is. An online marketplace for people to sell, buy or rent books. This marketplace has books from psychology to medical science and criminal justice (basically, books about everything).

Another great thing is that the orders are shipped for free! This is not what a lot of companies offer, right?

Now the question is…where is the BooksRun affiliate program managed? The answer to your question is, the program is monitored in-house.

Affiliates who join can earn up to nine percent commission per sale. There’s no limit on how much partners can make by referring customers.

Only students, blog owners, and comparison sites are allowed to join the program. There’s no payment threshold. Affiliates can withdraw whatever they have earned.

Official Website: https://booksrun.com

Affiliate Signup Page: BooksRun Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 6-9% commission

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

9. eCampus.com Affiliate Program

eCampus.com Affiliate Program

eCampus.com is counted among the most trusted booksellers in the United States that have been a trustworthy solution for students to buy or rent books and for sellers to sell books for profit since 1999.

This company doesn’t compromise on customer service and product quality at all. Also, thousands of customers have given positive reviews to eCampus.com on Trustpilot.

People can also purchase eTextbooks using the eCampus.com online bookstore. The company also offers free shipping on orders above $35.

eCampus.com uses ShareASale to run its affiliate marketing program. Affiliates are offered a six percent base commission on all sales and $3 for Buybacks.

There are exciting things like seasonal bonuses, discounts, creative assets, and exclusive promotional opportunities offered to affiliates. The cookie tracking period is forty-five days.

Official Website: https://www.ecampus.com

Affiliate Signup Page: eCampus.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 6% base commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days

10. Vital Source Affiliate Program

Vital Source Book Affiliate Program

How would your audience react if you tell them that they can save up to 80% on textbooks if they shop them on Vital Source?

That would be pretty amazing, isn’t it? You will get to see some crazy numbers right away. Vital Source is an online bookshelf where consumers can shop an extensive range of textbooks and eTextbooks.

The Vital Source partner program is active on CJ Affiliate, and partners are paid a three percent commission on every confirmed referral.

Other creative resources, as well as marketing material, are made available to affiliates, and the tracking period is thirty days.

Official Website: https://www.vitalsource.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Vital Source Book Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 3% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Second Sale Affiliate Program

Second Sale Book Affiliate Program

Second Sale is an online bookstore where you can purchase used books at low prices. There are millions of new and used books to purchase, starting from only a few bucks.

The company offers free shipping on orders above $10. From arts, architecture, computers, law, general fiction, and psychology to gardening, the site has books in most of the categories.

The Second Sale affiliate program is managed by iDevAffiliate. A six percent commission is paid whenever a partner refers a new customer. The minimum payout threshold is $15.

Official Website: https://www.secondsale.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Second Sale Book Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 6% commission

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

12. Thrift Books Affiliate Program

Thrift Books Affiliate Program

You must have heard of Thrift Books from some of your friends. No worries if you haven’t! That’s what I’m here for.

Thrift Books is one of the largest booksellers on the internet that has been up and running since the year 2003.

This company doesn’t just sell used and new books, but also sell items like used CDs, DVDs, video games, VHS tapes, etc.

By the time I’m writing this post, Thrift Books’ official store has over 13 million books that people can choose from. You, as an affiliate, will have a lot of titles to promote in various industries.

The affiliate program is active on FlexOffers. Affiliates get paid a five percent commission per sale and the cookie tracking period is fourteen days.

Official Website: https://www.thriftbooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Thrift Books Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 14 days

13. Bookshop Affiliate Program

Bookshop Affiliate Program

Bookshop or Bookshop.org is an E-commerce company that supports local bookstores by bringing them online and making them available a platform where they can reach more customers.

This company isn’t very old as it was founded in the year 2020, but it has gained popularity over time and has raised close to $15 million for local bookstores by now.

You can join their exclusive affiliate program, which is managed in-house and promote a lot of titles. All other details about the Bookshop affiliate program are going to be revealed after an affiliate is be accepted.

Official Website: https://bookshop.org

Affiliate Signup Page: Bookshop Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

14. Knetbooks Affiliate Program

Knetbooks Affiliate Program

Knetbooks is a textbook rental where students and interested individuals can rent textbooks at affordable and convenient rates. If I tell you the figures, consumers can save up to 85% if they use Knetbooks.

Knetbooks has been a popular book rental since 2009. This company has helped over 300,814 students save a hell of a lot of money.

The Knetbooks affiliate program is managed by two affiliate networks – CJ Affiliate & ShareASale. The commission rate is eight percent standard.

All kinds of promotional resources, such as links, banners, real-time statistics and insights, and a responsive affiliate support team is provided to everyone (email support).

Official Website: https://www.knetbooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Knetbooks Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 8% commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days

15. Textbook Solutions Affiliate Program

Textbook Solutions Affiliate Program

As we are moving ahead with time, both education and textbooks are getting more and more expensive with the time.

Students are finding a really hard time paying for stuff. This is where Textbook Solutions comes in. Students can use this platform to buy used textbooks and rent them. Students can save up to 90% of the money if they rent or purchase books on Textbook Solutions.

This book rental was started by two graduates back in 2007. Two people who saw the reality of our ‘education system’ and started a company for solving problems.

The Textbook Solutions affiliate program is active on the ShareASale network. The commission rate is five percent on all sales. Affiliate resources are provided, and the tracking period is 24 hours.

Official Website: https://textbooksolutions.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Textbook Solutions Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% on all valid sales

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

16. AbeBooks Affiliate Program

AbeBooks Affiliate Program

After a while, we have finally come across a company that isn’t a ‘book rental for college students’! Oh, it feels pretty good to see something different.

AbeBooks is an online E-commerce marketplace founded back in the year 1995 where people can shop for books, maps, art & collectibles, textbooks, comics, graphic novels, magazines, etc.

AbeBooks is owned by Amazon.com,, and it has sellers from over 50 countries all across the globe.

AbeBooks uses Impact Radius to run and manage its affiliate program. All bloggers and marketers who will link to AbeBooks to make money will earn a five percent commission. Visit the links down below to learn more about AbeBooks and join the program.

Official Website: https://www.abebooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: AbeBooks Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. eBooks.com Affiliate Program

eBooks.com Affiliate Program

eBooks.com is a huge website to purchase eBooks at affordable rates. They have millions and millions of copies in various different genres like fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, spirituality, health, etc.

If you are interested in joining the eBooks.com affiliate program, you are going to want to have a CJ Affiliate account.

It’s absolutely free to join, and here is the following commission structure;

  • If $499 is generated in commission, the commission rate is 8%
  • If $500-999 is generated, the payout is 10%
  • If $1000-1999 is earned, 12% commission is paid
  • If $2000+ is made, 15% commission is offered

HTML links, text links, widgets, banners, and other kinds of marketing-related stuff is offered as well. Click the links below to learn more.

Official Website: https://www.ebooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: eBooks.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 8-15% commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days

18. Chronicle Books Affiliate Program

Chronicle Books Affiliate Program

Chronicle Books is like the ‘luxury company‘ in the books market. Chronicle Books is one of the biggest premium publishers in the country based in San Francisco.

They only sell bestsellers, new releases, unique/rare books, stationery, kids’ books, gifts, and a lot of other things that I could keep on writing about.

Great! Wanna know where the Chronicle Books affiliate program is active?

Here’s the answer: it’s listed on LinkShare.

Did I mean Rakuten LinkShare? Oh yes, a hundred percent!

Cool, what’s the commission rate then? Well, every affiliate who gets to partner with Chronicle Books earns a six percent commission on all sales. The cookie duration is thirty days.

Payments are going to be made either by direct deposits or by paper checks. If you want to learn more, visit the links down below.

Official Website: https://www.chroniclebooks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Chronicle Books Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 6% on all sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

19. AudiobooksNow Affiliate Program

AudiobooksNow Affiliate Program

AudiobooksNow is another service that you can be a member of and stream your favorite books in audio versions.

I searched for AudiobooksNow on Google and didn’t find a knowledge panel; and was quite worried about the reputation and trust of the company, but Semrush cleared all my doubts.

Although it looks like the website had been hit by one of Google’s core updates, it’s still doing pretty great.

So, there should not be any questions regarding the trust of the company now. Customers can download the AudiobooksNow application on Google Playsote, AppStore, and Amazon Kindle Fire.

If you are engrossed in joining the program, you can do that either by joining the Pepperjam network or the ShareASale network.

Coming to the payouts, AudiobooksNow pays a ten percent commission on all confirmed referrals. The cookie tracking period of fifteen days is standard across both networks.

They offer 50% off on the first purchase. You, as a marketer, can take advantage of this offer and improve your signup rate for sure.

Official Website: https://www.audiobooksnow.com

Affiliate Signup Page: AudiobooksNow Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% per referral

Cookie Duration: 15 days

20. BookPal Affiliate Program

BookPal Affiliate Program

BookPal is a platform where you can buy bulk books at wholesale prices. The company is neither very old nor a newer one. You and your customers can definitely trust it.

I just checked out the official BookPal website and noticed that there are a whole lot of books available in the following categories;

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Eudcation
  • Politics
  • Christanity
  • etc.

The BookPal affiliate program can be joined on Rakuten LinkShare. Affiliates will be getting paid a four percent commission on all validated referrals.

And if a customer or visitor clicks an affiliate link, he/she has up to thirty days to make a purchase for the affiliate to get compensated.

Official Website: https://bookpal.com

Affiliate Signup Page: BookPal Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 4% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

21. Biblio Affiliate Program

Biblio Affiliate Program

Don’t get confused by the name here! Biblio doesn’t sell bibles, but rather, the company specializes in selling used and rare books for the needy and book lovers.

The Biblio catalog has fictional books, non-fictional books, and books for children. There are over 100 million books on the store and what’s the best thing about this store is that it has my favorite book in the product feed (The Haunting Of Hill House)!

If that is the case, how come I not include its affiliate program in this post? Well, don’t take it very seriously! I’m a marketer, and I’ll always consider trust, payouts, success rate, UX, UI, and a lot of other things.

Coming to the topic, the Biblio affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale. Bloggers and affiliate marketers will earn a five percent commission on sales under $500 and a twenty-five dollar flat fee on orders above $500 (that’s mean).

This company also renders a whole lot of affiliate resources like graphic links, direct product links, banners, search boxes, widgets, and last but not least – a support team for assistance.

Official Website: https://www.biblio.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Biblio Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% on purchases below $500 and $25 on purchases above $500

Cookie Duration: 45 days

22. Bookroo Affiliate Program

Bookroo Affiliate Program

Bookroo is a book club for kids that is on a mission to help parents educate/entertain their kids in creative ways. Bookroo delivers a bunch of books every month so that parents can build their kids’ favorite book collections at affordable prices.

This company was started by three business partners Rebecca, Jane, and Tiffany. Whether you have kids that are between 0 and 2 years old or between 9 and 12 years old, you can use the Bookroo subscription service for the better.

The Bookroo partner program is managed by ShareASale. Anyone who wants to partner with this cute company should be aware that the commission rate is ten percent, and the average order value is $80.

The cookie length of Bookroo is thirty days. You will get paid by ShareASale, so there’s no problem with ‘getting paid on time’ at all. Make sure you visit their affiliate signup page to find out more information.

Official Website: https://bookroo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Bookroo Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% per referral

Cookie Duration: 30 days

23. IndieBound Affiliate Program

IndieBound Affiliate Program

IndieBound is an organization started by the American Booksellers Association in 2008 to help small bookstores grow.

As we are moving ahead in the technical age, people have started to forget about physical book stores, and that can result in money going to only a few hands!

To prevent this, the American Booksellers Association took this step and launched IndieBound for making available a platform where independent stores/sellers can sell stuff easily.

The affiliate program is managed in-house on the official IndieBound website. A lot of online communities claim that the merchant pays generous commissions to an affiliate partner, so why not give it a shot?

Official Website: https://www.indiebound.org

Affiliate Signup Page: IndieBound Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

24. Premier Collectibles Affiliate Program

Premier Collectibles Affiliate Program

Premier Collectibles is known for selling only bestselling books signed by celebrities and public figures.

There are a lot of crazy fans out there who would love to purchase books signed by their favorite actors, singers, or comedians.

You can definitely promote this kind of stuff to people, and heaps and heaps of people are going to purchase items from Premiere Collectibles.

Premiere Collectibles uses ShareASale to run its affiliate partner program. The company says most of their orders are in the range of $100s or $1000s.

The pay rate is fifteen percent per successful referral. Just think about it…if you generate a sale worth $2000, your affiliate earnings are going to be $300!

The cookie length is also quite good. It’s sixty days. This means you have sixty days to make someone buy the products.

Official Website: https://premierecollectibles.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Premier Collectibles Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

25. Audible Affiliate Program

Audible Affiliate Program

Audible is a service owned by the beast Amazon. And actually, it’s currently the most popular audiobook and podcast service out there on the entire planet.

You know why exactly? Well, because Amazon has both funds and a massive user base that they can market to.

To be exact, Audible was started back in the year 1995 and gained steady popularity just like Amazon’s marketplace did.

You can promote Audible by joining the Amazon Associates program itself. Affiliates are paid a five-dollar bounty for every free trial, and the tracking period is 24 hours.

Official Website: https://audible.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Audible Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $5 per trial

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

26. Book Depository Affiliate Program

Book Depository Affiliate Program

Book Depository is also a bookseller based in the United Kingdom. This company is really huge and has been there in the market since the year 2004.

This company is also owned by Amazon. Did you notice it? Amazon is really going about dominating every market out there!

They deliver books in over 160 countries and offer free shipping as well! From children’s books to adults’ books, they sell everything a person would buy.

You can open the door for an opportunity to earn a five percent commission by partnering with Book Depository. The program is live on Affiliate Window or Awin.

There are over 20 million titles you can promote to earn commissions in different currencies! The referral period for this program is thirty days.

Official Website: https://www.bookdepository.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Book Depository Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

27. Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program

Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program

If you live in the United States and you aren’t aware of Barnes & Noble, that’s really bad.

Actually, I didn’t know about the company myself, so take it easy!

But yes, Barnes & Noble is counted among the Fortune 1000 companies in the country that operates over 627 stores.

You already know that this company sells books, right? So, let’s just get into the details of the Barnes & Nobles partner program.

You must be thinking, why did I mention this company on the 27th number when it’s so reputed and big, right?

The reason being is that although the company is great, the commission rate its affiliate program offers is only two percent! And that’s not okay at all (at least not to me). You can join the program on CJ Affiliate.

Official Website: https://www.barnesandnoble.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 2% per sale

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

28. Calendar Club Affiliate Program

Calendar Club Affiliate Program

Calendar Club is a perfect store for kids who go to school. From books about animals, entertainment, sports, puzzles, humor, and home decor to gardening, there are books on almost all topics!

Other than books, Calendar Club also sells a wide range of other items like stationery, bags, diaries, calendars, planners, gifts, etc.

Everyone can join the Calendar Club affiliate program for free on Awin. The commission rate is ten percent and the referral period is thirty days.

Affiliates also get to meet good quality resources and a responsive affiliate support team. Click the links below to learn more.

Official Website: https://www.calendarclub.co.uk

Affiliate Signup Page: Calendar Club Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

29. KnitPicks.com Affiliate Program

KnitPicks.com Affiliate Program

I don’t have much to say about KintPicks.com in this particular post, but you should know that it is a company that creates captivating things/articles with its yarn, including books.

You can join the KintPicks.com affiliate marketing program on ShareASale to earn a ten percent commission. The cookie tracking period is fifteen days, and other resources, such as monthly newsletter, links, swipes, co-branded opportunities, and creative assets are provided too.

Official Website: https://www.knitpicks.com

Affiliate Signup Page: KnitPicks.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 15 days

30. Blurb Affiliate Program

Blurb Affiliate Program

At last, we have a publishing company named Blurb. This company has been around since 2005, where authors can create, print, and sell photo books to generate revenue.

From photography books, cookbooks, travel books, family photo books, business books, and comic books to children’s books, authors can publish and sell eBooks as well as printed ones.

The Blurb affiliate program is managed on Rakuten LinkShare. Blurb pays a fifteen percent commission on new customers and a two percent commission on existing customers.

You can expect to make a good amount of money on new customers as the average order value is $90, but for existing customers, that’s not going to be a lot! The tracking cookie Blurb offers is of thirty days.

Official Website: https://www.blurb.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Blurb Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 15% on new customers, 2% on existing ones

Cookie Duration: 30 days

In Conclusion

As you have seen, the book industry is really big, and there’s a lot of opportunity for publishers, content creators, and affiliate marketers who want to generate an income online in this market.

Although all the companies I have mentioned are pretty fantastic, but I would recommend you check out these three for sure;

  1. Audible
  2. World Better Books
  3. eBooks.com

I hope you found this resource on book affiliate programs helpful. If you have got any questions or suggestions, feel free to scroll down to the comments section and let everyone know what you think.

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