WordAds Review: Before You Even Try To Monetize Your Blog

WordAds is one of the few ad networks that most bloggers get to know about in their early stages of blogging.

I run my blog on WordPress and I got to know about WordAds even before I discovered Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive.

Because all of these big ad networks review your blog and then approve it according to their criteria, beginners think WordAds is the right choice as it doesn’t have any minimum requirements to get started.

But just because it’s easy to join, doesn’t really mean it’s going to pay you the money you and your content deserve.

With that being said, in this WordAds review, I’m going to share with you everything you will ever need to know about using WordAds to monetize your website and help you decide whether or not you should go after placing WordAds advertisements on your amazing new blog.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s jump right into our heated swimming pool of information and clear all the doubts real quick.

What Is WordAds?

WordAds is an advertising platform run by Automatic that allows bloggers and website owners to place advertisements on their blogs and websites for generating ad revenue. Bloggers who use WordPress.com or Jetpack premium plugin can enroll in the WordAds program to monetize their content.

They claim to have partnered with some of the biggest companies such as Amazon, Yahoo, AppNexus, Google Adsense, AOL, and many others to help bloggers make money through their websites.

But we’ll discuss everything later so keep reading the review till the end. Before we get into some stats and insights, let me answer some general questions.

Is WordAds Free?

WordAds as such is free to get started with but you will either have to have a Jetpack premium plan or a WordPress.com premium plan.

If your website is on WordPress.com, you will want to have a Premium, Business, or Ecommerce plan if you are serious about setting up a blogging business. Hence, if looked through that aspect, WordAds is completely free to join as it comes with the Premium and higher plans.

On the other side of the table, if you run a self-hosted blog, you will have to pay a couple of dollars every single month to purchase the Jetpack premium plugin, and then you will be able to place WordAds advertisements to earn ad revenue.

This, however, is not the case with the major ad networks such as Google Adsense, Ezoic, AdThrive, and others. You can get going with these big networks for free.

Why Is WordAds Popular Among New Bloggers?

The journey of blogging is pretty colorful. When you get into blogging, there are a whole lot of skills and understandings you need to create, and beginners often don’t pay attention to this.

Wait, what? Well, a simple understanding that before they reach the stage of making money, they are going to want to publish loads of high-quality content on a consistent basis.

The vast majority of bloggers focus on monetization first and not content because all the YouTube gurus get them excited about blogging and want them to signup through an affiliate link.

Unlike huge platforms such as Google Adsense, Mediavine, Ezoic, AdThrive, Cafemedia, and Media.net that require a minimum amount of content and traffic, WordAds doesn’t have any qualification/approval process at all.

You can get started with WordAds with zero articles/blog posts and zero visitors. That’s the reason why it is so popular among beginners.

How To Use WordAds On WordPress?

If your website is hosted on WordPress.com, all you need to do to join WordAds and run ads is head over to Earn > Settings and you will be able to see a Join WordAds button as shown below.

Join WordAds

Once you are on the page, click on the Join WordAds button and you will be automatically approved by Automatic to be able to place advertisements on the blog.

Wordads setup

All you have to do then is fill out your personal or business information, select where you want the ads to show up, and click on save.

On a self-hosted website, go to WP Admin, head over to Jetpack settings, go to Traffic, and you will see an option to run ads on the website.

Wordads via Jetpack

Click on Enable ads, choose where you want to display the ads and save the settings. Within a couple of minutes, ads will start popping up on the website. It’s that easy and there are no extra steps involved.

How Much Does WordAds Pay?

So this depends on a lot of different factors such as the niche or industry you are in, the are where your traffic comes from, how well optimized your content and website is, and the kind of keywords you are targeting within your blog content.

If I talk about me, I work in one of the highest-paid industries of all time – digital marketing, and most of my traffic comes from the United States.

Last year, I tested WordAds on one of my new websites to see how well it does. I ran WordAds for two months on the website and this is how much it made.

WordAds review: earnings

That’s so shocking, right? In a span of two months, I was only able to earn about $8.23 for over 70,000 ads served. That’s an ugly CPM of $0.11 even when my traffic was from top-tier countries.

Let me break down the traffic and revenue in a tabular form to help you understand everything in a better way.

TrafficAds ServedRevenue
6,876 Pageviews27,065$3.45
9,937 Pageviews38,649$4.78

I think that’s really really low considering how much Google Adsense or Ezoic would pay for this. Even if we consider an EPMP of $10, I would be easily earning close to $68 with 6.8k pageviews and close to $100 with 9.9k pageviews if I used Ezoic.

Btw, feel free to click here if you want to check out my detailed review on Ezoic.

There are many bloggers who make a good amount of money using WordAds but they get hundreds of thousands of visitors to their blog to be able to make that money.

Since WordAds is not well-established as other ad networks, you won’t be seeing any motivating revenue to continuously work on your blog.

You might make $3-5 per thousand people coming to your blog but that doesn’t make a big difference in your life. Even if you get 10,000 visitors a month (which is a good amount of traffic), you will still be able to make $30-50 for that and sometimes even less than that.

How Does WordAds Pay?

To receive payments from WordAds, publishers will have to earn at least a hundred dollars in ad revenue. That’s right, the minimum payment threshold is $100 and payments will be made via PayPal.

I chatted with the support team and they told me that new payment methods will be introduced soon but for now, the only payment method available is PayPal.

WordAds Vs Adsense

One of the most common questions asked by bloggers is whether they should use WordAds or Google Adsense.

And honestly, there’s a big difference in how both of the ad networks work. WordAds pays for impressions whereas Google Adsense pays for both impressions and clicks, leading to higher revenue for bloggers.

Also, you can’t ignore the fact that Google Adsense is the biggest advertising network on the planet, and hence, the earning potential is way higher with Google Adsense than with WordAds.

Here’s a table comparing WordAds and Google Adsense to help you understand the difference easily.

SortWordAdsGoogle Adsense
Pay Per ClickNot availableAvailable
Pays For ImpressionsYesYes
Owned ByAutomaticGoogle
Earning PotentialLowerHigher
Payment MethodPayPalChecks, EFT, Wire Transfer,
SEPA, Rapida.

Is WordAds Worth It?

If you live in a country where the ratio of a dollar and your currency has a huge difference, WordAds still might be a good option for you a beginner but for a blogger or website owner with a decent traffic flow, WordAds can be a headache as the earning potential is extremely low.

Today, all of the ad networks are happy to accept you if you have good quality traffic and a well-optimized website…and help you earn way higher than what WordAds offer.

So, I think instead of using WordAds, you should check out some of the other well-known advertising networks to earn more advertising revenue.


This was my non-bias WordAds review I wanted to share with my readers to help them make the right decision. If you are getting a couple thousand visitors every month and you are still struggling to earn a living through your blog, I highly recommend you switch to Adsense or Ezoic and you will be surprised to see the income difference.

I hope you found some value in this post. If you have any questions or experiences to share, feel free to jump into the comments section down below and let the community know what you think.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordAds?

WordAds is an advertising program run by Automatic that allows bloggers to earn ad revenue through their content.

Is WordAds Legit?

Yes, WordAds is definitely legit and it is owned by one of biggest companies in the content marketing industry.

Does WordAds Pay?

The quick answer is, yes! But before you can receive your money, you will have to have at least a hundred dollars in ad earnings.

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  1. I don’t have an opinion on WordAds as I have no experience using it, but I can confidently say that you’re overestimating the earning potential with AdSense. For example, I aproximately earn an average of 40 euros (45 USD) a month making 80k-100k unique visits and nearly 260k ad impressions.

  2. Tx for all the great info, Shivansh — my head is swimming! For 2021, my wordpress dot com blog got 12.4k visitors and 23.9k views. I only have the personal plan for $4 a month, so there are no ads on my site.

    – Would the additional $4 per month for Premium have been offset by what I would have earned running WordAds, Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, or AdThrive?

    – Can I use any of those with a WP Premium account?

    – If so, which would earn me the most?

    Also — if you think it might help you or be fun for my followers to meet you, I’d love if you’d do guest blog post for my site. If you’re so inclined, here’s a link to general guidelines: https://wp.me/p6OZAy-1eQ GUESTING

    • Hey there! Thanks for coming and reading the post. I think Ezoic won’t accept you if you use the premium plan here. You could go about switching to the business plan. If you’re getting over 10k visits, I think you will do really really well with Ezoic. It’s definitely worth it! And, would love to connect with you and your followers! Stay blessed!

  3. Hey Shivansh
    Thank you so much for writing this most needed blog post. This really helped me to learn how WordAds works. I have a painting services website and blog. I am not able to gain much traffic through it. I hardly get 1k views and visitors. Although I am constantly working on improving the website and blog, I am worried I will ever gain more traffic. So, with this much traffic I have recently added WordAds to generate revenue and as you have mentioned I can see no revenue since more than a week. Your review is on point.
    Thanks for clearing my pool of doubts and confusions.
    I am open to feedback for my blog.

    • Hey Lalit! Thanks for stopping by and reading the post. Yes, WordAds doesn’t pay you a whole lot of money. You can try switching to a different platform. And other than this, I think you should level up your content and SEO game if you want to see an increase in traffic. That would help! 🙂


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