23 Ways To Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body (Make $$$!)

Want easy ways to make money? But don’t know where to start?

Well, I got you covered.

Have you ever thought of selling your body pictures for money? If not, then why don’t you read the article and decide?

I might change your mind for good.

When we hear about getting paid by selling pictures of our bodies, we directly jump to the conclusion that it has something to do with nudity and vulgar images.

Today, I am here to clear your doubts on this and make you see the other twenty-two ways to earn money to sell pictures that are not based on adult content sites.

Let’s see what ways the internet has given us to make money while using body pictures in several ways.

Is It Legal To Sell Body Pictures Online?

Hmmm…the first question everyone thinks of is whether it is even legal to sell your body pictures online.

So, the legality depends on several factors, such as a platform or government laws in that country.

If you want to sell pictures containing explicit or sexually explicit content, the legality depends on the laws of your specific country or area. 

Many places have strict laws regarding explicit content, such as age restrictions or particular following of specific guidelines. 

Eighteen is the minimum age for doing anything major, which includes making decisions for your own body; before that age, parents are the guardians of your body.

So, always keep in mind that to legally sell body pictures, you have to be 18+ in the majority of the countries.

If you are selling your own picture, then there’s no problem, but if you are doing it for someone else, then there should be consent involved, or else you will land in serious trouble for using someone else’s picture without their permission. 

Compliance with the policies of online platforms in which you are selling your body pictures is essential, or else there might be some issues.

Also, some jurisdictions don’t even accept showing legs as they consider it obscene. What is obscene varies from place to place; that is why read and know everything beforehand so you don’t clash with local government. 

You gotta pay taxes on your earnings from selling your body pictures as well (well, it depends on how much you earn).

But if you cross the tax bracket, pay tax on time to avoid problems with the tax department. 

How Safe Is It To Sell Body Pictures Online?  

When it comes to our bodies, the first thing all of us think about is how safe it is to sell body pictures online.

No matter what anyone says, you will only believe it when you know everything about it before you start selling and earning.

To be aware of the risks associated with selling your body online, you have to read this article thoroughly.

Firstly, keeping your privacy intact is important because once your pictures are out, you will have difficulty removing them. 

So, always think twice before entering this sector and get permission from the person whose picture you are selling. 

Also, you know how trolls on the internet are; don’t hesitate to report or block them if they are harassing you over the picture. 

Cybersecurity is for everyone, so take its help whenever you are in trouble. 

Having strong passwords is crucial, and go for two-factor authentication to keep your accounts safe (or else you never know how evil hackers can get). 

Like I said before, you must know the legal stuff when it comes to selling explicit content. And if it’s about money, then stick to trusted payment methods. 

And hey, be friends with the platform’s rules; don’t break them because then you might face some not-so-fun consequences. 

Come up with a cool pseudonym in order to keep your real identity safe. Use VPNs and don’t put any private information online to keep yourself protected.

How Much Can You Get Paid By Selling Your Body Pictures?

Earnings made from selling body pictures can depend on several factors, such as: 

Platform and Audience: Platforms that cater to adult content will always pay you high; that is why you should opt for apps or websites that are meant specifically for certain types of content.

Frequency of Posting: As known, consistency will get you more audience and, hence, more money.

Content Quality: high-quality pictures equal more pay, so you know where to invest your money on!

Subscribers: More subscribers are directly proportional to higher earnings. 

Promotion: Get your marketing team ready, and if you can’t afford that, learn some basics of marketing to push your content into a larger audience. When more people see it, they buy it.

Market Demand: demand is the reason why you are getting into this sector, so understand and supply accordingly.

Let’s get to the ways now (some are going to frown on you, some are going to excite you – let’s do this)…

1. Stock Photography

If you want to sell body pictures through stock photography websites, then you need to first go for a reputable platform like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Getty Images.

Don’t forget the basics; read the platform’s guidelines and terms of service.

And when you are sure of it, develop high-quality images with descriptions.

Categories and tags are important to get it sold, set prices that match market demand, and submit it to the platform.

Now, you do promotions through other channels as well (whatever you like on social media) and keep the consistency to make good money. 

2. Freelance Modeling

This is another way to earn money using your body pictures; this is how you can do it, too.

Start with building a portfolio and then get on a freelancing platform. 

Craft an attractive and informative profile highlighting your modeling experience, body type, and the projects you have done. 

Once clients approach you, be professional and get on to work.

This is a great opportunity for people who want to be a model but don’t know where to start!

People with great bodies are always welcomed in the modeling industry, and your portfolio being online will make it easy for recruiters to spot you.

3. Boudoir Photography

If you are confident with your femininity and want to show the world without any hesitation, then Boudoir photography might be your thing.

This is a style that captures intimate images of women in private settings; these images are often seductive and elegant.

This is an art in so many senses, and if you want to be part of it and celebrate your body, then you will get paid as well. 

Sounds like a fun job to do where all you need to do is get ready and pose for pictures. 

You can go to Fiverr or Indeed and see that there are so many positions open for this same role. 

4. Nude Art Modeling

One more way to earn money by using your body pictures is by modeling for nude art, where artists create visual art, and you pose for them without any clothes.

When those pictures get sold in the market, then you will paid for the same.

These pictures are in various mediums, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, or photography. 

You can easily make around twenty-five dollars an hour to lay and pose, as it is professional work sites like Indeed and Linkedin even offer jobs for this role. 

5. Dreamstime

It is a popular platform for selling your body pictures, and its users rate it as easy to use. 

You can sign up in just a few steps, and uploading pictures is more than easy.

There’s an advantage for the users: you can set your own price (whatever you like); basically, the ball is in your court. 

The only sad part about this platform is that you have to pay fifty percent of whatever you earn.

Here’s the part that might get you excited: You keep your photo rights for as long as you want. 

There are many options for you to list your picture; head on to their website and read more about it.

6. Fitness Training

To earn money from fitness training pictures, record your journey, and create an online presence that will make you money. 

Several ways in the fitness sector will give you a way to earn, from offering online coaching services to hosting online fitness challenges. 

Collaborate with fitness brands and use your transformation photos to showcase your success (this will give them material, and in exchange, you will get paid). 

You can also use platforms like Patreon to offer exclusive fitness content. 

Make fitness merchandise that focuses solely on your transformation images. 

And when your social media channels start to monetize, you will be paid.

7. Cosplay Modeling

GenZ is getting so much involved in cosplay because of the craze of anime characters. I am not saying that cosplay was not famous before, but now it is also making money for the people who are doing cosplays.

This is a fantastic way to get paid for your body pictures as you are passionately following your dreams and at the same time getting money.

There are places like Bigcartel or Redbubble where you can sell your cosplay images and ask for money in return.

8. ClickASnap

The clickASnap platform is currently used by more than two million dollars people, which means it is already an established platform.

So, you won’t have any problem selling your body pictures here.

Here, you don’t have to sell your pictures directly to earn; if people view your picture even once, then you will be paid.

This platform runs on the approach of pay-per-view, where the owner of the picture gets around seventy cents per view.

One good thing about this platform is that it processes your payment within 24 hours, and they keep fifteen percent as commission. 

9. Tattoo or Piercing Modeling

Have you ever thought that making tattoos and bearing that pain will all be worth it? 

It is because now you can sell your body images with tattoos covered on them.

How cool is it to earn from something that is considered taboo and not easily accepted by people?

So, here’s how you can do it- network with local tattoo shops and studios, show your portfolio and make sure you give them the reason why your body images will get them more customers. 

You can do this online as well; email your favorite magazines or blogs, and they might feature you. 

10. Foap

Foap, the name sounds funny; not gonna lie!

But what’s in the name, right? Let’s see how you can make money with this. This is an online marketplace where users sell their photos and earn money from them (it even has an app). 

It is very simple: uploading high-quality images to the Foap marketplace will get you some money only after brands and individuals purchase the pictures for use in their marketing campaigns and websites. 

It is just like any other platform where they give you a marketplace to showcase your pictures (body pictures included) and get paid in return.

11. Adult Content

The most well-known way to sell your body pictures is through nude or semi-nude photos.

There are a hundred ways to do it, starting from selling your body pictures without showing your face (to conceal your identity) or sharing exclusive videos for subscribers only.

You get extra money for exclusive content because that is available only for a few.

The adult industry definitely gives you a lot more money than just modeling for obvious reasons.

You can sell your adult body pictures on sites like My. Girl, iFans, or Admireme; these platforms are solely for people looking to make some good cash by selling 18+ content.

12. Body Positivity Campaigns

This way is very empowering if I am being honest, because here you don’t put up pictures just because you look hot and sexy.

Body positivity campaigns are run to make people aware of different types of bodies that are not socially accepted as ‘beautiful bodies.’

To get up from societal beauty standards, body positivity among people is very important, and you can do that by selling your body pictures to the brand (where they would use it for their campaigns).

If you are too thin or too fat, have some marks on your body, or, in general, don’t look like what people consider a perfect body, then this is your stop.

13. Patreon

Patreon is a very popular place; this is a membership platform where the app allows creators to have fans or patrons.

And these fans pay the creators for their work, so now, when you upload your body pictures, people will become your members and pay for your content exclusively.

This platform is for everybody, from musicians to writers and from podcasters to people selling their body pictures.

You can receive recurring payments or donations directly from their audience (it is important to impress your audience if you want to get paid on this platform). 

Patrons pay a handsome amount for content that is only made for them, which will help you build a long-lasting career in this sector.

14. Cam Modeling

Cam modeling makes you do your work by sitting on your couch or chair or bed (I mean whatever you prefer)

Here, you entertain people online, and they engage with you through video streams.

It can be only for an individual or for your whole audience.

You become a cam model when you start doing video lives with people in exchange for some money; I believe even this has some adult content where you show and share your body pictures.

People generally like to see you doing dance, sexual acts, or even singing; you do whatever your client wants you to (if mentioned in your agreement)

Also, remember, you decide what you want to share and not others.

15. Foot Modeling

You can either do foot modeling for businesses or for people who have a fetish of this kind.

Don’t tell me you are on the fifteenth number of ways to sell your body picture and don’t know the current trend of feet fetish.

It is not bad if you can make money out of it, plus it’s nothing vulgar (what do you think?)

Anyway, yeah, there are skincare, socks, footwear, and athleisure companies who want foot pictures of people to advertise as their own.

You can get paid from them or join any platform like Feetfinder to get money for your exclusive feet pics.

16. Sports Photography

Not only playing sports but capturing great shots and selling them in the market will also get you money.

Various ways to earn money from selling pictures your active pictures include selling pictures directly to your fans, uploading pictures, sports blogs and websites, and sports marketing and advertising companies. 

You can even sell your pictures to newspapers or online publications with licensing fees negotiated. 

When you play at an event, and they want to show your pictures as a highlight of their event or even use it, then you can ask them for money for using your image.

These are the several ways you make money.

17. Swimwear Modeling

Summers are all about weaning cute and reliable swimwear to the beaches and lying down for sunburn (for sure after applying loads of sunscreen).

So, whenever you think of swimwear, what comes to your mind? A lady wearing a colorful bikini and a man wearing black swimpants, right?

Because this is how it has been advertised for years now!

You can do the same; you can model for bikinis and swimwear and get paid for letting the advertising agency use your body pictures.

18. Pole Dancing Performance

If you do pole dance, you can earn from that as well as from selling your body pictures while dancing.

Before writing this article, I never knew how much money you could make while selling your body pictures in pole dance costumes.

This is an art form where your skill will earn you money, just like other jobs. 

Also, some pole dancers believe It is not just about selling body pictures for money, but this art is also about self-expression and empowerment. 

As it challenges typical social norms and stereotypes, which is why many dancers want to see different types of bodies through this platform and gain confidence.

19. Fancentro

Let’s talk about this another platform called Fancentro.

This is just like any other adult website where you sell content in the forms of videos and photos, people subscribe for your exclusive content, and you get paid (and yeah, the platform keeps twenty-five percent of whatever sale you make)

Fans have to pay a premium amount for special content, and if you want to make big bucks to get that branded bag, you can always push yourself a little and comply with your viewer’s requests.

You can even interact with your fans and sell your merchandise for more money.

20. OnlyFans

You must have been waiting for this name, right? initially, I thought of not putting this name here because, let’s be real, who does not know what OnlyFans is?

Now that we are here let’s see what OnlyFans is about.

This is also a subscription-based social media platform where creators can monetize their content. 

Even though all of us know Onlyfans for its adult content, it covers other industries as well, such as fitness, music, cooking, and more. 

On OnlyFans, you can share pictures, videos, and other forms of content with your subscribers for a monthly fee. 

People who subscribe to you pay to access the exclusive content and interact with you (as their favorite creator). 

21. Cosmetic Surgery Promotions

Cosmetic surgery is getting on trend very fast (it was there before as well), but today, everyone knows about it, and people are more willing to do it, which is why even brands look for people to advertise their service with.

You can share your body pictures with companies to use as their promotional material.

Cosmetic surgery can be done in any and every part of the body, so when you get some surgery done and let doctors/hospitals, and dermatologists use your picture for reference or advertisement, you get paid.

22. Instaprints

Let’s break it down and see how you can make money with Instaprints. This is a cool online spot where folks can make money from their awesome photography skills. 

Kinds of Stuff like landscapes, portraits of their face and body, and other cool subjects. 

But here’s something that is different than other platforms- it’s not the place to sell explicit body pics (only body pictures that are pure art and do not involve any obscenity). 

It is all about art and photography. 

You get to follow the platform’s rules, or else you will be kicked out because this isn’t where you sell your explicit images to make money.

23. Alamy

Alamy is also a stock photography website where genius photographers can sell their pictures for commercial use. 

Also, these pictures can be used by any agency, company, or brand, and that is when you get money.

So, make sure the pictures are of high quality and with good lighting.

You can sell pictures of your body parts like nads, feet, face, arms, and stomach, but none of them can be in a sexual manner (I hope you get what I meant)

This platform does not allow any of these (selling your body pictures decently is what they want)

What Types Of Body Pictures Sell Best?

Best sales depend on so many things like audience, what the picture is, platform, and even popular faces get sold very easily.

You know how easily and rapidly these Instagram influencers are growing, so people will like to get their busy pictures, and they will be more interested if it shows something that is a little more intimate.

Some categories include-

Lingerie and Swimwear: People into fashion and fitness dig these cool swimwear and bikini pictures. 

Fitness and Health: Pics that show “I’m getting fit!” or “Check out my healthy lifestyle” are going to get crazy with gym lovers. 

Artistic and Nude Photography: Artsy nude pics are definitely a big deal for art lovers. 

Cosplay: If you know how to rock creative cosplay outfits, especially famous characters, you will get a loyal fanbase. 

Fetishes: Some niches, like foot fetish, BDSM, or role-playing. These body pictures get you very good money as they cater to unique interests. 

Boudoir Photography: Boudoir photos show women’s sensuality, and people who are attracted to feminity will pay more. 

In Conclusion

These body pictures do not necessarily have to be sensual or sexual; I have mentioned so many platforms that don’t even allow obscene images.

So, don’t ever think that if you want to make money by selling your body pictures, you have to sell your body in a sexual way.

There are art, sports, modeling, and so many ways to do so; just keep in mind that good quality is essential, and you have to be great in the skill whatever you are doing.

And if you want to enter the world of explicit images, there are lots of options, from only fans to Fancentro.

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