Treehouse Affiliate Program Review: Can You Make $1000 A Month?

The Treehouse affiliate program is discussed a lot whenever the topic comes to education affiliate programs or affiliate marketing in general.

Frankly, I love the program myself and that’s the reason why I have decided to talk about it on this blog.

There are a lot of people I know who actively promote Treehouse to earn affiliate commissions and generate an income online by helping students get the education and skills they need.

In this Treehouse affiliate program review, I’m going to share with you everything you will ever need to know about the program from what it is, how does it work, how much affiliates are paid, how to join, and how to promote to the pros, the cons, and my final verdict.

So, without making this introduction any longer, let’s just get straight into the details because we have a lot to cover.

What Is Treehouse – The Quicket Answer

What is Treehouse

Treehouse is an extremely popular educational platform out there on the internet where students can learn web design, coding, programming, and various other related skills by taking courses.

Students can also get a Techdegree once they consolidate their knowledge, understandings, and practical concepts in the tech field to find great job opportunities.

The company offers courses created by real experts. Students love their platform when it comes to web design or related things. Treehouse was founded back in the year 2011 and the company is currently based in Oregon, United States.

What Is The Treehouse Affiliate Program?

Treehouse affiliate program review

Now that you know what Treehouse does as a company, let’s start the conversation about its affiliate program. The Treehouse affiliate program is a program offering partnership opportunities with Treehouse to affiliate marketing executives, bloggers, publishers, and content creators in general.

What I mean by this is that Treehouse’s affiliate program allows individuals to partner with the company and promote their products to a targeted audience.

That’s pretty cool…but why would you partner with? What do you get in return? Well, whenever you recommend/promote Treehouse to an interested student and he makes a purchase, you earn a commission for that.

Yes, so you can join their referral program, promote the company to your audience, and earn passive income by doing little to no extra work.

You will find a lot of content creators on YouTube, social media, and blogs promoting Treehouse to earn commissions if you work in the tech or web design space.

Treehouse Affiliate Program: Details

The Treehouse affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. For those of you who don’t know what Impact Radius is, it is a software/affiliate network that helps companies run their affiliate programs to allow affiliates for promoting their products or services using unique affiliate links.

There are no costs associated with joining the program as an affiliate. Treehouse offers a fifty percent commission on valid referrals and a three-dollar commission for every confirmed lead.

That’s right! You get paid even if someone doesn’t make a purchase but starts a free trial with Treehouse. Companies generally do that when they have a proven track record of converting leads into sales at a higher rate.

The cookie life of the Treehouse affiliate program is thirty days and payment scheduling is done fifteen days after the end of the month.

You can easily earn $90 per month if you generate 1 lead per day and $300-$375 per month if you generate 1 sale a day. The company offers online tracking links, banners, media source tracking, and text links to help affiliates achieve great results.

Official Website:

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to visit

Affiliate Signup Page (Impact): Click here to join

Commission Rates: 50% commission on valid referrals

Pay Per Lead: $3 per lead

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Scheduling: 15 days after the end of the month

Payment Threshold: $50

Auto Approval: No

Affiliate Network/Software: Impact Radius

All affiliates are offered a responsive and dedicated affiliate support team that they can contact in case they have any questions or face any problems.

They offer two plans to students along with various Techdegree programs. Here is how much you earn for the various products will get to promote as a Treehouse partner:

Treehouse PlansPricingCommission
The Basic Plan (monthly)$25 a month$12.50
The Basic Plan (yearly)$250 a year$50.00
The Pro Plan (monthly)$49 a month$24.50
The Pro Plan (yearly)$490 a year$98.00
Techdegree Programs$199 a month$99.50

As you can see, for the Basic plan (monthly) priced at $25/month, you earn $12.50 in commission; for the Basic plan (yearly) priced at $250/year, you earn $50.00 in commission; for the Pro plan (monthly) priced at $49/month, you earn $24.50; for the Pro plan (yearly) priced at $490/year, you earn $98.00 in commission; and for the Techdegree programs, you are paid a 50% commission which is – $99.50.

Affiliates will also earn a ten-dollar commission ($10) for every Techdegree free trial signup. I think that’s quite good.

Hence, if you a targeted audience that you can reach out to, these are the commission rates you can expect whenever you make a sale or bring a new customer/student to Treehouse.

How To Join The Treehouse Affiliate Program?

As I have already mentioned that the Treehouse affiliate program is free to join, there are no upfront payments you will have to make to be a Treehouse affiliate.

To be able to join the Treehouse affiliate program, you will have to visit the affiliate signup page on their official website as shown below and then click the CTA (Call To Action) button.

Treehouse affiliate program

Once you do that, you will be taken to Impact Radius where you will be able to see the signup links and other important details about the program.

Treehouse and Impact Radius

There, you are going to want to click ‘Join campaign’ and you will then taken to a page where you will have to enter the necessary details.

Treehouse - Impact Radius affiliate

The details include:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Username
  • Address
  • Country of residence
  • Phone number
  • Website (s) if you have any
  • Ways you will promote Treehouse
  • Description about you and why you are joining as an affiliate
  • etc.

After you do that, they will send you an email with a confirmation link as shown below.

Treehouse affiliate program signup

Click on the link to verify and then log in to your account to agree to the terms and conditions. Once you do that, your application will be sent for a review and the company will let you know whether or not your application was approved.

If approved, you can start promoting the affiliate links to your audience for commissions. If not, you can reapply once you have a decent audience size.

Who Is Eligible To Join Treehouse As An Affiliate?

There are no special requirements when it comes to joining the Treehouse affiliate program. But you will have to have a good background, reason, and a targeted audience to be able to get approved.

It won’t make any sense if you don’t have an audience that is interested in coding, web design, web development, and other related tech things.

What Can You Promote As An Affiliate?

Well, there are five products you can promote as a Treehouse affiliate. I won’t stretch the answer by writing anything and everything. The products are:

  • The Basic Plan (25 bucks per month)
  • The Basic Plan (250 bucks per year)
  • The Pro Plan (49 dollars a month)
  • The Pro Plan (490 dollars a month)
  • Techdegrees in Frontend web development, full-stack JavaScript, UX design, and Python development (all priced at 199 bucks a month)

These are the five products affiliates/publishers can promote and the commission rates are mentioned in the details section.

How To Promote Treehouse?

You can promote Treehouse as an affiliate in various different ways and generate consistent revenue. But some of the best ways you can do that are as follows:

  1. Start a YouTube channel to promote Treehouse
  2. Write blog posts that bring sales
  3. Create a small coding/web design course and recommend Treehouse
  4. Run strategic paid advertisements

1. Promoting Treehouse With YouTube

The first method you can promote Treehouse as an affiliate partner is through YouTube. More and more people are watching videos on YouTube today. Whether it is about marketing, coding, entertainment, learning, or finances…people love consuming content on the platform.

Now you have two options to promote Treehouse:

  1. Create YouTube videos that teach web design
  2. Creative YouTube videos that generate commissions (commercial videos)

In method one, you will create informative content such as explaining web design, web development, coding, programming, and other tech stuff to people along with valuable tutorials.

When you do that, people start trusting you and they will click your affiliate links to check out the recommendations, and some of them will end up making purchases.

In method two, you will create commercial videos such as – Treehouse review or Treehouse vs any other platform. Here’s an example of this…

Promoting Treehouse with YouTube as an affilaite

You can generate commissions with this method but there will be no opportunity to scale. Hence, I would recommend you stick to method one if you know anything in the tech space.

2. Promoting Treehouse With Blogging

The second way you can promote Treehouse as an affiliate marketer is by writing high-quality informative and commercial blog posts where people can click your links after reading and purchase the plans you recommend to them.

Here’s a perfect example of how you can implement this strategy.

Promoting Treehouse With Blogging

When it comes to blogging, you will have to create informational content along with commercial content because blogging is a tough game.

3. Create A Mini Course To Promote Treehouse

The third way you can promote your affiliate links is by creating a mini-course related to web design, web development, programming, coding, or something similar, prove valuable information/tutorials to students, and then recommend Treehouse to learn more.

This strategy works really great and you will be surprised to see massive conversion rates if you implement it.

4. Treehouse and Paid Advertisements

The fourth way is to run strategic paid advertisements on Facebook, Google, Bing, Pinterest, or any other marketing channel and advertise your affiliate links to get a good amount of sales.

While running ads, you will have to be very careful with who you are targeting as the audience might be very small.

These are the best ways you can promote Treehouse but there are some other ways as well like email, social media marketing, podcasting, etc.

Can You Make $1000 ($1k) A Month?

Although there is no limit on how much you can earn as a Treehouse affiliate but if you look at everything from a marketing perspective, it can be a bit challenging to get to the $1000 a month mark with this affiliate program.

Before you get me wrong, I am not saying you can’t do a thousand dollars a month with Treehouse at all. I’m trying to explain to you that you will only be able to hit the thousand dollars a month mark if you have a highly targeted audience that would be interested in learning web design, programming, or coding.

To be able to earn about a thousand dollars a month, you will have to generate somewhere close to 90 sales of the Basic plan, which most of the students will go after.

Also, you will have to generate 10 Techdegree program sales if you only decide to promote the same. Hence, there will be difficulties involved if you have a general audience.

Pros Of Treehouse Affiliate Program

  • The first plus point about Treehouse’s affiliate program is that you will get to see good conversion rates as the platform is trusted.
  • The second pro is that affiliates are paid a high 50% commission
  • Affiliates are paid $3 for free trial signup (for the course plans) and $10 for every Techdegree lead
  • Decent cookie duration of 30 days and low payment threshold of $50
  • Marketing material and support is provided to all partners
  • Free to join and a great source of income if you have a good audience size

Cons Of Treehouse Affiliate Program

  • The audience is too narrow and affiliates can have a hard time finding students unless they have a highly targeted audience
  • The signup process is a bit complicated as it involves a lot of steps
  • Payments are made fifteen days after the end of the month

In Conclusion

If you have read this review, you know how much Treehouse pay to their affiliate partners, the resources they provide, and other important details.

My final verdict would be in favor of the Treehouse affiliate program. If you have an audience, you should definitely start promoting the company right away.

It is trusted, loved by students, offers valuable video courses & tutorials, and pays high commission rates at the same time.

I hope you liked this Treehouse affiliate program review. If you have got any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below and let everyone know what you think.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

Is Treehouse a good company to promote?

Treehouse is a great company you can pick as a partner because not only do they offer great courses and promising lectures but also pay high commission rates to their affiliates.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

There is no limit on how much you can make as a Treehouse affiliate but there can be some difficulties you can face if you don’t do everything strategically.

Are affiliates promoting Treehouse?

The short answer is, yes! Treehouse is promoted by some of the biggest names in the tech space. You will find a lot of people promoting the company on various online media channels.

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