9 Best Senior Affiliate Programs (Impressive Payouts!)

I’ve seen that most people have a special bond with the seniors (particularly grandparents); who always show warmth, love, and care throughout their lives.

I believe it is our moral obligation to reciprocate that love by giving the best possible care and amenities.

While we will never be able to totally equal their level of love, care, and patience, we can make an effort to give them quality healthcare, nutritious food, and other basic necessities. 

That’s why it’s critical to be aware of brands that offer items specialized exclusively for seniors and to share that information not just with our own seniors but also with those around us.

After all, helping others is really rewarding…and this is where the concept of affiliate programs comes into play, providing us with yet another motivation.

Let me explain, you can promote products that cater to the needs of elders and earn a reward(s) for each successful recommendation by joining senior affiliate programs.

I’ve studied and created a list of several good senior affiliate programs to help you in your search for the top ones.

Have a Look!

Affiliate Programs For Seniors

  1. Marketing with Care Affiliate Program
  2. Elder Care Matters Affiliate Program 
  3. Caregivers Products Affiliate Program
  4. Parents and Children Together Affiliate Program
  5. Senior Living Link Affiliate Program
  6. SeniorMatch Affiliate Program
  7. Medical Cart Alert Affiliate Program’
  8. Senior News Affiliate Program
  9. CARE Affiliate Program

1. Marketing with Care Affiliate Program

The one that I have on the list is marketing with care, Let’s see what it has to offer!

The company, led by Steve Schmidt, provides marketing ideas, services, support, and solutions for the assisted living and senior care industries. 

Marketing with Care is a service that combines exceptional care, strategy, communication, technology, and human nature to boost senior living occupancy. 

All I can say about them is that they live up to their name!

The organization is looking for clients who are serious about success and want to have fun while enhancing their marketing efforts, and that’s what you need to know. 

I am talking about their Senior Care Monthly Marketing Toolkit (affiliate program), by participating in the program, you can earn commissions by assisting the company in attracting additional clients. 

The program is free to join, simple to set up, and provides you with real-time information on your every activity. 

You will be paid up to forty percent commission monthly depending on different conditions that they mentioned on their website, and get assistance in posting the Toolkit graphic(for promotion) on your website.

The cookie window here is for thirty days.

Official Website: https://www.marketingwithcare.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rate: 20-40%

Cookie Period: 30 days

2. Elder Care Matters Affiliate Program 

Since 2002, ElderCareMatters.com, America’s oldest and most reputable Elder Care Directory, has been assisting families in planning and dealing with various Elder Care issues. 

The nationwide directory connects families in their area with Senior Care specialists, bridging the gap between families and companies.

Here you will find blogs that have a large collection of elder care articles written by top specialists on a variety of issues, including elder law, estate planning, geriatric care management, senior living, Medicare planning, veterans benefits, and more. 

Also, you can sign up for their free newsletter and browse their national directory for the services you need to prepare for and deal with aging challenges in your family.

Now moving on to their partner program, let me tell you that their Affiliate Program enables Organizations to participate in the growth of the National Elder Care Directory. 

To become an Affiliate, you must have a Paid Listing (Basic, Premium, or Featured) on their website. 

You earn a recurring twenty-five percent commission on every Paid Directory Listing referred, and any professionals you refer receive a twenty-five percent discount off their Basic, Premium, or Featured listing price.

They allow you to keep track of your income, payment method, and referral progress. I think it’s pretty much clear, what to say!

Official Website: https://eldercarematters.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://eldercarematters.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 25% pay

Cookie Period: Not listed

3. Caregivers Products Affiliate Program

CaregiverProducts.com is a real firm based in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, that was started in 1999.

The corporation has moved twice, first to Grenada, Mississippi, and now to its current location. 

Chris and Amy Wright, the founders, are registered physical therapists who work with the elderly and have a background in marketing and business management. I think now you know why this is here. 

The company’s objective is to be the top provider of one-of-a-kind home medical supplies for people with a variety of physical demands. 

If you are somebody who believes in fulfilling their motive, then it is time for you to join their affiliate program.

Though they do not have any in-house program, but ShareASale (affiliate network) manages it. 

It works like when you sign up for free with ShareASale.com, you can choose a link that complements your site and place it on your site. 

When a visitor clicks on the link, they are taken to their website, where they may make a purchase, and you receive ten percent of the purchase price. This is probably one of the easiest ways to earn money, right? 

Official Website: https://www.caregiverproducts.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.caregiverproducts.com/-affiliate-program.html

Commission Rate: 10% commission

Cookie Period: Not listed

4. Parents and Children Together Affiliate Program

When I read this name for the first time, I could feel that they must have something to do with families, and I was right.

Parents and Children Together have provided social services to Hawaii’s most vulnerable inhabitants, assisting approximately 17,000 individuals and families each year since 1968.

The organization is fully recognized by the Council on Accreditation and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Its aim is to provide safe and promising futures for Hawaii’s children, individuals, and families. 

This is one of the organizations that have really put their minds into making their affiliate program unique. 

Believe me, you won’t find a program like them, Parents and children together affiliate programs is a lovely concept that develops family bonds and provides possibilities for both generations. 

These initiatives enable parents and children to interact, promote products or services that align with their values and interests, and of course, earn extra money. 

Honest, participating in this affiliate program not only enhances family bonds but also provides opportunities for personal and professional development. 

To know more, visit their page. 

Official Website: https://pacthawaii.org

Affiliate Signup Page: https://pacthawaii.org/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: Not mentioned

Cookie Period: Not listed

5. Senior Living Link Affiliate Program

If you ask me, then so far, this organization is something that I was actually searching for my seniors. 

The Senior Living Link is a free online platform that connects seniors and senior housing providers to learn about available possibilities. 

The advisor team is led by its co-founder, who is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in geriatric nursing, and who also assists with information organization, so I think it is in the right hands.

In this, users can literally search nationwide, plus they can restrict their results by area or category. How cool is that?

The platform’s goal is to develop a social club for elders to locate appropriate housing and care services, assuring the best match for seniors’ quality of life.

Do you still not like it? Here is something that might boost your interest in them. 

It is their partner program, it provides businesses and organizations with the opportunity to make money through affiliate marketing.

To enroll, provide your contact information, business/organization name, website URL, social media, phone number, Skype or Zoom number, and company description in the form available on their website. 

You will find the exact information about their feature checklist once you enroll in. 

Official Website: https://www.seniorlivinglink.org

Affiliate Signup Page: https://senior-living-link-affiliate-program

Commission Rate: Unlisted

Cookie Period: Not listed

6. SeniorMatch Affiliate Program

Why should young people have all the fun? I am sure this was the mindset of this company’s founder, I love it, though!

SeniorMatch.com is a prominent adult dating site for mature singles ( this is the best way to refer seniors here), with over 1,030,000 active members and over 506,000 daily interactions. 

You must have heard and used dating sites, but this one is specifically for the elders, members may simply find their partners and enjoy companionship thanks to a smart matching system. 

The site caters to older members over the age of 50, ensuring a stable age range for online dating. 

If I were at your place, then I would have shared this with many people I know who might use it.

If you also feel like me, then consider joining their affiliate program and get rewards for each referral.

This is one of the industry’s top-paid affiliate networks that can help you grow your team and to earn industry-leading payments. 

You can make up to forty dollars for every new transaction with a pay-per-sale program, and forty is a good deal, I guess.

Then with their two-tier plan, you need to get sub-affiliates for the company that will get up to fifty percent of all sub-affiliates income, while their Cost Per Lead program reimburses up to two dollars per lead. 

Official Website: https://www.seniormatch.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.seniormatch.com/affiliate

Commission Rate: 50%, $ 2 per lead, and $40 per sale.

Cookie Period: Not listed

7. Medical Cart Alert Affiliate Program

Medical Care Alert is a monitoring center situated in Michigan that provides nationwide coverage to thousands of consumers in all 50 states. 

It is a family-run business that watches its own family members while also providing technical support, billing, and updates.

The program is intended to assist older Americans in aging gracefully at home and living independently for a longer period of time. 

Their affiliate network allows you to earn money quickly and easily by offering a unique URL for tracking sales, banner ads, and text links. 

I don’t have access to much information, all I can suggest you is sign up for success today.

Official Website: https://www.medicalcarealert.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://medicalcarealert.com/Affiliate-Program

Commission Rate: Not mentioned

Cookie Period: Not Listed

8. Senior News Affiliate Program

Senior News is an online platform that caters to the needs and interests of older persons, providing a plethora of information, news, and resources that are targeted to their specific needs. 

The platform covers issues such as healthcare, finance, leisure activities, and technology, with the goal of arming elders with knowledge, inspiring them to live fulfilled lives, and cultivating a sense of community and support. 

It also provides a platform for businesses, organizations, and service providers to reach the senior audience by advertising their products, services, and events that are relevant to seniors. 

They have created an affiliate program in which members can earn a ten percent commission on orders placed during the next thirty days. 

You will be rewarded for spreading the word about Senior.com, a leading eCommerce platform for seniors, carers, and family members. 

To participate, users must first register, then obtain a code and use a thirty-day cookie monitoring mechanism. 

Official Website: https://www.medicalcarealert.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.medicalcarealert.com/Affiliate-Program

Commission Rate: 10% commission

Cookie Period: 30 days

9. CARE Affiliate Program

CARE refers to the Center for aging research and Education. 

The Center for Aging Research and Education seeks to improve aging and to empower older individuals and their carers. 

Among their aims include addressing health disparities, improving gerontological content in the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing courses, promoting interdisciplinary research, and developing evidence-based resources for the eldercare workforce.

Their Affiliate Program aims to improve the health and well-being of older adults via nursing leadership, discovery, teaching, and practice. 

It promotes inter-professional collaboration and community involvement, and it attracts researchers, clinical professionals, academic personnel, and graduate students. 

As an affiliate, you can share information, collaborate, and contribute to aging, older adult health, and long-term care topics.

More details about their program are not disclosed yet, but you will find out that once you roll in.

Official Website: https://care.nursing.wisc.edu

Affiliate Signup Page: https://care.nursing.wisc.edu/about/the-care-affiliate-program

Commission Rate: Not listed

Cookie Period: Not mentioned

In Conclusion

If we get the best, it is because our elders provided us with the best. Think about these finest brands for seniors in your home and offer them what they deserve!

You won’t be doing it solely for the sake of gratitude, but you will be paid to do it, and I believe that all of this adds up to make this program the best.

Leave your opinions in the comments section below. I’ll be patient!

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