11 Best Seafood Affiliate Programs (Big Payouts!)

Seafood is a very attractive up-and-coming niche within the food industry for various reasons. Of course, I am talking about it in the context of affiliate marketing itself. 

The Paleo diet is just one of the many reasons behind its popularity. People are also much more accepting of the butchery and domestication of fish compared to other lifeforms like cows and pigs.

Beyond all that, seafood can actually be quite sustainable as well if managed responsibly.

Commercial fisheries are obviously the exact opposite of this, but on a small scale, freshwater prawn is better for the environment than beef.

The best thing about affiliate programs in this niche is that everybody needs to eat. Just as practically everyone buys consumer products from Amazon.

As such, you don’t really need much of an excuse or justification to promote your favorite food business to your audiences for a share of the profits. 

If you are a home cook or someone actually into the food niche, that’s all the better. Folks tend to take food recommendations from chefs very seriously.

Without further ado, let’s see what the soils of the sea have in store for us, shall we?

Seafood Affiliate Programs

  1. Sizzlefish Affiliate Program
  2. Lummi Island Wild Affiliate Program
  3. Wulf’s Fish Affiliate Program
  4. The Crab Place Affiliate Program
  5. Rivera Seafood Club Affiliate Program
  6. Fulton Fish Market Affiliate Program
  7. Lobster Anywhere Affiliate Program
  8. Catch Sitka Affiliate Program
  9. Tar Bay Affiliate Program
  10. Fishermen’s Wharf Affiliate Program
  11. Black Diamond Caviar Affiliate Program

1. Sizzlefish Affiliate Program

They say that food is the best medicine, and this company would agree. A healthy diet may be expensive and require planning and effort, but it will save you millions in medical bills over the years.

Seafood and fish are awesome sources of tons of crucial micro and macronutrients. That’s why the founder of Sizzlefish, who is a pro athlete, came up with the idea for the company on the run.

They are based in the US and offer door-to-door delivery of high-quality seafood as well as subscription-based delivery models. Sizzlefish offers all kinds of popular fishes, shellfish, and even beef.

This affiliate program is pretty well thought out. Here’s what you can get:

  • A ten percent commission on sales made through your links with a thirty-day cookie duration.
  • A fifteen-dollar bounty for every subscription sold.
  • Support from their affiliate account manager.
  • Links, logos, banners, and product feed through ShareASale’s console.
  • Monthly newsletters with promo codes.
  • A $150 Average Order Value (AOV).

Company Page: https://www.sizzlefish.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.sizzlefish.com/pages/sizzlefish-affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 10% + $15/ subscription

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Lummi Island Wild Affiliate Program

Our planet’s oceans are the backbone of our ecosystems. Perhaps you’ve heard that the Amazon is like our planet’s lungs? Well, actually, about 80% of fresh oxygen comes from algae and plankton in the sea.

Marine life is what keeps the oceans alive, and they are another pillar that keeps everything stable. If plastic waste isn’t enough, commercial fishing poses a major threat to the health of our oceans and, thus, our planet.

Lummi Island is a seafood supply company based in Washington that appreciates the severity of this issue. That’s why they market themselves are sustainable above all else.

The affiliate program offers a five percent commission from purchases made by new customers and only one percent from existing ones with a month-long referral period.

Other than that, you also get fifteen bucks for subscription sign-ups, so maybe you would like to push those. A great option for the environmentally aware crowd.

Company Page: https://lummiislandwild.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://lummiislandwild.com/affiliate-area/

Commission Rates: 5% for new, 1% for existing customers

+ $15/ subscription

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Wulf’s Fish Affiliate Program

Now this company sure knows how to tell a story. I guess people in big cities like Boston are just built differently, eh? First off, Wulf’s Fish has an amazing website that could really drive those conversions.

I was expecting all the websites to be blue-themed lookalikes with an identical business model, but they proved me wrong.

There is always a way to stand out from the crowd, and this company did it by pulling a storytelling card on us.

Sam Wulf started the business in 1926. He had been walking up to the pier of the city before sunrise for decades before his inheritors took over and had a reputation amongst the fishermen for having an eye for quality.

Today, the company believes in peddling traceable, sustainable seafood that’s not just a label for marketing but ensures the livelihood of future fishermen.

That means you can actually find out the truth about where exactly your fish are coming from.

Wulf’s affiliate program is the best we’ve seen as well, with an outright twelve percent commission within a forty-five-day-long referral window. I strongly recommend this one.

Company Page: https://wulfsfish.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://wulfsfish.com/pages/affiliate

Commission Rates: 12%

Cookie Duration: 45 days

4. The Crab Place Affiliate Program

Speaking of good-looking and high-converting websites, this company doesn’t really have one either. But guess what? You don’t really need one when you’re selling the fabled Crabs from Maryland.

(If you don’t know, the beautifully complex city of Baltimore is famous for its Lobster Rolls!)

Shellfish are the kings of seafood, so delectable that most people prefer just to poach the meat and eat it with salt and lime juice. That’s a premium product that basically sells itself.

Other companies also supply shellfish, but wouldn’t you prefer to buy from specialists that have been processing crabs for over twenty-five years? I know I would.

The affiliate program gives you an eight percent commission with a ninety-day cookie duration.

They also provide three different formats of data feeds, a video with recipes for promotion, and affiliate support through Paulson Management Group.

Company Page: https://www.crabplace.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.crabplace.com/affiliate.asp

Commission Rates: 8%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

5. Rivera Seafood Club Affiliate Program

Rivera seafood club is a family-owned business that’s based in California. The family in question is actually one of the multigenerational fishermen variety. That’s what I’d want from my seafood supplier.

It looks to me like sourcing and high-tech processing of fresh seafood is their USP, and their website does a good job at laying it out for any prospective customers.

Also, they guarantee a 48-hour or less delivery time throughout the nation. Sourcing the products responsibly is a given for anyone in the business in this day and age, and they are no different.

Although, some people are clearly more committed to delivering on it than others, like Wulf’s Fish at #3.

The store also has all the supplies you could need for making Sushi, and many of their protein is ideal for making this Japanese delicacy at home. 

All in all, looks pretty great, and since tons of online creators are based in LA, their location is pretty much ideal. About the affiliate program:

  • Earn a ten percent commission within a month-long referral window.
  • Get affiliate support from an affiliate account manager that’s eager to customize the program and help you succeed.
  • Graphics, banners, and all that good promo stuff are included.

Company Page: https://rivieraseafoodclub.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://rivieraseafoodclub.com/pages/become-an-affiliate

Commission Rates: 5-10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Fulton Fish Market Affiliate Program

Okay, one thing’s for sure, if this list were ranked based on years of experience, Fulton Fish would easily be at #1. The New York-based company has been around for a respectable 200 years!

So let’s see how they fare in the other criteria we’ve been judging companies on. I’d say NYE gets an A+ for location. Their website looks very appealing. 

I love how their homepage has these beautiful banners with a white marble countertop design that breaks up their copy into bite-sized pieces. I legit took mental notes while looking at that.

Fulton Fish Market is also huge on sustainability and has managed to reach a point where they work exclusively with sustainable fisheries and agriculture producers.

Considering how many eyes they have on them, having been featured on media giants like Forbes, Eater, bon appetit, and Saveur, I’d say their sustainability pledge is more trustworthy than any other thus far. 

What you gain in trustworthiness, you have to accommodate in the affiliate program. That’s because the company has kept mum about the program features.

You can assume that this is a competitive program by an established company, and they are looking for people that can provide them with the highest value imaginable. 

If you have what it takes, be sure to sign up, and they will definitely make it well worth your while. 

Company Page: https://fultonfishmarket.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://fultonfishmarket.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: Not Disclosed

Cookie Duration: Unknown

7. Lobster Anywhere Affiliate Program

Finally, we have an option for a seafood affiliate program in the UK. I’m sure at least a few people can appreciate the benefits of a diversified portfolio, yes?

I mean, they also deliver all across the US, but the company is based in England.

So, long story short, Lobster Anywhere deals in these tasty red creatures that are from Maine, a renowned fishing region in England. In fact, Maine Lobsters are widely considered the best of the best in the culinary world.

That’s what their business is all about. They offer competitive prices as a wholesaler with deep ties to local English fishermen as a company established in 1999.

They stick to what they know and only deal with Shellfish.

About the affiliate program, you get:

  • Seven percent commissions within a ninety-day tracking period.
  • A four percent commission for Coupon Partners.
  • Dedicated affiliate support team with scope for custom promotions and deals.
  • Product feeds with an AOV of over $180 and monthly specials.

Company Page: https://lobsteranywhere.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://lobsteranywhere.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: 4-7%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

8. Catch Sitka Seafood Affiliate Program

We have seen a few different options that are in the business of selling seafood, but this one is truly the whole package. Catch Sitka is a fishing company that’s based right in Alaska.

If you think your audience might be interested in cutting out the middleman, look no further than this. They have their own fleet of hook-and-line small vessels that catch all of their products.

Each creature is then taken to a docksite facility, where it is artisanally fileted, packaged, and flash-frozen. After that, the products are packed with dry ice and freeze gel to keep things below the danger zone.

The Rivera Seafood Club at #5 super freeze their products for scientifically optimum quality, but regular old flash-frozen filets also do the job pretty well. 

This one offers you an eight percent commission with a ninety-day cookie duration and an AOV of over $165. They also provide a dedicated affiliate support team, a data feed, exclusive offers, and seasonal promotions.

Company Page: https://catchsitkaseafoods.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://catchsitkaseafoods.com/pages/partner-with-us

Commission Rates: 8%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

9. Tar Bay  Seafood Affiliate Program

Do you like underdogs? I like to mention at least one whenever I get the chance. It’s hard to put up a good fight against big layers that have been around for over two hundred years, you know?

Creole Food is another business based on prized shellfish from the ports of Maryland, USA. At first glance, their products look identical to The Crab Place at #4, and they are indeed very similar.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t look all that great, at least in its current state, and everything just seems to fall a bit flat with this one. I guess Maryland’s brand name is enough for these businesses to thrive in their locality!

The affiliate program follows the same pattern. They offer a seven percent cookie duration, and the family-run business manages the program by themselves.

So, worse off than Crab, I certainly wouldn’t recommend this one, but hey, if you are into small-scale businesses and have a sympathetic bone in your body, maybe you’d like to sign up for this one instead.

Company Page: http://www.tarbayseafood.com/default.asp

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: http://www.tarbayseafood.com/affiliate_info.asp

Commission Rates: 7%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

10. Fishermen’s Wharf Affiliate Program

Fisherman’s Wharf is a port area in San Fransico that’s a popular tourist destination for all kinds of fun things. This website serves as a hub for everything related to this interesting location.

I’ve heard about watersports, but I never thought commercial fishing could have the potential for tourism! I mean, it just sounds like a lot of hard work and unpleasantness.

Turns out, I’m dead wrong. There’s a whole culture to explore out here, and one can find everything they need, from booking hotels to events, best restaurants, and more, right on this one website.

The Fishermen’s Wharf Community Benefit District and The Fishermen Wharf Merchants Association have partnered together to form a singular web presence, and they are excited to share the new affiliate program they’ve created.

They have not disclosed any information, and you have to reach out to them to find out. To clarify, this program is all about tourism affiliate marketing that’s directly focused on Seafood as an attraction.

Company Page: https://www.fishermanswharf.org/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.fishermanswharf.org/affiliate-marketing-advocacy-program/

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Unknown

11. Black Diamond Caviar Affiliate Program

I mean, you can’t really have a conversation about seafood without at least touching upon caviar, right? Or is that exclusively a fancy gourmet thing? I think I’ve tried caviar once in my life, and I just remember it being salty.

I must be wrong, though, because caviar is easily one of the few things most closely associated with luxury and fine living. 

Black Diamond Caviar is located at the heart of Cajun Country, Louisiana. The area has been renowned for the finest quality black caviar in the whole country. They treat each egg like a small diamond, hence the name.

Caviar, if you didn’t know, is fish eggs. Sounds kinda gross, but don’t knock it till you try it, okay? Also, if you are considering promoting these products, it’s always better to try them yourself.

You get a five percent commission on some of the most expensive products in the industry. The price of caviar might be due to how depleted the wild reserves are around the world, more than anything else.

That’s why Black Diamond Caviar guarantees that they have been doing it responsibly and sustainably for the past 75 years.

Company Page: https://www.blackdiamondcaviarnyc.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.blackdiamondcaviarnyc.com/index.php?route=affiliate/login

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not shared by the company


Most of the options we saw were based in the US, that’s because it is one of the most competitive markets for fresh seafood in the world. The country is also extremely health-conscious, which ties into the demand.

If you have an audience in the USA, I’m sure you can make a few sales with some thoughtful promotions.

My personal recommendation is easily Wulf’s Fish at #3 because it offers the highest commissions of them all with a good cookie duration.

Their website also looks awesome and inspires confidence. The company from Alaska at #8 and the Rivera Club at #5 also left a mark for various reasons regarding food safety. That stuff is very important, you know!

Other than that, you could hardly go wrong with the legendary products of Lobster Anywhere, The Crab Place, and Black Diamond Caviar. Exclusive products tend to sell themselves in the culinary world.

I should know, I used to be a chef for 2 whole years. Anyway, that’s that. Thank you for reading, I hope it helped, and have a nice day going forward.

Anirudh Gitai.- SB Digital Writer/Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

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