17 Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour (In 2024 & Beyond!)

Looking for new and exciting jobs, huh?!

Well, I won’t waste a lot of time in the introduction here…as it would make a little more sense if we get to the point, right?!

With that being said, in this article, I will help you to find several jobs that are interesting and pay around thirty dollars an hour.

Let’s do it?! Let’s do it!!

But be sure to know that I am only going to cover a limited number of jobs here…the ones that look appealing to me. The opportunities are endless!

1. Software Developer: 

In today’s tech-driven world, software developers are the builders of the digital world. They build, enhance, and maintain the software that affects our daily lives. 

With salaries above the thirty dollars per hour mark, this profession seems one of the excellent choices to me.

And can I ignore the fact that the demand for tech-savvy individuals is increasing every day across several industries, from healthcare to finance? 

Also, this kind of work can be done remotely, so high pay with less effort of going to the office daily. 

Whether you specialize in web development or programming language, your expertise will always be valued and paid accordingly. 

The only drawback of this job is that you constantly have to update your skills to stay relevant, or else someone else will take over. 

Average Hourly Rate: 40.38

Education Requirements: bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field

2. Registered Nurse: 

Registered nurses provide direct patient care, but telehealth and remote case management jobs may exist; that’s why nurses can even have some earning opportunities online as well.

As Registered Nurses (RNs), you will be a huge part of patient care support because nurses not only help patients with their physical health but you gotta support them emotionally as well.

Many reports have shown that the demand for nurses is on a continuous rise as people are facing many medical issues because of unhealthy lifestyles.

This is a job where you need to have lots of compassion, but hey, thirty dollars an hour will surely help you to find that patience and understanding.

Average Hourly Rate: 47.53

Education Requirements: an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

3. Occupational Therapist: 

There are around 140,000 therapists in the US in 2023, and the majority of them are women.

So, if you are a woman and looking for a job that will pay you thirty dollars or more in an hour, then you should definitely go for this one.

But this is not an easy job; a lot of study goes behind it, and you need to be good at academics to pass exams in these subjects.

However, this profession is very much rising because therapists help people with their traumas, self-harming thoughts, image issues, or any development challenges.

The USA is in very much need of therapists because its teens are becoming very aggressive and indifferent towards social problems. 

Average Hourly Rate: 43

Education Requirements: graduation from an accredited program, obtain a license, and pass the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam.

4. Virtual Assistant: 

As a Virtual Assistant, you assist/guide customers remotely with their administrative needs. Examples of tasks are managing emails, making appointments, entering data, and managing social media.

Experienced Virtual Assistants frequently charge higher hourly fees, especially if they concentrate on a particular industry (for example, a real estate VA or an e-commerce VA).

This can be a fun job if you are true to your work and take an interest in this job role plus, having a little management knowledge is sufficient to be an assistant.

All that matters is your skill and experience for this position to earn good money.

Average Hourly Rate: 30

Education Requirements: a bachelor’s degree in business administration or commerce.

5. Translation and Interpretation Manager: 

Translation and interpretation are considered to be specialized skills with high earning potential for anyone with polished expertise.

If you want to succeed, you need fluency in at least two languages, a solid educational background, and a specialized field in any subject.

In my opinion, online platforms like ProZ, Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr can help (so jump there right now!).

Translators need to be certified by recognized associations, and networking can boost your credibility as well.

With the right dedication and skill development, you can get a competitive income in this industry.

Average Hourly Rate: 32

Education Requirements: A degree, diploma, or certification course in the desired language.

6. Paralegal:

Wants a comfortable income and to make a change in people’s lives, then this one job might be your end goal after all.

For several reasons, becoming a paralegal in the US can be a rewarding choice (say, you will be paid more than thirty dollars for every hour you work).

So, what do paralegals do? You will have to work closely with attorneys, assist them in legal research, and help your clients understand the legal system. 

Additionally, the good thing is that the demand for paralegals is rising, which ensures your job security. 

Paralegals can perform various online tasks like legal research, document drafting, contract review, and virtual communication with clients and attorneys.

And you don’t have to study like attorneys but still can work with them towards justice, cool, right?

Average Hourly Rate: 32

Education Requirements: ABA-approved bachelor’s degree

7. Online Consultant: 

I have seen online consultants making thousands just by making some phone calls and interacting with students for a few hours.

It can be a profitable career with high pay, depending on your expertise and the value you provide to clients.

To pursue this career, you gotta identify your expertise and build your brand by defining your services & marketing your services.

To get thirty dollars or more is easy with online consulting; all you need is a good network and credibility in the market.

An online consultant not only earns great but helps clients achieve their goals and solve problems.

Average Hourly Rate: 65

Education Requirements: any college degree.

8. Graphic Designer: 

First thing first, to pursue a career as an online graphic designer, you will have to develop your skills by learning industry-standard tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

These are basics, and any designer has to learn them; also, studying design principles, typography, color theory, and layout is essential to build a strong foundation for creativity.

As the world is moving fast towards digitization, designers who create graphics for brands are more welcomed than ever.

And there is minimal investment to learn those skills, not much to earn that thirty dollars or more in an hour.

Average Hourly Rate: 35

Education Requirements: a degree in graphic designing or related fine arts

9. Lead Generation Executive: 

As the name suggests, this post is for people who are well-equipped to generate leads for companies.

It does not matter what industry or sector you choose; you need to know how to use the tools to attract customers and make strategies for lead generation.

All the companies are making products to woo their target customer; you help these companies to know who their market is and what they want.

At last, as a lead generation executive, you will most probably do SEO and marketing and come up with plans to create brand awareness.

Average Hourly Rate: 35

Education Requirements: The preferred candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field.

10. Data Analyst: 

None of us are aware of the power that data in current times hold; want to advertise- get accurate data, make a new product- get target market data.

So, what I basically want to say is that data is everything now, and if you know how to extract hidden data and read and analyze it, then you are going to be one of the richest people in town.

You are welcomed in every sector today; from medicine to government, from finance to fashion, data analysis is needed everywhere.

Work on your skills and get ready to conquer the world with way more than thirty dollars an hour.

Average Hourly Rate: 40

Education Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in a field like statistics, computer science, or mathematics.

11. Web Designer: 

If you have a creative spark and a fascination for technology, web design could be your calling. 

So, basically, web designers are the builders of the internet because, without them, there would have been no websites, even this one! 

We don’t easily realize how big their role is in the web world, but they are paid hundreds and thousands to come up with user-friendly and unique websites so that businesses can run smoothly. 

Also, you don’t necessarily have to go to the office to work; you can earn by sitting at home in your pajamas. This is not a field work unlike others, and there is an option of freelancing as well.  

Average Hourly Rate: 35

Education Requirements: mostly skills, but a bachelor’s degree is preferable

12. Online Survey Participant: 

Getting thirty dollars in an hour by filling online survey has to be one of the easiest jobs, but let me remind you that it is not as simple and easy as it sounds.

Because you are not going to get thirty dollars in the get-go; moreover, there are only a few surveys that pay amounts like this!

Online surveys can get you extra income or rewards, but they may not provide a full-time income.

To participate, join legitimate survey websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, and Pinecone Research.

Also, I would want you to be cautious about sharing sensitive information and consider combining surveys with other online earning methods to increase income potential.

Average Hourly Rate: 30

Education Requirements: No educational requirements

13. Social Media Manager: 

This is the most famous job that one can go for if you have a bit of knowledge about how social media works.

That includes YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms.

Brands and individuals want to reach their audience by making content that resonates with the target viewers.

You can work part-time or full-time with any company that is looking for an SMM, or even freelancing is a great option in this sector.

Editing, uploading, and creating need creativity, but you will save on time if you know your work.

Even content creators want social media managers these days, so you will have lots of opportunities.

Average Hourly Rate: 33.79

Education Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in marketing but not mandatory everywhere.

14. Online Sales Representative: 

In any way, if you think that you can convince people to buy whatever you are selling, then sales representative is the kind of job you should go for.

This one even lets you work from home- so get up and make sales!

Easy, right? As an online sales representative, you will sell products online through various platforms.

Your major responsibilities include communicating with customers, negotiating sales deals, providing after-sales support, and so much more.

To do great in this field, representatives should have strong communication skills and an understanding of online marketing practices.

Average Hourly Rate: 30

Education Requirements: A degree in business or marketing

15. Financial Analyst: 

You love money and want to help people manage their money and get money to manage money!!! Phew, sounds easy to you, and this was your dream your whole life, then be a financial analyst.

Start with evaluating financial data, studying economic trends, and providing insights to help businesses make good decisions. 

If you can help people with their money-related problems, then you can build your own money house in just a few years because becoming a financial analyst pays a lot. 

Average Hourly Rate: 35

Education Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in finance-related subjects

16. Interior Designer: 

Home is your heart is, isn’t it?

Then why not make it the perfect place with the help of a professional? (trust me, when it comes to houses, people spend a good chunk of money without giving it a second thought.)

If you have an eye for design and you know how to come up with aesthetically pleasing environments, then try interior design once. 

You, as an interior designer, will work with clients to change their spaces into functional areas that reflect their personality (such as fairy or garden theme homes). 

You need to work with furniture, colors, lighting, and decor to enhance the overall look (not gonna lie; it sounds fun to me!).

Average Hourly Rate: 40

Education Requirements: bachelor’s degree in fine arts subjects

17. Technical Writer:

Writing is tough; writing is easy; it’s all about you when it comes to writing. I feel you need to have that passion to write; not everyone can write the way people want to read.

But technical writing is different here; you need to be someone who’s great at breaking down complicated stuff into simple words! 

You being a technical writer means you are essentially becoming a translator for people who are not well aware of the subject they are reading.

From tech to healthcare, you do everything (just pick the industry you feel more connected to ) and turn jargon into simple language for layman. 

Average Hourly Rate: 65

Education Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in English, communications, journalism, or a related field is required.

In Conclusion

See, the world has lots of options, and you get diverse career options.

It is essential to go for a path that not only matches your interests but also offers financial stability (because, let’s be honest, in this economy, you can’t survive with just the bare minimum!).

Whether you want to become a data analyst or web designer or want to go for nursing, construction management, or any other field, there is a way for you to earn around $30 or more an hour. 

Also, keep in mind that factors like location, experience, and education can and will affect your earning potential.

So explore these professions by making a pros and cons list, follow your passion, and start a fulfilling and well-paying career today. 

Hopefully, this article helped you enough to figure a way out! 

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