Is GOAT Legit? (Everything You Should Know!)

Sneakers have taken over the world like a storm, and it is not a new concept to anyone anymore.

Earlier shoes were meant to be worn just for coverage, comfort, and safety, but now they have become a style and status symbol.

No wonder everyone is showing around their sneaker like it’s some prized possession. 

I guess you also call yourself a sneaker-head (which is a term used for the sneaker enthusiast) which is why you are here checking out GOAT!

GOAT is a reselling store that originated in America and sells premium luxury shoes and other accessories.

But this brand is famous mainly among sneaker lovers because it has some unique and exclusive merchandise that is not available easily; if you are a collector of those, you should definitely check out GOAT. 

Is GOAT A Trustworthy Company?


GOAT is a legit company. It acts as a connector between sellers (who wants to sell exclusive sneakers and accessories) and buyers interested in those. 

Basically, it’s an online shoe reselling store where you can go for unique collections. 

In my opinion, its authentication process makes this company a trustworthy one. And suppose the management found the pair to be ‘fakes’ during the authentication process. In that case, you won’t have to pay any more, or you will get a refund if you have already made the payment. 

When And How Was It Formed?

Yes, GOAT is legit!

The company was founded by Daishin Sugano and Eddy Lu. The former founder had an inconvenient encounter while purchasing shoes on eBay; then and there, he decided to develop a brand with more reliability and a good reputation in the industry.  

He found that the process of buying with eBay lacks authentication, so he made GOAT, and now this brand offers proper and valid proof before you purchase sneakers from it. But a company called Fight Club acquired GOAT in 2018. 

How Does GOAT Operate?

GOAT has its own website, and buyers can go through it to look for the shoes they want. Sometimes buyers come to the website looking for a particular shoe but end up buying different pair because the platform has so much to offer. 

Sellers list their sneakers on this website in the hope that buyers will purchase them. Also, sellers are required to put their contact information so that potential buyers can ask their questions and make an offer. 

The shoes are authenticated (by the company itself) before they are sent to the buyer. The seller and buyer have to reach a point where they agree on the price, and the shoes are directly shipped. 

Does GOAT Authenticate Shoes Before Selling?

Before the actual sale is made, the seller has to put up the shoe listing; here, they have to upload several pictures of the Product clearly so that the buyer can see what they are buying. 

If the sale is completed, the seller will send the Product to the company (GOAT office). Then the management will check the shoes for authentication before mailing them to the buyer. 

GOAT has different ways to authenticate the shoes, that includes In-hand verification, Machine learning, and Digital Authentication.

Now the shoes will be checked using these methods, and if they are found to be not genuine as the description was from the seller, then the buyer is eligible for a full refund.  

What Is ‘Instant Purchase’ With GOAT?

Instant purchase means you can buy the shoe directly from GOAT because the Product is already verified, and you do not have to wait for the sender to send it to the company’s office and get verification. 

With instant purchases, you can get your shoes on priority. 

To get this deal, you must go to the GOAT’s website marketplace and buy the items marked as instant purchases.

 And the prices vary- one for the pre-verified ones already with GOAT and different prices for the ones the seller has. 

Waiting time also differs because the ones with the seller have to be sent to GOAT first for verification, and you won’t have to wait much for the pre-verified shoes. 

How Is GOAT With Its Sellers?

GOAT is very particular with its sellers; the company will assess its sellers before they allow them to list their shoes on the website. They will only put forward your products once they are sure the seller is genuine. 

As a seller, you will first need to verify your identity in order to list your shoes for sale with GOAT. 

Also, you have two options to get your Product verified; first, you can ship your shoe pair to the company to get it pre-verified or send it when your shoes are being bought. 

Pre-verification might be an easier option because, in this way, you will get the money faster, but holding onto the Product until the sale happens is not a bad idea. Because in this way, you can list the shoes on various reselling websites, not just GOAT. 

Is GOAT A Mediator?

Yes, you purchase from the seller, not just directly. GOAT works as a mediator between the buyer and the seller.  

Does GOAT Sell Shoes From Only One Brand?

No, it has various brands such as Nike, Chole, and other high-end designer brands as well. 

What Is GOAT’s Return Policy?

GOAT indeed has its return policy. Even though you get a very short period to make the return, you still get it.

There’s significantly less chance that you, as a buyer, end up getting a defective product because the company’s authentication process is always at par. But even if you are happy with the Product’s quality, you get three days to return after the Product is received. 

The Product must be in the same condition as you received it if you want to return it. 

Request for return on the contact details given on the website; you will get a refund once the Product is verified by the company. 

Does The Brand Only Sell New Shoes?

No, you’ll find both used and new shoes on the GOAT’s website.

For used shoes, you can look for the ‘GOAT Clean’ program; there, they clean the shoes gently and put them for sale. The shoes are not much used so you can easily get them. 

I mean, if you are getting cool and unique sneakers that you can continue wearing, then buying used shoes is not a bad option, especially for all broke bros out there. 

What Are The Shipping Charges?

Like every other company, GOAT’s shipping charges also differ with every geographical location, and the charges are not very minimal- 

For the US, it’s 14.50 dollars for domestic shipping.

For Alaska and Hawaii, it’s $15

Do you remember I said instant purchases are fast (next-day shipping)? Yes, because the shipping cost is 27 dollars for the US only.

International customers have to pay more; look at the exact shipping rates on their official website.  

Buyer’s Protection Policy With GOAT?

GOAT being the top sneaker reselling online company, takes prior care of the buyer’s protection because this was one of the primary reasons why this company came into existence in the first place. 

With GOAT’s Buyer Protection Policy, buyers are safeguarded against- inauthentic shoes if the item has missing its prime feature, incorrect items, the product doesn’t match what it said in the description, and the package never got delivered. 

In Conclusion

Well, this was my research and take on GOAT. I hope I answered all the possible questions you might have in mind about the company.

If there’s anything else I can help with, please reach out to me using the comments section below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Happy shopping on the right eCommerce platforms.

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