How Long Does it Take to Write an eBook? (Read This)

Electronic books, or, as we know them, Ebooks, are books in digital form.

Earlier, we used to buy printed books, but after ebooks were launched, we could read any book on our electronic devices like tablets, laptops, computers, or smartphones. 

Worldwide, the eBook market is expected to hold a net worth of over 15.39 billion dollars by the year 2027 (according to Statista); even though it is less than the actual physical books but you can’t ignore the fact that it’s rising!

And many readers are shifting to Ebooks because of the conveniences, ease to carry, and the best part, you get so many books in one place.

Let’s read further?!!

How Long Does it Take to Write an eBook?

Talking about the time period, it will differ from person to person, subject to subject, and time given to the particular project.

What I am going to write now is totally based on my personal experience and not on some factual data. 

So, let’s take an example of a person named Ms.S; she is a school teacher and wants to start writing an ebook.

How long will she take based on the lifestyle she is living every day!!!

She is a full-time teacher of English, and in her idle time, she will write the ebook; let us assume every day she can only spare two hours for the book as she has a family as well to look after!

And the subject she is writing about is a lengthy one (the book’s story is based on a female love interest). 

Basically, a romantic novel with female and male protagonists!

If I calculate the pages with days, I will get the overall time she will require to complete the ebook (just an assumption!)

Every page would have around 300 words, and the ebook contains a total of 150 pages, so the total word count of the ebook will reach about 45000!

If she writes 3-4 pages in a day (in a span of two hours), then within 55-60 days, most likely, she will be done with the ebook.

Factors Affecting The Time Period Required to Write an eBook

If you are thinking of writing a book, I think you should go for it!

What exactly could go wrong other than people not liking your book? Just write one!

To experience and feel how it feels to write and share a book with others to enjoy and understand what the writer wants to say.

Writing a book is an exciting journey where the author shares not only their knowledge but also experiences of life!

For new and aspiring authors, one question must be very important: how long does it take to write an ebook?

Time taken by a writer may differ from the other because of these several factors, which I am going to discuss with you now:-

1. Writer’s Experience and Writing Speed

The amount of time required to finish an ebook depends heavily on the author’s experience and writing pace (speed).

Compared to new authors or beginners, experienced writers would take less time since they are more familiar with the writing process and have developed their talents over time. 

Additionally, writing speed varies significantly from person to person, with some writers producing a larger word count in a shorter amount of time. 

Nevertheless, regardless of your skill level, it’s crucial to take your time when being creative, as creating quality material is far superior to writing fast.

People should enjoy what you write; that is why take your time while being creative.  

2. Content Length and Complexity

Your ebook’s length and complexity greatly impact how long it takes to finish. 

Shorter ebooks, such as guides or fictional short stories, typically require less time to complete – a few weeks to a few months maxima! 

On the other hand, longer and more complex works like non-fiction books or novels might take months or even years to complete.

There are many writers that have spent their years writing a perfect book. 

Think about the breadth of your subject and the depth of the required research or storytelling, and then you can assume how much time your book will need from you. 

It’s understandable that books with long stories will demand time, so before you start writing, you should prepare a time management plan to help you complete the books within the period you have established. 

3. Research and Preparation

The longer the research time, the more time your book will take to complete. 

If your ebook requires more research, it might greatly impact how quickly you write. 

In order to assure the readers; of the accuracy and credibility of the book, non-fiction works must be written after extensive research, which can significantly lengthen the process of writing. 

Before starting to write, make sure you have done enough planning and outlining as a writer to help you make the writing process more manageable. 

4. Dedication and Time Commitment: 

Another two factors that will determine the time you would require to complete a book are your efforts towards writing the book and time commitment.

For any task, consistency is key! Writing a book is no different, so be consistent with the work to complete it on time. 

I can suggest you make a schedule or routine and stick with it. It will help you to write regularly and think clearly. 

Also, with this, productivity will increase, and other daily life chores will not be affected. 

Stages of Ebook Writing Outlining

You should know the stages of writing an ebook before actually writing so that you can determine the time it might take to complete one.

It is a wise decision to create an outline for your ebook that acts as a road map before you start writing. 

Your thoughts need to be organized, chapters must be set up and divided, and significant points should be outlined. 

Depending on the difficulty of your ebook, outlining can normally take a few days to a few weeks. However, this time frame is subject to change; do keep it in mind! 

1. The Research

The first step is to research!

If your ebook requires extensive research, then you should keep an adequate amount of time towards researching.

Research highly involves looking for accurate data and supporting facts to back your writing. This is important in the case of non-fiction writing.

2. The Draft

The draft is the unedited preliminary version where you put your idea without proper shape. 

You put all your research in one place to write a fine piece later. Drafts also take a bit of time as this stage is crucial and makes a foundation for the ebook. 

3. Edits & Revision

This phase starts right after you are done with your draft. As a writer, now you polish your work/draft.

Edits, eliminations, tone, and everything you think can be done to make the story more structured and crisp. 

I like to believe that editing takes a lot of time because no matter how much you’re happy with your work, you still want to make it better for the audience. 

4. Proofread

In this stage, you check the error, such as if there are any spelling errors, grammatical errors, or if the sentences don’t align with each other.

In this last step, you try to make the work perfect to deliver to the readers. Proofreading may sound simple, but it is not!

6 Tips On Writing An eBook Fast 

If you want to get over your ebook quickly, then I will give you some suggestions and effective writing techniques that would be valuable to you.

Well, here are six tips for you: 

1. Plan and Outline Beforehand

Make plans on how you will write; sort everything out before you start writing for the ebook.

Outlines will be helpful as they will guide you throughout the journey.

Also, create a framework that contains headings and sub-headings with essential points to be covered later. 

2. Establish Specific Goals & Deadlines

Setting specific goals and deadlines can help you stay focused and motivated throughout the writing process. 

Set daily, weekly, and monthly word targets; it will be easier to keep track and maintain workflow if you divide the writing process into smaller parts.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Distractions make your work pace slower, which is why create a suitable environment for you. 

Hindrance means different for everyone, so find yours and stay away from those while writing.  

4. Write Something You Believe In

This will make you write your ebook faster. Always go for a topic of your interest, as this will actually make you write for yourself instead of writing an ebook for the sake of writing.

5. Edit As Much As Required, But Later

One major tip I want to share is to edit only after you are done writing. Editing in between will only make you edit more and more to get that perfection.

Set some considerable time aside to edit afterward. So, when I was in school, I read about this Assembly Line system by Henry Ford – it’s basically doing one task at a time.

Switching over to multiple things lessens your productivity. You should only do one thing at a time. So, if you’re writing…just write and do everything else after that.

You will be fast doing this – trust me!

6. Free Writing

Don’t worry about perfect writing whenever, wherever you get an idea, jot it down for your ebook. In this way, you will get the best ideas, and this will help you complete your ebook faster!

Always remember that only writing fast is not necessary if you mess up the quality. So, prioritize the quality of your writing always. 

In Conclusion

 Let me conclude the article for you-

The time it takes to write an ebook varies for each and everyone and is influenced by numerous factors!

The length and intricacy of the content, the writer’s writing style, expertise, the amount of research necessary, and the dedication and time commitment expended all factor into the overall duration. 

You can start your ebook journey with clarity and confidence by comprehending these factors and creating a workable writing plan/schedule.

So, I suggest enjoying the writing journey and try to get as much satisfaction as you can by sharing your original views with the world. 

eBooks are easily shareable with just a click as they come in PDF form, and readers enjoy the comfort that comes with ebooks. If I talk about ebooks’ befits over traditional books, then I really can’t stop with the points, but the feeling you get while reading printed books is totally different! 

It takes you back to the time when nostalgia hits, which is one of the biggest reasons many people are still hesitant to shift to ebooks. 

Keep in mind that producing an ebook is a creative process that demands patience and perseverance. 

I hope you are ready for that!

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