How Long Does It Take To Get Monetized On Youtube?

YouTube has more than 120 million active users on a daily basis (source). It is one of the biggest video-making and sharing platforms out there where you can get entertained and, at the same time, learn a lot with teaching videos. 

Now as a content creator, you would also want to monetize your videos to earn revenue, so in this article, I will brief you on monetizing your YouTube channel and what ways can help you get money fast! 

It’s interesting to think about how making low-budget informative videos can get you a really good amount; we must thank digitization!

Regarding the process, eligibility, and monetization criteria, I will tell you everything in detail in the following paragraph.

Keep reading with me to understand what factors to be taken into account and what you should consider before making a YouTube video to get monetized on YouTube.

To answer your question, ‘How long does it take to get monetized on YouTube?’ you and I must first understand the aspects leading to monetization. 

If you want to know more about YouTube and how the famous names on this platform are earning big, read this carefully.

How Long Does It Take To Get Monetized On YouTube?

As I have mentioned before, no fixed criteria or time is specified for your YouTube channel to get monetized.

The time it takes to monetize on YouTube might change depending on several factors. 

One of the ways you can earn money is through ads; ad revenue is a big part of YouTube’s income, and your channel is required to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the past 12 months to be eligible for monetization. 

Also, keep yourself updated with YouTube’s policies and guidelines, as they can change with time. 

You must apply for the YouTube Partner Program when your channel fulfills the eligibility criteria; submit an application and wait for it to be reviewed and approved!

The evaluation process involves reviewing your content, and if it complies with YouTube guidelines, then within a couple of months, you will get a notification for the same. 

Again, only meeting the minimum requirement is not enough because channels are constantly uploading, and more high-quality content will likely get monetized first. 

The monetization process requires you to have continuous interaction with the audience by producing valuable content! 

Do everything I have mentioned here to get monetized fast but keep adhering to YouTube policies as the top priority!

4 Ways To Start Making Money Fast On YouTube

YouTube is an earning platform, and you want to earn from it, my friend!

This is why you are reading my blog to get your channel monetized. Let me tell you four more full-proof ways to earn some legit money. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

Firstly, I will talk about affiliate marketing which is going on in full force; our website also has several articles on affiliate marketing, do check those out if this is your topic of interest. The steps are as follows- 

  • Select a niche: Market demand and your interest should be the only factors you need to consider while choosing the niche. I like fashion, so clothing, footwear, and accessories companies would be the best for me. Find your niche!
  • Look for affiliate programs: For all the good affiliate programs, you can check our other articles, which will teach you about each industry’s commission rates and cookie duration. Or you can just join an affiliate network like CJ or Impact. 
  • Content creation: You will have to create high-quality content so that it can attract your viewers and turn them into customers. In this way, you will earn high fees. Try to keep the videos natural so that your viewers believe in what you promote but don’t keep them in the dark. If it is a paid partnership, mention it in the video or description so your viewers find you trustworthy.
  • Promotion: You need to promote your videos to reach a larger audience; you can do it through other social media platforms, sharing directly with the audience and collaborating with other creators.
  • Tracking and studying: Track your performance after all your efforts to market your affiliated product and then analyze which strategy worked the most for you. Stick with it to gain more audience. 

2. Selling Digital Info Products

Another way to start making money on YouTube is by selling digital products and courses; this is how you can do it-

  • Creating digital products: Digital products such as ebooks, design templates, video tutorials, and much more produced by you; must provide value to the target audience; in this way, they would take an interest in your products.
  • Optimize your channel: Use relevant keywords, the right tags, and exact and informative product descriptions. Don’t forget to make the content high quality and attractive, catchy thumbnail. 
  • Promote your products: Include your online courses or digital products in your YouTube videos by discussing or exhibiting small clips. Use end screens to point viewers to your products, or include links to your product landing sites in the descriptions of your videos.
  • Utilize social media and other platforms: Promote your YouTube channel and digital products using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. To increase curiosity, interact with your audience, share insightful information, and offer sneak peeks or teasers of your wares. And collaborate with influencers as well to get a more extensive audience base. 
  • Offer bonuses and incentives: By providing bonuses, early bird discounts, or limited-time deals, you can entice visitors to buy your digital products or courses. Give your clients more benefits to encourage them to buy from you.

3. Selling Merchandise

To sell merchandise through your YouTube channel, I would suggest you follow these steps-

  • Design attractive merchandise: Merchandise includes everything from T-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, and phone cases to bags, laptop stickers, and other accessories. Produce goods/merchandise that represents your brand and resonate with your target market.
  • Collaborate with other creators and use social media: As I have said before, you got to appear in other people’s videos and tie up with creators all over social media to gain more customers. This is not the only way, but this is one of the most important ways to make your business successful online. 
  • Build a loyal audience: Put your energy into producing informative and quality content related to your merchandise and appeals to your target market. To attract fans, consistently upload videos and engage with your audience.
  • Participate in your community: Create a close relationship with your customers by answering their queries, replying to their remarks, and taking into account their recommendations for upcoming goods designs. This encourages a sense of belonging and loyalty, which may result in higher product sales. And also creates an emotional bond with customers, and many YouTubers are already doing it. 
  • Offer exclusive items or limited editions: By providing limited-edition products or items only accessible for a limited time, you can evoke a sense of exclusivity and urgency. Might as well encourage them to buy from you right away. And all of us want to feel we belong while being exclusive. So, this marketing technic will also work with the merchandise.

4. Drop Servicing

Drop servicing is another way to earn money with YouTube; it means you sell services provided by freelancers and agencies and not by you directly.

The steps are very similar to what I have written in the other three with little changes, so follow these if you like money like me!

  • A profitable niche: Get a niche that interests you and is in demand!
  • Find and choose services: By using drop servicing, decide what services you wish to provide. Think of services that are in demand, have substantial profit margins, and can be successfully provided by independent contractors or agencies. Examples include content creation, graphic design, and video editing.
  • Look for a reliable service provider: This is purely my suggestion, but look for something other than freelancers in mainstream places such as Upwork and Fiverr. Give some time and find freelancers you can rely on, including checking out reviews and clients’ feedback. 
  • Service packages: As you already know, big freelancing platforms need you to make service packages to offer your clients. Those packages consist of time required, dollar per hour, and how many changes a client can expect- all these vary depending on the amount. So, create packages after doing your market research. 
  • Engaging and informative videos: Make your videos by focusing majorly on the content around drop servicing. So, only the right audience will come to you as a potential customer.
  • Integrate affiliate marketing as well: Establish partnerships with the freelancers who provide the services you want to offer as drop servicing. You can earn a commission when you refer a client to them with the referral links given. 
  • Engage with viewers: This will make your viewers trust you more. So, interact with the audience by commenting, taking feedback into account, and replying to their queries. 
  • Set-up a website: So, this isn’t as necessary as it seems, but I suggest you create a website or landing page showing your services, packages, and contact information. Put client review for more confidence. Also, be active with your customer support; this helps make loyal customers. 
  • Use social media: You must use all the social media platforms to reach a larger market. Try to keep it as real and natural as possible because this will help you build trust and get more customers. 

Building a successful drop-servicing, affiliate marketing, selling digital products/courses, and merchandise business on YouTube requires time, effort, and consistent content creation.

To increase your chances of success, focus on providing value to your audience, building trust, and maintaining authenticity.

Additionally, comply with YouTube’s policies and guidelines regarding merchandise promotion.

3 Tips To Get Monetized Fast With Google AdSense

If you want to get your YouTube channel monetized quickly with Google AdSense, then you should follow these tips- 

1. Be consistent with High-Quality Content

I know you all have seen the popular YouTube channels- Mrbeast or Pewdepie, but do you know why they are so famous?

It is because they have always uploaded high-quality videos at the specified time. Create a schedule and stick to it! This will also get you ad revenue when your audience starts to get bigger and larger. 

2. Enhance & Set-up Your Channel Properly

  1. Optimize your channel so that your videos can reach a larger audience.
  2. Make your channel discovered by using tags, keywords, and matching descriptions.
  3. Don’t forget to add attractive and eye-catching thumbnails. 

3. Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

You should be very active while promoting; making videos isn’t enough.

You have to sell them through other social media channels, collaborate with other creators, and engage with your audience as much as possible. 

Though these pieces of advice can help you get closer to YouTube monetization, remember to prioritize producing a high-quality video that connects with your audience.

It takes time and works to develop a loyal following, but with perseverance and commitment, you may improve your chances of becoming profitable more quickly.

In Conclusion

I can conclude the whole article in one sentence: Monetization on YouTube varies from channel to channel, but the primary task for you is to create high-quality content by adhering to the policies and guidelines. 

There is literally no fixed time frame which makes it more difficult for the creator to understand when actually their channel would get monetized but be patient.   

For some channels, it becomes easy to get monetized fast if they produce viral material/content or have loyal viewers.

On the other hand, others could need more time and dedication to increase their subscribers and reach the necessary watch hours.

The consistency of the content, audience engagement, niche choice, SEO optimization, promotion tactics, and overall channel growth are some factors that affect the time it takes to monetize.

Concentrate on creating high-quality videos, know your target audience, and actively advertise your channel; this will fasten the monetization process.

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