How Long Do Amazon Affiliate Links Last? (Read This)

Even if you are not an affiliate, you know what Amazon is, and if you are an affiliate itself, then I am sure you must have tried getting into this company because why not?

Now that you have already dipped your toes into affiliate marketing, you can’t save yourself from being a part of Amazon associates.

It’s a popular game, and today, I will answer all the questions about Amazon affiliate links and how long they last.

Amazon affiliate links don’t have a set date of expiration, which means it last, but how long is the question here?

What is an Amazon Affiliate Link?

Let me break it down for you for better understanding, though.

An Amazon affiliate link works for you so that you can make money with it, meaning whenever someone makes a purchase from Amazon using your affiliate link, the company will pay you a part of the sale.

All the Amazon associates’ links are unique, and you will only get them after you register yourself as their affiliate with an associate’s ID.

Do Amazon Affiliate Links Expire?

Alright, the main point of this article. Do Amazon affiliate links come with an expiration date? In simple words, no! But there’s a catch!

These affiliate links do not come with a set time, like I already said before, but they have a time limit that you cannot extend if you want to make money.

Twenty-four hours from the time your referral has clicked on the link- this is the time you get to make a commission, and if they pass the time window, there is no luck for you, my boy!

But but but…..there is a way for you to secure your commission even if your visitor doesn’t make a purchase within the cookie period (please remind me to explain this to you later in the article)

The 24-Hour Cookie

This is the deal with the Amazon affiliate link: you get a cookie lifespan of twenty-four hours.

In simple words, when your referral clicks on your link, a 24-hour stopwatch starts, and then when they buy anything on Amazon during that time, you get a commission (woohoo!). 

This means they buy within the time, then a piece of the pie is yours, or else you have to say goodbye to your beloved commission.

Also, all the products from Amazon (be it from any seller) have the same cookie duration (keep in mind)

The Significance Of The 24-Hour Window

If you like twists, I have one for you right here; if, within that 24-hour Window, your reference adds the good to their cart, you still have some hope!  

Now, you will ask how it is possible for me to earn my commission if my referral didn’t make the purchase within the given time of twenty-four hours. Keep reading; you will get there!

The Main Catch

Want to know a little something disheartening? The 24-hour Cookie is good for one shot only. 

Meaning if the person clicks on your link and checks out the Amazon product but doesn’t make the purchase then and there (maybe because she forgot or got busy).

But…comes back to buy directly from Amazon or using a different affiliate link, then your commission is gone (sadly).

So, you can say that it’s a one-time deal. Once the time runs out or referrals use someone else’s link, then forget your fees.

Why The Concise (time) Cookie?

If you think that Amazon keeps a short cookie because they don’t want you to eat it, then it’s a misconception (even I used to think so when I did know better), but it has a purpose.

It is done to prevent a sneaky/shady tactic known as “cookie stuffing.” 

This practice can lead to some not-so-honest affiliates snatching commissions that they never earn or deserve.

So, by keeping short time, Amazon is protecting honest affiliates who actually worked for the commission. 

Maximizing The 24-Hour Window

Here’s a pro tip from your writer:

if you want to make the most of your Amazon affiliate links, make sure to regularly update and refresh your links on your blog or website with lots of content because broken links won’t help you in any way.

Plus, keep reading about Amazon policies to be updated, or you never know who outperforms you.

It’s time you and I should talk about strategy! With just a 24-hour Amazon cookie, you have no option but to be on the top of your game. 

Do you want tips? They are right here- 

Timing is everything with this affiliate program because that is what you don’t have.

There are some products that are time-sensitive, such as eatables; you need to make your promotional content in such a way that people can ignore it but have a look once at the product. 

Must have heard how people say ‘content is king’ because it is! Deliver content that grabs people’s attention and creates an urgency to buy among the viewers. (tip- adding to the cart through your link also helps!)

Retarget your ads toward the people who are your major audience; give them small and subtle reminders about how their cart is missing them or something like that.

You know how our elders say not to put all the eggs in one basket?

It is because if one way doesn’t work, others will, so try using different types of Amazon links, like Native Shopping Ads or product widgets in your content. 

So, What is 90-day Cookie All About in Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

Alright, your wait is over finally; I have been talking about that extra time, ninety days, and keeping something to be added to the cart.

Now is the talk to talk about it: how your Amazon affiliate links can hang around longer than just twenty-four hours.

Listen up: if someone clicks your affiliate link and directly adds the product to their Amazon cart, then there is good news for you because that act will allow you to earn a commission.

Even if the purchase is not made at that time, now you have a 90-day window (on top of 24 24-hour cookie period. 

If they return and finish the purchase within that time frame, you remain in the commission game. It’s like giving your link a second chance to shine.

Also, I want you to remember that these extended 90-day cookies are separate from the regular 24-hour Window. 

Amazon Helps

As you already know, you have to keep your finger on the pulse of your affiliate links if you want earnings. 

Luckily, Amazon has your back with some detailed reports; these reports tell you about click-through rates, conversion rates, and the cash each link is making.

This will help you to make strategies and adapt new ways to make fresh content and whatnot; also, You will be able to see which links and products are the real gold mines. 

Also, don’t forget to keep your website fresh. 

In Conclusion

Alright, let’s wrap my article in as short as possible. Normally, Amazon affiliate links clock in at twenty-four hours, and if your referral buys something after clicking your unique link during that time, you get your commission.

But here’s the cool part you should know: Amazon values its affiliates, and that is why it gives you a chance to extend that 24-hour cookie period to ninety days in a couple of ways. 

If your audience 9who clicked on the link) puts the product in their cart through the link you have provided them on your site/blog, then you get another chance to earn commissions even beyond that set 24-hour time.

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