Google Sites: 29 Things You Should Know (All Explained)

Google Sites is simply an amazing product and solution for anyone who wants an online presence but doesn’t yet have the money to get started.

I have used Googe Sites for a lot of my marketing projects and it works as fine as any other website builder does.

Sure, there are a few things of customization that you have to compromise with but then, having a hundred percent free and trusted platform for use pushes all the negatives down.

With that introduction being concluded, I will go ahead and answer some of the most googled and most commonly asked questions about Google Sites so that people can have a better understanding of things.

Are Google Sites Mobile Friendly?

Yes, Google Sites are completely mobile friendly and work on mobiles devices without any complications. However, publishers and users need to be aware of the fact that using extremely large-sized elements on the pages might make it look scattered on mobile devices/small screens.

Make sure you don’t use very big fonts, images, and buttons while designing a page with Google Sites. This is because the elements will have to stack on one another on mobile devices and things can look messy.

Are Google Sites Safe?

Google Sites is a completely safe solution offered by Google for people who want to build and run websites on Google without making any kind of investments. Google Sites is safe for both visitors and webmasters as the company takes security as well as safe browsing very seriously.

Is Google Sites Free?

Yes, Google Sites is a totally free website builder that businesses and individuals can use to build beautiful web pages and landing pages for a better and trusted online presence.

There will be a lot of features that users will need to compromise on while using this free product of Google but it’s fairly easy-to-use, effective, and functional.

Is Google Sites Better Than Wix?

Google Sites is not better than Wix because Wix is a modern paid website builder that provides a lot of customization and SEO-friendliness options like various themes, widgets, fonts, media galleries, free hosting, analytics, business, and marketing tools, built-in advanced SEO tools, etc.

It’s no surprise that Wix is always going to be a better solution for users and businesses because it’s designed to help businesses set up real online businesses that can share content, sell products, host webinars, and get traffic from a lot of sources like search engines and social media platforms.

Is Google Sites Good For SEO?

Google Sites is a very good platform to write and rank content on the SERPs. However, users won’t see enough SEO functionalities and benefits with the platform as ‘trust’ or ‘topical authority’ is the most important factor when it comes to SEO.

Neither Google and nor any other website on the web would link back to Google Sites because it will lack trust signals. Hence, Google sites aren’t that good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Is Google Sites Good For Affiliate Marketing?

Google Sites can definitely help individuals and beginners with affiliate marketing by offering a free online solution to marketers for building a bridge-page/landing page inside their sales processes.

Often, beginners don’t have a decent budget to start within the affiliate marketing industry. In this case, Google Sites is a perfect solution that can help marketers get started without thinking a lot about the investments.

Is Google Sites A CMS?

No, Google Sites is not a CMS. Google Sites is just a website builder that allows people to create and host pages for free. A Content Management System or CMS, on the other hand, is a software or platform that allows users to create, manage, and serve content out there on the web.

So, never confuse Google Sites with a CMS. A CMS is a completely different software, for example, WordPress.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate platform offered by Google – the world’s most trusted and most used search engine. It’s a hundred percent safe and real website/platform to use.

Is Google Sites Responsive?

Google Sites are generally very responsive on all screen sizes. However, the responsiveness is going to depend on a lot of factors that including page elements like headlines, banners, images, backgrounds, text, videos, buttons, and forums.

If an individual knows how to design Google Sites the right way, they are going to be responsive and if an amateur do it, chances are, it’s not going to be as responsive.

Is Google Sites Shutting Down?

No, Google Sites is not shutting down. Just that on September 1, 2021, classic sites were made no longer available inside the Google Sites platform. Google Sites are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Is Google Sites Safe For Students?

Yes, Google Sites is entirely safe and secure for students. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best free platforms for students to learn how digital writing and publishing work in the online world.

Students can test and learn a lot of different things inside the platform. Also, students can share their work online in a really creative way with the help of Google Sites.

Can Google Sites Be Accessed By Anyone?

Yes, if a page(s) on Google Sites is made public by an individual/user, Google Sites can be accessed by anyone and everyone out there on the web. Hence, make sure to make your site public before it’s published, for people to view it.

Can You Use Google Sites For A Small Business Website?

Yes, Google Sites can be used for a small business website and there are a lot of businesses all across the world who are using this service to showcase their brand online or get new customers.

Google Sites has provided a lot of templates and features for small businesses to create their own websites for no cost whatsoever.

Can You Make A Shop On Google Sites?

Google Sites doesn’t offer a direct functionality to create an online store/shop yet but with the help of some other services on the web like Ecwid, users can create an online store and then embed it inside of their Google Sites page for absolutely free.

So, yes, you can make a shop on Google Sites but it is going to require some other third-party services to be able to make that happen/possible.

Can Google Sites Be Made Public?

The simple answer to this question is, yes. Google Sites can be made public. Users can choose to make a page ‘public’ before they hit the ‘publish’ button inside of the platform.

Can Google Sites Be Private?

Yes, Google sites can definitely be made private. Before publishing a page, individuals will need to select or make a page ‘private’ and no one will be able to access that other than the users themselves.

Can You Access Google Sites Without Gmail Account?

The simple answer is, no. You can get or have access to Google Sites without a Gmail account. Google Sites is a product of Google LLC and just like you need a Gmail account for any other Google product available, you will require a Gmail account for as well.

Can You Edit Google Sites After Publishing?

Yes, you are always free to edit and make changes to Google Sites even after you have published a page. To be able to edit your Google Sites pages, sign in to your account, click on the page you want to edit, change the things you wish to, and then hit the blue publish button for them to reflect on the front-end.

Can You Use Google Sites For A Blog?

Yes, you can use Google Sites for a blog but the solution is not going to be as effective and functional as other Content Management Systems like WordPress and Blogger.

Blogging and SEO are no different and Google Sites doesn’t offer a full-blown solution for both of the things. Hence, Google Sites can be used for a blog but it won’t be a good choice.

Can Google Sites Be Used For E-commerce?

Yes, Google Sites can be used for E-commerce, but not directly. Users will need to create an E-commerce store inside a third-party platform and then embed that particular store in Google Sites’ pages for things to work.

In simple words, it’s a very complicated process to handle if you use Google Sites for E-commerce as you won’t have control over all the things in one place.

Can I Use Google Sites For Affiliate Marketing?

You can, for sure, use Google Sites for affiliate marketing. Individuals can use Google Sites for sending their visitors a customized landing page where they can collect leads, build trust, and intrigue users to buy stuff.

Can Google Sites Accept Payments?

No, Google Sites doesn’t offer a payment gateway functionality or any kind of similar integration option. Hence, you can’t accept payments on Google Sites.

However, you can use other third-party applications/software and embed your products via HTML codes for redirecting people to your stores and collecting payments.

Can I Put Adsense On Google Sites?

No, Google Sites doesn’t allow users to place Adsense advertisements on the pages. To be able to use Adsense, you will have to look for a different Content Management System or website builder like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Builderall, etc.

Hence, you can earn display advertisements revenue while using

Can You Make Money With Google Sites?

You can make money with Google Sites but there aren’t any in-built monetization features available for users. People can use Google Sites to collect leads, get affiliate sales, and sell services to make money.

So, Google Sites can be monetized but not with display advertisements as blogs on other platforms can be.

Does Google Sites Save Automatically?

Yes, all the changes that are made to a page in Google Sites are automatically saved in Drive the moment you add or reduce something on the page. You don’t have to click the save button over and over again to save the draft.

Does Google Sites Work On iPad?

Yes, Google Sites work on iPad and all other tablets, mobile, and computer devices out there on the planet. You can also edit the pages using an iPad, an iPhone, or a laptop/computer.

Do Google Sites Rank Well?

Due to the pre-built authority of, Google Sites will always rank high for search queries that don’t have/share a lot of competition. So, yes, Google Sites rank well enough.

Why Is Google Sites Not Working?

If Google Sites isn’t working for you, you can try the following solutions:

  • Try switching your Google accounts
  • Wait for a while as it can be a bug from Google’s side
  • Try checking if you have made a page private instead of public
  • Try clearing your browsers cache and refreshing the page
  • Open Google Sites in a different browser
  • Make sure you are on the right URL path

How To Make Google Sites Look Good?

There are a lot of ways you can use to make Google Sites look good, such as:

  • Try playing with the colors (colors like blue and orange look appealing)
  • Try adjusting the headlines. Don’t make the headlines too big
  • Make sure to add a lot of appealing images
  • Try adding a few videos and illustrations
  • Make sure your multimedia is alighed in center
  • Try using different templates to find out what looks better

In Conclusion

So, this was my sweet little post where I wanted to address and answer some of the most engrossing and vital questions about Google Sites.

I hope you found this article helpful. In case you have got any other questions in mind, use the comments section below and start the conversation.

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