8 Best Flooring Affiliate Programs (Big Commissions!)

Flooring is a basic need in a house, workplace, or wherever you go. 

You can get a wide range of flooring, such as wooden, stone, tiles, laminated, vinyl, linoleum, textile, and more. 

It is one the most significant home business around the globe, and the flooring segment covered in the USA will be more than 15 billion dollars in 2023. 

People are ready to invest a reasonable sum of money in flooring, and why won’t they? Home is made once that too with so much love!

You can make money by suggesting good flooring products and companies to your audience; Here are some of my handpicked options for you to choose from-

Let’s have a look, right?!!

1. Fast Floors Affiliate Program

If you are looking for variety, then Fast Floors is one of your good options.

Their products include bamboo, laminate, rubber, vinyl, laminate, cork, and leather. 

The company is a pioneer in online flooring and title catalogs because it started in 1994 (way back, right…?). 

They ship and deliver flooring materials throughout Canada and the United States. 

I have seen that the shipping process is fast and prices offered are reasonable for the target customers. 

Becoming an affiliate in this company is quick and easy; know three simple steps, and you are good to go-

  • Once you sign up, which is free, promote their products through the affiliate links (given to you) and increase the number of customers. 
  • Now once they become their customers, try retaining them.
  • And then, of course! Earn some extra money.

Now, how much commission can you earn?

  • Each flooring product sold through your affiliate link gives you a five percent commission (standard for all) and up to seven percent (for the top affiliates). 
  • On each rug sold, you’ll get an eleven percent commission.

You also have the opportunity to get monthly promotions (if your work excels!).

Two thousand and two hundred dollars is the high average order size, and the company has a cookie window of one hundred and eighty days.

Official Website: https://www.fastfloors.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here

Commission Rate: Up to 11%

Cookie Duration: 180 days

2. Element Flooring Affiliate Program

Element Flooring is an online platform specializing in the best quality waterproof plank flooring and natural hardwood. 

Their website has some beautiful designs, and the brand believes in long-term sustainable wood flooring. Their refined products are enough reason for you to shop with them. 

The main highlight of this company is its rigid core waterproof plank flooring, known for its durability (the website reviews are also amazing!)

They have a program for you if you want to associate with this company and become its partner to earn some extra cash.

This brand is credible and collabs with known people to attract a larger customer base, and this will also help you to make sales and earn a commission (faster!).

Well, then, all you have to do is to sign up for their program from their official Website, and that too without any cost. 

Official Website: https://elementflooring.us

Affiliate Signup Page: https://elementflooring.us/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

3. LL Flooring Affiliate Program

The LL flooring has been focusing on hard surface flooring for 25 years.

The company is now active in more than 400+ locations (an excellent opportunity for you to attract a larger audience!). 

They have a vast collection, from bamboo, hardwood, and laminate to vinyl.

Also, the company offers you free samples to match the color and vibe of your home (before you finally select the flooring option!). 

These are some attractive deals for the partners as well; once you join the company as an affiliate, you will get all the benefits. 

To join their affiliate program, you will need to sign up, and once your application is approved, you’ll get an affiliate link to share with your customers (to make sales and earn commissions).

I have noticed that the company doesn’t have an in-house affiliate program, so Impact Radius is acting as its affiliate network. 

All the partners are allowed track sales and activities and get banners and text links for their websites.

They have a monthly payment option, which is also your preferred one (can’t get any better!!!).

For any doubts, you can also reach out to their team through the official email.

Official Website: https://www.llflooring.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here

Commission Rate: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

4. The Floor Factory Outlet Affiliate Program

The Floor Factory Outlet has stocks worth over two million dollars and two big showrooms in Central and North Florida. 

Their Website has almost all the flooring products like hardwood, carpets, laminate, tile, luxury vinyl, and many more options! And has many in-factory pictures of the products to choose from. 

The company also helps its buyers by recommending trusted contractors who will come and install the flooring at your home. 

Taking about The Floor Factory Outlet affiliate program, signing up is an easy process for all of you, and promoting its product will help you get some extra money in your pocket.

You can earn five to twenty percent commission on each sale through your unique affiliate link shared with the customers (after you become their partner).

As an affiliate, you will need to share the links on your blogs, websites, or social media account (wherever you think you can make sales!). 

Official Website: https://www.floorfactoryoutlet.com/ 

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here

Commission Rate: Up to 20%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

5. ADM Flooring Affiliate Program

ADM Flooring has multiple color options, from browns to pastels, for your modern homes. The company has been in the business for more than 30 years now. 

The company’s process to make their products are eco-friendly, and they also promise to sustain their environmentally friendly production long-term. 

You can get any pattern and style customed as per your need (customization is also an option!).

If you are interested in their affiliate programs, join for free through the link below. 

You have to post the links of the company’s products on social media and your Website to get more customers to buy their product which in turn will get you a commission.

Your customer will get a 5% discount on the price and a five percent commission for you (a discount from your side will help you to get more customers!). 

Also, keep in mind that only certain products are at discounted prices, not all of them!

The affiliate management team of the company will be dedicated to you and help you track all your sales and earnings (commissions) and make work easier for you!

Official Website: https://admflooring.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://admflooring.com/about-affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

6. Walls and Floors Affiliate Program

Walls and Floors were initially started in 1987 by Mr. Greenback and Mr. Green. Over the years, the company gradually expanded and started its website in 2004. 

The company specializes in tiles and is currently delivering in many countries.

They became one of the first companies to be a Google Certified shop in 2014 in the UK. The company has over 5 million customers with 5-star customer assistance (as per the website reviews!). 

You can join their affiliate program with a well-maintained social media platform and a website. 

You’ll earn a two percent commission rate with each sale through your affiliate link and an average order value of one hundred and fifty pounds. 

As an affiliate, you will have to direct your audience to the company’s Website, and then they can purchase the products directly from there.

Walls and Floors are constantly adding a new range of products each week, so this will enhance your chance to get more commission through sales made. 

Along with these, you will also get a support team who’ll help you in each step. 

If your performance is good, then you will also be eligible for incentives each month in addition to your commission. Also, the cookie period is just for twenty-eight days!

If you want to earn a lot of money and invest less time, this company might not be a good fit. 

Official Website: https://www.wallsandfloors.co.uk

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rate: 2%

Cookie Duration: 28 days

7. The Floor Factory Affiliate Program

The company started the flooring business in 1976 and has products like home, carpet, laminate, tile, and even waterproof flooring. 

Additional to these products, they are also providing services in carpet padding and backsplash tile. 

If you join their affiliate program, not only you are benefited from the commission you get, but associating your name with a company like this will also increase your credibility in the market!

Your referred customers will get many advantages like commercial installation, DIY services, and insurance work (additional benefits!). 

The company is also linked with many known brands, such as Parkay Floors, Xtrancore, and Krono Orignal. 

You will get a commission from each sale generated by your referred link. You can earn a five to twenty percent commission rate depending on the product.

I can confirm that if you keep your work consistent, the commission rate and additional incentives can increase (many partners are already availing of these benefits!). 

Official Website: https://www.the-floor-factory.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here

Commission Rate: 5 to 20%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

8. Wayfair Affiliate Program

Wayfair is a home decor company with various products, from flooring to furniture, bedding, and bath. 

The company’s Website has many options in flooring, with many display pictures and reviews that make choosing a particular product easy.

The company is active in many countries like UK, Canada, and Germany. The company had a whopping net revenue of 12.2 billion till December 31, 2022. The company serves 22.1 million active customers (sounds like a profitable firm to me!). 

Wayfair provides an easy and profitable affiliate program with over two million products. 

The company has a dedicated in-house management team that helps partners maintain all their income and sales stats.

You can add links and banner ads to your website/social media to promote the products and get monthly commissions/incentives as per the performance. 

Once you sign up and are accepted by the company, you’ll get detailed information about the commission percentage and cookie duration (the company likes to keep its information confidential and limited to affiliates only!)

Official Website: https://www.aboutwayfair.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here

Commission Rate: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

In Conclusion

A home is a sacred place where we rest and recover. It is that holy sanctum where some of the most special experiences in life happen.

That’s why owning your own home is crucial to the American dream. Just look at the housing crash of 2008. Everybody needs one!

There are many different options on this list for home improvement across the US. Everyone wants a good home, and investing in one is a must.

Since most people are already doing it, why not get in on some of the action? If you are into the interior design niche, this list must be a goldmine for you.

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