15 Best Eco-friendly Affiliate Programs (Big Payouts!)

Younger people might feel anxious about our future. Too many people I’ve met are either unconcerned, have given up, or accepted that the world will end within their lifetimes.

Believing in something you cannot ensure through daily actions is difficult and requires faith.

I think everyone already knows the whole world is interconnected. But since eco-friendly lifestyles are still in the minority, people get a little discouraged.

Optimism and an encouraging attitude are the need of the hour. To sustain such an attitude, we must also take care of ourselves.

This list offers plenty of win-win opportunities to ensure your needs while improving the world.

Read the conclusion section at the end to get an overview of all the programs.

Best Eco-friendly Affiliate Programs

  1. Zero Waste Affiliate Program
  2. Indigenous Designs Affiliate Program
  3. ECOlunchbox Affiliate Program
  4. Eco Brave Affiliate Program
  5. Earthlove Affiliate Program
  6. Chelsea Green Publishing Affiliate Program
  7. Biome Eco Stores Affiliate Program
  8. Radius Toothbrush Affiliate Program
  9. So Well Made Affiliate Program
  10. ETEE Affiliate Program
  11. Tree2MyDoor Affiliate Program
  12. Urbankissed Affiliate Program
  13. Jungle Culture Affiliate Program
  14. Protect The Planet Affiliate Program
  15. Corkor Affiliate Program

1. Zero Waste Store Affiliate Program 

ZWS's Website Screenshot

“If I switch to paper bags and stop using straws, there’s still food and bottles that can only be packaged in plastic. Why even bother?!” Sounds familiar? I think we’ve all felt this way at some point or the other.

Well, Zero Waste Store, ZWS for short, is here to the rescue! It was created by a young couple in 2018 to challenge such mindsets. The two came from the corporate world and wanted to make something special that they could be proud of.

ZWS makes all your essentials like toothbrushes, Q-tips, toilet brushes, hairbrushes, and cleaning equipment. They also make soaps, shampoos, creams, etc., with natural ingredients and minimal chemicals.

The packaging materials are also plastic-free and the aim is to make them more convenient and widely applicable.

All this brings the price of a $0.20 toothbrush up to $4. (the AOV is a bit high at about $30 for these essential products.)

Most literate people nowadays would love to pay extra if they could use the products guilt-free for longer periods.

So, the ZWS affiliate program is tied with ShareASale, giving you real-time sales reports with tracking data.

Since all their prices are set, the program doesn’t offer coupons, discounts, offers, or cash back. Trademark bidding and direct linking are also forbidden.

Payouts are done every sixty days to allow the resolution of any returns or other issues. Any promotional materials or affiliate support have not been mentioned (at least, I couldn’t find any).

Niche: Essentials, & Self-Care Products

Company Page: https://zerowastestore.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://zerowastestore.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: 10% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Indigenous Designs Affiliate Program

Indigenous Designs's Website Screenshot

Fashion is one of the biggest freshwater-consuming industries in the world. This company sustainably makes and promotes traditional Peruvian textiles to inspire positive change in the industry.

I also love how Indigenous Designs hires more women and creates job opportunities in Peru that lift families out of poverty. I think that is a great service to the community.

Compared to most other textile companies, they have saved millions of liters of water in the twenty odd years they’ve been working.

The products focus on Women’s fashion, although Men’s products also seem to be on the way. Basically, Indigenous Designs bring Peruvian techniques and culture to modern products made from organically grown fibers.

This way, they help the environment, develop communities, empower female workers, and promote traditional handicrafts.

Well, this time, Refersion is the affiliate network this company is using to manage and run its partner program. And it offers a ten percent commission with a thirty-day cookie duration.

The AOV is more than $150; a great margin for clothes! Refersion will track your audience’s activity, which you can view on their dashboard.

As far as I have found out, there are no details disclosed publicly about the promo stuff, but you can kind of get in touch with the affiliate team and confirm this better.

Their website has a good amount of content that you can use as resources to make conversions. Do I think this is a good company to check out?

Of course, I do – find the reason out yourself (links below).

Niche: Sustainable Women’s Fashion

Company Page: https://indigenous.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://indigenous.com/pages/affiliate

Commission Rates: 10% cut

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. ECOlunchbox Affiliate Program

ECOlunchbox might seem like a simple lunch box manufacturing company, but its brand is larger than its products.

Food packaging related waste is common as working people are too busy to cook. This company started in 2008 and has become an educator + influencer in the lifestyle world.

Their high-quality stainless steel and silicon products promote plastic-free lifestyles.

They also encourage people to buy less packaged and junk food by making the food simpler through online content.

Your audiences can also buy wholesale from them if they wish to work with this company.

Now about the affiliate program, a dedicated affiliate support team is available. ShareASale is once again the official network for this program.

As such, you will also get conversion and sales reports through them. Get all the promo things you need like texts, links, product feeds, offers, and banners as you sign-up. Commissions & Cookies are mentioned below.

If you are a food blogger on any platform, or a content creator promoting sustainable lifestyles, this is a really good program.

ECOlunchbox is also a Women-owned, California-based, B corp (benefit corporation) company, which is a certification for positive impact.

Niche: Eco-Friendly Lunchware

Company Page: https://ecolunchboxes.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://ecolunchboxes.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: 8% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Eco Bravo Affiliate Program

Eco Bravo's Website Screenshot

This online store has everything from clothing, tableware, consumables, cleaning, and beauty products, to loofa sponges and food wraps. All in one place!

Eco Bravo was started in London by a mother-daughter duo. They made this store as their way of giving back to the community. All the brands here are sustainable!

While they have not mentioned any promotional materials they offer to affiliates, I encourage you to reach out to Eco Bravo about this.

Eco Bravo offers their affiliates an introductory commission rate of 5% on sales with a 30-day cookie duration.

Remember that shipping is limited to the UK, Ireland, and Europe. If your audience is from somewhere else, there is no point in considering this one anyway. If not, you can join this program instantly.

Since you will get instant access to the program, this one would be ideal for PPC marketing. They only offer three images for marketing, along with a unique link generator.

The program is hosted on Up Promote, and their dashboard lets you track your links’ activities.

Niche: Sustainable Lifestyle Products, Fashion, Lunchware, Accessories, Online Retail 

Company Page: https://ecobravo.co.uk/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://ecobravo.co.uk/pages/register-affiliate-account

Commission Rates: 5% on the sales/purchases

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Earthlove Affiliate Program

Earthlove's Website screenshot.

This company was started in 2018 in Washington. It is a sustainable gift box subscription company that only ships across the US. Their website is also a retail store for all the products they use for their gift boxes.

Earthlove sends out four customizable gift boxes per year. Customers can opt for a quarterly or yearly subscription or order from their store.

The founder is committed to using carbon-neutral transportation for all their boxes and products.

Earthlove has products from reputable eco-wellness brands like clothes, books, self-care products, etc. All the packaging material is also biodegradable.

Their affiliates will get plenty of materials for promotion.

Your audiences will also get seasonal deals and offers. You will get updates through email, affiliate support, and monthly payouts above $50.

Based on what I saw, eight percent commissions are being offered with a thirty-day cookie duration, and the AOV is above $90.

You can also earn a free box after only 3 sales.

Niche: Gift Box Subscription Service + Online Retail Store (US only)

Company Page: https://earthlove.co/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://earthlove.co/pages/become-an-affiliate

Commission Rates: 8% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Chelsea Green Publishing Affiliate Program

Chelsea Green's Website Screenshot

We can all feel the need for an awareness of food, clothing, and shelter. Yet, nowadays, it is typical to depend on other people for these basic necessities.

Chelsea Green is a publishing house that started in 1984. Today, it’s an employee-owned business dedicated to bringing those essential life skills back to the hands of everyday people.

The affiliate offers access to their entire catalog, and promo material for your campaign’s needs. The program is also hosted on ShareASale, where you can track all your links.

Their AOV is around $45, and they offer a 15% commission. This company only ships across the US.

Niche: Sustainable Lifestyle Books, Holistic Education 

Company Page: https://www.chelseagreen.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.chelseagreen.com/about/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: 15% commission

Cookie Duration: Unknown

7. Biome Affiliate Program

Screenshot of Biome.com

This is an online retail store based in Australia. The owner and founder, Tracey Bailey, started the store as a curated selection of genuinely eco-friendly brands and products that her clients can trust.

Tracey is also an influencer that advocates ethical labeling practices, among other things.

Biome follows a vetting process with 1000+ banned ingredients and other criteria. They offer everything from clothes and kombucha to books and body products. Worldwide shipping is also available.

Other than hosting dozens of sustainable brands in their stores, they have their own pioneering products.

Biome also uses plastic-free packaging and offsets its shipping emissions by planting trees.

They also appreciate affiliates that are curious, advocates, friendly, supportive, hopeful, and making groundbreaking content.

“Truth in Advertisement” is the policy here; being transparent about the affiliation with your audiences is required.

The program offers you an eight percent commission for new customers and a 5% for return customers. The cookie duration is thirty days, and the AOV is pretty high.

You will also get complete product data feeds, incentives, and offers. Of course, there’s even more. Find out by clicking the link below!

Niche: Eco Store

Company Page: https://www.biome.com.au

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.biome.com.au/pages/become-a-biome-affiliate

Commission Rates: 5-8% compensation

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Radius Affiliate Program

radius.com Screenshot

You can have products that are the best while being sustainable and good for the environment. Radius is here to prove it to you!

Their groundbreaking toothbrushes are ergonomic and made with plant-based, recycled materials.

The patented product range also includes all-natural toothpaste and dental floss, with everything sent in reusable containers.

Looking at their toothbrush, the design just makes sense to me and I would love to try it out. The fact that it’s made from and ends with recyclable materials is a cherry on top.

This affiliate program is hosted on Refersion.

You can earn 10% commissions on all sales through links &/or coupon codes with a 30-day cookie duration. By the way, the products also include different options for men, women, and children.

Track your earnings through Refersion’s easy-to-use dashboard, where you can find links and banners for promotion. Affiliate support is unspecified.

They only ask that their affiliates should be passionate about the planet and lead by example.

Niche: Sustainable Dental Products

Company Page: https://madebyradius.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://madebyradius.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: 10% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. So Well Affiliate Program

So Well's Website

I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of the term “Salt Therapy” until now!

So Well is a health and wellness company specializing in handmade, fair trade products specializing in salt therapy. 

A quick consultation from my in-house expert, umm… Mr. Goog Lee, has informed me that salt therapy involves breathing in salt particles to improve breathing.

Why not get one for free and try it out yourself? If nothing else, these salt lamps look spectacular, and you can receive one for free if your ShareASale application gets approved for this affiliate program.

The company also makes various vegan self-care products like scrubs, creams, and lotions.

With all that salt they must have on hand, it’s natural that they also sell gourmet salt, salt bowels, and salt utensils.

So Well also believes in fair compensation and a safe working environment for their employees. But what does this have to do with the environment?

Affiliates start with an 11% commission and a whopping 90-day cookie duration, with increases based on performances.

You will also get either a $20 sign-up bonus or $40 in free products.

Considering their AOV of $20 and the popularity of their products for gift purposes, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

I couldn’t find any mention of affiliate support.

Niche: Health & Wellness Products (Lamps, Salts, & Self-care)

Company Page: https://www.sowellmade.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.sowellmade.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: Starting from 11%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

10. ETEE Affiliate Program

etee's Website

Everything Touches Everything Else, or etee, is a groundbreaking Canadian company in making sustainable essential products. And their affiliate program is nothing to scoff at either. Canadians really are nice!

I feel like etee does everything very smartly, with style and brilliance.

The products include detergents, dishwashing soap, shampoos, and shaving creams. And they offer it all in bar form.

So everything is truly plastic-free and without containers!

They even have chewable toothpaste that comes in small pellets. That is so clever… The products just sell themselves.

The affiliate program has a twenty percent commission, a thirty day cookie duration, and an AOV of fifty two dollars.

Etee will even provide you with a dedicated affiliate manager. He or she will answer all your marketing related queries.

They look for affiliates who make related content, have good authority, and an attractive online presence that matches etee’s love for high-quality aesthetics.

I love this company and I think your audience will too.

Niche: Eco-Friendly Essential Consumer Goods 

Company Page: https://www.shopetee.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.shopetee.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: 20% of the valid sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Tree2MyDoor Affiliate Program

Website Screenshot

This UK-based company makes gifts from trees and plants in unique and attractive packaging. It has over 100 gorgeous plants and saplings that make great gifts and help the environment.

Let’s be honest; having a tree can be amazing. Imagine growing rosemary, lemon, and chili right in your home!

You don’t need to worry about stocking your fridge or feeling guilty about food waste while getting better quality products than ever.

Home gardens are essential for a healthier and more sustainable future, and Tree2MyDoor can help us make it a reality.

They are currently running their affiliate program through Affiliates Future. Unsurprisingly, this company only delivers in the UK.

Their AOV is about 70 euros, and the products look spectacular. If I ever have to send a gift to someone in the UK, I know what it will be!

The affiliate program has 5% commissions with a 30-day cookie duration. Sign-up below and find out about the monthly offers for affiliates.

You will get all the material for your promotional needs. But considering this one is in the UK only, your audience should also be English.

Niche: Trees & Plants (For Gifting)

Company Page: https://tree2mydoor.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://tree2mydoor.com/pages/trade-affiliates

Commission Rates: 5% commission on all sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

12. Urbankissed Affiliate Program


Every batch in fast fashion has limited edition products with a short lifespan. This keeps customers buying newer clothes.

The actual price of water is also ignored. This is because clean water is a basic human necessity and is not priced like any other natural resource. Not to mention the chemical and other kinds of pollution.

Urbankissed is an ethical and slow marketplace to tackle these issues. Over one hundred brands here are ranked based on fifteen attributes to ensure eco-friendliness.

Another cool thing is their channel of distribution; They don’t have any warehouses. Instead, they deliver directly from the creators to the users and reduce unnecessary carbon emissions.

Urbankissed owns a forest in Madagascar where it plants trees to make the business carbon neutral. Its over 4,000 products include stylish homeware, shoes, and clothes.

Urbankissed’s affiliate program offers between nine to ten percent commission with a thirty-day cookie duration.

The AOV is about hundred and fifty dollars, and the program has a decent conversion rate of 2.5%. Less than two percent of products have ever been returned.

They also offer many other benefits to you including featuring you on their website. But I think you would prefer to hear about it from them….

Niche: Sustainable Fashion

Company Page: https://www.urbankissed.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.urbankissed.com/become-an-urbankissed-ambassador

Commission Rates: 9-10% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

13. The Ultimate Green Store Affiliate Program

Landing page of the company

Are you annoyed by the blatant disregard for the environment in most malls and shopping centers? Here is an eco-friendly online store for your whole family in the US.

It even has home and garden appliances and wellness products like mattresses and Yoga equipment.

The Ultimate Green Store is passionate about supporting schools, has a fund-a-school program, and provides educational materials like stationery, school bags, etc.

I always found it ironic to print a poster saying “Save the Trees” on a piece of paper. But all of these products are made with recycled materials and are socially responsible.

As an affiliate, you can earn ten percent from purchases made through your links within a sixty-day cookie duration.

If you are a teacher, principal, or part of a school’s administration in the US, you will love this next point. 

Their Save The Plant – Sustain A School program allows educational organizations to join this program. So for all purchases made by parents and students, the school will earn funding.

How many ShareASale programs do we have on this list already? Well, add this one to the count.

Niche: Eco-Friendly Family Store

Company Page: https://www.theultimategreenstore.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.theultimategreenstore.com/t-affiliate.aspx

Commission Rates: 10% commission

Cookie Duration: 60 days

14. Protect The Planet Affiliate Program

Website photo

Protect The Planet is a UK-based store for all kinds of valuable giftware. Whatever the occasion, they have everything you need for all your gifting needs!

Their entirely eco-friendly catalog has everything you can imagine for a gift. Delivery is only available within the UK, and Ireland upon special request.

Protect The Planet is a family-run business promoting sustainable lifestyles for over a decade.

It also participates in two major global eco-friendly programs. So one percent of their sales support global causes and they regularly plant trees as well.

The entire catalog of gift items is made ethically and promotes sustainable lifestyles in one way or another. The AOV is around 35 euros.

The affiliate program offers a 5% commission. Banners and images are customizable, and tracking information is also available.

Niche: Eco-Friendly Giftware

Company Page: https://www.protecttheplanet.co.uk

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.protecttheplanet.co.uk/protect-the-planet-affiliate-scheme

Commission Rates: 5% cut of the sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed 

15. Corkor Affiliate Program

Corkor's Website

Corkor makes vegan leather products using cork.

Portuguese creators Vitor and Natalia grew up around Cork Oak trees, and saw their potential.

All their cork leather is certified, to ensure that it was made sustainably without straining the populations of these mighty Oaks.

The products are premium and handmade with traditional practices. This program is great for anyone because worldwide shipping is also available!

Corkor is looking for affiliates that are fashion-forward, innovative, and stylish. Of course, they also require their affiliates to promote vegan and eco-friendly lifestyles.

The AOV is $40, and ten percent commissions are offered with a thirty-day cookie duration.

I was unable to find any additional information but I think these are such great products that you must reach out to Corkor after signing up!

Niche: Vegan Fashion Products, Cork Leather Accessories

Company Page: https://www.corkor.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.corkor.com/pages/affiliates-program

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

In Conclusion

At some point, we have all considered the solutions to these complex global problems.

But such solutions are less about big emotional movements and more about low-key long-term behavior. Small, positive, and consistent choices lead to massive results over time.

The options listed in this article can earn you money while inspiring such choices in countless ways.

Here are a few points to consider when finding the right program for you:

  • #2, 4, 12, & 15 are fashion brands for those interested in that space.
  •  #4, 11, &14 are only operational in the UK. (#4 also does across Europe)
  •  #1, 7, 8, 9, & 10 are companies for all your essential needs.
  •  #3 and 13 are great options if your audience is in school, has children that are, or if you are in the education community yourself.

All these programs offer unique opportunities for different individuals. Leave no stone unturned and go through all of them to find the best ones for you!

Anirudh Gitai.- SB Digital Writer/Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

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Writer from the heart – whether it is affiliate marketing or fiction – and a proud member of Shivansh’s team! Big fan of combat sports, reading non-fiction, and watching the best of everything from anime and movies to TV and video games.

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