15 CRM Affiliate Programs (With High Commissions!)

CRM software enables businesses to keep a record of everything in one place and enhance customer satisfaction.

Usage of these tools/software platforms is expected to reach 70% by the end of this year.

And as this is already in the software niche, they handle the affiliate partners really well too!

CRM affiliate programs provide affiliates with access to marketing resources, recurring revenue, trusted brands, innovative solutions, and robust support. 

You can actually make good money in this niche. If you are still interested, you can have a look at the companies I have listed with commission rates and other crucial details.

1. ActiveCampaigns Affiliate Program 

ActiveCampaign is a sales automation and CRM platform for Sales that enables sales teams to acquire and engage leads in order to get more deals.

With ActiveCampaigns CRM, you can gather all the information you need for your sales and marketing initiatives onto a single platform with a CRM solution. 

Anyone who wants to help solo and small entrepreneurs with their business can sign up for this affiliate program; with ActiveCampaigns, you can easily earn up to thirty percent commission o each referral you make.

Company Page: https://www.activecampaign.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.activecampaign.com/partner/affiliate 

Commission Rates: 30%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

2. Zoho Affiliate Program

With 90 million users globally, Zoho has been in the CRM business for more than twenty-five years now.

This company offers you distinctive and potent software to maximize your productivity; its CRM software is developed for companies of all sizes.

You can run your complete business on Zoho with their unified cloud platform, made to boost organizational effectiveness.

Talking about its affiliate program, it’s free and easy to join, and you get benefits like-

  • Earn commissions of 15% for each sale.
  • There is no minimum sales threshold.
  • There is no cap on the commission you can make.
  • 90-day cookie life.
  • $100 in Zoho Wallet credits to your referred customers.

Company Page: https://www.zoho.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.zoho.com/affiliate/ 

Commission Rates: 15%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

3. HubSpot Affiliate Program

HubSpot CRM is a user-friendly CRM platform that helps businesses manage customer interactions and sales processes. This company offers a range of features, including contact management, lead tracking, email marketing, and sales automation. 

HubSpot CRM’s commitment to customer-centricity makes it a top choice for businesses seeking a reliable, all-in-one solution to optimize sales processes.

As this is a big company, you would want to know what commission rate they are offering to their affiliate; a thirty percent recurring commission and various types of marketing assets will be given with a cookie duration of 180 days!

Company Page: https://www.hubspot.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.hubspot.com/partners/affiliates  

Commission Rates: 30%

Cookie Duration: 180 days 

4. Salesforce Affiliate Program

Salesforce claims that their CRM’ Customer 360′ is the world’s top CRM; it enables you to bring your teams together, gain useful data insights, draw in prospects, and retain loyal clients.

Customer 360 goes beyond CRM to support every customer touchpoint with best-in-class apps for marketing, sales, commerce, and service.

Their affiliate program is also called the ‘Salesforce Partner Program,’ where they treat affiliates as their own and give them opportunities to grow with the company.

You have to make $25000 in revenue in a year to stay as their partner, and they don’t have a fixed commission rate, so there is room for negotiation.

Company Page: https://www.salesforce.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.salesforce.org/partners/ 

Commission Rates: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned 

5. Pipedrive Affiliate Program

Another well-known CRM company that offers great technology to its users; their saying is that this software is made by salespeople for salespeople because who understands them better?

Using Pipedrive CRM is simple and easy, and the company also gives free trials.

The affiliate program is for anyone who wants to earn, including website publishers, industry influencers, independent consultants, VCs, and incubators.

For every new customer you bring in, Pipedrive will give you twenty percent of the revenue it brings in. 

With a cookie duration of ninety days, the company has not set any minimum payout policy, so you are allowed to withdraw any amount of cash you make.  

Company Page: https://www.pipedrive.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/affiliate-partnership 

Commission Rates: 20%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

6. Freshsales Affiliate Program

Freshsales offers you a CRM program that simplifies the sales process for you;                                                                                                     

selling is difficult for every business person out there, and it is difficult for salespeople to manage several technologies at once. 

That is why they have come up with software such as theirs, where you get to identify the top leads and boost context-based interaction.

As its affiliate, you will get a fifteen percent commission rate on all your verified sales, with a cookie duration of ninety days. 

So, join through AWIN (networking partner) to be Freshsales’ partner. 

Company Page: https://www.freshworks.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://ui.awin.com/merchant-profile/18171 

Commission Rates: 15%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

7. Copper Affiliate Program

Copper is also a CRM software-making company that enables you to easily connect to the already existing apps and tools your company is already using.

Also, Copper is one of the software that is customizable as per your needs and easily fits into your business.

Partners get ten percent referral fees from leads or one-time contracts; anyone registers themselves to be a part of Copper. 

You can join webinars held by the company to learn more about Copper’s partners’ program. 

Company Page: https://www.copper.com/  

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://copper-staging.frb.io/partners 

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

8. Agile CRM Affiliate Program

Agile CRM helps you to automate your sales and customer service on a single platform where the software even stops data leaks and makes outgoing messages consistent.

As a growing business, Agile’s cutting-edge features and integrations give you excellent support at a low cost.

Agile software is a cloud-based SaaS platform and is user-friendly.

With a commission rate of ten percent, partners can withdraw their cash when they reach 100 dollars (minimum threshold).

Follow the link below to sign up as an affiliate of Agile CRM.

Company Page: https://www.agilecrm.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.agilecrm.com/partners/affiliates 

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

9. Nimble Affiliate Program

Nimble CRM improves workflows, gives contacts access to social and commercial data, and works across all media.

This company’s CRM is ideal for teams, solopreneurs, companies, and salespeople who want to build relationships with their customers.

An affiliate program by Nimble is easy; where you can sign up for free, and the company will train you to make huge sales and earn great commissions.

Their specialist will get in touch with you once they receive your application; you will have access to a variety of marketing, training, and sales resources after Nimble approves of you as their affiliate.

Company Page: https://www.nimble.com/  

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.nimble.com/associate-program/ 

Commission Rates: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned 

10. Bitrix24 Affiliate Program

This company’s CRM is a great tool for managing leads, interacting with clients, and closing deals.

If you are looking for total control over your sales process, from lead generation to customer care, Bitrix24 is a one-stop.

Each sale earns you a commission of up to fifty percent; additionally, full payment, i.e., a hundred percent commission rate on any additional services you offer Bitrix24 customers.

Affiliates also receive a $1,000 credit to use for their first purchase of Bitrix24 products.

Company Page: https://www.bitrix24.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://partners.bitrix24.com/ 

Commission Rates: up to 50%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned 

11. Mailtag Affiliate Program

By tracking scheduled emails, automating follow-ups, saving time and resources, boosting reply rates, and boosting sales, MailTag is an email application that helps companies in boosting their sales. 

Features like advanced dashboards, statistics, visualizations, and tracking of email-sending objectives are all provided.

The affiliate program of Mailtag can be joined through the link below, where payment is made on the 15th day of the next month through PayPal.

With a commission rate of fifty percent, you get a ninety-day cookie duration to make sales.

Company Page: https://www.mailtag.io/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://mailtag.partnerstack.com/ 

Commission Rates: up to 50%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

12. Ontraport Affiliate Program

Ontraport is the platform to make your company grow in the upcoming years because it’s simple to get started and built for growth.

You can launch your ideas more quickly than ever because all of your data and tools are located on one platform; it also helps you to make smarter judgments and provide more memorable experiences.

Ontraport enables partner center creation, offering advertising tools like trackable links and banner ads and automating referral tracking and commission payments.

All you have to do is share your unique affiliated link and get twenty-five percent of what you have sold as a commission.

Company Page: https://ontraport.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://ontraport.com/support/partner-programs/ 

Commission Rates: 25%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

13. Zendesk Sell Affiliate Program

With Zendesk, you get a twenty-five percent commission rate, and the cookie period lasts for thirty days. 

Zendesk believes that sales teams must be savvy because the company helps you to create data-driven teams with Zendesk Sell to boost team productivity and meet customer expectations. 

Their CRM for sales teams provides everything you require in a single, user-friendly platform, including lead generation, activity tracking, and contact and deal management. 

Company Page: https://www.zendesk.com/sell/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.zendesk.com/partner/ 

Commission Rates: 25%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Salesflare Affiliate Program

salesflare affiliate program

Salesflare is another CRM company that is actually good, and all your staff will like using it.

For small and medium-sized businesses selling B2B, this is an effective CRM, so if you want to promote this company to your audience, continue reading to know the commission rates you can get.

You will make thirty percent on every qualified sale you make through your referral link!

Company Page: https://salesflare.com/ 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://blog.salesflare.com/referral-program 

Commission Rates: 30%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

15. Monday.com Affiliate Program

monday.com affiliate program

With the straightforward installation and use of CRM software, you can manage all of your tasks in one location with Monday Sales CRM.

Companies can easily manage their whole sales cycle, monitor client communications, and connect their projects and marketing activities.

Even without a developer, anyone can easily modify the CRM software to suit your needs. 

Being Monday.com’s affiliate means you will get real-time tracking, monthly payout, and the most amazing commission rate of up to a hundred percent in the first year.

Company Page: https://monday.com/crm 

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://monday.com/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: Up to 100%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

In Conclusion

By partnering with affiliates, businesses can expand and benefit from promotions. Affiliates can promote great CRM companies confidently and earn rewards. 

Well, I really hope you found this post helpful. Doubts and suggestions are always welcome (comments section below).

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